Relationship Moving Too Fast (11 Signs You May Need To Take It Slow)

Are you worried that your new relationship is progressing too quickly? 

Do you feel overwhelmed with the speed at which this man is taking an important role in your life?

Maybe you’re excited about this whirlwind romance, but worried he’ll be scared away?! When you’re smitten, it can be tough to slow things down. 

This is an underrated problem, but this guide may help. It features 11 signs that a relationship is moving too fast and that you need to hit the brakes!

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So, let’s now find out if this is indeed ‘too fast’.

Relationship Is Moving Too Fast

It can be easy to become swept up in love when you meet someone new, perhaps you have never met anyone like this person before and you want to spend all of your time with them. However, it is important in the early stages of a new relationship that you take the time to really get to know each other well before you commit to anything too soon. 

Take the time to build a friendship and a deep emotional connection before you push for things to move to the next stage. There is no need to rush and things are likely going to be more successful if you take the time to build a healthy foundation. Your friends and family may think it is obvious that you are moving too quickly, but it may not be so apparent to you. 

There is nothing wrong with falling for someone quickly, and if it is played right, this situation could mean a life long relationship. However, wanting things to happen too quickly and rushing the other person to commit to you too soon could ruin your chances of a long and happy relationship together. Take things slowly and enjoy each stage as it comes. 

1. You Believe They Are Perfect

It is normal to get swept up in the excitement of the early stages of dating, many relationships start like this and there is nothing wrong with it. However, if you think that this person is perfect and has no faults, things are likely progressing too quickly. Relationships are not perfect and neither are people, so thinking that this person has no flaws is naive

If you still feel this way about them, it is likely that you need to give yourself more time to get to know them better before you commit. 

2. You’re Scared To Lose Them

you're scared to lose them

If you are dating someone and you feel pressured to commit because you are already scared to lose them, it is important to consider whether this person is right for you. If they are making you feel this way and pressuring you into making life decisions already, it is a red flag. Slow things down and consider whether this person is good for you or not. 

Don’t commit to someone too early just because you are scared to lose them if it is meant to be they will stick around

3. You Enjoy How They Make You Feel

If the only reason you want to be with this person is because of the way that they make you feel, it is likely that you need to give things a little more time before you commit to something serious. A serious partnership should be based on shared values and opinions rather than just a feeling. There is no need to rush things too early, give yourself time to decide whether this person is right for you. 

4. It Is Exciting 

If you feel like you are with this person because of the excitement and the rush you feel when you are with them, it is likely that you are not ready to commit to them just yet. It is important that you have fallen in love with the person and their values and beliefs, rather than just the feeling of excitement that you get when they are around. 

Take the time to really get to know each other better before you commit to them. 

5. It’s Romantic

it's romantic

In the beginning, dating is all about romance, however, this should not be the reason that you are committing to someone. If your partner is really romantic and you feel overcome with feelings because of this, it is not a sign that you are meant for each other. Things need to slow down so that you can find out whether you are meant to be with each other in real life. 

6. They Are Ready To Move Forward

You shouldn’t move forward in relationships just because your love interest is ready. It is important that you are both on the same page before you move forward. Building relationships on a foundation of openness and honesty is so important. If it is all too quick for you, it is important that you are able to tell them you are uncomfortable. 

7. You Are Hung Up On Your Ex

If you are still hung up on your ex and you have moved on from your past partnership, it is important that you don’t try to make things move too quickly now. If you have started dating a new partner soon after you have broken up with your ex, it is likely that things are progressing too quickly. It takes time to heal after broken relationships don’t rush into something too soon.

8. You Have Met Their Loved Ones

you have met their loved ones

If you have only been dating your partner for a week or so and you have already been introduced to their friends and family, it is likely that things are progressing too quickly. This is especially true if they have been putting pressure on you to meet their loved ones even though it makes you feel uncomfortable. 

9. You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

If you have become so swept up in your new life with your new partner and you have forgotten who you are then it is highly likely that things are progressing too quickly. Give yourself time to breathe and to do the things that you love to do. If you’ve seen no one but them in weeks, it is time to schedule time with your family and friends. 

10. You Haven’t Set Boundaries

It is not healthy to spend every moment with your partner and if you haven’t set any boundaries, it is likely that things are progressing too quickly. Make sure that you spend time by yourself and with your friends and family too, not just your partner. 

11. You Feel Uncomfortable

you feel uncomfortable

If you feel uncomfortable, then things are likely progressing too quickly. Give yourself time to get used to this new partnership and don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you are not ready for the next step then be honest with yourself and your partner about that. If they are not ready to be patient with you, then you are likely not meant to be with each other. 


Is moving too fast in a relationship a bad thing?

Moving quickly in a relationship isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you are both on the same page and you are able to communicate your feelings effectively. However, without communication, openness, and honesty, moving to the next stage in your relationship too fast could spell disaster and lead to you falling apart. 

How do you fix a relationship that's moving too fast?

There is usually nothing wrong with a relationship that moves quickly, however, if either of you feels uncomfortable or not ready to move on to the next stage, make sure that you are open with one another. Make sure that you take the time to really get to know everything about one another before you commit to a serious relationship with them. 

What does moving too fast mean?

Moving too quickly in a new relationship usually happens when one partner puts pressure on the other to move the relationship to the next stage. Perhaps you have only been dating for a few months and now they want to talk about marriage and having kids. If you feel uncomfortable or you know that you are not ready, be honest with them about it. 

Is it a red flag if a guy moves too fast?

It is not necessarily a red flag if a guy moves quickly in a new relationship, as long as you are in the same place as he is. It can be easy to become swept up in feelings of love for a new person and forget about whether they are really right for you. Talk to your friends and family for a non-biased opinion and make sure that this relationship is really making you happy. 

How do you tell if a relationship is moving too fast?

A relationship is moving forward too soon if you feel uncomfortable with it. If you are progressing to the next stage of your relationship with your new partner, but you are not ready, then things are going too quickly. Make sure you are honest with yourself about how you feel and don’t put any pressure on yourself to do anything until you are completely ready. 

To Sum It Up…

There is nothing wrong with getting swept up in the love and excitement of a new relationship, however, it is vital that both partners are on the same page. However, make sure that you give the relationship time and that you get to know each other well before you commit to each other. Building a strong foundation will ensure a long and healthy partnership. 

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