How To Tell If A Guy Likes You At Work (13 Undeniable Signs)

Are you wondering if a certain work colleague is romantically interested in you?

Whether you’re interested in him or not, this is useful information to know, especially in the modern day.  

You probably wouldn’t want to make a move on a work colleague, unless you knew for sure if he was interested…and men definitely feel the same way.

Men have never been more subtle about their attraction to work colleagues, due to their increased fear of a harassment accusation. It’s sad to see… 

Thankfully, there is a way to read the subtle signs that men tend to give in the workplace nowadays. I’ve listed 13 of them for you in the guide below. 

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In the meantime, let’s take a deeper look at the signs a male work colleague will show if he wants to date you.

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You At Work

The thing about such workplace crushes is how complicated they can turn out to be; most times, how to tell if a guy likes you at work is challenging, probably because of company policies or other personal reasons. Also, there are different reasons for relationships at work; you have to ensure that the guy actually likes you, and isn’t simply being friendly or being a good team player. 

As I mentioned above, not every guy at work would come out straight to admit that he likes you. The only way of knowing for sure is following tell-tale signs that prove the guy at work likes you. If you suspect that someone from work is giving more attention than usual, and want to know how to tell if a guy likes you, then read on; I'm about to break the signs down. 

1. He glances at your workstation a lot

He glances at your workstation a lot

The first sign on how to tell if a guy likes you at work is if he glances at your screen often. There are many ways to tell if a guy likes you, but the work environment is a more complicated playing field. A guy that likes you may not be very forthright about it, so then you have to look out for a sign or more that gives him away. One of the clearest ways to tell if a guy likes you is through his eyes. 

The lips may lie, but the truth is usually found by simply looking at a person's eyes, or in this case, through what he is looking at. Something you need to understand is that people keep their eyes on the things or the people they treasure; they just can't help it. So if that mischievous man keeps passing a glance at you every five minutes, then he's either a spy out to get you, or simply a guy at work that may be thinking about a relationship that transcends the workplace. 

Apart from the fact that he will make eye contact, you can also tell if you have noticed him glancing at you more than often or simply monitor the situation yourself. So, always pay attention to his eyes.

2. He talks to you more than anyone else

Friendships in the workplace are bound to happen and are yet one of the common signs on how to tell if a guy likes you at work. More, so as long as they are people there and not robots, alliances will form, the ‘us versus them theme’ will come up, and so will office crushes. Even though most work environments are seen as serious planes where only work-related issues should be discussed, we all know there’s always room for a little chit chat, and maybe even a dash of office gossip. 

If a guy at work likes you, something you will notice is that he talks to you more than everyone else around, it may be because he is interested in you. It’s a bit different when he talks to everyone in the same way, that just shows he’s very social and chatty. 

What’s more, if you really want to know if it's more than just a friendship, pay attention to how often he starts a conversation with you, and also to what he says during those conversations. There may be some underlying hints in his words. 

3. He checks on you outside of work

Love and care transcend the work environment; that's why it's a good sign when he starts trying to involve himself in the little things that concern you. if he's asking to drive you home, ‘awwing’ at the adorable photos of your niece. Weighing in on some of the domestic issues like high electricity rates or the likes, then he just might be a lot more interested than you think. 

At this stage, do you have to ask, ‘does he like me?’ a co-worker that doesn’t like you wouldn’t want much to do with you outside the office. They won’t offer to help you with personal problems, help you fix your car or even offer to solve a personal issue they know will make you happy. 

These small gestures are how to tell if a guy likes you, offering to walk you home, or asking to hang out ‘casually’ after work? Or those moments when he starts sending funny cat memes or sharing movies you can watch on Netflix. Is that an invitation for a future Netflix and chill? He may be treading carefully now, but that doesn’t mean he's not laying the foundation for a future relationship. Again, this is something you need to look out for.

4. He follows you on social media

He follows you on social media

We are in the age of technology, and one of the easiest ways of keeping tabs on people is through following them on social media. It may seem like nothing, but if he's asking for your Twitter handle, Facebook name, or your page on Instagram, he may just be looking for clues on your lifestyle. 

Also, you can tell what someone likes or where they like to hangout form their social media accounts. So, it's one of the easiest ways to tell if a guy likes you; this means he wants to keep tabs on you and maybe see what kind of person you are outside the work environment.

Some guys like to make sure that you're not dating someone yet, and one of the easiest ways to find out, aside from asking you in person, is by looking through your feed for signs. Except it was a direct order for people at work to follow each other on social media platforms, that guy is asking because he is interested in getting to know you a little. 

More so, do you ever wonder how guys just mysteriously turn up with a teddy bear or give you a beautiful cat collar for secret Santa? Well, they have probably looked through your feed and checked out the things that seem to mean a lot to you. 

5. His body language mirrors yours

Mirroring is something else to look out for. Some relationship experts say that mirroring is a sure sign to find out if a guy likes you. Mirroring is when someone mimics your body language, it could be your posture, gestures, or even your words. Most times, people don't know when they are mirroring you, their body language simply matches yours, especially if they like you. 

The signs he likes you are usually in the little things, mirroring is one of them. He laughs when you laugh, moves back when you do, or even leans forward when you do, and vice versa. It’s a great way of knowing how similar both of you are, and how in tune your bodies are as well, even when there’s no physical touch. 

Experts also say that when two people mirror each other, it is a good sign that they are comfortable around each other, and there’s also some kind of trust and good rapport between them. If he is enjoying your company, it will show through his body language, and yours as well. 

6. He tries to get your attention

Does he look at anyone like you at work? You know what I’m talking about, the frequent obvious stares and gestures targeted at getting your attention? Sometimes, the signs are there, but we choose to ignore them because we aren’t sure if that guy at work likes us. Also, there are certain ways to make sure you are not confusing friendship for something else; not everyone that pays attention to you at work likes you.

The signs have to be significant if he is paying you extra attention, does he do that for almost everyone else? Plus, you may be occupying a position that makes him have to work closely with you and pay attention to every detail. However, there's a way to tell if he's simply being professional or actually being flirty. 

First, he pays attention to the things no one else really notices, how you like your coffee, how you dress, or if you changed your hair. Plus, when you are talking to him, he leaves everything else and gives his full attention. There’s also eye contact, and he puts his phone away and tells others to wait until he's done talking with you. 

7. He’s always trying to help out with office work

Here’s another sure sign if you're still wondering how to tell if a guy likes you at work. However, this is a very tricky sign actually because there are people at work that are actually so helpful to everyone because of how much they love their job. They could also just be extending help out of courtesy, especially if you're the rookie, and they see you are struggling with some stuff. 

There’s a sure way to know if that guy at work likes you and is helping out because of that, or if he’s simply extending a helping hand because he’s nice like that. Watch the way he does it, does he regularly ask if you need help, even when it’s obvious that you got it all figured out? then he’s reaching. 

Does he seem tense around you, or conscious of his stance when talking you through a program? Or look like he’s putting extra effort into impressing you while he’s talking, or maybe even powerfully lifting boxes? When people start preening, straightening their collars, smoothening their shirts when you're around, it’s a sure sign to tell that they are trying to impress you. If he is doing all this and more when helping out, then know he's helping you ‘intentionally.’ Again, this is something you need to look out for.

8. He finds his way to you at office parties and outings

He finds his way to you at office parties and outings

End of year parties, regional parties, or even departmental parties/get-togethers; they are all a great opportunity to loosen up from work, mingle, and bond with team members. You may be looking to impress the boss, while one cute guy at work has his eyes on you the whole time. 

If he's bold enough, or maybe already in your inner circle, he'll try to stick with you throughout. He may be the first to bring you that nice glass of wine, and try to charm you with his jokes while trying to make eye contact. During office parties, the theme might still be official, but it's a great time to notice if he is actually trying to flirt with you. 

No matter how often both of you get called or have duty-calls, he will always try to find his way back to you after he's done. It shows that he enjoys your presence, and might even be trying to score a second meeting with you, only this time, it would be outside of work. If he is not with you, he may be glancing to see who is, and you or someone else may even catch him glaring jealously at whoever has your attention at the time. 

9. He talks about his personal life with you

In the work environment, employees are expected to be as professional as possible; even though they spend time together, they don't actually expect others to know too much about each other. You should know if Janet in engineering is pregnant, or when Jules in marketing is getting married, those are important, celebratory events coworkers should know so they can show their support when necessary. 

When a guy at work likes you, he forsakes that cheesy rule and tries to get to know you better at work and outside of work. However, he can only build trust if he shares some personal stuff going on in his life with you. Some of those things may be personal information that no one else knows. Maybe about a troubled childhood, a divorced wife, estranged children, or something a bit subtler like their pet peeves. 

By sharing personal information with you, it shows that they feel their secrets are safe with you, and somehow trust you to some extent. Telling you about their life could also be an opening to have you confide in them as well if both of you are close, he's probably trying to show that he can be trusted, and is trying to get more comfortable with you. 

10. He gets jealous if you bring up a date

Jealousy, the oldest sign in the game, it's one of the ways we can tell if that guy at work likes you, even though he's constantly picking on you. One of the signs he likes you could show if he noticeably gets jealous when you talk about other crushes or love interests around him. 

All that jabbing and teasing could be him trying to cover up the fact that he likes you. During social events, you may catch him sending death-stares to the date you brought, or maybe he stands up every time you start talking about how your ex wants you back. The mere mention of a guy wanting you to get his fists in a ball, and you may have thought he was flexing his muscles when he was actually trying to control his emotions at work.

If he gets jealous when other guys at work start giving you attention, then that’s also a clear sign he likes you; especially if someone else, like a mutual friend notices it as well, then you’ll know it’s not just in your head. 

11. He remembers even the vaguest things you tell him

He remembers even the vaguest things you tell him

If both of you spend time together during work hours, lunch breaks, and even outside work, that is another sure sign on how to tell if a guy likes you at work. No doubt, you've probably gotten into deep and numerous conversations even you can't remember. Those hours or minutes spent talking about phony ex’s, embarrassing experiences, birthdays, and the likes, won’t be forgotten by someone who likes you.

This is because they take out the time to take note of everything you say, a guy who likes you at work or who is very much interested in you won't take the things you share with them for granted. You may notice him adjusting to the information you have told him. For example, if you mentioned you don't like bullies, he'd try to stand up to the closest personality to a bully at work. 

He's doing those things, so you notice that he listened, he could call you an uber just when work is concluding because you told him your car is at the repair shop or try to spend time with you if you mentioned that your roommate traveled and you're feeling lonely. 

12. He is always complimenting you 

You know that guy at work, who is always complimenting you even on your bad hair days, he just might like you. You could be in the middle of a conversation, maybe talking about work, then he’d mention how beautiful blue looks on you, or that the way your hair is pulled up really brings out your eyes. 

Those nice little complements you find yourself looking forward to every day may be one of the signs the guy who's giving them likes you. Many of us tend to give compliments for several reasons, the main reason being to make each other happy. You could have been having a bad day, but a nice little complement automatically puts a smile on your face. 

Guys know that, and while they may genuinely feel that your every outfit looks great or that your eyes are beautiful or that you're very smart, those compliments may be a good sign that they like you. However, giving compliments isn't easy; it takes someone confident and very verbal to admit another person either looks good or is great at something. 

Plus, sometimes, it may sound cheesy giving compliments frequently. So if he’s still going out of his way to compliment your every look, it might be a clear sign that he likes you, and wants you to know that. 

13. He takes note of your criticisms

He takes note of your criticisms

This is another sure way on how to tell if a guy likes you at work. Not everyone takes criticisms nicely, especially when it comes to their style, work ethic, or even worse, their beliefs. Most people get offended when you talk about their lifestyle, maybe the way they eat or talk, or even the way they perform their duties. They may hear you loud and clear, but choose to be bitter about it or hate you for it. 

That's not for the guy who likes you though, cause, at the time, he's trying to please you. So, any positive or even negative criticism would be taken to heart in a very different way. If you talked about how much carbs they're taking, for instance, you might just see them with protein shakes the next day, or maybe even a vegan smoothie! 

Or maybe you made a joke about how nerdy he looks in his work ensemble; this might even spur evident changes to his wardrobe to prove he is not the drab, boring guy you think he is. 


How do you tell if a guy at work likes you?

Workplace romances can be complicated due to the environment or the circumstances, but if a guy likes you, he’s sure to flirt with you, pay special attention to you and get extra interested in your life outside of work.

How do you tell if a coworker is interested or just being friendly?

There's a difference between a coworker that is merely being helpful and friendly; he may pay you special attention because he considers you a friend. That means he won't be flirting with you, mirroring your body language or trying extra hard to be close to you. 

How do you tell if a guy secretly likes you?

There are different types of guys, some that would boldly admit they like you and the others that prefer to let sleeping dogs lie. With a secret crush, you may be picking up those nervous glances, flirty smiles, and awkward silences. Sometimes, it's better when someone else can see that the guy likes you. 

How do you tell if a man is attracted to you sexually?

A man who finds you very attractive will show it, the long gazes, stares, flirtatious smiles, and of course, physical contact. It may merely be his arms brushing against yours, or him frequently ‘bumping into' at work. 

How do you flirt with someone at work?

It's essential to be aware of company policies before starting up any kind of workplace romance. If it's okay, then the time has come to start ‘firing it up' with all the subtleness you can afford. Dress classy, not provocative, wear bold colors if it's allowed, a wink or two never hurt anybody. Ensure everything you do is appropriate to avoid getting in trouble at work. 

All Things Considered

We hope these signs on how to tell if a guy likes you at work helps figure out if this special guy is worth the effort. No doubt, if it seems that someone likes you at work, I bet you’d want to know for sure who it is, and maybe even encourage him to ask you out or shut it down if need be. Remember, people are different, so the guy that likes you may not tick all the ‘boxes’ listed above. However, if he’s significantly doing more than six of the signs listed above, he probably does like you. 

I hope you enjoyed reading through the lists, please comment below on what exactly got to you or helped you. Plus, we'd like to know if the workplace crush has blossomed into a workplace relationship. If you're feeling extra kind, make sure you share this article with friends and family that may need this too; you never know what other workplace romance could be brewing.

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