Jealous Boyfriend (17 Ways to Deal With a Jealous Boyfriend)

Everyone gets jealous; it’s a thing. The difference is in the way we react or handle the situation. It’s not such a terrible thing to have a jealous boyfriend; if your boyfriend is never jealous, then something is up. 

Perhaps you’ve grown a good communication bond with him, or he doesn’t feel threatened by anything. There are boyfriends whose jealousy and bad behavior make you want to get rid of all your male friends. That’s toxic. A man, even though jealous, should be able to control his emotions. 

Before you get into a relationship with your partner, pay attention to the warning signs. Jealousy issues can arise before the time you begin the relationship, like when you were dating. You can tell the type of person your prospective partner is during the time you both spend together. What he likes, what gets him triggered, and perhaps how he handles the situation. 

If your boyfriend gets violent when he’s jealous, that’s terrible, and you need to get help as soon as you can. That’s different from the normal tantrums thrown by the man of your dreams, like not talking to you or being stand-offish. However, there are a few ways to deal with nonviolent jealous boyfriends, and I’m going to share them with you below. 

17 Ways to Deal With a Jealous Boyfriend

1. Be humble

be humble

When you have a jealous boyfriend, you have to learn to be humble. Because he’s jealous, that’s a sign he’s going to be doubtful almost all the time, and if you’re not aware of the paranoia, you may not know how to deal with it. However, being humble doesn’t mean letting him ride over you. Remember, there’s a thin line between a jealous boyfriend becoming a violent one. 

If he shows violent behavior, please seek help as it’s not a good sign. In this case, being humble simply means slowing down and learning about how he feels and not trying to rule over his insecurities. You may not even notice that you’re running over him when you are. It could be in your tone or actions. Instead of helping, that pushes him and strains the love you share. 

2. Be selfless

The fastest cure for a jealous boyfriend is a listening one. I understand that it can be very frustrating to be in love with a guy who occasionally doubts your feelings for him. Maybe you even feel he isn’t paying attention to you as he should, and you’re probably right. 

However, an act of selflessness would help him mirror out what you would have him do for you. Listen to him, what he wants and whatever he likes. I’m not asking you to do them to the T but meet him halfway so he can learn to do the same for you. 

3. Treat him uniquely 

I have tried out this theory one too many times, and every time, I’m right again. Unique treatments make you feel loved and wanted in a relationship. Many relationships thrive on each partner, making the other feel loved and wanted. A jealous man just wants attention, to be honest. He may not know how to come clean about it as we women do. 

He wants you to treat him specifically; don’t do the things you do with him with other males. Put him as a priority, and perhaps spoil him with your attention. The most important thing is probably your attention. Watch your boyfriend closely and notice what triggers the jealousy so you can help him get over it but give him a little love and affection. 

4. Communicate better

Good communication is like pain relief for every relationship. It gives you the ability to relay a problem to your better half and them the ability to understand you correctly. Establishing good communication with a spouse who’s jealous makes the healing process a lot easier. 

Imagine being able to convey in clear terms that you’re not doing anything to hurt him on purpose, and he gets it. Imagine your other half understanding that you are talking with other men doesn’t mean you like them or want to be with them. It would ultimately take the fear of you leaving away from him because then, your spouse will trust you completely. 

5. Show affection

Don’t get tired or sloppy about showing affection to him. There would be no time on his hands or space for his mind to feel jealousy if you’re continually showering him with love. Public display of affection is the best way to take his confidence from zero to a hundred real quick. Send him text messages and tell him you love him as many times as possible but don’t devalue the word. 

Also, always hug him at the slightest opportunity you get and tell him how special he is to you. Men need to hear and feel these things as well, and this toxic masculinity is turning them into the worse version of themselves when they could get far better. 

6. Teach him to trust

You should know that trust isn’t built in a day. It’s going to take a while for him to begin to trust you. However, you accept the bold step, trust him, and show him that you do. Although boyfriends like these are usually stubborn and disrespectful, they are secretly trying their best to be right for you to accept them. 

It’s not fun to get jealous all the time, especially if it’s about something petty. I’m sure he doesn’t like it and would like to be in control of his emotions as well. If you take time out to teach him how to trust, you would be surprised by the changes you’ll notice within a couple of weeks. 

7. See a therapist

see a therapist

I always advise my readers to see a therapist, especially if it has to do with relationships. You’re the one in the relationship, so technically, you’re wearing the shoe and knows where it hurts. Couple counseling will help you both get to the bottom of this jealousy issue faster than any other thing. 

If you cannot afford a third party that is neutral and also wants the best for both of you. It could be either of your parents or an older friend; either way, you need to get help as soon as possible. Talk to someone before it gets far worse than it should be. 

8. Love him

Showing your guy love will help him get over the feeling of loneliness. Jealousy develops when a person is starved of love or the usual attention. Loving him also means being there for him at all times. By now you have introduced him to your family to make him feel as if he’s part of your life. Have faith in him. 

When you have little faith in a person, it shows, and it makes a difference in their efforts to be better humans when they know that you have confidence in them. That you believe your man can get rid of his jealousy is enough motivation to grow it more than he has. 

9. Regard his position in your life

The fastest way to make your other half jealous is by not recognizing their position in your life. You cannot be in a committed relationship and act like you’re a single lady. Have respect for the partnership you both entered into by not breaking it or referring to it as irrelevant. 

To get rid of his constant jealousy, make him aware of how highly you place the value of your commitment to him and that you would do anything to sabotage it. Don’t allow anyone to fill his position or for it to seem like he can be replaced in any way. 

10. Don’t be judgmental

Try as much as you can to keep your judgments to yourself. It’s not a piece of cake to be in a relationship with a person that’s easily triggered into jealousy. Have to try to put yourself in his shoes so you can understand how he feels. 

Often, this feeling of paranoia is caused by childhood trauma and if you want him to open up to you, be prepared to either be neutral or very supportive. Don’t be harsh or quick to react negatively towards any show of jealousy, and it can push a person into the threshold of violence. Don’t portray yourself as better than him. 

11. Let him lead

The male species have always been wired to lead, don’t try to take that away from him. Sometimes, it’s because you try to do everything on your own or shut him out of helping you that he becomes jealous. A guy would always want to be the guy you call when you need help or feel lonely. 

When they take the commitment wheels, it makes them feel in control and therefore distracts them from jealousy. I bet he wants to be treated like the alpha of the relationship just as much as women like when their guy pampers them during the courtship. 

12. Avoid lies

Lying to a man who struggles with jealousy only puts bigger holes through his faith in you and justifies his assumptions. Make him feel as if he’s the real deal at all times, and being honest with him is the way to do so. I think lying is stressful. 

You continuously need another lie to make another lie seem like the truth, and it’s a dull circle that hardly ends. It’s wise that you be the girlfriend who is always honest, whether it’s about an occurrence, a feeling, or putting your best foot forward by being honest. Lying worsens the situation and pushes your partner further away from you, 

13. Be psychologically available

be psychologically available

It’s one thing to always be there for him physically when he needs a shoulder to lean on or some company and another thing to be psychologically present. With a jealous spouse, you need to learn how to play mind games because you would need it to assure him of your feelings. 

Physical attraction may not be enough for pulling him out of his feelings, it’s wise to show him that he’s always on your mind as well. Hug him at random, tell him you love him out of the blue, and send a gift box to work as well. This gesture shows that you are thinking of him as well, and he’s not alone. 

14. Try to understand him

You may never fully grasp how he feels for you but try to understand your boyfriend always. You can only do that if you listen to him when he expresses himself to you. Don’t just pay deaf ears to all his complaints about the relationship. It can only work well if it’s a give-and-take situation, not filled with assumptions that one person should take care of everyone. 

To help this person, you must first imagine yourself in their shoes. What do they feel? What does he want? How can I help him? These are the questions to ask yourself when you’re actively trying to understand the situation. 

15. Show a little more kindness

Be kind to your spouse, who feels a little jealous occasionally. Kindness in the words that you use to describe his feelings and in the way you treat him daily. Tender love and care are super important in a relationship such as this one; make him feel pampered as often as possible so that his faith in your love for him can blossom. 

What causes this is doubt. When your boyfriend doubts your love for him, he’s open to psychological attacks that make him feel less than what he is in your life. Often it leads to questioning the entire essence of being together if one of you is not as happy. 

16. Be open and honest

As I said earlier, make yourself available to your other half and avoid hiding vital information about the situation from him. Use a suitable method of communication to let him know how you feel as well. Don’t push yourself, be open and honest when you feel as if you can’t keep up anymore. Avoid any pretentious behavior that sparks doubts in the heart of your boyfriend. 

17. Be more patient

be more patient

You’re not going to see changes in your boyfriend immediately; it’s going to take a while for him to get over whatever emotional trauma he’s been through that’s causing him to act the way that he is. Give your boyfriend time and monitor his progress after putting him through the tips above. Avoid being in a position where you feel like rushing him into recovery. 

Ask him how he feels occasionally, and be sure to implement the changes you say you will pay for the sake of the commitment you both entered into. However, if this situation is violent, seek help or walk away from it. 


Is a jealous boyfriend bad? 

A jealous boyfriend is not bad unless it’s a toxic relationship. By toxic, I mean he gets violent with you as an expression of his jealousy. As long as you let him know the boundaries not to cross when he’s expressive, a jealous boyfriend is normal. 
Every love life has its version of jealousy. Don’t feel weird about experiencing such a thing. To some extent, you should feel good about having a boyfriend that’s even a little jealous of a male friend. As long as you both are in love, it’s all good. 

How do you respond to a jealous boyfriend? 

It’s important to discuss boundaries with your jealous boyfriend or husband. Build a good communication system between each other so that neither of you gets pushed to act violently. 
Before even getting in a serious relationship, study the personality of the man you like and check for self-esteem issues because that’s where you can learn how to deal with his feelings. Men also want to hear a reaffirmation from you. So if your boyfriend is jealous, it’s one of the signs to reaffirm his place in your life. 

Is jealousy a sign of love? 

Yes, jealousy could be termed as one of the signs of love. After all, when someone acts out of jealousy they’re being protective of a person. If your partner admits to feeling jealous about an act of one of your male friends, it implies his feelings for you are strong. 
I’m sure as a kid you felt some type of way when other children spent way more time than they should have with your teddy. Oh well, that something that sparked in you was jealousy and it’s a sign of love as well. 

Why is my boyfriend clingy? 

Your boyfriend could be clingy for many reasons, some of which may have nothing to do with you completely. Clinginess is a personal trait that could be developed by childhood trauma or any trauma during the cause of your life. It’s usually borne out of the fear that a partner would leave the other or lack of what to do on the part of the Clingy partner. 
Not all women are open to clingy men, but men don’t seem to mind clinginess much. It’s an entire paranoia that things may not work out fine and that stirs up pressure. It’s better to speak to your partner about his problem. 

Is jealousy a sign of cheating? 

Jealousy is not necessarily a sign of cheating, however, it does suggest that a partner is up to no good if he’s being triggered by anything little into jealousy. Jealousy isn’t an issue of a fault it’s that of trust. 
As couples, you both should demand a certain level of trust between each other. It’s better to speak to your man about cheating if you feel that he is, solve the problem of assumptions first. It’ll show in the behavior of a man who’s cheating that he is cheating if you pay attention. However, it’s important to trust your man. 

In Conclusion 

I hope you enjoyed this article. I fueled your interest in seventeen ways to handle a jealous boyfriend, the tips above are what’s best for such relationships. If you would like to share your thoughts or something, write it down in the comment box below, and please share this article with your friends. 

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