I Hate My Ex (11 Things To Do Right Now)

Breakups can be traumatic and can cause people to feel a ton of emotions they didn’t bargain for. However, the hardest part of a break up is letting go. You want to forget the hurt, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. With time, you may start to feel resentment, which is described as hate.

Most people can’t explain why they hate their ex. This process makes it hard for them to let go of the past and move on with their lives. To free yourself from the hurt you’re feeling, you need to identify the cause of your pain, and find a way to overcome it. 

This article contains eleven reasons why you probably hate your ex. I’ll also offer some prudent steps to move on and get the best out of the situation.

11 Reasons Why You Would Hate An Ex

1. You Haven’t Let Go Of The Past

One of the major reasons why a person would feel hate towards a former lover is because they’re still holding on to the past. This guy you used to love hurt you, and you haven’t found ways to settle the dispute. After the breakup, you held on to their mistakes, which stirred up anger and created resentment.

Acknowledging that this person doesn’t hold the key to your happiness is the first step to breaking free from the hurt you feel. No matter how angry you get, most of the burden will remain on you, which is why it’s best to let it go. Find peace with yourself and genuinely be happy about the life you’re living, and the anger you feel will be history.

2. You Want Closure

you want closure

When someone hurts you, indeed, you’re not going to like any of their reasons for doing it. You’re not going to completely understand why they did it either. 

You might ask yourself, “Why does my ex hate me?” or tell yourself, “My ex is angry and bitter.”

To be able to cope with the lack of closure on the situation, hating your ex for putting you in such a position might be the next move. Regardless of the anger you feel towards your ex, it’s essential to realize that no one should have so much power over you or determine how you should feel. 

Let everything go even though you don’t understand it. This process is the key to your peace and happiness.

3. You Feel Lonely

It’s human nature to crave company. When the mind gets accustomed to the presence of someone, it’s natural to feel lonely in their absence. One of the reasons why a person would feel anger towards their ex is because they detest the feeling of loneliness that’s been created. 

They spent most of their time focusing on their partner and the relationship, without putting in ample time for themselves. 

To overcome the hate you feel, you should focus on yourself, and all the positive sides of life. Find ways to fill the void that was created, and genuinely be happy with everything around, it could be friends, family, or pet projects. The more you spend time loving yourself, the less lonely you will feel.

4. You’re Ruminating

you're ruminating

Rumination is a process of intense and lengthy contemplation about a particular situation. After a breakup, it’s natural to go over the events that led up to it. This process is similar to finding closure and can be detrimental to your inner peace after some time. If you remain fixated on the situation rather than your feelings, you won’t be able to process things accurately.

You might begin to seek validation from people, try to find a solution, or end up feeling resentment towards your ex. Rumination after a breakup may even lead to anxiety and depression. Therefore, it’s best to focus on your feelings and on getting over the negative emotions.

5. You Need Time

One of the reasons why you’re hating your ex is because not enough time has passed for you to heal. Time indeed heals all wounds. If you jump into another relationship too soon or try to get over your feelings in a short period, you will end up feeling worse about the situation.

You can’t rush your process to recovery; you have to be patient with it. In a matter of time, the breakup will have little to no effect on you. By then, you will quickly move on and start a happier journey with someone else.

6. You’re Still Connected On Social Media

To move on after a breakup, you need to establish the no-contact rule. You need to remove all physical and virtual reminders of your ex because that might bring back unwanted memories. Seeing their posts online, reading their comments, and even deducing how they’ve moved on, can create a form of resentment.

It’s natural to want your ex to miss you after the separation, which is why you detest the fact that they’ve moved on so quickly. The best way to overcome the hate you feel for the situation is to disconnect yourself from your ex’s current life. Keep off their online pages, and focus on building your life instead.

7. You’re Chewing Over Regrets

you're chewing over regrets

Feeling regret is the most standard reason why anyone would say, “I hate my ex girlfriend.” and it’s the same in your case as well. You regretted putting in too much effort. You regretted saying those words before you left. You regretted not listening to others, and the list goes on. 

Chewing over your regrets, or the mistakes your ex made, will only stir up anger and bitterness in the long run. The more you dislike how events took place, the more you will detest anything related to that situation. If you happen to be a co-parent, this may even affect the relationship with your child. 

The best way to get over the pain of regret is to forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes. You also need to forgive your ex and acknowledge that your past cannot control your future. It’s not just about you now, but moving on and forgiving him will help your family, kids, and others around you.

8. You Felt The Relationship Had Potential

There’s a high chance you felt your relationship with your ex had potential. You also imagined a life with them and made efforts to build it hastily. When everything fell apart, you felt you failed at something you thought would work. You also felt like your ex didn’t put in enough effort to make things work.

Facing this situation can make a person bitter. If you’re saying, “I hate my ex boyfriend,” or “I hate my ex husband,” it’s most likely because you felt everything would have been different if better decisions were made. 

To get over this phase, believe that everything happens for a reason. Also, that there’s someone else out there that would suit what you’re looking for in a partner.

9. You Feel Like Your Ex Isn’t Hurt

you feel like your ex isn't hurt

Everyone wants to know how their exes are doing after a breakup. Most times, it’s to find out if they’ve gotten over them or not. When you feel your ex isn’t hurt about the separation, it can stir up resentment towards them because you would feel played

Trying to understand how they’re coping with the distance will be unsettling, which would cause you to say things like, “I hate my ex!”

To move on from the hurt, you need to focus your attention on something else. Your previous partner has found a way to deal with their pain, and even if they haven’t, you should. Focus more on yourself and being happier than you were the previous day.

10. You Only Remember The Bad Times

Every relationship has good and bad moments. Although the bad might overshadow the good, those good moments should not be forgotten. If you focus on only the bad moments in your previous relationships, you will end up feeling anger or resentment towards your previous partners.

To forget the hurt and move on with your life, redirect your mind to those good moments and grow from there. Whenever the awful memories stir up emotions you don’t want, compensate yourself with pleasant thoughts, reminding yourself that you’ve learned and you’ll do better.

11. You’re Trying To Fix A Mistake

you're trying to fix a mistake

Repetition compulsion is a psychological term that occurs when someone puts themselves in situations where an event is likely to happen again. They might try to reenact a previous event to get a more appealing result.

People go through repetition compulsion after a breakup and try to put themselves in similar situations from their previous relationships, with hopes that they’ll find a more befitting ending. They can date people just like their exes or try to fix their new partners as much as they can.

Trying to fix a mistake from the past is an unhealthy process. You will resent your ex when you find out that the past cannot indeed be changed. You need to create a better future and forget your previous mistakes.


Should you tell your ex you hate them?

You might be pushed to tell your ex you hate them because you feel like they aren’t feeling the same pain as you are. But trying to hurt them with your words won’t resolve the issue. The best thing to do is to move on.

How do I stop hating my ex?

To stop feeling resentment towards your ex, you need to stop feeling regret and try to make your future better. Don’t dwell in the past, learn from the mistakes you made and try to make things better.

Is it bad to still like your ex?

If there were strong emotions before the separation, liking your previous partner isn’t uncommon. However, you need to consider how everything ended, and figure out if picking them again is worth it.

Is it OK to tell ex you miss them?

Telling your ex you miss them is igniting emotions that aren’t worth it. Remember that the separation happened for a reason and that your previous partner probably doesn’t want something serious with you anymore.

Should you tell your ex they hurt you?

If you failed to tell your ex that they hurt you before the breakup, you could still tell them after. Nonetheless, please do it for your inner peace, and not to receive consolation from them.

To Conclude

Did you enjoy this article? Remember that hating your ex only does more damage to you than it does to them. So try to find peace and move on, no matter how long it takes. That’s the only way you’ll truly be happy. Kindly leave a comment below and share this article if you liked it.

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