Is He Intimidated By Me? (19 Signs It’s True)

You may be wondering, “Is he intimidated by me?” It’s a natural thing to wonder, especially if you are a strong, confident woman. The dating world is confusing because men and women each feel intimidated by different things! Women may feel intimidated by the power and status of men, while men are intimidated by the beauty, confidence, and personality of women.

Usually, men don’t approach women who they believe are powerful women. This doesn’t mean that they are insecure men. What men find intimidating varies from one guy to the next. It takes a brave guy to approach a hot girl, especially if she is one who is out of his league! He may be totally interested but not know how to start a conversation!

Men intimidated by strong women will often not avoid them if they build the confidence to approach them. It can be quite a risk to talk to a strong woman because she is often a smart, beautiful, and independent woman, too! All of these traits make beautiful women overwhelming! Men are usually afraid they will be rejected by an independent woman!

Today, we’ll be talking about what it means to be intimidating and how guys act when men are intimidated! 

19 Signs He Is Intimidated By You

1. He won’t ask you out

Even if the guy wants to have a relationship with you, he may not ask you out – ever. If he thinks you are out of his league and will say “no” to any request he makes, he’ll likely never make the first move, no matter how irresistible you are! That doesn’t mean he is a loser or cannot be won over in the long run. You may just have to make the first move!

2. He’s too shy to approach you

Some guys just have timid personalities and don’t want to approach the opposite sex because it makes them uncomfortable. They may be like this with friends, too! It’s not just you! Instead, try to understand his personality to see if he is just a timid guy or if he truly does have fears about approaching you. Then, you can decide what to do next.

If he’s just a shy guy, you might be able to work with that if you can reach him. You’ll have to decide if you want to be in a relationship with someone with a personality like that or if you’d rather have a confident guy who knows how to speak his mind.

If he’s just fearful of you, he may think you are out of his league. You can easily overcome this because you can approach him first. Just get to know him as a friend first. Hang out on group dates, and then eventually, the two of you will become closer with time.

3. He doesn’t know how to answer the questions you ask

When you speak to the guy, does he seem confused or overwhelmed by what you are saying? Do you think he’s feeling intimidated? Does he act that way around other women? You can easily tell how he feels by watching how he behaves in front of other women. See if he is always this awkward or if he can carry his own usually!

4. He’s fascinated by anything you say

A guy with a crush will likely not be able to tune you out. Anything that comes out of your mouth is golden in his book. You are just a fascinating and amazing creature – someone he really wants to get to know better. He might approach your friends to find out more about you when the two of you are done talking.

5. He may act jealous when you talk to other guys

Any guy with a crush is going to hate to watch his gal flirting with other guys. They just think that they have missed their chance to ask her out or maybe she is not interested in him. A guy who feels that way might think his world is crashing down on him! If you are just flirty, in general, reassure this guy that you aren’t going anywhere!

6. He might sweat, slur his speech, or stutter when he talks

he might sweat slur his speech or stutter when he talks

Acting nervous is quite common in this situation. Sweating is a surefire sign that he’s intimidated by you. True, it may be one of the hottest summers ever, so you’ll have to decide why he is sweating. Is everyone around you sweating, or is this just something that is going on with him? It’s a definite sign he feels a bit uncomfortable around you.

7. He gets confused by the things you say

If a man is intimidated, he may have a lot of confused looks when you talk to him. He may just not understand the depth of the conversation or what you are trying to say to him. Try using smaller words or speaking slower to make sure the two of you are on the same page when you talk. That way, you can have meaningful conversations.

8. He acts clumsy and awkward around you

This is a classic sign that a guy feels overwhelmed around you. He might trip over the carpet in the room or just fidget a lot with his hands and face. These are natural reactions to feeling nervous. Give the guy a break and try to remember the last time you felt that way. Remember that we all have insecurities.

9. He looks at the ground when you talk to him

Often, when you have conversations with nervous guys, they just can’t look you in the eyes. They find it more comforting to stare at the floor than to look at your beautiful face. It may just make them more nervous to see how gorgeous you are; in fact, your beauty could be driving them mad! Maybe they are wondering why you are talking to them!

10. He acts very nervously around you

As mentioned, many men just feel nervous around pretty women. They don’t know how to act or what to say. They think anything they do will look stupid! If you are interested in this dude, make sure you give him a smile and make eye contact to show him that he is not alone in his feelings for you. This will help him build up his confidence!

11. He has trouble making eye contact with you

Eye contact is a difficult thing for some people to do. It doesn’t always mean that the person is insecure or feels that you have intimidated them in some way. Instead, they may just be more comfortable looking away when the two of you converse. If this is his personality, just decide if you can handle it in the long run!

12. He often looks for excuses to leave

he often looks for excuses to leave

Many men look for escape routes when it comes to talking to beautiful women. They don’t know how to keep the conversation going, so they decide to just have a nice escape or excuse planned for when things start to get awkward. He might say that he got a text message, for example, when you know he didn’t really.

13. He smiles at you but quickly looks away

This is the classic sign of a guy in love. He can’t resist smiling at you and staring in your general direction, but that may be as much as he is comfortable with. When you look in his direction, he may think that he has to quickly look away because he is overwhelmed! His brain may be exploding with awesome thoughts when you look back at him!

14. He tries to act smarter or braver than he actually is

Some men just don’t know how to react to a beautiful woman, so they overcompensate by acting smarter or better than they really are. Maybe he will brag about some accomplishment he has! This can be quite off-putting!

15. He asks you questions but doesn’t share

He may want to keep the conversation short because he doesn’t know what to speak about next. Also, he could just be intimidated by you and wonder how you feel about him.

16. He gets frustrated easily

This happens from time to time and must just be considered part of life. Men will act frustrated when they don’t know what to do next. If they feel intimidated, they will likely feel overwhelmed, impatient, and frustrated. They could take this out on you – not on purpose!

17. He stares at you

He just can’t help but keep his eyes off you because he is fascinated by how beautiful you are! If this is the case for you, keep up the great work in the beauty and skincare department! Show him you are beautiful on the inside by having a charming personality, too!

18. He only approaches when friends are around

he only approaches when friends are around

Some men just feel comfortable when other people are around. They may want to talk to you quite a bit but only want to do so if you have your friends with you, so there are no lulls in the conversations. Likewise, he may feel only comfortable if his buds are with him and ready to back up any move he makes in your general direction.

19. He says that you are intimidating

Some men are direct and will simply tell you that you are this way. If they admit to this, and you want to change this about yourself, stay tuned for the section on how to be less intimidating to men.

How To Be Less Intimidating

If you are in a relationship with someone who finds you intimidating, they may have trouble keeping themselves together because they find you so overwhelming. If you want to put their mind at ease, consider pointing out your flaws and the wonderful qualities the guy has. Let him know all of the ways he contributes to the relationship and what it means to you.

If men, in general, find you intimidating, you might want to make sure you are not acting snobby in any way. That is one area that you can work on; if you appear to be a know-it-all, many people probably don’t want to talk to you because they fear they will always be wrong. You might ask your best friends what they think. Do they view you as overwhelming?

If your friends have insight into how you can best behave, you should listen carefully to their advice. Show them that you hear what they are saying and that you will work on those character flaws. They will most likely respect you for listening so carefully to what they had to say. Asking for the input of others shows that you have a high sense of self-worth and reflection.

How To Make The First Move And Ask Him Out

If you are faced with a relationship with a crush who just won’t ask you out, you may have to make the first move. This can be quite challenging because women are often taught to take the back seat when it comes to asking a guy out to start a relationship. You don’t have to overwhelm him by just blatantly asking him out on a date when the two of you have never really talked.

Instead, begin your relationship as you would any friendship. Tell him that you enjoy his company and that you would love to get to know him better. Friendship is a great way to start any relationship, and it makes for a long-lasting, healthy one! Hang out in groups at first if you think he is more at ease doing things that way. Don’t rush for one-on-one time at first.

Then, once you have done some group dates, you can ask him for some alone time. See if he’d like to go somewhere public, like your local bowling alley or a movie. A movie may seem a bit intimate, but it can be less stressful because you don’t have to talk as much, yet you are still spending one-on-one time together. This will bring the two of you closer together.


How do you tell if a man is intimidated by you?

Men are often intimidated by women, especially if they are super hot! They might be very interested in starting a conversation with a strong woman, but they worry that they will be laughed at, ignored, or rejected in some other way! If men are intimidated by you, they probably will not approach you!

What does it mean if a guy is intimidated by you?

He may be very interested in talking to you but is too shy to make a move. If he’s intimidated by you, that means that some characteristic about you is overwhelming to him, making him even more shy than usual! This doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance, though!

Can a guy be intimidated by a girl?

Guys are often intimidated by girls because they fear rejection and think that the girl is out of their league in some way. Maybe she has several degrees under her belt, talks intelligently, and is very intelligent. If he doesn’t feel bright enough for her, he’ll probably keep his distance.

What makes a man look intimidating?

If a man is cool, calm, and collected, women may be intimidated by him. If he’s bright, successful, and has a bubbly personality, that can also cause women to be intimidated by him. Each person is different and what worries them varies based on the person.

How do you know if a man finds you beautiful?

Guys who want to be in a relationship with a girl because she’s very beautiful will probably not be able to keep their eyes off of her. They will stare a lot, but they also might have trouble maintaining eye contact if she looks back.


If men are easily intimidated by you, you may just be one of those girls that have to watch themselves because guys are going to be tongue-tied when they are around you! What do you think? What do you think guys find intimidating? We’d love to hear from you! Leave comments!

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