My Relationship Is Boring (19 Things To Do If Your Relationship Gets Boring)

No matter how long you have been in a relationship with someone, things can become difficult and you can sometimes become bored. This does not mean that you should give up on your relationship, it may just mean you have to communicate better or spend a bit more time together. Relationships need to be nurtured and they take work and effort. 

It is important to remember to continue to put work and effort into your relationship, even if you have been together for a long time. It is not normal for the spark of the early weeks of dating to remain for your whole relationship, so it is important to put effort into making things exciting so that you do not become bored together. 

Don’t start to stress out if you realize that you are bored in your relationship. This is quite a normal thing to happen when you have left the honeymoon phase

Real-life and everyday stresses can get in the way of the fun and carefree aspects of your relationship. However, there are ways to get your relationship back to the fun place it used to be. 

Keep reading to find out what you should do if you become bored in your relationship. 

My Relationship Is Boring

Don’t immediately start to worry or assume that your relationship is over if you realize that you have become bored with your partner, as this is not an unusual thing to happen if you have been together for a long time. There are a lot of things that you can do if your relationship starts to become less exciting, so don’t worry, this does not mean the end. 

As long as you continue to put effort into making your relationship exciting, this should not become a problem. However, you cannot expect your relationship to remain as exciting as in the early stages of dating. It is important to find joy in doing little things with your partner too. Have fun doing household chores and jobs together and make each day exciting. 

It can be easy for your everyday life and stresses to get in the way of your relationship but there is no need to worry if your relationship becomes a bit dull because of it. Connect with your partner and communicate about ways you can spice things up between you. All it takes is a little bit of effort and time to get your relationship back to a good place. 

1. Don’t panic

don't panic

If you begin to feel bored in your long-term relationship, it is important that you do not start to panic or assume the worst. These feelings do not necessarily mean that things are over between you, it is just an indicator for you to put a little bit more work and effort into your relationship. Stop worrying about things and rather figure out ways to bring the excitement back. 

It is normal to experience these feelings especially if you have been with someone for a long time, so don’t panic. 

2. It is normal

You are not the only person that has ever experienced these feelings in a long-term relationship. It is normal for everyday life and routines to get in the way of the fun and excitement of a relationship. Every relationship starts off extremely exciting in the early stages of dating, but it takes effort to continue the excitement when you have been together for a long time. 

This does not mean that your partnership is headed toward its end, it is rather a normal signal of a long-term relationship that just needs a little more love and attention. 

3. Do the things you love

If you have become bored in your relationship, you need to start doing more of the things that you love to do together. Sit down with your partner and write a list of all of the things that you used to have fun doing together. Don’t neglect your partnership and put effort into making your everyday routine a little bit more exciting. 

Getting your partnership back to a good place will not take a lot of work, just start including more of what you love into your routine. 

4. Consider a range of solutions

If you have been experiencing boredom in a relationship, remember that there are a range of ways to resolve the situation. It is important to sit down with your partner, communicate and decide on which solutions best suit you. If you realize that you have not been spending enough time together, make an effort to plan romantic date nights every week. 

If you realize that you have stopped doing the things that you used to love to do with your partner, take up these hobbies or activities again. 

5. Try something new

try something new

If you want to bring the excitement back between you and your partner, try something new. If you are not too happy in your partnership, it is a good idea to try a new hobby or activity together. Even if things are going well between you and you are happy together, there is no harm in trying something new and adding a bit more excitement. 

Trying something new will help to bring you closer and enable you to have fun together again. 

6. Consider whether you are happy

Consider whether you are happy in your partnership. Even if you feel a bit bored with your partner, you should be happy deep down. However, if you do not see a way of resolving the situation or ever being happy with your partner, it is important to call things off. If your partner is not ready to put any effort into your partnership, this is also a cause for concern. 

Make sure that the time and effort you are putting into your partnership is worth it, if you are not deeply happy, it is likely time to walk away. 

7. Look after yourself

It can be easy to put all of your time and effort into your partner, however, it is important to look after yourself at the same time. If you are feeling boredom in your partnership, it may be a sign that you are not happy in general. If you are bored with your job or the rest of your life, you may not actually be bored with your partner, so begin by looking at yourself. 

If you are not happy with yourself, you will not be happy in your partnership either. Spend a bit more time looking after yourself and making sure you are happy. 

8. Love yourself

love yourself

If you are unable to find a way to love yourself, you will never be happy in your partnership either. Think about the ways to make yourself feel happier and more in love with yourself. If you have always wanted to try something new or work on it within yourself, now is the time to do so. Enliven your creativity and nourish your love for yourself before working on your partnership. 

You may find that the issue is within rather than your partnership, explore how you feel about yourself before you start worrying about your partnership. 

9. Get to know your partner

Consider whether there are things you have not yet talked about with your partner and start asking questions. You may have thought that you knew everything about each other however there is likely always more that you can find out about them. If things start to become a bit dull, spend some time really getting to know one another and your deepest feelings. 

Begin with open conversations about a range of topics that you both love. This is a great thing to do if you go on a road trip together or even during a long walk in nature. 

10. Plan the future

If you start to feel bored in your partnership, it is important to start planning your future together. If your everyday life is dull and lacks luster and your everyday routine is the same, you can begin to feel stuck. Make sure to always have a plan for the future whether it is a holiday or a weekend trip, to ensure to bring the excitement back between you. 

You will likely feel a lot more excited when you have things to look forward to and plan together. If things start to become dull between you, plan something for the future. 

11. Pick a goal

If your partnership is not in a good place, it is important to put goals in place with your partner. Sit down with each other and consider what you would like to change about your partnership. Whether this is going on more romantic date nights or spending an hour together in the evening just to chat together about your day, little goals will help you to get through this rough patch. 

Having a goal to work toward together will make everything a lot easier and you will feel a sense of achievement when you succeed in making these changes. 

12. Go on a staycation

go on a staycation

If you are both extremely busy at work and you are feeling bored in your partnership, it is a good time to consider going on a staycation. Whether it is just for a night or you have a whole week to spare, it can help you to reconnect with your loved one and get things back on track in your partnership. They aren’t expensive and can create a significant amount of excitement. 

13. Put your phones away

Often we forget to really connect to each other because of the close proximity of our phones in our everyday life. Make an effort to put your phones away in the evening and you might find that you communicate a lot better without any distractions. The boredom you are experiencing in your partnership may be down to a lack of deep emotional communication. 

14. Recreate past dates

Think about the spark that you used to have and what has changed. Recreate past dates or trips away and reignite the spark. This is a sure way to bring the excitement back. 

15. Go for a walk

Something simple like going for a walk together can make all the difference to your connection. The feeling of boredom may be caused in the first place to a lack of real connection. Spend quality time with each other every day even if it is only for a short period of time, reconnect and talk about your day. 

16. Think about the early days

If you are experiencing boredom in your partnership and you feel like things are not going well between you even though you used to be really happy, it may be helpful to look back and think about the early days and when you first started dating. What brought you to one another and what helped to form your connection in the beginning. 

17. Have fun

Sometimes boredom can be caused by simply not having enough fun together. Be silly with your partner and start having fun. If you feel like you are bored in your partnership, consider whether you laugh together anymore or whether you have both become too serious. Forget about your chores for a while and just laugh. 

18. Change up your routine each day

change up your routine each day

Make sure that every day is differing by changing your routine often. Try to find something exciting to add to your schedule whether it be trying a new cafe or a new activity in the evening or reading your favorite books together. 

19. Do something that scares you

While it may not be easy, try doing something with your partner that really scares you and puts you out of your comfort zone. Support each other through it and feel your connection.


Is it normal to be bored in a relationship?

It is normal to become bored in a relationship, especially if you have been together for a long time. It is easy for the stresses and chores of everyday life to get in the way of you having fun with your partner. However, all it takes is a little bit of effort to get your relationship back to a fun and exciting place, so do not immediately assume the worst.

What to do if the relationship gets boring?

If your relationship gets dull it is important that you do not start to panic or stress, do not assume that this spells the end of your relationship. It is important to communicate with your partner and talk about the things you can do together to spice up your everyday. It is normal to get bored with everyday routines, so just put in a little extra effort. 

How do you deal with a boring boyfriend?

If you realize that you are bored with your partner it is important to consider whether you were ever happy together or whether the excitement of dating someone new has worn off. If you cannot see yourself ever being happy with this person it is important to call an end to your relationship before someone gets hurt, don’t ignore your innermost feelings. 

Are stable relationships boring?

Stable and long-term relationships do not have to be dull. However, every relationship takes time and effort. If you want to spice up your relationship with your partner you must put time and effort into changing things around. Spend some more time together and start doing more of the things that you love together to bring excitement back into your relationship. 

How do you reset your relationship?

If you have been with someone for a long time, things may become dull and you may start to become bored with your everyday routine. Make sure not to panic and don’t assume the worst, your relationship is not over, as long as you are ready to put in some time and effort into spicing things up between you. Resetting your relationship is a simple thing to do. 

To Sum Up… 

If you have been in a long-term relationship for a long time, you may become bored. If your everyday routine and your stressful job get in the way of you having fun in your relationship, it is important to reset and bring the spice back between you. Spend a little more time together and make an effort to do what you really love to do together and everything will be fine. 

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