Reasons To Date A Cowboy (17 Random Reasons)

Back in the 60s, many young girls couldn’t get over how attractive cowboys were. Many would only read novels about cowboys. They even listened to country music because it made them feel closer to their favorite heroes. Then, as they grew older, they came to the conclusion that nothing gets sexier than mud, trucks, and cowboys. 

If a guy was not a cowboy (or built like one) some girls were simply not interested. City guys are just not their thing. For these women, horse riding, hat-wearing, boot scooting, wrangler wearing, hay bail lifting hunk of the flesh are worth every hype, rumor, and wait. Not to objectify them, but many women see cowboys as Gods. 

But what’s so great about these guys and why do these ladies find them attractive? Here are 17 reasons why you should date a cowboy.

17 Reasons To Date A Cowboy

1. They are not lazy

I mean, have you seen their body? When you find yourself a cowboy, he won’t be lazy towards you or the relationship can not be a problem. This is because the thing about a cowboy is that his body is always there for proof that he puts his back into it on the farm. 

So already, we have points for dedication and hard work. He understands the concept of putting work into things and getting the best results.

While you might worry about a business executive man, or an IT guru getting lazy and complacent, you don’t have to worry about that when with a cowboy. This is because dedication, hard work, and diligence are all he understands and you can best believe that he puts that to work in every aspect of his life, especially his relationships. 

They just find it easier to do because it’s their way of life.

2. They are responsible

Owning one pet comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is almost like caring for a newborn. Now, imagine the responsibility that comes with managing numerous farm animals of different species, and numerous farm produce while still maintaining a social life and staying sane. Talk about mastering the art!

Being a cowboy comes with duties and being able to pull through all the time is a big win for him and yourself because that way, you are sure that your man is responsible enough to handle the situation no matter what it is. This is another reason to find yourself a cowboy. No doubt, it looks like cowboys are leading city guys by a mile.

3. He is too busy to cheat

He works with animals, and plants, lifts hay bails, and fixes barns, where is the time to cheat? He is so consumed by work that by the time he has time to catch his breath, it is you and his time again. So, you do not have to worry about sultry secretaries and late-night meetings (that might lead to after meetings) if you know what I mean. 

You will only find a hoe in his truck, and if you find panties, you are sure they are coming to you. The only posts he is liking are the ones he gets from the postman because he does not have time to send lovestruck emojis to baddies on Instagram or whatever the kids use nowadays. Also, you don’t have to worry about him embarrassing you on Mark Zuckerberg's internet. 

You don’t believe me? Ask him who that is, I am sure he does not even know to start with.

4. They have values

Cowboys have a very strong moral compass that guides them and helps them navigate their ways. They have rigid values that they hold close to. Most want to find a woman with the same values. One thing about men with strong values is that they cannot be pressured into doing just anything and this is important and difficult to find in the 21st-century dating scene.

They have strong beliefs and this is an admirable quality in a man. This is because you are sure that if you ever have kids in the future, you can trust that your partner will pass on these beliefs and make a good man out of your son. So, date a cowboy today if you are big on core values and strong beliefs. Cowboys know all about that.

5. He always knows what to do with his hands

he always knows what to do with his hands

One of the top reasons to find a cowboy to date is that they use their hands a lot, so they know what to do with them. He has the body-hands combo and you can never lose with this. He can scoop you up on days when you are giving him an attitude and a good spank here and there on the ass to put things into perspective you know. 

You also know what they say about the length of the hand and the “intensity” of his junk. And he has enough hands to go round your body. He is more than capable of handling every inch of your body. He is the best candidate for it.

6. They are big on family

Cowboys are big on family, especially their momma. They respect their moms so much, and they always listen to them. So, you can kind of tell when you are having conversations with them because they always sound wiser than their years and they take family traditions seriously. They want everyone to know they are a mama's boy and they adore their siblings

This is a plus for you if you are ready to settle down. This is because, with some boys, commitment can be a problem. But not with cowboys though, if the relationship is serious, they already understand where their head is at and they know what they want from the start as starting their own family is equally as important. 

They respect the family unit and want to find a woman who is the same.

7. They are polite

His mama trained him well and he listened. So yes, of course, he is polite. He has a whole lot of respect in him to give you and the relationship. He has no problem going on dates to find a good girl and he is very nice and very respectful. 

Also, you should know (or I expect you to know) that even if a man is nice to you, it does not make him nice or polite. It is actually how he treats others.

Human relations will come easy to me because he is used to managing and dealing with different types of people daily. So, you can rest assured that your friends will find him attractive. Both your mom and dad will love him and find him respectful too.

8. You don’t have to open or close a door again

Chivalry is not dead and cowboys are here to prove this. They find it difficult to let their women close the doors, open doors, and pull out their chairs. Told you they listen to their mums. They have such good manners, and it makes it easy to adore them, because honestly, what’s not to admire?

Here is a masculine man whose day-to-day activities include being a good son, loving his family, managing his farm, being polite, very responsible, having strong values and beliefs, and having good human connections. I mean these are enough reasons to date a cowboy, I think I might just end this article here. But I am a woman of my words, so I will give the seventeen.

9. Let’s not start with the accent

Imagine pillow talking with that southern accent, or waking up day to day to that southern accent, or him whispering things to you during sexual intercourse, my oh my! You would never want him to shut up because you really cannot do without hearing him speak. Dating him will be a delight every single day.

Find yourself a cowboy today so he can draw out happiness from your soul the way he draws his vowels. You also always know that you won't get over the accent, so it’s butterflies every time he talks.

10. He will fix it all, not to worry

he will fix it all not to worry

One of the many reasons why you should find a cowboy is majorly because he is a fixer. Got a car that needs fixing? Or a plumbing issue at home? He has got your back. Broken heels? Rest assured that he will fix that too. So wait, this knight in tight jeans will fix all your problems, save you money, and give you peace of mind? Sign me up! Sign me up for life.

If acts of service are your love language, then you should be ready to fall head over heels with this hunk of flesh. Because doing is their forte. They will do a lot for you and make you feel like a princess. If he could, he would take the entire world and give it to you.

11. You always get hand-picked flowers

Do you like flowers? If so, he will pick them specifically for you. What’s more, he will probably say something cute about the flowers reminding him of the color of your eyes (with his southern accent of course). Such a fairy tale. Who doesn’t want hand-picked flowers? It will be nothing but numerous sweet memories with them. Just lots and lots of memories.

12. They are adventurous

Adventure is his middle name. Every day with them is an adventure. He is open to doing wild things, so that means there would be nothing mundane about the relationship. And particularly the sex. He has the body already, he goes hard in every aspect of his life, so imagine sex with him. The adventure, the things he would want to try out if you are open to it of course.

If I were a city boy, dating any woman a cowboy has dated would definitely be a big no for me because they are literally big shoes to fill.

13. Dates aren’t boring

With a cowboy, date ideas are never boring. It’s watching the sunset one minute, having a picnic the next, going camping, setting campfires, barbecuing on maximum, riding horses, taking walks, outdoor sex, and more. 

All of that sweet stuff just on a daily basis, just because he loves it. Dating a cowboy is really where the romance starts and ends because the enjoyment is limitless.

I think one of the many reasons why people date them is because they take the romance thing to another level. And this is unexpected because you would not expect it from such masculine men. People find it difficult to believe these things until they get into a relationship with them. Find yourself one of these men and see what you are missing.

14. They are protective

You do not need a bodyguard or extra security when you are in a relationship with them. They look intimidating, so when you are out with them, no man will find a reason to move to you disrespectfully. This is because they can see who you are with and what your man is working with. So, you are assured that once you are out with your man, you are protected.

He will flex his arms for you if need be, protect you from harm’s way—anything for his baby girl and his lover. Just to keep the bad guys away.

15. He can hold his alcohol

he can hold his alcohol

There is something sexy about a man that can hold his alcohol. You can have fun with him and still be assured that your man will hold you down if you are wasted at nights out. Also, I cannot explain it, but it is just really sexy when you find out your man is not a lightweight. I mean, it makes you look like a lightweight, but it is really hot to me.

Don’t ask me how or why, I cannot explain it. Ask my genetic makeup, I just find it really attractive when a man can hold his alcohol and I am sure a whole lot of women find it attractive too. I am sure, I cannot be the only one with this weird feeling.

16. You can finally wear those cowboy boots you bought on impulse

I understand that you bought those boots because you thought they were cute at the time (which they still are). However, we know the real reason why you bought them was that you thought it was a lucky find that day at the thrift store. You also thought it would be cool to wear it for that costume party you didn’t attend. 

Well, I will bring you great news! If you were seeing a cowboy, you would not find wearing cowboy boots weird. It would be a normal scenario.

17. Animals love them

Even animals adore them. You have to be a solid individual for animals to adore you or find you cool. For a dog lover, most times you might be afraid that your partner might not be a dog lover or an animal lover like you.

With a cowboy, you don’t have to be worried if they adore animals or not. You already know they do and rest assured that they will do well with your pets and treat them like your own.


Why you should date a country boy? 

You should date a country boy because you will never find a dull moment with them. Dates will not be boring. From watching the sunset to picnics to horse riding to long walks. With them, boredom is never an issue because they are so innovative. 

I mean, they stay innovative for a living. Country boys are fun to date and are with. If you find them, they are keepers. So, never let them go.

How do I get a cowboy boyfriend? 

Luckily for us, it’s 2021, and may the universe blesses the innovators of dating websites and online dating platforms. There are online platforms available for cowboys only. If not for these sites, so many people would have had to move to Wyoming to find one. So, put yourself out on the websites and give cupid a try.

What do cowboys look for in a girl?

Cowboys love their women independent, brave, fearless, and not afraid to get their hands dirty if need be. They love it when their woman is capable of handling herself and not a damsel in distress. They love it when their women take charge and choose to control situations by themselves and not wait for a man all the time.

Is there a dating app for cowboys?

There are lots of dating applications for cowboys. All you have to do is register, be truthful, and be true to yourself. You do not have to lie about what or who you are not. Just put yourself out there, the real you and you will win his heart over.

How do country boys flirt?

All they have to do is talk, and use their accent for me. Okay seriously now country guys will go above and beyond for a girl they like. I think their flirt language is an act of service. This might be difficult to know because they are naturally polite. But once he always wants to be around you, picks up flowers, and talks slowly in his amazing accent, you will know what he is doing exactly.

In Summary 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. You can never go wrong with dating a cowboy. They are the perfect gentlemen, rugged enough to be sexy at the same time, outdoorsy. They use their hands a lot and can fix anything. 

They are also good with animals and are big babies at heart. They are pretty much the whole package. So, go and find yourself a cowboy.

Let me know what you think in the comments, I will love to hear your feedback. Please don’t forget to share this article if you liked it.


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