Shopping With Boyfriend (13 Stress-Free Tips)

In every relationship, spending time with your partner is important. One way to do so is by shopping with your boyfriend. But it is a fact that some men easily get bored after a few minutes of shopping. This is because they are able to buy what they need right away, while girls just spend more time shopping. 

The generalization that girls like shopping and blokes don't is completely not a myth. But the question here is, how do you get to shop with your boyfriend without it ending in a disaster?

Chances are you two may have already gone before, or he may have a not-so-good experience going shopping with ladies.

While shopping with a boyfriend can be fun, how do you convince your boyfriend to buy into the experience, especially when you two are made up differently? Let me show you some tips to get your boyfriend to go with you.

13 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Shop With You

1. Appreciate his opinion

Why bother taking your boyfriend on a shopping trip when you wouldn't appreciate his opinion anyway? Most guys like to give the “You are beautiful no matter what you wear” speech. 

And if you happen to take him out, but do not really appreciate that he made an effort to analyze and make a genuine comment, he would wonder why you brought him in the first place. In the future, he would not want to hang with you

I am not saying buy everything he likes, because you may not like it, but try to meet halfway. When he realizes that you are listening to him, it will make him feel very important and included. He will be glad he came along and next time, he would want to go with you without much persuasion.

2. Make the shopping experience a memorable one

Promise him a show, and live up to it. Let him have his own personal fashion show with you as his model. So, when you go shopping with him, pick cute clothes, go to the changing room to try them on, and do the runway walk towards him in a nice dress. Give him a good show.

This will bring your boyfriend's attention to you, as men tend to get bored easily while shopping. Time your presence and absence so that he is not distracted while waiting for you. Another good idea is to have him help you try the dresses on in the changing room. He would feel so involved, while you two have fun with the experience. 

You guys could get mischievous and have your own little intimacy sessions in the changing rooms, while he helps out with the dress if you get where I am going with this.

3. Get something for him

Men also love to wear nice clothes. They just don't shop as dramatically as girls do. Men usually know what they want. Well, ladies on the other hand, sometimes aren't too sure. But if your boyfriend knows that if he gets to go with you, he will at least get some nice clothes bought for him by his girlfriend. I am sure he will tag along. 

I mean, everyone loves attention, and if you happen not to make it all about you, I am pretty sure he will be asking when you will be going shopping so that he can tag along. So, as you buy and try your new dresses on, a good idea would be to also get him some clothes you think might look good on him. I bet it will make him so happy.

4. Give him a purpose

Sometimes, your boyfriend doesn't want to tag along with you when you are going shopping because he doesn't know what he is going to do. If he knows he is going to roam stores all day, well, he would rather find something else to do. 

This is because when men enter a store, they know what they want, unlike their female counterparts. Men are all about purpose. What do you want them to get? 

Allow him to help, or if you can't find something you may be looking for, he may be able to help. Giving him a sense of purpose will make him want to go shop with you, because he may ask himself, “What if she needs my help to close the zipper in the changing rooms?” Yes, shop-attendants may help, but it would not be as fun.

5. Take breaks

take breaks

If your man is not into shopping, allow him to have breaks. Most girls can walk for hours and at great lengths when shopping. Men, on the other hand, are not built like that, so it's possible that after a few rounds, your guy may be tired. Even though you are not, sympathize with him and take breaks. 

Get some snacks as you talk and bond so that it won't be all about the shopping. Also, if he wants to look at articles, apart from clothes in other departments, allow him. If he wants to sit down and watch people go about their trips in the store, do not complain. 

6. Use your assets to your merit

Use your feminine wiles and charms to get your boyfriend to go to the store with you. As a woman, you ought to know how to use your assets to your advantage. Be strategic as you put your man in a position where he can't say no to you. 

Then ask him to go shopping with you. He wouldn't be in a position to say no because his “No” would come with the end of something he was enjoying. 

You could also try making his favorite meal. When a bloke is enjoying his favorite meal, prepared by you, it is usually hard for them to say no to whatever you may ask. 

7. Do not put your husband or boyfriend in a tight position

Inasmuch as you may want his opinions on the clothes you would want to buy, do not put him in a tight position with some questions you pose to him. For instance, you may ask him, “Do I look fat in this dress?” How would you expect him to honestly answer this question without being offensive about your weight? 

And girls can be particular about their weight. To avoid the question, you will end up with the “You look beautiful in whatever you wear” statement because he wants to escape trouble and also go home. So, whatever would make that aim a reality.

8. Negotiate with him

Negotiate with your man. For instance, tell him that if he goes shopping with you, you may do something with him which you don't like doing. Or, he may not have to go shopping with you the next time you decide to do so. You can try different means to get to a good agreement. That way, he will be able to go to the stores with you.

9. Let him know ahead of time

It's best you tell your boyfriend about your shopping plans ahead of time rather than spring it up on him in surprise. This will allow your man to mentally sync himself for the trip to the store. Since men are not into the whole shopping experience, it would be a bit inconsiderate to not let your man in on the shopping plans. Then surprise him into trips to some stores with you. 

10. Make a list

make a list

When shopping with your boyfriend, make a shopping list of things your guy would want to have. Obviously, he would want to buy the things he usually buys, and at the same shops, he usually gets them. So, a shopping list helps to put things in perspective. 

You know the stores you can get what and where. Because you go to shops he is conversant with, it's only fair that your boyfriend goes to stores you want to buy at.

11. You don't have to go to every store

We ladies do window-shopping a lot. The thing is we could go from one store to another, do some window shopping, enter a couple of stores, look around and walk out buying absolutely nothing. Imagine a man following on these trips as you do this—he is going to be frustrated. To him, if you didn’t want that article, why make us go there in the first place? 

We want to get what we think is the best deal, but men are not cut out like that. Men often know what they are going to get before they enter a store. So, save those adventures for the girlfriends when shopping with your boyfriend, in order to make the trip bearable for him. 

When he realizes that you are being considerate about him, given your normal time for shopping, he will appreciate it and would want to go on another shopping trip with you.

12. Be patient

Sometimes, your man would promise you that he would go shopping with you, but when the date gets nearer, he finds an excuse, relax. Do not worry. Be patient. You can go about your shopping alone or with your girlfriends. Make sure to buy him some things too, and when you get home, show him the things you bought.

Perhaps, from his end, he is still gathering the courage to go with you. Guys can be discreet about how they feel sometimes. You do not have to make the situation more difficult than it is by complaining or nagging. Complaining and nagging at him achieves nothing! 

When he realizes it is one way you spend your time, and he is assured it can help the bonding process between you two, he will want to come along.

While it may be difficult for your boyfriend to get used to the woman's way of shopping, which could take hours, your patience will determine whether he would want to come again. 

13. Appreciate his sacrifice

Like I said earlier, males are not into the whole shopping thing. If he decides to go with you, it means he is compromising for you and would want to spend time with you doing something you love. Even though he doesn't like it. So be grateful, do something sweet for him too. If there's anything he desires to be done for him, do it. 

For instance, he wants you two to go watch a basketball game, but you don't know what basketball is about. For his sake, go watch basketball with him—in the same way, you want him to go get clothes with you. Every relationship involves giving and receiving.


What are things to do with your boyfriend?

You could go shopping with your boyfriend, go to a concert together, go to each other's hometown, have a zero-tech date together, go on a double date, write each other love letters, stargaze on a rooftop cook together, read a book together, do a puzzle together, eat take-out by candlelight, ask each other questions, etc.

What should you not do in front of your boyfriend?

Do not be disgusting in front of your boyfriend. By disgusting, I mean, do not: pee in the shower while together with your boyfriend, describe the details of your poop, pick your nose, pop pimples, eat off the floor, share toothbrushes, etc. 

What romantic things can I do for my boyfriend?

You can do these romantic things for your boyfriend: cook for him, plan a surprise date, buy him a gift, share in his interests, even though you don't like it, plan a trip together or massage him.

What should I discuss with my boyfriend?

Here are topics you should discuss with your boyfriend: Ask about his childhood and his family, tell each other how you feel, share random thoughts, ask about their day, talk about the past, talk about the future too, talk about physical intimacy, get into healthy debates about controversial topics, talk about your individual goals, emotional growth, money, spiritual beliefs, politics, etc.

How do you spoil your boyfriend?

Spoil your man with home-cooked meals and love notes. Buy him random gifts, offer him compliments, plan a date night, please him sexually, occasionally take care of his laundry, and stock his fridge with his favorite foods.

In Conclusion

To end with, intimacy doesn't always have to be at home. You could make it an outside activity like shopping with your boyfriend. Since guys are made up differently, you need to be strategic in order to have a great and fun experience. So, take extra note of the above ways you can get your man to go shopping with you.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know your thoughts, and do not forget to share.

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