My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Take Pictures With Me (11 Possible Reasons Why)

You see that everyone else has those cute couple photos saved on their phone, so why won’t your boyfriend consent to taking pictures the same way? 

Everyone else is posting pictures on social media; your other friends have more photos than you do, and they are not even in a real relationship! What’s the big deal anyway?

Is this a red flag – something you should be worried about? Maybe. Not everyone feels the same way about taking pictures as your family and friends on social media. 

You might make a beautiful couple, but pics or no pics – your boyfriend gets to decide if he wants to be involved in taking pictures and posting them on social media.

Whether night or day, you probably think it’s important to take pictures with your significant other. 

You have talked about the importance of pictures and feel you deserve them! What is one reason he will not comply? 

It sounds crazy, but getting to take pictures is very normal to most girls. What is not normal is a guy who won’t allow pictures to be posted. What is he hiding?

Let’s dive into the subject more!

Possible Reasons Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Take Pictures

1. He might feel uncomfortable in front of a camera

Even with family, some guys just don’t want their picture taken. You might wonder if there is something sinister going on, but that isn’t always the case. He could just not like being in front of the lens! As wild as this sounds, it is the situation for so many people.

In fact, camera shyness is an actual phenomenon that many individuals suffer from. People who fall in this category just won’t allow their pictures to be taken. You need to better understand this if your man is refusing to allow you to take a clear shot of him!

Be a bit more empathetic and sympathetic if you suspect your man is suffering from this condition. Try to think of the areas where you are not strong and allow him his weaknesses. It might take a bit of patience and understanding, but this can be done.

2. He might not want you to be his girlfriend just yet

he might not want you to be his girlfriend just yet

Your man might not want to make a commitment to you just yet. It could be a simple thing. He might like you an awful lot, but he is shy about making a serious commitment with you. He isn’t ready for you to call him your boyfriend just yet. 

This does not mean that it won’t happen; it’s just not going to happen right now. Consider the ways that he treats you well and what your relationship means to you. If you enjoy things the way they are, you should not push him to step outside of his comfort zone.

Perhaps, he does want to have the “big talk,” but not yet. If you suspect that you will be his girlfriend before too long, you should just practice patience in the here and now.

3. He might want you to enjoy your memories rather than capture them on film

Believe it or not, some people like “experiencing” moments rather than posting them on social media. He might want to spend time with you without worrying about what other people think of the two of you. 

4. He might be married and is worried about ammunition with his wife

If your guy is cheating on his current woman, you should definitely get out of the relationship. You might feel as though your relationship is advancing at light speeds.

However, if he isn’t being honest to you or HER, he is being unfair. You should not wait around for him to leave his current gal to get him to take pictures with you.

5. He might want to break up with you

he might want to break up with you

There is always the chance that your man has plans to break up with you. If you don’t want that to happen, you should voice your concerns. Let him know that you suspect he wants to dump you and you’d like to resolve the issue. He might be open to talking about it.

If you aren’t sure about your relationship, you could always ask him what he thinks about the way things are going. Explain that you have your doubts and let him know what those are. Ask him if he has any. This will leave room for him to be honest about his reasons for hating the camera.

6. He might think taking pictures is stupid

Some men just don’t get the hype behind pictures. They have no desire to be behind the camera and don’t want to be subject to likes and comments on social media. After all, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms have imagery covered!

7. He might be ashamed of the way he looks

Sometimes, men are more insecure than women! You should build the confidence of your guy by letting him know you love the way he looks. Explain that you don’t care what other people think! All that matters to you is him!

Insecurities come in all sizes. You surely have a few that you would like to get rid of. For example, maybe you wish you were smaller, skinnier, and prettier. If not, good for you! You clearly have a great sense of confidence. However, if you have your doubts about the way you look like most people do, you should seek to be understanding.

Empathy does not hurt. In fact, it could bring the two of you closer together. Why not shower him with the same respect that you hope to have in a relationship? If you are unsure if he even deserves it, he might not be your Prince Charming after all!

8. He might worry about what people will think if they see you as an “us” together

Your guy could be a complete player. Maybe he has several chicks on the line and doesn’t want anyone to find out about his sneaky ways. This can be a clever game to men, but you can show him up by ending the relationship before it gets too serious!

9. He has never taken pictures with any of his girlfriends

he has never taken pictures with any of his girlfriends

Some guys do things a certain way and expect every woman to be the same. For example, if he has never cooked for a girl, he might be hesitant to do so. Let him know how important images are to you and explain that you want a photo of him for your office.

10. He has decided that he doesn’t want a social media presence

Most gentlemen know that any photos will be posted on social media. Unfortunately, images are not all that important to many guys. If you want to convince him to take a photo with you, explain that you will not publish it online!

11. He has a fine good excuse for not wanting to have a picture with you

The best way to determine what is going on inside your man’s head is to ask him! Explain what you believe to be true, and then ask him to be honest with the reasons he does not like to have his picture taken.


How do I get my boyfriend to take pictures of me?

Consider showing him some physical affection. Consider the effect that holding hands will have on him. He will hate to disappoint you. Just hold his hand, and he will be wondering what he can do to make you happy. Then, let him know you’d like your image captured on the camera!

Why do guys not like taking photos?

Guys are generally not as sentimental as girls are. Girls think about the future – who we will marry and how many children we will have. We like to think about our destiny with “the one.” That way, when we finally nail him down, we will have a picture to capture the moment!

Why does my boyfriend not post pictures of me?

If your boyfriend does not enjoy posting pictures of you online, he might be taken with another girl. If that’s the case, you should make him your ex-boyfriend now! One fool-proof way to do this is to break up with him. After all, he is hiding something!

Are pictures important in a relationship?

If you like to take pictures to show your friends and family, having them is pretty important. You will want your boyfriend to pose for pictures and take pictures with you in them. It’s not wrong to want to take pictures with your man, but it won’t kill your relationship to not have them.

How should I pose for a picture with my boyfriend?

If you like a certain post, you should consider that one. You might like him putting his hand on yours or enjoy him putting his arm around your shoulder. If you have posted the image on social media, consider asking your audience what their favorite pose was!

To Sum It All Up

Whether this is a sign or not, you should talk to your boyfriend about your feelings about taking pictures together. If he won’t take pictures with you even for fun, you should have a talk about what is going on. It might be a sign he is not interested in a relationship! What do you think?

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