Right Person Wrong Time (17 Things You Need to Know About This)

You’ve heard of the phrase the right person, wrong time, right? 

You may have heard this phrase but not completely understood what it meant or how a person could be in a situation where this takes place. It just happens, unfortunately. Sometimes, you meet the best version of yourself at the wrong time. You find the single person on earth who “gets” you, but the timing is off!

It’s never an ideal situation to be in: finding that perfect partner when you are already in an exclusive relationship or just cannot be with someone for whatever reason. It’s just not fun, but there are things you can do about it if you find yourself with the right person at the wrong time. 

In this article, we’ll go over what the phrase right person wrong time means. Plus, we’ll look at some examples of meeting the right person at the wrong time, so you will know what’s going on if this happens to you. Not only that, but we’ll take a close look at what you can do if you meet the right person at the wrong time. 

If you’re ready to move forward, keep reading!

What Does Right Person Wrong Time Mean?

If you have met someone who you believe is the right person for you, you may think you have entered heaven – except for that one thing that is holding you back! Maybe you’ve landed your dream job and cannot commit to another person right now because of that. Maybe there is a huge age gap between you and this person, and your kids won’t approve or understand!

For whatever reason, now is not the best time for a healthy relationship with this person – even if they are the individual you have been dreaming about your entire life. Maybe you wonder why this is happening at such an inopportune time! You might be doing some soul-searching as you try to determine why you have such bad timing when it comes to your love life!

When you hear the phrase right person, wrong time, someone is basically saying they have perhaps fallen in love with a new person when the timing is off. You may be wondering when meeting the right person at the wrong time happens. Let’s look at some examples of times when this situation takes place so that you will know when it happens to you!

When Might You Be in a Right Person Wrong Time Situation?

1. You are currently in a serious relationship

Relationships are usually what happens when you are in a right person/wrong time situation. You might be in a serious relationship or even marriage that cannot be easily broken. According to Cosmo, central parts of a relationship include chemistry, attraction, and the right time. The right time means the timing is best for both of you!

Maybe you have just committed to the relationship you are in and met someone perfect for you; it’s just at the wrong time. If you think your relationship will stand the test of time and make you happy, you’ll need to disregard this encounter and focus straight ahead. However, if you think this could be a temporary relationship, get this person’s digits!

Stay in touch in case your relationship ends, and you become available in the future.

2. Your long-term goals clash

Maybe you have ambitions of being the President of the United States or long to be a priest! You may just not have the option of seeing anyone you fall in love with! Career goals are important in life, so you must keep them in mind when you meet people!

3. You live too far away from one another to make it work

you live too far away from one another to make it work

Long-distance relationships rarely work, and even when they do, they take time, effort, and money that you might not want to invest. Perhaps it’s just not feasible for you to be with this individual. Maybe you just live too far away from one another or cannot see how it could possibly work unless one of you moves. 

4. Your career does not permit you to be together

As previously mentioned, you may be in a career that does not allow you to date. Perhaps, you actually work with this person and are not allowed to have an office romance. There are many cases that you may be in where having a romantic relationship is not in the cards.

5. You are healing from a breakup

It’s never fun or fair to be the rebound after someone has been in a serious relationship. You might need time to heal or recover from what you’ve been through. Now just might not be the right time to meet another person.

6. You don’t want to be committed right now

Maybe after your last relationship, you decided you wouldn’t be in a relationship for a while. Perhaps you want to date around and have fun for the time being. You might just want some time to yourself! There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just not conducive for a romantic relationship. 

7. You are in the middle of a transition

Maybe you are trying to sort some things out. You might be moving or having a major surgery. You’ve met your dream person, but now just isn’t a good time for a new relationship. That doesn’t mean that you can never be together. Perhaps, once you get settled, the two of you can work things out so that you can be together.

8. You are working on some serious self-improvement at the present time

Often, we just need time to ourselves to work on self-improvement. Maybe you’ve committed to a gym routine or diet and can’t see yourself in a relationship. Things like this happen from time to time. That’s what is meant by the “wrong time.”

9. Your friends and family do not want you dating right now

your friends and family do not want you dating right now

Maybe your parents don’t want you to date right now for whatever reason. Perhaps your friends are being protective of your heart because you’ve been hurt so many times. It just may not be the right time for a new relationship!

10. You vowed you would never be with a person like that

They might be the perfect individual for someone else, but for you, you made a promise to yourself that you’d never date someone like that. Maybe they have red hair, and you’ve sworn off red-headed mates. It could be any restriction! You just have to set some boundaries or limitations and don’t want to go against the grain on this one!

11. Your kids are not ready for you to start seeing someone new

Your children’s ability to adjust to your love life is crucial. It’s imperative that they are willing and able to let you date and find real love. If they are still adjusting to your circumstances, you might need to hold off on pursuing romantic interests at this time.

12. Your life is currently out of control

You might be between jobs or have a work schedule that is outrageous. Maybe your siblings or parents are going through a divorce, and things are just hectic. It happens to us all from time to time. Things just get too crazy, and having romantic relationships doesn’t fit into our lifestyles. Don’t worry; things will eventually calm back down.

13. You are in different seasons of life

Maybe you’ve met the right person, but they are retired and want to travel in their newfound free time. That may not sit well with your current season of life. Perhaps you are a single mother of three kids, working two jobs to get by. Your lifestyle choices just don’t mesh well together. 

14. You are not healthy enough to date right now

If you are going through a major health crisis, now is not the best time to date. You probably don’t have the energy to devote to a new person anyway. You might wish things were different, but unfortunately, they are not. This just is not the best time.

15. You are in recovery

Maybe you are in recovery, or the person you met is. If you are in the middle of a life-changing event like recovery, you probably should not be pursuing romantic relationships. Most recovery programs will urge you not to date as you are journeying on your road to recovery. Now is just not a good time.

16. You have sworn off dating for the time being

you have sworn off dating for the time being

I will confess that I have done this numerous times. I went on a “guy ban,” as I called it, where I did not date any guys for a set number of months. It felt good to be single for a while. Sometimes, we need time to ourselves to regroup and determine what we want out of life. I know I enjoyed my time away from guys for a certain period of time.

If you have made a commitment to some alone time, you might still be able to make this situation work. Just give it time, have some patience, and think about what you can do once your “alone time” is over. Think about how you could integrate this person in your life in the future. It might work out after all. Let’s talk it out in the next section!

17. You have made a promise to someone else about your romantic relationships

Maybe your last relationship was a nightmare, and you swore to your best friend that you would take some time to yourself for a few months. You can’t rush into a love relationship after making a promise like that, right?

Being in any of these situations is never fun when you meet the right person! You think, “How could this be happening to me right now – of all times?!?” You feel “punished.” You wonder why someone would drop your dream guy or gal in your lap at this inopportune moment! Remember that this is not the end of the world! You can get past this!

In fact, in the next section, we’ll discuss what to do if you meet the right person at the wrong time. You don’t have to resort to negative self-talk or thoughts. Instead, think about what you CAN do to remedy this situation, not what you have to deal with! This may not be the worst thing in the world to have happened to you – after all!

How to Cope with the Right Person Wrong Time Situation

how to cope with the right person wrong time situation

If you are in a right person/wrong time relationship or want things to be different, don’t give up hope. You might need to change your perspective on the reasons that are keeping you away from this person. You may just need some patience! The two of you could be together in the future if things turn out differently for your current situation. 

If you are with the wrong person right now, you might want to end that relationship, so you can pursue your heart’s desire. Stay friends with this person so that when the right time comes, you will have kept in touch and can have a real relationship. In the future, you might be on the same page and can be together! You may have to make some changes, but it’s possible!


What are examples of the right person at the wrong time?

An example of the right person, wrong time situation could be if you are in a committed relationship already and meet someone new. Maybe you are dating the wrong person right now and have met the right person, but you don’t want to be unfaithful when you are in a committed relationship already.

Can you really meet the right person at the wrong time?

Yes! Many people have had a right person/wrong time relationship. A right person/wrong time relationship takes place when you have a relationship with the right person at the wrong time. Maybe one of you is married, but you have found that you are soulmates – people meant to be together!

What does wrong timing feel like?

It might be like being in a long-distance relationship; you want to be together desperately but it’s just the wrong time for the two of you. He or she may be the right person for you in your life, but just not at this time. If you are in the right person/wrong time situation, you will likely feel at a loss!

Can you fall in love with someone you have never met?

True love and happiness don’t wait on the circumstances to be perfect. Love doesn’t care about the stage you are on, only the feelings you feel. The real thing can happen when you least expect it – perhaps through video chatting or via email! Anything is possible at the right time!

How do you know if it's the right person?

The right person will leave you with hope and happiness that you may not expect. Likely, your long-term goals and expectations will be in line with each other. Your lives will just “fit!” With the right person, you won’t feel that you have had to settle or have a fear in the world!

To Sum Things Up

Just stay true to who you really are and the truth will come forward. It may mean that your lives will be forever altered, but your fear of losing the right person could be over! Relationships are always coming and going; finding the perfect person usually only happens once in your lifetime. If you’re in the wrong career or wrong relationship, end them and start fresh! 

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