How To Trust A Guy You Met Online (11 Trustworthy Characteristics To Look Out For)

The dating pool in this era is a complete cesspool of turmoil and confusion. People may or may not even know what they’re doing anymore or even what they want. First of all, there are all these spoken and unspoken rules that people hardly follow unless it favors them. 

Then there are loads of people who dodge ‘labels’ associated with genuine relationships, yet want to enjoy all the benefits of one. 

It’s a real jungle out there! Because of this, well-meaning and reasonable adults who are serious about finding a soulmate have to find creative ways to meet people even though some of these mediums are a bit risky. 

Today, online dating is very widely known and even normalized despite the existing risks associated with it. It's also not limited to dating sites but has now poured into other social media networks. However, with the popularity of online dating, the risks have also increased. This has got more women asking how they can tell that their online date is trustworthy before meeting them. 

If you’re one of these women who have decided to take a leap of faith in the direction of online dating, and you want to ensure that you can trust the person you’ve met, then stick around and I’ll show you 11 ways to know if you can trust a guy you met online.

11 Ways To Know You Can Trust A Guy You Met Online

1. He doesn’t bring up money problems

Begging for money is one of the most obvious tell-tale signs of a sketchy person online. However, because the money-grabbing act has been uncovered and exposed over the years, these fraudsters don’t directly ask for money anymore. Instead, they play on your emotions, vulnerability, or desperation by listing a bunch of fake problems they’re facing. 

These problems would often need immediate financial assistance if not, ‘all hell would break loose’. If you notice that he constantly has one problem after the other and you feel like you’re under pressure to keep sending him money, then there’s a high chance that he can’t be trusted.

2. He’s respectful

I think we can all agree that respect is very important when choosing a romantic partner. No one likes to be disrespected or disregarded. Even in close-range relationships, mutual respect from both parties is a necessity. 

If after talking for a while you notice that he respects your boundaries, privacy, principles, and time, this is a good sign that you can take a step in the direction of trusting him.

If you start to notice that he stalks you online or sends you messages at odd hours then you may need to be careful with him. Make sure to make your boundaries clear early on in your conversations to avoid any misunderstandings and if he respects those, he may be a keeper.

3. His stories add up

One of the things that increase the risk of an online relationship is the fact that you cannot properly investigate someone you met online. Chances are, you haven’t met him face to face or visited his home, or met his family and friends. The only thing you know about his history is what he tells you.

Another major limitation associated with dating over the internet is the fact that you can’t observe the other person’s body language or check their eyes for sincerity. However, there is one way you can check if he’s being real with you and this is if he’s consistent. 

If facts in his stories or the whole story keep changing every time you have a conversation with him, then you may need to think of stepping away from this person.

4. He’s open and honest about his life and affairs

hes open and honest about his life and affairs

This does not necessarily mean that he’s got to tell you all his secrets, or all his personal details, but the truth is getting to know each other will require sharing some things about each other. 

If for some reason he keeps asking you about your life and interests yet shares very little about his, that screams fishy! It could mean that he’s either trying to hide some things about himself from you or he’s trying to source information about you. 

Another version of being secretive is being insincere. The truth is, we can all tell to some degree when someone is being sincere, there’s a tone to it. If he makes lots of promises or keeps making deep statements that he clearly does not mean then you probably should run, sister.

5. He genuinely cares about you

Anyone who has been in a one-sided relationship would agree that having a partner who actually cares for you and not just what they can get from you is a blessing. You can tell if a person cares about you by the things they say to you and how they address you in general. If he frequently asks about your well-being, your family, friends, etc., then he’s on the right track.

Also, if he remembers something of concern that you told him earlier on and he remembers to ask about it, that's also a good sign. However, if he frequently interrupts you when you’re talking or if he seems self-absorbed then he probably has no love or care for you, you should reconsider the relationship.

6. He’s not reluctant to meet you

The whole point of building a relationship with a person is to create some kind of bond whether permanent or temporary. If a person is interested in you to a certain degree, they'd want to meet you physically at some point, online dates aren’t enough. 

If he seems eager to meet you then that’s a good sign, it means he doesn’t only see you as a temporary fling but may want something more meaningful.

However, this should be a healthy type of eagerness, not a creepy, needy type; you don’t want to end up putting yourself in danger. A good number of women have admitted to being catfished once or twice over the internet. All of them will likely agree that it's not the best feeling. 

So, try not to become one of these victims. If he’s reluctant to meet you then he may not be very honest about who he is and that's not a good sign.

7. His social dating profile is complete

When it comes to online dating, the more information you have about a person, the better! If for some reason, his social media profile is missing key information like his real name, a photo of himself, or just basic information about him, then you may not want to trust this particular fellow.

Also, it's normal for people to have photos of their family members or close friends on their social media. This way, you'd know he’s a normal well-functioning human being as opposed to a possible psychopath.

If he has one of those social media pages that don’t have any friends or followers, this is a serious red flag. It would also be a subject of concern if he doesn’t have any other social media account except the one dating site, you’d probably need to be careful with him, in this case.

8. He’s concerned about your safety

hes concerned about your safety

As mentioned above, care and concern are very important in relationships. Some people might even agree that they form the bedrock of a solid relationship. It's really hard to find a caring person whom you cannot trust. 

If your online date constantly calls to find out if you got home safe from work, how your health is, and your general well-being, then this is a good sign that you can trust him.

However, don’t be carried away by his sweet nature, humor, or a good conversation that you forget to check every other thing. Still keep checking how sincere he is. Some people are very good with words. Sometimes, the smooth-talkers are the most dangerous people.

9. Do your research

This is why it's best to check if he is active on more than one social media network. It's easier to trust people who do. Most people who meet online these days don’t usually go the ‘dating site’ route. People even meet in the comment section of blogs, youtube videos, and other websites. 

If he’s more active online, you’d have more information on him and you can confirm some things he has told you about himself in his messages. A major red flag would be the absence of information. 

If he has active social media profiles on more than one platform, then you have less work to do finding out about him. Try to do as much research as you can. Check his pages and the pages of his friends and family. This way, you'll gain more information on him and be able to decide if you can truly trust him.

10. He doesn’t make silly excuses

As mentioned above, anyone who is interested enough to build a relationship with you would always be willing and perhaps even eager to meet you in person. It would be bizarre if he wanted to relate with you online only. This being said, if he happens to keep making silly excuses when it's time to meet with you, this is a massive red flag. 

Coming up with a different excuse every time you have to meet, indirectly means that he's not excited to take things to the next level with you or may even be hiding something. So, if he seems happy to meet you and doesn't keep coming up with flimsy excuses each time, then he just may be worthy of your trust.

11. Trust your instinct

Ultimately, no matter how much research you carry out, a person you meet online can still turn out to be a bad person. The truth is, some people are experts at being tricky. No matter what you do, you may not be able to out-smart them. The best thing to do is listen to be attentive to your feelings. Our feelings hardly ever lie to us.

Everyone has an intuition no matter how weak it is. So, if for some reason you just feel like something isn't right, then try your best to tread carefully. With time, the truth about this person will be uncovered. Even if he seems perfect, don't believe everything he tells you, and be sure to observe things closely.


How do you know if you can trust a guy you met online?

You can start to trust a man you speak to online if you notice that he has certain positive attributes. For example, if you notice that he is respectful in the way he addresses you, this is a good sign that he’s a trustworthy person. Also, if you notice that he genuinely cares about you, he’s probably trustworthy.

Can you trust someone you met online?

It's possible to meet a good man online. Some online relationships have blossomed into beautiful, long-lasting partnerships. It's better if the man you’re seeing has more than one social media profile so you can have access to more information about him. 

This way, you can confirm some of the facts he has already given you about himself. If your search results are positive then you’re off to a good start. 

How do you know if an online relationship is real?

Just like any other conventional relationship, online relationships exist on levels. You can’t tell just from just an online chat that a relationship is real. If your relationship gets to the stage where you feel safe and comfortable having video calls with him and perhaps, face-to-face dates, then you can start to think of it as a genuine relationship. 

Can you fall in love with someone you met online?

Yes, you can fall in love with a person you met online, especially if you have a bond with this person. However, to keep yourself safe you have to make sure this person is who he says he is, it's way too easy to get deceived by someone you haven’t met face to face.

How do you tell if he is trustworthy?

If he is consistent in the things he tells you then he may be worthy of your trust. Even the most professional liars find it hard to stick to their stories especially when they’ve told you so many of them. Remembering the little details will be hard for them. So, pay close attention to the information he gives to you.

What date should you sleep with a guy?

This is a question that needs to be answered personally. Only you can truly know when you’re ready to get intimate with a man. However, try not to sleep with him too early. Create a strong mental and emotional bond first before you go physical. This way, you’d have a better chance of building a relationship that will last.

How do you know if you are being scammed on a dating site?

The first step most romance scammers take is trying to convince you to stop using the dating site to communicate with him. He may try to convince you to communicate with him on other platforms where he can get even more information on you. They also tend to profess their love for you way too early.

In Summary

I hope you found this article helpful. Remember, online relationships can work out pretty well but they can also be quite risky. So, make sure you’re very careful who you trust. Please let me know what you think about this topic in the comment section and be sure to share it. 

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