My Boyfriend Reads My Texts But Doesn’t Reply (11 Things to Do)

Are you upset, thinking, “My boyfriend reads my texts but doesn’t reply?” 

This can be quite a frustrating situation to be in. You may be wondering if he is with someone else and doesn’t want to let that person know he has a girlfriend. I can understand feeling like that; it’s tough because he isn’t letting you know the reason he cannot or will not reply to your text messages.

So, what can you do to get his attention? Do you think he prefers phone calls over text messages? Is he just not making the time to text that he needs to so that your relationship can be nurtured in the way it should be? Did you ever think that he has plans to get back to you? He just hasn’t had the time to text you as fast as you would have hoped. 

In this article, we will take a look at some of the reasons your boyfriend may not be able to reply to you as fast as you would like or at all. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Reasons He Does Not Reply To Texts

1. He doesn’t think he needs to reply

Did you know that guys cannot read your mind? It’s true; while they may be able to make some educated guesses, men do not know what you expect unless you explicitly tell them. So, you may not realize it, but perhaps you aren’t sending the right text messages. For example, if you want to know something specific, ask an open-ended question. 

2. He doesn’t like texting

he doesn't like texting

There are plenty of guys out there who just do not like texting; they would much rather just talk on the phone than try to type out a message on a little screen that they can barely see. Also, plenty of guys think their fingers are too big to do little typing on a tiny keyboard. Try leaving him an irresistible voicemail to get his attention!

3. He cannot respond

Just because your man didn’t respond to your message doesn’t mean he didn’t want to. He may just not be able to! What if he broke his arm, or had a hand cramp that made it nearly impossible for him to type a reply back to you? Maybe find out the facts before allowing yourself to feel like he is ignoring you on purpose

4. He would rather talk on the phone

Your man may just want to hear your voice on the phone rather than reading what you have to say. Remember that when you are texting, you do not know the tone the other person is trying to project. You can fix this by picking up the phone and talking person to person rather than reading what the other person has to say. 

5. He is driving

You should NEVER practice texting while driving; that is a deadly habit to have. Instead, talk to each other on the phone with a hands-free headset that is safe for when you drive. If you don’t know why he isn’t answering your messages, just ask him the next time you talk face to face. Maybe he will explain it, and it could be a misunderstanding.

6. He isn’t allowed to send text messages where he is

I know my man can read my messages when he’s at work, but only if he sneaks a peek every now and then. Otherwise, he could get written up for having his phone turned on while at work. If he were to type me a message back while working, he would surely get caught with his phone in his hands and get written up!

7. He’s mad at you about something

While I hate to go negative here, I must admit that some guys do get mad and decide to make you wait for a reply because they feel like they are showing you how upset they are by their lack of response. If you think your guy might feel like this, you should talk about the best way to communicate while in a fight for the future, so you know.

8. He is with someone else

he is with someone else

Again, I hate to say the negative possibilities, but I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t bring them up. Stuff happens, and some guys feel the need to cheat or flirt with other girls. If you suspect your man is with someone else while you are messaging him, you should talk to him about what you suspect to gauge his reaction. 

9. He doesn’t want to talk to you

Many times, women don’t realize that having a love life is a lot of work. Men often have to try to guess why we are mad at them, while women have to put up with the silent treatment when men are mad at us. If he doesn’t care to talk to you right now and the two of you have been fighting, that could very well be the reason for no response.

10. He forgot to text you back

Some men may love getting messages from you during the day, but other things came up, and they never got around to texting you back. Your boyfriend may have had every intention of writing you back to let you know what he thought of your message, but he ran out of time and then never had a moment to spare to write back. 

11. He is busy at the moment

In my relationship, this is the number one reason my man doesn’t reply back to my messages. He gets caught up in things at work and just never has the time to get back to messaging me. I’ve learned short-cut phrases to send him so that he can just quickly respond to those phrases, rather than responding to a whole message. 

For example, I might say, “ETA?” ETA stands for “estimated time of arrival,” which is my way of saying, “What time do you think you will be home?” This way, he knows exactly what I want to know, and he can quickly reply with a number so that I know the approximate time he will be home and can plan accordingly

Try asking open-ended questions to spur a response from your boyfriend. You may discover that he is more than willing to reply if he knows exactly what you are asking and what he needs to say back to you. Some guys are just clueless when it comes to texting responses, so give him a little bit of help, and it will go a long way!

Is Texting a Healthy Form of Communication?

is texting a healthy form of communication

According to Psychology Today, relationship satisfaction is linked to constant texting, but maybe not in the way you imagine. Women tend to feel more happiness in their relationship if they are frequently texting and have a partner who is doing the same for them. However, the more often a man messages his partner, the less happy he tends to be in a relationship. 

Because men’s happiness declines with the more texting they do, women tend to dump them more frequently. After all, who wants to be with someone who is unhappy in their relationship? The article goes on to explain that texting when fighting can hurt a relationship even more and cause the couple to become less attached to one another. 

This is not to say you shouldn’t reach out to him; you should. Just find a happy balance; don’t send too many messages, but also don’t ignore him, making him think you’re no longer interested. Find a happy medium that you both agree upon!

How to Get Him to Respond to Texts

As mentioned before, the best course of action to get your man to respond to your texts is to ask open-ended questions that encourage a response. Engaging messages like that will make him want to get back to you. You can also send him something irresistible, like a funny message that will make him laugh or roll all over the floor, laughing his butt off. 

Plan a good old-fashioned game of truth or dare with him via messaging to really get his attention. The more entertaining your messages are, the more likely he will want to send you a witty response back, showing how much he appreciated you brightening his day with the funny things you send his way. He may even like you more if he knows you can make him smile!

Who wouldn’t want to be with a person who could turn your frown upside down? 

I know when I feel crummy, I want to be around people who know how to cheer me up without even trying too hard. That’s what makes certain relationships so special; the other person knows just what to do to lift you up and encourage you when you are down. Do this for him, and you’re golden!


What does it mean if a guy reads your text but doesn't reply?

Sometimes, it means that he is unable to respond to your text message. Many companies have zero tolerance when it comes to their cell phone policy. He may be able to sneak a look at your messages but cannot respond, or else he risks getting in trouble at work.

Why did he suddenly stop texting?

There’s a good chance your guy is at a place where he cannot type a text message. For example, if he was at church with his family, he wouldn’t be able to send you a reply, but he could read the message you sent him without seeming too disrespectful.

Do guys purposely wait to text back?

Some guys do find pleasure in making you play the waiting game. The waiting game occurs when a guy waits to text you back, making you just sit there and wait. He might want to respond to your message but knows the game works better with women.

Why does he look at my story but doesn't text back?

No one enjoys seeing that someone read something but didn’t respond to it. I mean, he could at least send an emoji reaction to show he cares, right? However, there is a chance that he just didn’t have time to send a nice reply to the story.

How do you stay calm when he doesn't text back?

To remain calm in a nerve-wracking situation, practice deep breathing exercises, read a good self-help book, meditate, write in your journal or diary, and try to remember that he may not be doing this on purpose. There could be a number of reasons he can’t reply right now.

To Sum Things Up…

Is there someone in your life who you feel is toying with your heart by not replying to your text messages? Make sure you stand up for yourself and don’t let anyone play with your emotions!

Please share your experience below in the comments, and share this post!

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