Materialistic Men (9 Ways To Know A Man Is Materialistic)

We live in a physical world, so everyone is guilty of materialism to an extent. I mean, I don't mind a Louis Vuitton bag or a Lamborghini. That's if I can get them at 85% off. So, yes, there's nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy the good side of life. 

What's more, I love men that have good taste. I bet you do too. Virtually, every lady wants a guy they can show off to the world once in a while, but not men that want to go out of their way to look and feel and like a million dollars when their account balance disagrees.

These are materialistic guys, men that ooze excessive materialism. They don't just buy fine clothes, shoes, wine, and exotic cars when they can afford them, they also mostly acquire their luxury material possessions to the detriment of more important stuff. 

Trust me, these are not the kind of men you want to plan the future with. If you agree and want to know how to spot them quickly, here are a few tips on how to know a guy is materialistic.

9 Ways To Know A Guy Is Materialistic

1. He's curious about your worth

One of the first ways to identify men who ooze excessive materialism is their unnecessary curiosity about your financial worth. A man that you have been dating for a while may have seamlessly come to the knowledge of your earnings because of the significant number of years or months spent together. 

But when a guy you barely know, just met a couple of minutes, days, or weeks back is overly interested in your annual pay, your family's social status, etc.., trust me, he's one of those looking to use you or your family to gain some financial momentum. 

The reason material-driven men like that are in a hurry to know your financial worth is that they want to project the gains or advantages they can derive from you in a relationship. They may even take a hike if your financial position and family's social status/class don't measure up to a particular benchmark they've set.

2. He's obsessed with himself

Obsession with self? Does that sound like someone you know? Yes, that's a narcissist. It's almost impossible to separate narcissistic nature from excessive materialism. Both are like “two peas in a pod.”

Just as a narcissist is always obsessed with self because of his status, and prestige, a materialistic fellow is also equally obsessed with self because of the material things he has successfully acquired. 

If you happen to be in the same room with him for a minute, he'll start rambling all about the physical things he bought. He may even lie about a few. The aim is to make you feel impressed with him.

3. They appear bigger than they are at home

Make no mistake; a man that is all about materialism usually looks physically more expensive than his home setup. That's because he's always aiming to look like a million boxes but doesn't have enough money to balance it across the board. 

Yes, he can go out of his way to buy expensive clothes, shoes, phones, etc. Girl, you'll notice the huge gap if you ever have the chance to visit him in his apartment. That's because it costs an awful lot more to live in a penthouse or a more expensive place that'll match his appearance.

4. He only has materialistic values

he only has materialistic values

If you get into a discussion, perhaps, wanting to know him more, don't be surprised if he only has materialistic values, such as wealth, high social status, public image, and so on. Don't get me wrong; it's a good thing for a man to be ambitious. 

But when a guy is only focused on wealth and possession but his values are devoid of family and helping others, it's a sign he's driven by material goods only. He's probably not marriage material.

5. They ask you to lend them money frequently

There's nothing wrong with having occasional financial downtime and reaching out to people you have relationships with for help. However, one of the MO of materialistic people is that they usually go out of their way to acquire luxury things they cannot afford. 

This means, that if you are dating or married to a materialistic spouse, chances are he'll frequently borrow money from you or others to fund his expensive lifestyle. Once you notice this tendency in a new guy you are in a relationship with, it might be time to start threading with caution or even call the relationship quits.

6. Desperate to mingle with people of high social class

If you want to tag materialistic people as fake, you won't be wrong. That's because another way to know a materialistic man is the desire to make fake friends that have high social status. 

If you are in a relationship, you may frequently notice him trying to lobby for invitations to events where he can meet people high up the social ladder. The aim is to form fake relationships to feel among the rich and famous.

7. Men that are materialistic tend to spend more than they make

This point shouldn't come as a surprise. For men like this, spending to portray the kind of life they crave is another one of their MO's. If you go out on a date, perhaps with friends, he'll make sure to spend money in a way that'll make people have the impression he's got plenty of it. Why? He's more interested in what people think of him. 

What's more, because they are usually wasteful, being in a marriage or maintaining committed relationships with them can be a bit challenging. Their behavior has the tendency to suck out the happiness in a marriage.

8. Saving money will likely be a problem

saving money will likely be a problem

This point isn't far-fetched. A man that is overly fixated on physical possessions will naturally spend more of his money on acquiring them. 

Usually, the aim is to paint a picture-perfect lifestyle, attract women, and of course, deceptively get money from others. Being in a marriage with a materialistic spouse can be difficult. Trust me; it's not one of the recipes for a happy marriage.

That's because he'll be more willing to channel the money you both make on unimportant things like luxury cars and high-end designer apparel and not consider investments. 

If you are considering marrying one, perhaps you didn't see the signs early; you'll do well to let him know his flaw and perhaps tell him to consider seeing a therapist who can help him deal with his insecurities.

9. He only knows how to show love with material things

Women tend to be drawn to material-driven men. It's no surprise since they usually make a good effort to look attractive and expensive. What's more, they can be sort of caring at the beginning, spending more to show love. That's because money and other material things are important to them, so lavishing you with those luxury things is probably his best way of showing affection.


What is a materialistic man?

This is defined as a person overly fixated on physical things, usually expensive, such as clothes, shoes, luxury cars, social status, etc. Usually, he's also overly focused on acquiring these material things at the expense of other things with more importance.

How do you know if a guy is materialistic?

While you are getting to know him, his values are usually always about money, wealth, acquiring, and keeping them. It could be for show-off or other selfish, self reasons. What's more, he's someone that lives more for the moment and probably has no solid financial plan for the future. That's because he's always looking for that big break that he's never preparing for.

How do you deal with a materialistic husband?

First, sincerely let them understand that their behavior is hurting you. Usually, materialistic people have insecurities they are dealing with, which may be conscious or unconscious. It can make them feel the need that they have something to prove to third-party. 

A therapist can be of help in dealing with such insecurities. You might want to avoid having a joint account with a materialistic husband so that you limit his access to your family savings. 

What causes a person to be materialistic?

Sometimes, being materialistic could stem from a psychological pain from growing up in a poor background. This can make some people desperate to have the luxury things they were never privileged to have while they were young. Other times, it's just greed or a desire to deceive women and others by presenting an inflated version of oneself.

Is it bad to be materialistic?

Yes, excessive materialism can have negative effects, especially when you cannot afford the luxury materials you want. If the materialism tendency is high, it can make you wasteful, less resourceful, and lose the trust of people around you, including the happiness in marriage.

To Conclude

For a billionaire, being materialistic is probably not a topic up for debate. However, it can be a bad thing to be too fixated on material things to the detriment of more important ones. Men like this may be hard to date and even challenging to handle in marriages. I hope you enjoyed the article? Please, feel free to leave a comment and share.

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