Is Cuddling Cheating? (7 Important Rules For Cuddling)

The thing about cheating is that there are so many blurry lines and grey areas, it's almost impossible to tell in general terms what exactly makes up cheating. Every single individual has their own idea of what cheating is. 

To some people, cheating is anything ranging from an emotional affair to kissing, sex, or even just a hug even if it’s with a friend. To others, if sex isn’t involved they don’t consider it to be cheating. 

The idea that snuggling (with anyone outside your boyfriend) is termed cheating is very controversial. Some people, especially our men, think that it absolutely should not be considered cheating. With women, on the other hand, we do consider cuddling cheating and we’d be devastated if we walked in on our partner cuddling someone else. 

This makes sense because women place more value on emotional connections than men do and cuddling is a very intimate act, whether we’d all like to admit it or not. 

If you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation and you're wondering in what instances cuddling could be considered cheating, then keep reading and I’ll take you through seven examples of when cuddling is considered cheating. 

7 Examples Of When Cuddling Is Considered Cheating

1. If it's not with your partner

Let's take a moment to be honest with ourselves. The truth is if you feel the need to share such intimacy with someone you are not in a relationship with and who isn't a family member, then there's definitely something going on. 

Some people have argued that since it's not sex, it doesn't count as cheating. Nevertheless, cheating does not just involve a physical connection with someone other than your spouse, It also involves emotional connections. 

To most people, cuddling is both physical and emotional. So, they consider it to be just as intimate as having sex. If you're not sharing this very affectionate act only with your significant other, then you're most likely cheating.

2. If it's with an ex

We can all agree that relating with an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend will always be complicated. It's even worse if you're in a new relationship and still in contact with your ex. 

People who decide to stay cordial with their exes always need to know their boundaries and stick to them. Neglecting to do this could re-ignite some unwanted feelings and lead to many other unwanted situations. The truth is, your partner would probably be more on edge about you getting too close to your ex enough to give him even a hug, kiss, or any form of body contact, talk less of a whole cuddle session. 

If you feel comfortable around your ex enough to cuddle with him, then you're definitely going down the emotional cheating road. Don't blame your partner or your conscience for giving you a hard time about it. If you cuddle with your ex, then it's definitely considered cheating.

3. If it involves intimate touching

if it involves intimate touching

Platonic cuddling and Romantic cuddling are two different things. With platonic cuddling, it's most likely not going to lead anywhere. It's just two consenting adults, friends, or family members enjoying each other's warmth and company.

Romantic cuddling, on the other hand, involves way more. Even though it does not always involve touching erogenous areas, it does involve intimate touching. If you're doing the latter, then you're definitely cheating. Some have even argued that just a kiss is not cheating. But kissing is an act of affection—deep affection for that matter. 

Romantic cuddling is also an act of showing one's affection and it involves lots of touching, so in this case, cuddling is cheating.

4. If it's with someone u have feelings for

To some people, cuddling is synonymous with giving someone a hug, they say it's fleeting so they'd allow it. However, you have to be careful to consider some other factors, the first being if these two people have feelings for each other.

If there are feelings involved, then it works as part of emotional cheating. If we were to look at why people cuddle and what group of people do it the most, we'd definitely land on the conclusion that it's cheating. 

For example, couples cuddle themselves in bed at night and early in the morning before waking up. Some couples have confessed that those moments of spooning are bonding moments and provide them with comfort and cause all the good feeling endorphins to be released. 

Most of the time, a good cuddle is a precursor to intercourse and makes the feelings they have for their partners even deeper. So, if we look at it from this context, cuddling is cheating if there are feelings involved.

5. If it's with a member of the opposite sex

This does not mean homosexual relationships do not exist. However, if you're a heterosexual human being and you're caressing a member of the opposite gender (while you're in an active relationship), it's most likely cheating; even if you’re a kat. 

The act of spooning someone else in this situation, may not be categorized as cheating in and of itself. However, if we're being honest everyone would get a little bit bothered if they walked into a room to meet their significant other embracing a member of the opposite sex no matter how platonic it is. 

Some questions will pop up in your head even though you consider your partner to be a kat. When you're heterosexual, it doesn't take much time spent together or words exchanged for you to start having feelings for a person of a different gender, getting attracted to a person isn't difficult. 

Nuzzling is way more than just conversation; it's a very intimate act and ignites feelings that could further lead to a kiss or to intercourse. So it makes almost no sense asking, “is cuddling cheating?” in this case it most likely is.

6. If you have a romantic or emotional connection to the person

if you have a romantic or emotional connection to the person

Spooning hardly ever happens without any type of connection involved, whether it's platonic or not. Snoozling between two people who aren't in a relationship would definitely stir up questions about what led to it and what else is involved. It's not just something you share with total strangers or random people around you, there has to be something deeper. 

In most instances, this is the case. If you end up huddling someone, it means that some kind of background existed before then and most times it's way more than just friendly feelings. Also, if you're nestling with a crush or someone you know you have some history with, it's definitely moving along the lines of an affair, except in some extreme edge cases.

7. If you have to ask, you already know

If something isn't wrong, then there's no need to hide, right? Also, if something isn't a big deal, you probably wouldn't be so bothered about how it would affect the other people involved. So, if you have to ask, you probably already have a feeling that what you're doing is not entirely pure. 

Let's be reminded that we aren’t referring to ‘hugging’ in this case, so a greeting hug does not count. We’re talking about being in a room, probably on a bed spooning with someone. This is where the issue lies. The fact that you’re in such close bodily contact with another guy would definitely upset your significant other. 

So, in summary, doing something you know you may not be able to do in front of your partner is probably an affair.


Is cuddling considered cheating?

Lots of people consider spooning to be a very intimate act. Sometimes, love-making can be even more detached than a good cuddle. Finding out your partner was cuddling someone else may be a bit more painful than finding out that he slept with them. Intercourse can be forgiven because it may have been a purely physical affair.

What does cuddling mean to a man?

Cuddling gives men a sense of closeness to their partners especially when they really like them. It gives them a sense of intimacy that no other activity can offer them. The upside about spooning is that it's a more relaxed activity compared to sex. If you're comfortable around your spooning partner, you'll find it to be very relaxing.

Can cuddling be just friendly?

Cozying up with someone is a bit too intimate for a purely platonic friendship, however, there's always an exception. A friendly cuddle would probably involve deep hugs and rubbing the back or arms. It would not include touching or rubbing certain intimate areas. 

Romantic spooning, on the other hand, includes touching each other intimately. They don't necessarily have to be erotic zones but would be quite intimate. 

Can you catch feelings from cuddling?

You can't just depend on the mere act to catch feelings off of, there are other factors and variables involved. For more traditional people, caressing is associated with behavior that is exclusive to relationships, and therefore, may lead them to catch feelings for the next person. 

However, there are people who don't associate just physical activities with being in an exclusive, romantic relationship.

Can cuddling be platonic?

Apparently, spooning can be platonic. Some people have pretty close relationships with their friends and engage in activities that display or increase their bond. Platonic snuggling could also come into play when two involved individuals do not feel like engaging in intercourse, but just want to feel close to someone else. 

To Summarize

Is cuddling cheating to you? This is a question you need to consider at certain stages during your relationship and remember to stick to your boundaries, don't let your partner's views completely erase yours. I'd like to know what you think about this topic in the comment section below and remember to share the article.


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