Is He Losing Interest Or Just Comfortable? (8 Warning Signs)

Are you wondering if your significant other is losing interest? 

Perhaps he’s not treating you as well as in the past, but you’ve also heard that is normal in long-term relationships? 

It’s true that a lot of men tend to get comfortable when they’ve been with their woman for a while and that’s not so bad. 

The problem is: it can’t be hard for women to know whether their guy is comfortable or planning to jump ship.

This guide is here to help you notice the difference. It features eight signs that he’s definitely losing interest in you.

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If you decide this tool isn’t for you, it’s still possible to get a decent idea of his true feelings by monitoring his behavior. 

Here are eight red flags to look out for.

How Do You Know If He’s Losing Interest

1. He has new priorities

he has new priorities

If your man isn’t into you anymore, or if he is losing interest in you, he will not make you a priority anymore. This is one of the first things you will notice because before, this guy will have been putting you at the center of his life, at least somewhere pretty high up in his priority list. Whereas now, you will be falling lower and lower in this guy’s priority list, so much so that you will be able to feel it. 

If this guy has stopped finding time for you and stopped paying you attention, it’s most definitely the case that he’s no longer interested. Even when you have been in a relationship for a long time and your partner is unbelievably close with you, they will still make you a priority.

2. You spend less time together

You will notice that your partner spends less and less time with you as they become less and less interested in you. Your man might be making excuses for not seeing you, or they might be spending more time with others than they are with you, and if they are doing this, it’s definitely a sign something is wrong. When people have been in relationships for a long time, they still make sure they spend quality time together, just the two of them, to keep the close connection between them alive.

3. He texts you less

An obvious sign that your partner is becoming less interested in you will be if they will text you less. Of course, it’s normal, as a relationship progresses to text each other less because there’s typically less to discuss than at the beginning of relationships. However, even those in comfortable relationships take time to communicate when they’re apart.

So, if your man has stopped texting you throughout the day, it could be because you’re simply not on his mind and he’s not that interested in catching up with you or seeing how your day is going.

4. Your sex life has changed

your sex life has changed

In every relationship sex changes over time. People typically have less sex over time because life gets in the way and sex is no longer the most important part of the relationship. However, although sex isn’t the single most important thing in a relationship, it is still one of the most important things in a relationship and needs to be apparent for a relationship to be successful.

If your man’s losing interest, you could notice some major changes in your sex life. Obviously, it’s not a good sign if your man has just stopped initiating sex with you, because this proves that he’s not interested in you anymore and doesn’t want to be intimate. 

However, your man could actually be initiating sex with you a lot more frequently than before, because he’s either trying to cover up his actual lack of feelings for you, or he’s trying to have as much sex with you before he leaves.

5. You never talk about the future together

If your man is comfortable with you and sees a future with you, he will engage in conversations talking about the future. You will plan things together because you are confident in the knowledge that you’ll be together. However, if your man is no longer interested, he will avoid speaking about a future with you, and he won’t make future plans, because he quite frankly doesn’t see you in his future. 

6. He creates arguments

Arguments and conflict are normal in a relationship to an extent, and can in fact be healthy. However, there’s a huge emphasis on ‘to an extent’, and if your man is trying to argue with you all the time, it’s a sign something is wrong. Have you noticed that your man always has something negative to say about what you do? Or perhaps he’s teasing you and tormenting you about something until you snap at him? 

If you have noticed your partner doing these things, it could be because he’s trying to create problems between you, as it gives him an opportunity and reason to leave. Rather than being honest about his feelings, he’s trying to create false problems.

7. He spends more time on his phone

he spends more time on his phone

There’s nothing worse than trying to speak to someone and spend time with someone that’s constantly sat on their phone instead of existing in the real world. Although your man might have to be on his phone due to business or work reasons, if he doesn’t, it’s just frankly rude that he’s ignoring you and spending time in a virtual reality instead. This is definitely one of the signs he’s losing interest.

In addition, if your partner spends a lot of time on his phone when you’re with him and ignores your texts for long periods of time when you’re not together, this could be proof he is ignoring you.

8. You can feel it in your gut

You can tell, in your gut, if someone is interested in you or not. Therefore, trust your instincts and if you are certain that this guy is becoming less and less interested in you, communicate with him to confirm your suspicions and move on.


Is he just busy or losing interest?

This is pretty simple – you will be able to tell if a guy is simply busy because he will most likely tell you that he’s busy. If a man is busy but is still interested in you, he will let you know that the reason he isn’t giving you the same amount of attention as when you first met is because he just has a lot on his plate. If a guy is losing interest, he won’t apologize for his behavior or explain the reason you are spending less time together.

How do you tell if he's losing feelings?

The 10 signs above in this article will be showing if a guy is losing feelings for you. Of course, if only one sign resonates with your relationship, he might not be losing interest, but if a couple of signs resonate with the guy you’re with or the relationship, he’s probably losing, or has actually lost his feelings towards you and isn’t be honest about it. Overall, if a guy is acting distant, isn’t engaging in conversation with you, and is spending more time away from you, this could be his way of showing you he’s over you.

Why do I feel like he's losing interest?

Obviously, you might think that your partner isn’t interested in you anymore if they actually are letting go. However, you might also feel like this if they’re simply getting comfortable in the relationship you share. Therefore, you can take a look at the 8 signs above and see if they resonate with your partner or the relationship. If they do, your partner is most likely losing interest, or something is wrong.

What should I do if he's losing interest?

It’s completely up to you what you want to do if your partner is losing interest. You can try and make him realize how great you are for him and how special you are, or you can let him go and be at peace with the fact you deserve someone better. 

How do I make him worry about losing me?

To make a guy worry that they’re going to lose you, you need to act like the relationship isn’t fundamental to your life, and show this person that your life is great, with or without them. You can also try to make them chase you by stopping yourself from replying to them straight away, by spending time away from them, and by enjoying yourself with friends. Men love to chase women, so let your man chase you, rather than just letting him have you.

In A Nutshell

Hopefully, the signs in this article don’t resonate with your partner or your relationship, and you’re just getting comfortable together. However, if they do, make sure you communicate clearly with your man before jumping to any conclusions and making any rash decisions. If your relationship does come to an end, don’t beat yourself trying to figure out why he lost interest, just remember that there is something better out there for you.

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