Men Hate Shopping (Why They Avoid Shopping Like A Plague)

Is there any man in his right senses who would relish shopping, especially with their woman? Yes! Are such men common? Hell no! Why do most men detest shopping while most women consider it a fun sport to do? 

If you ask most men what shopping is they’d probably tell you it’s a dash in dash out process of buying the basic things they need. In other words, shopping to most men means ‘buying' and that’s on a period! 

Also, you don’t want to have to always make men’s wardrobe items choices that you have to return eventually after spending hours shopping, do you? Hence, you need to get your man/men to go shopping with you at the same time.

Have you been finding it an almost impossible mission to get your man or the guys in your life to go shopping without a series of complaints? Understanding why men hate shopping might give you ideas on how to make them develop better shopping behavior. Below are some of the reasons the men in your life might have been averse to the tag ‘shoppers’.

11 Reasons They Avoid Shopping Like A Plague

1. Men consider shopping torture

Ask a man to pierce himself all over and he’ll make that choice rather than agree to tag along with you to a clothing store. Ask men to play with fire till it burns them and they’ll willingly do that instead of shopping with you.

Men consider a lot of things torture and shopping for anything that will take them more time than it will take to make an omelet is the height of torture for them. They might find the idea of shopping a bit more bearable if they will be getting anything out of the deal. As such, create an incentive to make them more open to the concept. 

2. Men hate shopping because of a woman’s indecisiveness

One reason guys hate shopping is that they know their woman will find it hard to get what she needs within the shortest time possible. Your indecisiveness is what makes you try on different shades of clothes or jeans when you already know which colors flatter your complexion the most.

Guys get mentally exhausted when they have to endure walking around or sitting down doing nothing just because you said you’d need their opinions on what to buy. Some men consider shopping a lesser cause because it doesn’t yield any productivity.

Asking for the help of assistant shoppers is one of the ways to make your selection process easier without putting unnecessary pressure on your man because he accompanied your shopping.

3. Your guy detests shopping because of your 20 questions

One of the reasons a woman asks her man or a male friend to visit malls or shopping centers with her is because she needs someone to bounce ideas off before making a final selection of items. Even if the guy is in love with his girlfriend, he can only take so many questions until he is tired of answering questions that are not in his area of expertise.

Men hate it when you start asking them 20 questions on the size, fit, or color of an outfit and so, would wiggle their way out of an invitation from you next time.

4. You spend more money on clothes than other things

you spend more money on clothes than other things

If you are married or in a committed relationship that involves joint finance and you are a big spender, your man will be against you charging exorbitant fees to the joint account. 

A man might appreciate you in fine clothes and accessories, he would even pay for some of the items you love. However, he doesn’t appreciate it when you spend too much on clothes when there are other things both of you should buy for each other or your home. 

The worst thing you can make a man do is to make him watch while you burn up money. To make the situation better, make a compromise with him and agree on how much money to spend. The moment you reach the limit, your man would be vocal about you leaving the clothing shop. 

5. Men think shopping is time-consuming

A man would prefer doing more productive activities to sitting in a store while you shop. Even when you are in the store to shop for clothing items with them, men would rather you let them shop by themselves. 

Most guys know their woman would make a fuss about what they should buy and waste time while at it. So, they’d rather make a quick dash into a shop and make their purchase. If you can make the buying process about them rather than a fun sport for only you, guys would become more open to visiting stores.

6. You buy items you don’t need

Another thing that makes men hate the buying process and the time they have to spend in the mall with you is the fact that you buy too many items you don’t end up using. Men are even more likely to avoid attending sales events or bazaars with you because they know you’ll become one of the shoppers who purchase a ton of things they end up giving or throwing away.

Many guys are spendthrifts and so, they want to be able to account for every penny. At the same time, they want to please you and so, men and women can meet halfway by creating spending limits that will control how much you spend on necessary things and luxuries.

7. Men feel less in control during shopping

As naturally possessive beings, guys love to be in the leading role and the idea of going to the store seems to shrink their balls because they know you are more in charge of such situations. Their opinions matter but you have the ultimate say in selecting what both of you need.

Unfortunately, they know they can’t be in charge because this is more of a woman’s scene than a man’s. Therefore, they only try to tolerate the painful process as much as they can before they plead to be excused. Giving your man a bit of control during the buying process might do the trick of making him more interested in buying things.

8. Most men are clueless about trends

most mens are clueless about trends

When it comes to making a fashion statement, the regular guy has no interest and doesn’t consider it his business to know what’s trending or not. An average guy just wants to put on some clothes, shoes, and maybe basic accessories, not concern himself with what John Legend wears these days. 

The exception to this case is if the guy is in the fashion industry or knows a thing or two about trending items. Such guys are rare and tend to steal the spotlight from their women. Just as men don’t like involving themselves in a woman’s business, women want to be able to do their things without any interference. 

Educate your man on what’s trending and he might enjoy going to shop with you more.

9. Men don’t really like waiting on hand and foot while a woman shops

Men hate waiting on your hand and foot while you go in and out of the changing room, trying on several clothes. At the end of the day, you end up with only two to three years. They wonder why you can’t just look at the outfits critically, then go for the most obvious choices.

Even when the buying process is part of a date and he had promised to treat you to whatever you want, most men still want you to make a quick decision to settle for the exact things you desire. 

10. You don’t discuss the plan for the day beforehand

Men being logical beings want to know what they will be facing. When you don’t prepare him for what the day will look like, he won’t be quick to say yes the next time you ask him to go out and pick up stuff with you. 

One of the ways to get a guy to say yes to cloth-hunting or even grocery-shopping over and again is to outline what he should expect from the process and the locations you’ll be visiting. 

11. You don’t feed them before dragging them along

Just as going to the supermarket hungry is a bad idea, so also is going to shop on an empty stomach. Making a hungry man tag along with you while you shop will make him grumpy and easily tired.

If you want him to participate more and help you shop, feed him beforehand. 


Why do guys hate shopping?

Most times, guys detest the shopping experience because they aren’t sure of what to buy in the first place. And so, when a woman makes a man tag along during a buying spree, he becomes more confused about his role in the process.

How do you get a guy interested in shopping?

Inform him of his role in the process; what do you want him to do while you pick out clothes and other things? How long will it take for you to get everything you need? When you stick to your promise and follow the basics you told him, he’ll be more interested in following you the next time.

What are the differences between men's and women's shopping habits?

Men zero in on the things that appear more important; warm outfits during winter, light outfits during summer. Women on the other hand invest in varieties and aesthetics after getting the basics. 

Why do girls like shopping so much?

It’s a fun experience for girls and they feel they are in charge when they buy things that will make them look good.

How do you shop for guys?

Know his size, height, and what shades would suit his complexion. Even if you have to take him to the shop with you, know the kind of clothes most suitable for him to avoid spending too much time than is necessary.

To Summarize 

While it’s true that most men hate shopping, you can make the notion more appealing to them if you know the reason they don’t like the activity in the first place. With the tips in this post, you’ll be able to adjust your approach to asking the guys in your life to shop with you.

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