What To Do If You Are Sexually Deprived (9 Top Shelf Suggestions)

If you are feeling sexually deprived, you are not alone. Sexual frustration is actually quite common in couples. Many people feel like they are in a one-sided partnership because they are always the one who initiates sex or wants it. This can become a sexual turn-off because one person is putting forth the majority of the work in your sex life.

If sex is missing from your partnership, you may miss out on having an orgasm, feeling sexual pleasure, or having the type of intimacy you are longing for. This may make you question your relationship status. One’s relationship status can easily be brought into question if sex is not involved. Sex is crucial and must be discussed if you are going to have a healthy partnership.

If you are feeling sexual frustration, you may be dating the wrong person. That frustration is not going to go away overnight, so it may be best to discuss your level of sexual activity with your partner. See what he or she thinks is normal and how he or she thinks the two of you are doing in your sex life. Often, talking about sex can be the best way to solve any problems.

How To Deal With Being Frustrated About Sex (9 Things To Try)

1. Do not cheat on your partner

The most obvious solution to this problem is often to have sex with someone else. However, this is not a good solution; it is just one that a lot of people turn to when they aren’t getting sexual intercourse at home. Realize that you are with your partner for a reason. They have both good qualities and bad. Another person is going to be the same.

Everyone has issues, so having sex with someone else won’t solve all of your problems. You will just amplify the issues you are having in your sex life if you decide to cheat. You will feel guilty and worried that your partner may find out what you have done. This can lead to insecurity and paranoia, as you begin thinking your partner is cheating on you!

There are many other solutions to this sex problem that should be explored before deciding to look for someone new. Give them a try before sleeping around on your loved one. You will sleep better at night knowing that you did not stray from your love.

2. Take care of the problem yourself

Explore your body and learn how to satisfy yourself. You can easily enjoy having an orgasm without your partner around. Just learn about your body and what pleases you.

3. Ask your partner for a hand

If you explain your sex problem to your partner and they are not in the mood for sex, there is a good chance that they will be happy to help you get off. They probably want you to be happy, so they are glad to join in this activity to make you pleased in the sex department.

4. Use sex toys or porn

use sex toys or porn

Sometimes, spicing things up in your sex life can help you get off easier. If you are trying to take care of yourself on your own, you might try using sex toys or pornography to speed things up, provided those things are permissible to your partner.

5. Talk it over with your partner

Communication is the key to a healthy partnership. Maybe you need to explain that you feel like your sex life is suffering right now. I’m sure your partner will gladly listen to what you have to say and try to brainstorm solutions with you to determine what might work best for the two of you. He or she may even decide that you two need more sex!

6. Ask your support system for advice

Your support system (your friends and your family) is here for you. Granted, you probably don’t want to talk to your grandmother about your sex life, but you can discuss it with your cousin or best friend. Having friends that give you sound advice is a critical part of life. You need to vent about what is going on to someone!

7. Talk to a couples therapist

If possible, take your partner with you! The two of you can each give your version of what is going on in your sex life. A qualified counselor may have some tools, tips, and suggestions that you can try to spice things up in the bedroom! He or she is also trained to listen carefully to what you have to say about your life and any problems you have.

8. See a doctor about any health issues

see a doctor about any health issues

Some people have issues with their libido or sex drive. If there is a health condition or issue going on, your doctor should be able to help or at least diagnose the problem so that you or your partner can get the right treatment.

9. Join a support group

Did you know that there are support groups for just about everything under the sun? It’s true! You can, of course, go to an Alcoholics Anonymous group to learn the 12 steps required to get through recovery. If you are a sex addict, that may be the right place for you, but there are groups for sex addicts. Consider checking out Celebrate Recovery.

It is a group that helps people with more than just their addictions; they help with any hurt, habit, or hang-up. If you have codependency issues, abuse problems, anger management issues, or just general life problems, there is a group out there for you. Celebrate Recovery covers the same materials that AA does, too!

You learn the Celebrate Recovery Serenity prayer and the 12 steps of recovery. If you are a sex addict or suspect you may be, this is the perfect place for you. The main difference between AA and CR (Celebrate Recovery) is that CR is a Christ-centered recovery program and has more options for just about every problem imaginable.


What happens when you are sexually deprived?

Sexual frustration can change a lot of things in your relationship. If you do not have sexual activity in your relationship, you may develop negative feelings toward your partner, such as resentment and anger. The key to surviving a long-term relationship without sex is patience and understanding.

Is it normal to be sexually frustrated?

Sexual frustration is not typical in a healthy sexual relationship. If your current partner is depriving you of sex, you may develop anxiety and your mood may be erratic. Many people need to have an orgasm to relieve the frustration in other parts of their lives.

What happens when a woman is sexually frustrated?

If a woman is not finding satisfaction and her sexual needs aren’t being met, she may feel little pleasure in life. She might start flirting with other guys to relieve stress. If she is feeling sexually frustrated, she may want to try solo sex to find the satisfaction she longs for.

How can you tell if a guy is sexually frustrated?

He will usually say something to indicate that he is not sexually satisfied. If you have agreed to sexual abstinence in your relationship, you may feel a little guilty or feel sexually frustrated. The best thing you can do about sexual frustration is to talk it out with your partner.

Is a sexless marriage OK?

Long-term relationships that do not have sex as a component are unusual. If your sex drive is different from the sex drive of your partner, you may want to talk to a relationship expert or doctor. A marriage can have no sex and still be healthy; it is just unusual.

In Summary

Sexual frustration can make any sort of intimacy hard to develop. How can you get close to them when they won’t allow your bodies to unite with sexual intercourse? Intimacy is a key component in any relationship; wouldn’t you agree? Please comment on this blog post, and share it!

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