How to Tell When an FWB is Catching Feelings (19 Real Ways to Tell)

Are you wondering how to tell when an FWB is catching feelings? What does it mean when a friend with benefits is catching feelings? 

Basically, it means that the friend has decided to be more than just friends with you; in fact, it really indicates that your friend with benefits wants to date you and possibly enter into a relationship with you. 

If you feel the same way, that’s great! That means that both of you can be in a real relationship if you so desire. You may find true love with your friend with benefits. 

However, you first must determine how they feel about you. Typically, friends with benefits mean that you just have sex with your friends; there are no romantic feelings involved. 

In this article, we will look at the signs that an FWB is catching feelings for you. If he is catching feelings for you, wouldn’t you like to know? Let’s explore the topic in more detail. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

What is an FWB, and How Do FWB Usually Behave?

If you are in a relationship with a friend where you are only sleeping together on the side, you are in an FWB relationship. The “with benefits” part of the phrase, “friends with benefits,” means that you are sleeping together with a friend. Sometimes, FWB relationships can lead to lasting relationships where two people love each other.

Typically, people who are close friends decide to add “benefits” to the friendship by having sex with each other. Sometimes, these friends are best friends who have just decided to have sex together in the place of having sex with other people. However, usually, with these types of relationships, there is a mutual agreement that each person can have sex with others.

It’s very common in a friends-with-benefits relationship for the two people to just have sex with each other and not have anything going on outside of the bedroom. If you have something like this, you may just be having sex with someone who you think is kind of cool. In other words, you may not be that close of friends; you just call the friendship an FWB one because it’s easy.

How to Tell When an FWB is Catching Feelings (All the Ways)

1. He spends the night

After having sex, does your FWB never leave the bed? Does he enjoy spending the night, or does he assume he is spending the night in your bed when he’s over to have sex? If he enjoys staying over, you may just have an FWB with real feelings on your hands. This can especially be a good thing if you are also interested in him.

2. He cuddles with you

he cuddles with you

Generally, in an FWB relationship, cuddling is not involved. You may question this as it’s something that is subject to opinion. Does the guy enjoy holding you and stroking your body as he lays in bed with you? At the end of a night together, does he want to hold you close for as long as possible, just getting the chance to be near you?

Does he give you other signs of affection? For example, if you are holding hands on a regular basis, that means that he probably sees you as more than just an FWB. 

3. He wants to see you just to hang out

Does your FWB call you up just to do things with you? Have you found him asking you for more attention? Is he cool with doing anything with you as long as the two of you can be together doing something with one another? If you’ve found your FWB spending a lot of time with you, you may just have a lover who loves you for real!

4. He introduces you to his friends

When a guy wants to spend all of his time with you in any form or way, you know that you have something interesting going on in your love life. You’ve got a man who wants to be anything but just a friend. If he wants you to meet his pals, you may want to go with it, especially if you think that you have real feelings for him.

5. He compliments you

Guys who give girls lots of compliments are indicating how they feel by what they say. Does he compliment you all the time? Does he say you look gorgeous when you feel like you don’t look your best? Does he show interest in you outside of the bedroom? If you have found a guy who loves you for who you are, he may be a keeper!

6. He gets jealous

Does your guy get jealous when you spend time with other men? Does he hate it when you even talk about other men? It’s true that men don’t like to compete with each other when it comes to the girls they like. No one wants to fight for the one they love in an effort to hurt another person, but if the chemistry is there, he may flip on the subject!

7. He lets you meet the parents

Usually, a man doesn’t involve his folks in his dating life unless he is serious about the special someone he is dating. One reason for this is that he doesn’t want to spoil or mess up what he has going on with the girl in his life. If he’s decided you are worth the drama of meeting his folks, you may have an FWB that really likes you. 

8. He asks you out on dates

Does your FWB take you out on real dates? If he needs to spend quality time with you outside of the bedroom, you may have a man who wants to be more than friends. This is one of those signs that you probably will automatically pick up on. He’ll take you somewhere special, showing you off to other guys!

9. He tries to make you smile or laugh

he tries to make you smile or laugh

When a man has feelings for a woman, he loves to see her happy. He’ll do anything to make her smile or laugh. He’ll tell jokes or say something sweet, something to turn your frown upside down. He enjoys seeing you blissful and wants you to continue feeling that way, so he does things to make you happy and joyful. 

10. He stares at you

Does your FWB look at you all of the time? This is a sign of interest. It means that he finds you very attractive and can’t look away because of your beauty. That’s a really good sign that he wants more out of what you currently have going on. He may have trouble not staring at you if he is super attracted to you and wants more!

11. He doesn’t like it when you are with other guys

This is a sign your FWB wants something more. He’s jealous and wants you all to himself! He may even tell you that he wishes that you would only sleep with him and not anyone else. In fact, it’s possible that he won’t even be able to make eye contact with you if he is mad and jealous because he doesn’t have you all to himself.

12. He acts nervously around you

Does he fidget or act anxious around you? Maybe, in the beginning, he was comfortable and didn’t seem to care too much about everything, but something changed. Now, he wants all of your attention because he has feelings for you. Watch his body language to find out more about how he feels for you. Eye contact is a sign to watch out for.

13. He tries to impress you

Does your man do things to make you look in his direction? Is he always there to help you when you need it? Often, a man enjoys helping the girl he’s interested in when it gets all of her attention. He wants to do things to show off in front of you. This is definitely a sign that he wants to be more than friends.

14. He asks you about your day

Does your FWB show genuine interest in your life? Do you get text messages from him during the day “just because?” He’s showing you that he has feelings for you by the ways he is acting around you. He wants to know how you are doing, what you are up to, and how he can best help you with the things in your life.

15. He tells you everything

Does your man share his deepest fears with you? Does he tell you private things, secrets that he needs to share with you because he cares? No one does this unless they really like the person they are with. For this reason, you can bet if he tells you personal, private things, he has the hots for you.

16. He doesn’t date around

If he doesn’t have anyone else in his life, he may JUST have eyes for you. He only wants to share the things in his life with you because he sees a future with you. This is a sign that he doesn’t want your relationship to end, and he hopes that you are going to be his only special someone for a long time.

17. He has open body language around you

According to Better Help, open body language is the key to determining if someone likes you or not. It’s all about how they act when they are around you. Does he make eye contact when you talk about your day or what you want out of life? Have you seen him act anxious or nervous when you are around? He may not be able to help it!

Some of the signs of open body language include leaning in when the other person is talking, smiling a lot when you are around, mirroring all of your actions when you are together, and grooming himself more when he’s around you. He may just want to look his best when he’s around you, but if he exhibits more than one sign, he likes you. 

He may do other things to show his interest, such as uncrossing his arms, staring in your direction when you least expect it, blinking his eyes quite a bit, and giving you more attention than usual because he thinks you are so special. Watch for these types of things when you are with your FWB to see if there is a mutual attraction going on.

18. He pampers you

Does he give you all of the attention that you could ever need? Does he wait on you – hand and foot when you are together? If he treats you like a princess, you know he thinks you are someone special. You mean a lot to him, and he wants to make sure you are treated right.

19. He pretends the two of you are boyfriend and girlfriend

he pretends the two of you are boyfriend and girlfriend

Often, when men are interested in women, and they have a FWB thing going on, they don’t talk about being boyfriend and girlfriend; that’s kind of an off-limit topic of conversation. However, if you have a man who wants you to be his special someone, getting all of his time and attention, he may joke around about your relationship. 

Maybe when you are in public, he introduces you as his girlfriend, or perhaps, he tries to indicate that you should be boyfriend and girlfriend by the things that he says. He may say one thing in private, but in public, he talks about having something real with you, something romantic. These are signs that he really likes you. 

What to Do If Your FWB is Catching Feelings for You

If you have determined that your FWB has feelings for you, you may want to decide how you feel about him. If you think he is the one person with who you have the most fun you may want to consider making him a boyfriend. If you’re sleeping together, you are obviously attracted to him, so you know he is kissable

I always say as long as I can picture myself kissing a guy, there is potential for a romantic relationship. Do you have fun with this guy? Do the signs point to him being a potential soulmate? Is he someone that you could be in a committed relationship with? Do you think he is afraid of commitment or ready for a romantic relationship? Is he dating anyone else?

If you determine that he is available and looking, you may want to indicate that you are not afraid of commitment by dating other people. That’s also a surefire way to make him jealous, something that can very well lead to him having real feelings for you. If you like the guy, you may want to just talk about the way you feel to see if there is any chemistry going on.


Do guys catch feelings in FWB?

Yes, guys can definitely catch feelings in an FWB situation. They may learn to really like you the more you spend time with each other. Plus, when you are around each other that much, it’s hard not to develop feelings for your FWB

What do you do when you catch feelings for an FWB?

The best thing you can do is to talk to your friend about the way you feel. He may be feeling the same way about you; you won’t know unless you ask or at least hint that you feel the same. It’s just better to be open about your feelings.

How do you know if a guy is fighting his feelings for you?

The guy may act differently around you over time if he begins to feel like there could be love in the air. He may start to be nervous when you are together. One sign of nervousness is sweating; if he gets sweaty and acts uncomfortable, something is up. 

Do guys get attached quickly?

Some guys do get attached easily, especially if they spend a lot of time with you. Sometimes, a guy just can’t help falling for the beautiful, smart, and interesting girl that he is sleeping with. He may want a relationship with her or just something more than FWB.

How do I keep my FWB interested?

The real question is, Do you see him as someone who could be your significant other in the future? Do you want a relationship that has more than just sex in it? Often, girls want to start something romantic with the guys they are sleeping with.

To Sum Things Up

FWB relationships can have real romantic commitments in them. You may discover that your FWB makes a great partner that you can share everything with, not just the time in the bedroom. What is your opinion? We’d love to hear from you. Please comment, and share!

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