Introvert Dating (13 Top Secrets You Should Know)

If you’re participating in introvert dating, you should know a thing or two about what it’s like to be an introvert. You may be someone who is an introvert, or maybe you are dating someone like this. Either way, it’s good to know what this personality type is like.

Healthline does an excellent job at explaining what an introvert is like. Could you be this way? These types of people prefer time to themselves, get drained by social activities, prefer working by themselves, have a close group of friends, are very curious, zone out from time to time, and prefer writing their thoughts over talking about them.

One study Healthline mentions in the article explains that this type of personality may easily get depressed because they just don’t feel as happy as extroverts. Because an introvert wants a higher quality of friendships and emotions, they may be less happy because it’s difficult to meet these expectations. How often have you felt let down because things didn’t go your way?

In this article, we will look at the top dating tips when dating an introvert, so you’ll know what to expect and how to act to make the dating thing work.

Top Dating Tips If Dating An Introvert

1. He will enjoy staying in more than going out on dates

If you are dating someone with this type of personality, you probably know that they prefer to stay in over going out. They just enjoy the one-on-one time rather than going out on group dates where they have to talk to many people at the same time. It can be exhausting and overwhelming to someone who is shy by nature.

They may love people but would rather converse with an individual person over talking to multiple people and carrying on many conversations at the same time. Getting asked a lot of questions can make an introvert dizzy! 

Make sure your boyfriend or girlfriend is comfortable in the setting where you take them on dates. Respect their boundaries.

2. Keep visits to social functions short and sweet

If you take your shy boyfriend to a party, don’t stay too long. Remember that he may be feeling quite uncomfortable and just wants to rest. He may think that being around this many people is overwhelming and exhausting. Consider his feelings when you take him to social events. Don’t push his limits, or next time, he may not go with you.

If you want there to be another time, you need to respect what he’s comfortable with. If he indicates that he is ready to leave, listen to him; say your goodbyes, and do not blame him as your reason for leaving. Respect your differences and think about the parts of your relationship that you enjoy, and remember the love you feel toward him.

3. Give him plenty of quality alone time

He may need plenty of time to himself. Someone who feels this way needs time to themselves to process everything. It may not be something that you understand since you are not that way, but you need to respect his boundaries and limits and give him the time and space he needs to wind down.

4. Accept his best friends as one aspect of his life

accept his best friends as one aspect of his life

An introvert often has close relationships in his life that are very important to him. He may not have a whole host of friends like you do, but he has best friends that mean the world to him. Try to get along with these people, realizing that they are not going anywhere. If you are in his world, they will be, too. 

5. Surprise him with a candlelit dinner at home

This is a great idea for a sweet, romantic surprise for your boyfriend! First, he enjoys staying in, so he’ll appreciate the effort. Second, what a sweet way to show you care about him. Finally, you are trying to meet his needs and show that you recognize your differences and can live with them. You are showing you are happy with him.

6. Find things that you have in common with your man

You may think that the two of you have nothing in common, but I’m sure there is something that you share; you may just not know what it is yet. Make it a mission to find out what things the two of you share. Maybe you both love the same types of movies or music, or you have the same tastes in food or events. 

Perhaps, you both love the opera and just didn’t know it until you talked about it some more. Sometimes, it takes time to discover what you have in common with someone. You may want to discuss a variety of topics when you are together to learn more about each other. Do you both play chess, or have you ever tried to play? Learn new things!

7. Give him space after social events

As mentioned, social events can be draining to an introvert. He may need some downtime after a social activity, time to unwind and relax. Don’t ask him to paint the bathroom or head to your parent’s house after going to a party. Let him play video games or watch a movie to relax and chill out for a while. Keep your expectations in this area low.

8. Talk about the deep, important stuff

talk about the deep important stuff

You may be surprised at how deep an introvert is when it comes to talking about important things. Discuss his hopes, aspirations, and dreams. This also gives you a chance to see if you match when it comes to these things. Do you have stuff in common? Are your dreams on the same track? Go deep with your conversations.

9. Don’t spend all the time talking; be a good listener, too

A good listener hears more than the words that come out of the mouth of the person who is talking. Instead, they listen for inflections, what is meant by the pauses, sighs, and facial expressions. Pay close attention, and don’t just think about what you want to say next. Let your mind think only about what is being said and what else you’d like to know.

Ask follow-up questions or give appropriate reactions. If you listen intently, you can ask plenty of questions to learn more about what the speaker is trying to say to you. Think about how they feel as they speak. What do you think is going on in his head? This is a way that you can show empathy and understanding.

You’ll surely win him over if you are a good listener and care about what he shares with you. He’ll also be more likely to share even more if he knows you listen to what he says well. Just give those important conversations your all when you listen. Don’t speak; just listen for what he wants you to know.

10. Understand his moods

An introvert can easily be moody, especially if he or she is exhausted or overwhelmed. Try to learn his or her moods to see what he or she is like after certain activities, and respond accordingly. You don’t have to be a psychologist, but work your best to understand why he’s moody when he seems to be that way.

11. Try to make and keep him happy

Make him smile and laugh! Find out what makes him tick and focus on those things. There’s no reason to be a negative person around him if he needs a little positivity in his life. You can put in a funny movie or tell him some good jokes to get him to be happy. If you want to make the relationship work, you should want to keep him happy, right?

12. Be a really good friend to him

be really good friend to him

People find it hard to resist those who are really good friends with them. Friends care about each other and work to make the relationship last. This is the same as if you are in a romantic relationship. Be a sincere, good friend to him, and he’ll love you forever for being there for him when he needed you the most.

13. Be yourself; be genuine and honest about who you are

No matter what kinds of relationships you are in, you should always be yourself. If you pretend to be someone you are not, your true self will eventually come out, and it may be a very negative thing. If you cannot stand to be with someone who wants to stay inside all of the time, you won’t get along with an introvert. 

If you have been faking it to just be with someone, to not be alone, or because you thought he was hot, you will have a rude awakening when your true nature comes out. Eventually, it will, and you’ll be in an unhappy relationship, which will probably end sooner than you hoped. Be yourself; if it’s not meant to be, it won’t happen.

You can find someone who is better suited for you, and you won’t waste this guy’s time (or yours)! 


How do two introverts start dating?

If both people are shy, first dates can be quite awkward. The reason it’s difficult is that they each have the same personality type; they aren’t great at meeting new people, and the whole dating process can be quite overwhelming for introverts.

Do introverts fall in love easily?

Some people do fall in love easily; it really depends on the person. Introversion can mean different things; it may mean he is reserved or shy. Introversion can also just mean that they don’t like to be a part of crowds. Love could come at any time for anyone.

Is dating hard for introverts?

It depends if your partner is the opposite of you or not. If their partner doesn’t accept the alone time you need, that may make you feel like you are being suffocated. You may find your alone time to be part of your comfort zone, so this could be hard.

Do introverts prefer texting?

Yes, many like texting when dating because they can feel comfortable doing their own thing. For example, they can be a part of a relationship while still enjoying their solitude. Also, texting gives them a chance at a conversation without leaving home. Having a conversation in person can be hard.

How do introverts show affection?

Like anyone else, an introvert enjoys showing affection but may take a while to warm up. After several dates, you may want to let the introvert feel like he is comfortable by letting him make the first move. This will allow the guy to have some control in the relationship.

In Summary

Are you an introvert who could share your thoughts or talk about your feelings to your readers? Are you dating an introvert and have more concerns about this personality type? Please leave a comment and share your experience. Also, don’t forget to share this post with other people!

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