Rebound Relationship Stages (9 Different Stages Of A Rebound Relationship)

Getting into a new relationship can be very intriguing. The thought of having one more shot at a relationship almost immediately after the first one ended has many people delving in thoughtlessly. 

The chance to get to know a new partner, ask a few questions, discover traits and the things you have in common has its special sweetness. However, it’s still considered a rebound relationship.

A rebound stage is a stage after a breakup where the person gets involved with a new partner even though they aren't totally over their previous relationship. Breaking up with a loved one can be very devastating, to an extent it could even lead to depression. 

A lot of people find it difficult to bounce back and regain confidence after ending things with an ex, but some rely on a rebound for a boost. So rather than dealing with their issues, they find someone new to ‘crash-land’ on. If you’re thinking about getting into a rebound relationship, it’s important the new partner is aware of the circumstances of the relationship.

You should also know that jumping into a new relationship could be unhealthy for you and this new person as well. However, if you’ve already been honest with each other, or still want to go ahead regardless, here are 9 stages of a rebound relationship that you may experience.

9 Rebound Relationship Stages

1. The Hunting Stage

The first rebound stage is always the hunt; you take out time to go out and socialize and make new friends. You become prey, hunting down a new partner in a bid to capture them and hopefully start a new relationship quickly. 

The hunter is quite direct in person, letting the other person know that he wants something intimate almost too soon. Another hunting medium is social media, it’s one of the best places to find a good rebound. People use apps like Tinder, Instagram, and Snapchat to find easy guys they can establish a new relationship with.

2. The Meetup Stage

the meetup stage

This is more like an upgrade stage to someone looking for a rebound. Though they just want to impress or blow your mind quickly, they would choose a location that has a catalyst; like a bar with booze as its catalyst, or his house for ‘Netflix and chill. 

The location is usually one that is cozy and not too crowded, with relaxing music in the background or a good movie on the screen. The conversation will be mostly about their past life/relationship or even something sexual but barely about any futuristic plans. 

3. The Bad Energy Stage

Any person that's fresh from a heartbreak has no patience, so the energy they would emit would put them off as very rude, blunt, and sometimes cocky. During conversations, they stay in control, not letting conversations stray too far, the main focus is to get someone new, and fast. 

Rebounds are naturally short-lived so there's really no time to get into small talk and major introductions, they just want to ‘breeze in and breeze out’ quickly without catching any ‘serious’ feelings. 

The key here is to be impressive enough to catch the other person’s attention. That way, they’ll overlook the cockiness and forwardness and wouldn’t mind jumping into a new relationship with you. 

4. The Honeymoon Stage

For those that are after sex, shortly after the meet (if not during the meet) there will be a lot of sexual activities. This is going to happen almost every time you guys meet because rebounders naturally like to use sex as a means of distraction. 

It allows them to feel a connection without getting any deeper emotions or feelings. Even when they claim to be seriously into you emotionally, the conversations will always have sexual tension and most times won’t go past that.

5. Trying To Make The Ex Jealous Stage

trying to make the ex jealous stage

At this stage, everything you do will be to make your ex jealous. The excessive posting on social media will show you’re not over your ex, especially if it was a long-term relationship. You won’t mind going to places together, especially if you know your ex will be there. 

You’ll probably try to be more vocal on social media and post subliminal messages. The main aim of this is to seek attention and make the former regret ever leaving them, they might not really want to get the ex back but it's just a facade to show that they're having a good time. 

6. Comparisons With The Ex Stage 

At this point in the relationship, the initial energy has faded a bit, and the past memories are flooding in. Everything this new person does reminds you of how your ex did it better. From how this new person walks, talks smells, or even cooks, they’ll always be compared to your ex.

 On the other hand, it could also be a positive comparison. Out of the blue, you’ll give comments that make the other seem better than your ex, like, “you watch my kind of movies, my ex’s choice of movies was so horrible”. But nonetheless, these comparisons are unhealthy and show you haven’t dealt with the past relationship enough.

7. Questioning The Relationship Stage

If this breakup came after a long-term relationship with a partner you really adored, at some point, having someone to warm your bed won’t be enough. The unhappy thoughts will flood in again, and you’ll remember every happy moment you spend with each other. Even when you’re with this new person, most of your thoughts will drift away to what could have been.

Questions like; does he really love me? Will I screw this up too? Do I really like him? Will surface.

8. Losing Touch Stage

At this stage, you realize you become emotionally detached from the new relationship. The relationship will be very casual and mostly focused on sex and making your ex jealous— even that will get tiring. Plus, once the new partner realizes you’re still focused on your ex, he may bail on you. At this stage he is completely shut off, he doesn't even say those things or does those things you liked in the earlier stage anymore because it was to get your attention.

9. Ending Stage

ending stage

If you haven’t fallen for this person at this point, you probably never will. You won’t just be emotionally detached, you may start avoiding physical hangouts and limit conversations as well. You’ll get so busy with work, school, or other activities that the idea of meeting with your new partner would almost be irritable. Don’t be afraid to cordially end things and walk away at this point. 


How long do rebound relationships last on average?

Some guys don’t have the patience to wait up to three months, some can last as long as six to eight months. But on average, a rebound relationship should not last more than nine months, anything more than means that feelings are involved. 

How long does the honeymoon phase of a rebound relationship last?

It depends on your patience, if you are really determined to forget the past relationship, it would range from a month to four months. Of course, this is the period where everything is smooth and you guys are still lovey-dovey.

What happens when a rebound relationship ends?

A rebound relationship can really hurt especially when you had no idea you were a rebound. In a few cases, the guy could be honest and let you know he is looking for a rebound but in the case where he completely deceives you, it really leaves one heartbroken and devastated. However, after a rebound relationship ends, it’s important for the person to take some time and heal.

Why do rebound relationships feel like love?

When it starts, it comes to you so fast you will think the guy is being vocal and making his true feelings known. He will do all the nicest things almost at once and so well that you will be overwhelmed. Without any idea of an agenda, you are likely to fall for this trap and allow him to lure you into a rebound.

Do exes come back after dating someone else?

It is very possible for exes to come back and date again. Not all relationships end in a horrible manner, some end on a mutual note, Some are even forced to end the relationship because of long-distance because they eventually tire out. If at any point these people get to meet again there's a possibility their spark could be ignited, and they’ll fall in love again.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed reading through this article on ‘Relationship rebound stages’. Remember to look out for yourself and pay close attention to the people who want to come into your life, both for a short time or a long time. I’d love to hear your views on the topic, leave your

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