I Like My Best Friend’s Brother (5 Things To Do If You Like Your Friends Brother)

Are you in a situation where you like your friend's brother? Do you think you would both be a perfect match? Are you unsure what the outcome would be if you made your intentions known?

No doubt, if you were open, your friend's reaction might make you want to keep your cool and avoid flirting with her brother. Also, if you are not sure if he likes you as much as you like him, I understand why you’d rather stay quiet. 

If you are not sure of his feelings towards you, it’s likely you’re suppressing your feelings mainly because you are scared and nervous about the outcome.

A situation like this can be challenging to handle because as the days pass, you’ll keep falling for him more. If you’re not sure how to manage the situation, here are five things to do if you like your friend's brother.

5 Things To Do If You Like Your Friends' Brother

1. Consult your best friend first

The first step you should take in a situation like this is to speak to your friend about your feelings. You might be shy or think she would react harshly or not like the idea, but it may not turn out to be so bad. It's vital to get her opinion and know her to take on the fact that you feel attracted to her older brother in an intimate sense. 

However, be certain about your feelings and be sure that you really like him. Don't just rush to tell her when you are doubtful or unsure of yourself. You may feel nervous, but don't run away from confronting her. If she's truly your friend, you should be able to talk to her about anything. 

Believe it or not, your friend will be happy she heard about it from you and not someone else. So, before you start talking or flirting with her older brother, discuss things with your friend first.

2. Respect your friend’s opinion

respect your friends opinion

Listen to her with an open mind. She's your friend, so she knows you well. More so, he is her brother and she knows him better than you do. Maybe he is dating someone, or he is a player, or you are both not compatible. So, if she discourages you from pushing through with your feelings, don’t get hurt. Just stay on a low and don't hang around for too long.

In another sense, she may not like the idea because of jealousy. She might feel jealous seeing both of you together, assuming you will drift away from her. If that's the case, you both can talk things over. Make her realize that the relationship with her brother will not ruin the friendship you both share. 

On the flip side, she might encourage you and give you good pieces of advice on how to get noticed. She could even give him hints on how you feel, and if he feels the same way, then something beautiful can happen. With this positive response from your friend, your friendship is still preserved. 

Whatever the case, just remember to respect your friend's stance in such situations. If her brother is truly meant for you, life will navigate the both of you together. Trust me, time and chance will favor you.

3. Observe and decide

Does he like you back? Will he ever look at you as a girlfriend figure? Does he know how you feel about him? Will the relationship last if it begins? What's your goal for getting into a relationship with him? Will the friendship with your best friend stand if you go ahead to date her older brother against her wish?

You should ask yourself these questions and observe your environment before you make a decision. You are in a very normal situation; it's nothing awkward. So, don't pressure yourself about it. You saw a cute, tall, everything-to-love kinda guy in your friend's house and your heartbeat was racing. 

You are human and I understand that it's hard to resist something good and spicy. I also understand that it's just a little complicated since this almost-perfect guy is your friend's sibling. The situation might even be more awkward if he is her older brother the age difference is too much. That's why you shouldn't rush into anything. 

Observe, think thoroughly, and decide what steps you will take to get your crush or stop the feelings.

4. Be patient

be patient

You don't have to be in a rush for anything to happen. Take it one step at a time; if you don't have the guts to chase your emotions now, you will in the future. If things have gone beyond flirting and you both love each other (and he will eventually be your boyfriend), it’s best to be open about things.

If things are still in the flirting stage, while talking to him, you can know if he is interested in you. It's easy to tell from the way he looks at you and speaks to you. Better still, he might have already hinted about his intentions of moving the relationship forward and taking things to the next level.

This kind of situation is better because you are sure that you have the same energy. But then again, don't lose your friend in the process. Most importantly, don't lose yourself. 

If you ever realized that he feels nothing for you, back down and protect your emotional health. But if you are both in love with each other and you know it will last (and most likely end in marriage), then fight for it. However, be sure not to offend your friend or cause a fight between siblings.

5. Be Happy

Don't let your feelings or decisions weigh you down. You deserve to be happy. This might be the start of something new for the three of you. You can all hang out together and create a stronger bond together. It's not always a negative thing to date a friend's brother or cousin. It can work out as much as it can get messy.

So know what you are getting into. When it involves the family members of your friends, it's not worth losing the friendship since there are a lot of guys out there. 

That being said, don't stay in a sad space. Evaluate how important your friend is to you and how genuine you want from her brother. Do you really want to date him, or is it just infatuation? Nevertheless, if it’s real, you deserve to be with whoever makes you happy.


What do you do if you like your best friend's brother?

You must do whatever you plan to do with wisdom. This is because you don't want to lose your friend in the process. I have already given you five things you can do if you like your friend's brother.

Is it wrong to date my best friend's brother? 

No, it isn't. Love is an amusing feeling and we can't control who we fall in love with. If you both are into each other then there is nothing wrong with being together. Your friend should be happy for you if you guys love each other.

How do you tell if your friend's brother likes you? 

He notices even the slightest thing about you. He tries to create a good relationship with you and tries to get your attention. He also talks to you and wants to know more about you. Furthermore, he teases you when you are having a conversation.

Is it okay to have a crush on your best friend? 

Yes, as I said earlier, who we fall in love with isn't really our fault. But if your friend is dating someone, it is better to try and control how you feel. You don’t want to spoil the relationship you have with your friend, by dating him.

How do you know if you like a boy? 

If you are constantly thinking about him, you get nervous around him. You want to be around him always. Every time you see him with other women, you get jealous.

The Bottomline

I hope you found this article helpful. If you love your friend's brother, especially her older brother, you must sit down and ask yourself a series of questions before shooting your shoot. You need to be sure that dating him won't cause you unnecessary trouble. Let me know what you think, and please don't forget to share this article with others.


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