How To Treat A Man Like A King (23 Interesting Ways)

I know there are many weird ideologies on the internet that try to make women look weak for treating their husbands with respect, but the truth is, you may not get the best of that relationship if you don't invest in it. 

Treating your husband or partner right is one of the best approaches to investing in your relationship. Besides, treating your man like a king doesn't mean bowing to him or dancing to his every tune like a servant at your own expense. There's no difference between making him feel special and feeling like a king. 

Little gestures that'll make him feel loved, wanted, and appreciated are all it takes. Most times, you don't have to go out of your way to treat your husband special. If you want to know more, then read on. The tips of this article will, in the end, promote a stronger relationship. It'll help you with ways to consciously treat your husband right and avoid taking him for granted.

23 Ways To Treat A Man Like A King

1. Compliment his appearance

If you've got yourself a man who invests time in his appearance, you have to make sure you let him know how good he looks. Consciously give him a sexy approval look with a compliment to match. If he's the type that spends time in the gym, compliment him when he's half-dressed or naked. 

Trust me, that will make him feel you are not only crazy about him as a person, but you also find his body attractive.

2. Compliment his personality

compliment his personality

One of the mistakes women make when it comes to compliments is keeping it only in appearance. That's because we usually think men only want to hear about how good they look. While that's partly correct, it'll interest you to know that men also like to hear how outstanding their personalities are.

So, you can say something like, “you don't know how attracted I am to how easy it is you capture people.” Your charisma is a total turn-on for me.

3. Make intense eye contact during a conversation

Generally, one way to let someone know your attention is with them is by making eye contact. That's because the eyes are the window of the soul. Research even shows that the pupils never lie as it changes size in response to emotions. Trust me; there's almost no better way to treat your boyfriend or husband like a king than to give him access to your soul. 

When you look into his eyes during conversations with undivided attention, instead of scrolling through your phone, he'll always appreciate how attentive you are to his words, thoughts, and opinions. Giving someone 100% attention. 

4. Respect his alone time

One of the mistakes people make in relationships is overdoing the togetherness thing. Women especially try to be extra possessive, which may end up not being healthy. Everyone needs some personal space. It may be to invest in other relationships like family, engage in hobbies, meditate, etc

So, it's not a bad idea to let your man have his time. In fact, you can suggest it by saying something like, “Babe, do you need some time alone to work on or process that situation?” It's not only about how to treat a man like a king but following this tip also sends a signal of trust and respect to him.

5. Show gratitude with little things

As a wife, I'm sure you'll appreciate it if your husband buys you a new car. That's huge, right? Especially when it's a luxury kind of vehicle. However, if you want to know how to treat a man like a king, adopt the attitude of showing gratitude for the very little things. For example, you can hug him and tell him how you appreciate his efforts in doing part of the house chores.

Be thankful over something he's probably not expecting you to show gratitude. This way, he'll do more and also respect you in return for showing him those tiny details matter to you.

6. Surprise him

As a woman, I'm sure you love surprises. You know how a surprise dinner date, a new dress, or gift jewelry makes you feel. Now, imagine how it'll make your husband feel when you do something like take him on a picnic or get tickets to his favorite game. 

You can step out of your comfort zone by spending some money. Many men are into video games. Yeah, those toys can cost a fortune, but trust me, it'll make him feel super special and position you on a pedestal in his heart. 

7. Be vulnerable

Another way to treat your man like a king is to make him feel like you are safe in his hands. Now, I don't mean you have to stage a dangerous scenario where he'll swoop in to save you. By letting him in on your deep secrets or fears and letting him know you've never told a soul except him will definitely make him feel like he's special. 

He'll be happy that he's someone you can confide in with your secrets. This move is also a way to make him feel like you trust him wholeheartedly, and that's a big deal.

8. Initiate lovemaking

initiate lovemaking

Research shows that sex is a hunger for men, so it's not a surprise that they love to chase because they desperately need satisfaction. Still, taking the game to him first is not a bad idea. Even in marriage, many women don't like to initiate sex with their husbands for fear of slut-shaming. But those days are long gone. 

Initiating lovemaking will make your husband feel like a king because he'll also feel good about himself, knowing you desire him for your pleasure.

9. Show compassion and understanding

While men are raised in a society that teaches them they need to be tough and hide their weakness, you don't need me to tell you they are humans, just like women. Your man needs to experience your compassionate side from time to time as his wife. 

Support his decision and don't judge him as a wife/girlfriend or make him feel like a loser when his decision doesn't turn out well. Let him know you can rely on him and hug him when he's down.

10. Ask him for help or advice

Whether it's marriage or just a typical dating scenario, a man wants a woman to ask them for help. Men like to be heroes; that's a simple truth. It doesn't have to be a dangerous situation; it could be something simple around the home that makes them feel like the fixer. 

You'll make him feel like a king if you come to him to help you solve issues, e.g., work-related problems or your family issues. It could even be issues around the house. Just make him feel needed, and you'll see how important he'll feel knowing he's your hero.

11. Cook for him

Gone are the days where cooking was a default woman's thing in a marriage. However, in 21st-century relationships, it's no longer “business as usual.” Because a typical wife has to work to support her husband, there's very little time to whip up some kitchen magic. Most men have to catch their favorite meal from fancy restaurants. 

But make no mistake, men generally love it when you cook their favorite meal instead of eating out. The fact that you are taking out time and effort to do it specifically for them goes a long way in their hearts. You may not have time to do it every day, but have it at the back of your mind as a means of showing your husband gratitude or appreciation from time to time. 

12. Reward him

The idea here is to avoid taking your man or husband for granted. Yes, relationships, by default, should be a give and take. There shouldn't be a difference; both parties should do things to make the relationship work. If you are married, that's almost the first to a happy marriage. Still, it's a great idea to show appreciation for gestures.

It makes no difference whether it's something huge or little. It could be a kiss on the cheek, a hug, or a special romantic invitation to the bedroom for being such a wonderful husband or boyfriend.

13. Spice things up in the bedroom

spice things up in the bedroom

Only very few men don't care about sex. Research shows that many men, even married ones, cheat because they want more in the bedroom. Like women, men sometimes don't want to ask for a new sex style because they don't want to make you feel uncomfortable. 

That's why when you spice things up under the sheets, he feels important, especially when it's not your usual routine. When your husband knows you are initiating a new move for him, he'll totally feel like a king. 

14. Let him know you miss him

Like making a man feel like a hero by allowing him to help you, another way to make your man feel like a king is to make him know you miss him. It's also a way of showing him it's him you want and not just any man. 

You can send him a message, a voice note, or a sexy picture to show you are thinking about him while you are away. This way, he'll feel he's the center of your world and not just any available tool. 

15. Let him into your world

Being in a relationship doesn't always mean your husband and boyfriend will be your go-to person. However, it makes sense if he is, as it leaves no room for unnecessary jealousy and feeling of being left out. But it's not uncommon that we sometimes have our “fixer” before love comes into the scene. It's also not unheard of that such a person remains in our lives. 

This scenario mainly occurs when they are family, e.g., a brother, sister, mom, or even a best friend. But it's an honor for your husband to be both your lover and your go-to person. It's a sign you can count on him as his woman. He'll respect you in return.

16. Enter his world

While it's true that men want their alone time to do their man things, you'd be surprised they also thrilled when their woman can sometimes enjoy their hobbies with them. Have you ever seen a man play video games with his woman? The boyish happiness on his face is usually priceless? 

Doing this on occasions with your husband will not only make your man feel like a king, but you’ll also find that he'll be happy to show you off to his friend as his equal. Also, note that It's not an opportunity to be clingy every day, but to let your man know you are happy and capable of doing things with him occasionally or when he needs you.

17. Be all over him sometimes

Now, notice the “sometimes,” that's because you don't want to be all over your man all the time. It mostly ends up as a fatal move for most relationships. But there are occasions you should shower your man with kissing, cuddling, crave for his attention, lie in his arms, and make him know you enjoy being around his warm body. 

This way, you send a message that he's your refuge, someone you are always safe to be with. This move will no doubt treat him like a king.

18. Be a Queen

You want to know how to treat a man like a king, then being a queen is one of the sure ways to bring out the king in him. At the end of the day, every king should have a queen, right? So, how do you be a queen when you are not prince Charles' mother? Simple, dress the part. Always look classy and captivating, from your hair to your shoes and the way you talk.

When your man notices you are always “on-point,” trust me, he'll always be proud and happy to level up with the stunning woman by his side. 

19. Show PDA

show PDA

Some men don't dig public displays of affection. It's not because they lived in Saudi Arabia or are hiding anything; they are not just the “touchy type” unless it's time for sex. But if you've got a man that doesn't mind, go ahead and let your potential rivals know he's yours alone. 

It will make your man feel like a king when you cling to his arm while walking together or kiss him in the full glare of passerby. This way, you are not only telling him you love him, but you are also saying you are unavailable to other guys. Now, that's how to make a man feel like he's king. 

20. Dress for him sometimes

Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying you should wear something you are not comfortable with only because your man wants it. But the truth is, dressing in ways that excite your man will make him feel proud he has you, which will also ensure the attraction remains. Virtually all ladies want their men to look at them and be like, “wow.” 

So it's up to you to keep your relationship spark alive. If that means having a couple of clothes he likes to see you in, then that's not a bad idea.

21. Be spontaneous 

Nobody likes boring, grumpy, and monotony, not even men that are naturally visual creatures with a taste for variety. So, it would help if you were free-spirited sometimes. Avoid living a scripted life, trying to act perfect every day. 

If you want to make your man like a king, it's okay to be funny, imperfect, and free around your man. It shows you are safe and can be yourself with him. 

22. Don't be bossy

don't be bossy

You may have heard some men love independent women who know how to get what they want in a man's world. But it doesn't go beyond being classy and thriving in the business world. In relationships, men don't fancy authoritative women. It's not best to treat your husband like he's a child. 

Always wanting him to do things your way and criticizing his style of doing something even though it will lead to the same outcome doing it your way. 

23. Don't hold extreme feminists ideology

Before we go any further, I'm a feminist, and I believe in equal rights for men and women. But when I say extreme ideologies, I mean weird opinions that forbid a woman/wife from respecting her man/husband or partners just because it'll make them appear weak. 

If you aim at a happy marriage or relationship. it's necessary to reach compromises and, of course, invest in each other to keep the spark alive. Treat your husband like a king, he'll treat you like a queen.


How do you treat your boyfriend like a king? 

It's about the little things, such as appreciating him, supporting him, caring for him just as you would want him to care for you. You can also step out of your usual mode of operation by taking him out on a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant. 

How do I make my man feel special?

When someone is Tobi special to you, there's no faking it. You'll consciously and unconsciously want to express how you feel. A public display of affection is one way to make your man feel on top of the world. You can also be open to sharing your world with him, making him know he's your go-to person. 

How do you get your man to treat you better?

The best way to start is to treat him right. Don't take him for granted. Be appreciative of the small things and show compassion with understanding in all situations. Trust is essential in relationships, especially marriage, so you want to make sure you make him feel you trust him. 

How do you make a man want you?

For starters, you have to make yourself lovable. Work on yourself both physically and in personality. Eliminate any toxic behavior that may be a turn-off. Then, strike a balance between sexy and trashy as the goal is to make the man want you, not use and dump you. 

How do you know if he's taking you for granted?

When a man starts taking you for granted, you'll find that he no longer appreciates your efforts, no matter how small or big. While he may not necessarily cheat on you, he may no longer treat you with respect as a woman and lover, which is equally worse. 

To Summarize

Treating you man like a king is pretty simple. All it entails are kind little gestures we sometimes overlook that eventually make us unconsciously take our partners for granted. If you can adopt the tips of this article, you'll not only make your man feel like a king, you'd end up getting the best of your relationship because he'll no doubt reciprocate your gestures. 

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