33 Effective Ways To Turn Your Man On In Public

Are you bored of your regular sex life and are looking for ways to make it more sensual? Do you want to do something bold to arouse your boyfriend and make him panting hard for you? If yes, you have come to the right place. 

Earlier I was a shy girl who was bored of her regular sex life with her long-term boyfriend. However, after reading many self-help books I concluded that I could easily change my sexual life with a few steps. I eventually learned that I have to be bold and do something out of the box occasionally to turn on my man.

In today’s article, we are going to look at ways to turn a man on in public. These ways will add a little spice to your life and can make your man go head over heels for you. These tricks are sure to make him go crazy and appreciate your boldness.

Plus, we will also look for other ways that can help you spice things a little bit in your bedroom.

How To Turn Him On In Public?

1. Whisper some dirty talk in his ear

Guys love their women getting naughty, and what better place to physically turn on them in public without doing much. When you talk dirty, you do not only communicate your desires, but it is also a perfect way to turn on a guy who would find it difficult to control his desires by thinking about all the things you will do when you get to your place.

If you are too shy when it comes to talking dirty, then you can try texting your desires to him. It would be enjoyable to watch him try to concentrate when he is in public but has an incredibly sexy image of you planted in his head.

2. Play with his legs

Sensual touch is one of the most basic turn-ons. So, next time you are having lunch with your friends, just play a little with his legs underneath the table. Stroke his inner thigh in a way no one else can see and maybe touch his crotch a little. This touch on his inner thigh area will make your man go crazy, and it would be difficult for him to control his dirty thoughts.

All you have to do is act innocent and keep concentrating on your friends while at the same time continuing with what you are doing.

3. Play with your hair

A girl’s long hair is usually one of the biggest turn-ons for guys. You can use it in many ways to attract that guy that you desire. Just run your fingers through the length of your hair or play with the strands of your hair to look sexy. Don't forget the eye contact and you can even bite your lower lip for the effect.

4. Put on some sexy music

put on some sexy music

So you are going on a road trip with your partner, and your friends are following you in maybe some other car. Now, you suddenly get a desire to do something sexy to your partner, but as you are on the road, it is not possible to have oral sex. So what is the next best thing that you can do? Yes, you put on some sexy music, which echoes your feelings for your partner.

Do not forget to sing along and show off some body movements, which will surely make him feel aroused and want more. However, make sure that you do not forget that he is still driving and refrain from making things too hot.

5. Wear red

Even if you are meeting him in public where it is impossible to wear something too revealing, make sure you wear a red dress. This is because a sexy red dress is a huge turn-on for men as it is associated with power, passion, and sex. Make sure that this dress enhances the curves of your body, and do not forget to pair it with a nice pair of heels.

To make your man crazy, you can do certain things, which might seem like an accident but will surely build sexual tension. These things include dropping the shoulder of your dress so he gets a peek at your bra or an electrifying brush of the arms.

6. Lightly brush your fingers against sensitive parts of his body

Now, you might know that having physical contact with some sensitive parts of your guy’s body might result in him getting hot but you might not know that his hair is also one such stop. So the next time you are out with your man, run your fingers across the top of his hair while keeping eye contact with him. 

Indeed, this looks like an innocent and affectionate gesture, but this action usually makes most men want more. So get ready to stroke that heavy mane of hair of your man to build that sexual tension.

7. Smile

All guys love a pretty smile on the lips of their girl. However, when you are looking to have some naughty fun, you must give a sexy smile to make a seductive move. A flirty, confident smile will make your body language much sexier and is a surefire way to make any guy weak on his knees.

8. Nibble on his ear lobes and increase the sexual tension

If you are near your guy, pretend that you have a secret that you want to tell them and get your lips close to your guy’s ears. While your whispering in his ear will surely give him goosebumps, you should not forget that a man’s ear lobe is a pressure point with many nerve endings. So gently massage this area with your fingers and he will surely be filled with desire.

9. Gently bite his neck

Sure, biting your guy’s neck when out in public can be a little tricky, but what you can do is plant a quick kiss on his neck when no one is watching.

The neck is an important pressure point in one’s body with many nerve endings, so a kiss on that part arouses guys and turns on them. This kiss would make them want to have sex with you then and there, but being in public they would have no other option than to control themselves.

10. Have fun with some whipped cream

Indeed, being out in public means that you cannot go on licking cream from your partner's sexy abs but that does not mean that you cannot have any fun. Just put some whipped cream on your partner’s nose playfully and tease them and have your innocent fight.

Doing this will not only look cute in public but it will also leave your guy imagining what he can do when the next time you both have sex in your bedroom.

11. Intense eye contact

intense eye contact

Men tend to like girls who do not mind making the first move. So the next time you find yourself physically attracted to a guy, make eye contact with him to let him know your intentions. It is not difficult to turn a guy on by just that look in your eyes, which is something that you can do even in a room full of people. 

Just share stolen glances for a few minutes and soon this man would be crazy for you. This is not something that only works for sex, but also works if you are looking for a long-term relationship.

12. Smell nice

The scent of a woman is a communication system, which has an important part to play when it comes to men’s desires. A pleasant perfume can attract your man as it makes him think about your body, sex, and everything sensual. So for your next date with your boyfriend, do not forget to wear some nice perfume and you will definitely make your man feel hot and want more.

13. Do what your man likes

Different guys have different turn-ons, and if you must have been in the relationship for long you would have already known what it is that your guy likes. Many times, some innocent-seeming gestures can be enough to turn on your man so identify them and do those things in public. 

Obviously, remember that as you are in public, there will always be limitations, however, just taking an initiative would be a lot for them!

14. Show a little cleavage

Just a hint of cleavage showing from a dress can make guys go crazy. So the next time you are near your man in a public space just make sure that he gets a good view of your cleavage and that would be enough to drive him crazy.

15. Compliment him

Guys, just like girls, love compliments. However, as here you intend to have sex with him afterward, your compliments must have at least some kind of sexual connotation in them. Here, it won't hurt to give some double-meaning compliments, like you can compliment him on his body or his strength. 

If you guys are already in a relationship, you can be a little bold in your moves!

16. Long hug

Indeed, when it comes to guys, hugs are not the best way when it comes to turning them on. However, when you are out in public, there are certain limitations. For instance, you cannot plant a passionate kiss on his lips, as it would be frowned upon but a hug is always seen as a sweet gesture of affection.

Make sure that the hug is a little longer and tight so that your man can feel the warmth of your body, which will most probably leave him hot with desire.

17. Rub his crotch

Yes, this can be a little risky when tried in public but what is fun without being a little risky. However, this is something that you should avoid doing with a stranger or someone you have recently met. Also, you need to be extra careful. Rubbing his private parts is something that is best when done under the table where nobody can see the magic your hands are performing.

18. Give him your panties

Again, this is something that you should only do with someone you know so you are sure that they would not be left surprised with this move of yours. Just go to the washroom and take off your panties. Now, come out and slide these panties in your man’s hands. He will surely be surprised after receiving this piece of your clothing, which would just have recently been on you.

Your man would be happy after receiving the gift with your smell. One more thing that will make him hot is the thought of you currently not wearing any panties.

19. Be confident

Turning your man on does not only have to be about sexy things that you do to him but it is also about personality. All guys love confident women who know what they want and are secure in their place. Being confident will also help you with your relationship and all the other aspects of your life. 

Work on your confidence and you will notice that your guy will be hot just by looking at you!

20. Don’t reveal too much

don't reveal too much

You can indeed arouse a man’s desire for sex by wearing somewhat revealing clothes. However, you mustn't dress up too revealingly, first because you are meeting him in public and second, you must leave something for the imagination.

There should always be an element of surprise in the way you carry yourself, which would surely excite your man. Wear something that just gives him a glimpse of your goodies in a classy way.

21. Roleplay

Anybody can get bored if sex in a relationship becomes monotonous so you should spice up things from time to time and you being in public is the best opportunity to do just that! So get ready to get some exciting going by in your sex life.

You can have a roleplay where you both become two different individuals for the day. For instance, you both can play the role of the strangers who have met at a party and can then take things forward from there. This little bit of change will make your relationship stronger.

22. Choose a cozy place to meet

If you have decided to meet him outside then make sure that the place is not too crowded or loud. Choose a place that is romantic, calm, and with dim light. Take a corner and have a heart-to-heart with him while acting shyly and flirting at the same time.

This type of setting will surely arouse your man and he would not want anything more than having sex with you then and there.

23. Share your fantasies

To arouse your man you do not only have to talk about him. So the next time when you are out with him in public you can talk to him about your dreams and desires and always try to understand what he wants in bed. This will not only help in enhancing your sex life but the mere thought of what you want him to do to you will put him on.

24. Be rough

The majority of the men like things rough in the bedroom and want girls to take the lead. Now that you are in public, you cannot go completely wild but you can do certain actions to point toward your wildness. 

Start by sinking your nails on his back while teasing him or playfully biting him on the shoulder. These actions will 

25. Kiss him

kiss him

Surely, it is not always possible for a girl to kiss her guy passionately on the lips, especially when you are in public. In this case, you can just kiss him on the lips and let the kiss linger a little more than usual. This will make it really difficult for your man to get away from you as he will be left imagining about the kiss and what more could he do to you.

26. Write him a sexy note

Yes, you can do all the dirty talks and send him racy text messages but there is something really bold in passing him a handwritten note. It would be much more surprising for him if you just slide this note in his hand when he is least expecting it. On that note, you can mention anything right from how sexy he looks to what you want to do to him when you both are alone.

Reading this note will leave him all excited and waiting for your time alone.

27. Play fight

This is a way to get close to your man without anybody around you suspecting your real intentions. This innocent fight will give you both an opportunity to touch each other’s bodies in the full public gaze. A playful activity, which is fun, innocent, and flirtatious all at the same time. 

This wrestling will ensure that both of you laugh together and have fun, which will definitely arouse your man and leave him wanting more.

28. Share a drink

If you both are having dinner in a restaurant then it is a good idea to order alcoholic beverages to lighten the mood and have a good time. Men usually become romantic after a few drinks and get easily turned on. 

However, make sure that your guy does not drink a lot of alcohol as it could make it difficult for him to get an erection even after being mentally aroused. You also should limit your liquor. Otherwise, instead of having hot sex with you later, he might end up caring for you.

29. Have fun with sex toys

Sex toys are not only meant for bedrooms, there are some discreet sex toys that you can use even when in public. A sex toy like a panty vibrator is totally discreet and can fit in any pair of panties. So the next time you are meeting your man in public you can use this vibrator and the good part is that your partner can control it with Bluetooth.

Using this toy will not only give you pleasure but your guy will also be aroused seeing you trying to control your moan and getting high. Just make sure that you both are at a place that is not too crowded and nobody can make out your intentions.

30. Watch porn

Again this is something that if you are doing in public, you should be totally discreet. This is because watching porn in public is illegal in many countries.

So next time you are out with your guy, take a corner away from everyone’s eyes and start playing your favorite movie on your phone. Your guy will be pleasantly surprised with this move. Just make sure to use earphones and all the hiding will make it more exciting. Later, maybe you two can reenact what you watch.

31. Read erotica

read erotica

This is something that does not require you to be discreet much. You can sit with your man in a corner, slightly away from the public view. Here, you can read your man, the sexiest part of your book, and see his heartbeat increasing. He will not be able to stop imagining you in the scenes and will be turned on soon. 

This can be a surprise for your man where you can pretend that you are reading a normal book and just innocently start reading it for him. No one around you can guess what naughty thing both of you are doing!

32. Go commando

This is something that requires guts but will give visual appeal to your man, which will make turning him on much easier. All you have to do is wear your favorite dress without any panties and let your man know that you are wearing anything beneath your dress. This alone will be enough to turn on your man.

You do not have to stop at it and can even discreetly spread your legs and show your man his little surprise. However, be extremely cautious while performing this stint and make sure that nobody else is watching you. 

33. Eat ice cream

Men love visuals so in order to turn on your man eat ice cream in front of him while making eye contact with him throughout. Keep in mind you do not have to bite the ice cream and finish it off but lick it and suck on it as you will do to a cock. Make sure you look innocent while doing it and tease him to the core.

He would find it extremely difficult to control himself as throughout he will be imagining his cock in your hands, instead of the ice cream. So get ready to have some fun!

How To Amp Up Your Sex Life?

To add some spice when it comes to sex you should make it a point to try something new every time in the bedroom. This will make sure that sex does not become monotonous over time and that you are continuously trying something different. Also, it is important to try some romantic activities, which will keep the spark alive in your relationship.

You should make out like teenagers and have a spark like them. It is also important that you share your desires and try your best to fulfill each other’s needs in bed. It is also a good idea to watch some hot movies, which will boost his libido. 

If you are facing certain issues and things are not going as smoothly as you want them to be, you can try visiting a sex therapist.


How do you turn on a man by talking?

Dirty talking can easily turn on a man and make him go weak on the knees. All you need to do is slowly whisper in your man’s ears what all you want him to do to you. This action shows your confidence and is enough to excite a man. This kind of talk will help the man understand what you want and he will love to satisfy you.

What are the signs that you turn him on?

All men are different but generally when a man is turned on you can see it in his eyes when he would try to make eye contact with you. He would find it difficult to keep his hands off you and will look for excuses to come closer to you. An aroused man can also be nervous around you but there will also be a smile on his lips, and of course who can miss the boner!

How to turn him on without being too obvious?

To turn him on, start by coming a little closer to him while talking, and do not forget the eye contact. Also do not forget to touch your hair as it can turn on a man. It goes without saying that a hint of your cleavage can make a guy go crazy but make sure that it seems like an accident. Also, don't forget your confident smile that can steal anyone’s heart.

Where do you touch a man to turn him on?

To turn a man on you can touch his thigh, ears, jawline, and back of his neck. You can also nibble on your man’s nipples, neck earlobes, and fingers to see him get weak on his knees.

Other than this no matter where you touch him sensually, almost everywhere he will feel a sensation. Places like the penis, anus, and foreskin are definite places that will turn him on.

How do you turn him on through text?

To turn on your man through text, start by texting something casual before coming to the main point. Then start with giving him a compliment followed by some healthy flirting. By this point, he will also understand your intentions or you can take the lead by innocently telling him what you are wearing. You should avoid sending nudes without some ground rules!

In Summary

How has this content spoken to you? Do you have more tips to turn on a man? Have you ever tried them? What was your experience? We would love to hear from you in order to help our readers. Please comment below!

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