How To Tell Him You Like Him (41 Stress-Free Ways)

Do you have a crush on a man? Are you unsure how to tell him? 

If so, we've got the perfect guide for you. We've listed out forty-one ways to tell a guy you have a crush on him without stumbling on your words or making regretful moves.

Men are seemingly easy to woo, but you need to know certain tricks to capture their attention. Understanding how to say you like him in the best way possible will advance your chances of winning him over. Keep reading to find out.

41 Ways To Tell Him You Like Him 

1. Evaluate your feelings

Before telling a guy that you like him, it's crucial to put some thought into your emotions. Evaluate whether it's a big deal or if it's something you might get over within a couple of weeks. This step is crucial to avoid telling someone you like them, feeling different later on, and regretting your choices. 

If your feeling towards this person has been constant for a substantial amount of time, it's a positive sign that it might stay for much longer.

2. Measure how he feels

Apart from deciding to tell a guy you like him, it's critical to measure his feelings towards you. Does he feel the same way? Is he fond of you? Does he enjoy your company? Questions like these will bring light to the possibility of a romantic association forming. 

It will also help you put things into perspective and know the best method to use to apply the steps mentioned below. If you don't carefully evaluate his emotions for you, you might end up making the wrong moves.

3. Determine your approach

After evaluating how your crush feels about you, the next step should be building a strategy. If you're not necessarily close to the male individual you like, it would be best to start from there. Build a friendship with him first before you think about how to tell him you like him. 

If you already have a close relationship with this person, your primary aim should be focused on revealing your emotions in the most subtle yet significant way possible. Choosing the right approach is what guarantees effective results.

4. Start a simple conversation

All great relationships start with simple conversations. If you haven't had one yet with the guy you like, this would be an excellent place to start. Understand that the process of revealing how you feel starts with a mere statement, even if you're already on speaking terms with your crush. 

Ask how his day went or bring up a random conversation about the weather. Make this move even if you're talking to him for the first time. A simple conversation is the easiest way to get a man to notice you.

5. Flirt a little

flirt a little

Flirting is a great way to get a male's interest because it's how they interpret attraction from a lady. They may analyze other factors like kindness as a personal quality, but being direct with a man instantly grabs his attention. Don't use code words, or he might not pick it up quickly. 

Instead, tell him how handsome he looks, and he'll observe how much you're into him. Don’t bother about the flirting boundaries you've placed for yourself. If you want him to notice your emotions, be bold and straightforward.

6. Always smile

Your facial expression can either attract or repel people from you. If you ever have a frown on your face, people would perceive that you're not a welcoming person. On the contrary, smiling is the easiest way to capture others' attention and possibly reveal your interest in someone. 

You can tell a guy you like him by showing him some teeth each time you see him. It will create a fuzzy and warm feeling in him that will undoubtedly pull him closer to you.

7. Add some humor

Having a sense of humor is naturally an attractive quality because people want to be happy always. Men, in particular, are undoubtedly attracted to ladies that aren't afraid to show their wittiness. You don't have to do this all the time, but occasionally. 

Don't be scared to share a funny joke if it will impress your crush. This step will improve your relationship with him and give him more reasons to be around you. More so, your quest to see him smile will communicate your interest in him.

8. Build common ground

A guy can't recognize your interest in him or be attracted to you without reason. If he can't attach an emotion to meeting you, he will barely see himself in a romantic relationship with you. Therefore, it's critical to build common ground with your crush. 

Find something important that connects both of you, and concentrate on those aspects. For example, he will be endeared to you if he sees you flaunting your favorite football club that also happens to be his favorite club.

9. Be courageous

The excitement of meeting and communicating with a crush can sometimes leave a person dumbfounded. Sadly, this state can ruin your chances of building a profitable relationship with the male you like. If your countenance doesn't radiate confidence, it will start to push away the man you want. 

Therefore, it's crucial always to talk confidently if it will make your crush see how much you like him. Don't let situations control you, but seek ways to handle scenarios you find yourself with the male you want.

10. Ask him out

ask him out

Sometimes, guys can be clueless even after you've left a thousand signs that you're interested in them. In that case, it's critical to make the first move. Asking the guy you like on a date is a straightforward way to let him know that you want to spend time with him as a person. 

This move will also reveal your interest in him and give both of you an avenue to get to know one another. It doesn't have to be an official date, but anywhere you know, both of you can casually hang out together.

11. Ask him to go out with friends

An easy alternative to asking your crush to go on a date involves your friends. If you're not incredibly close to the man you like, you can invite him on a group date. This step opens up an avenue to get closer to him and have more topics to discuss later. 

It would be best to find out where he couldn't resist going. Inviting him to a place he's interested in is a particular way to tell him you like him.

12. Separate him from the crowd

If you don't get some alone time with the guy you like, it would be impossible to communicate your emotions and share a bond with him. This notion is why it's essential to separate your crush from the crowd to build a relationship with him while on a date. 

You can find a valid excuse to get him away from his friends, like asking for his help with something or striking an engaging conversation with him. Getting his attention is the first step to getting his heart.

13. Ask him for help

Asking your crush for his service is a great way to ignite a bond between the two of you. Every man subconsciously wants to feel like a hero to others. If you can make him feel useful when he accomplishes a task, he will attach the positive emotions that he feels to you. 

More so, it's an excellent way to expose how you feel for him. If he perceives how much you rely on him for activities, he will realize your interest in him.

14. Be open-minded

Your perception of your crush might be different from what you discover later on. If you want to steal a spot in his heart and let him know you like him, you have to be open-minded about many things. 

For example, if you find out that your crush likes to eat hamburgers, but you would instead go for hotdogs, don't hesitate to try his hamburger if he requests it. Trying new things for the man you like will reveal your feelings for him.

15. Be yourself

be yourself

While trying to impress your crush, it's also critical to stay true to yourself. If the male you like indulges you try his hamburger, you should let him know that hamburgers aren't your favorite, but you should try some because of him. 

Guys are undoubtedly attracted to girls that aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd. While building a relationship with your crush, don't try to be someone else just to please him, or it will soon become too tedious to maintain.

16. Be a good listener

Your engagement with your crush in conversations is what will reveal your attraction towards him. You shouldn't be the only person talking, but you should give him room to share his opinions while you listen. 

Being attentive to little details is what guarantees a solid bond. It also gives you an avenue to get to know the man you like more intimately, which will drastically up your game. Therefore, try not to be distracted and always pay close attention to him.

17. Be inquisitive

While you may get comfortable listening to your crush, it's crucial to ask questions whenever you get the chance. This move lets a guy know that you're interested in him and would like to know more about him. 

Men crave to feel wanted, and you can do that by being inquisitive. Ask him how his day went or if he aced his crucial interview. It will be easier to tell a guy about your feelings if you actively show interest in his life.

18. Get out of your comfort zone

Is your crush asking you out to a football game, but you don't feel it's the right atmosphere to reveal how you feel? Understand that doing things differently will make you loosen up, boost your confidence, and help you uncover your emotions better. 

This move gives you a better chance of opening up and builds a sense of familiarity between you and your crush. It will also help him accommodate the reality of your attraction much better.

19. Send a thoughtful gift

An intuitive gift to someone lets the person know how much you've been thinking of them. Whether it's a cup of coffee or a journal to help record events, the littlest effort you put into a gift will express your feelings. You don't have to impress the man you like with an expensive gist. 

Anything that will improve his life in the smallest way possible will instantly catch his attention. He'll know how you feel and will also endear himself to you.

20. Give him space

give him space

You may want to hang around the guy you like regularly, but giving him space is more prudent. This action will allow him to process the signs of attraction you're giving to him. Therefore, when he observes it a second time, he'll acknowledge you're indeed interested in him. 

Try not to smother your crush with too much attention, or it will drain him out and push him away. Allow the relationship to blossom naturally instead so that nothing will look forced.

21. Be reliable

Your reliability will inform your crush whether you're indeed interested or not. The male you like may ask for your help in subtle ways, and if you're always unavailable, he will feel unsettled about how you feel. Remember that showing affection comes with sacrifice. 

If you want to prove your fondness to the guy you like, you have to offer up your time to help him out if he needs it. It's prudent to give him space, but try not to abandon him at any critical moment.

22. Stay away from the friend zone

While your crush gets fond of you, it's essential to avoid getting stuck in the friend zone. Ensure he doesn't exclusively define the association as a friendship, or you will need to put in much effort to get out of that stage. 

Flirt with him, make jokes about dating, be available, and be distant so that every encounter is fresh and exciting. The more you can prevent him from being too familiar with you, the better he'll assimilate your affection towards him.

23. Show him a different side of yourself

Intrigue and curiosity are factors that naturally attract guys to girls. If you want the guy that you like to remain ecstatic about each moment he spends with you, give him something to be amazed about continually. 

This step is crucial to prevent your crush from being too familiar with you and friend-zoning you. Amaze him with your hidden talents until he's charmed by your presence. He will be able to absorb your affection for him better with the newness of each moment.

24. Use body language

Subtle body movements can show your attraction for someone since it's natural to want to be close to the person you like. Men tend to observe women's body language to measure their feelings towards them. 

You should pay close attention to your body movements when you're around your crush so that you can pass off signs of attraction. Face your body towards his direction, regularly smile, and make sure you're not leaning away from him, or he'll perceive it as disinterest.

25. Make eye contact

make eye contact

It can be hard to sustain eye contact with the man you like, but it's crucial for expressing your feelings to him. Don't always evade eye contact, or he'll perceive it in different ways, which could ruin your chances of convincing him of your affection. 

Instead, lock eyes with him intermittently with a smile on your face. This act will build a welcoming aura around you, and your company will naturally draw him in. More so, he will start perceiving your fondness for him.

26. Give him a flirty touch

Guys undoubtedly respond to touch more than other senses. You can leave clues with your eyes or words, but he'll grasp the signal of your touch faster than anything else. You need to touch him in subtle yet significant places to communicate your attraction. 

For example, you can feel his arms when you're parting ways or gently brushing your hands against his when you're seated close to him. Always find ways to have body contact with your crush flirtingly.

27. Invade his personal space a little

The best way to reveal that you like someone is to get up close and personal with them. Invade your crush's personal space so that he'll see signs that you like him. Sit or stand extremely close to him, but not too long that it gets uncomfortable

You should strive to make the situation seem coincidental and not like a deliberate attempt to cross his boundaries. Your body movements towards the guy you like in this manner will make him consider the possibilities of an attraction.

28. Open up to him

Men are attracted to vulnerability because it means a lady feels safe with them. It also gives them the chance to be heroes to their ladies, so they crave it. If you can tell a guy more about you, you can create a special bond with him and intensify his attraction towards you. 

You don't have to tell him your deepest secrets, but merely make him see a side of you that isn't regularly exposed. Let him know about your hopes and dreams, and perhaps, even your greatest fears.

29. Give him compliments

Men love it when girls give them compliments because it shows both confidence and vulnerability, which they find attractive. If you give your crush compliments, it opens his mind to the possibilities of an attraction. 

He'll realize how you see him, which would contradict any perception of a platonic relationship between the two of you. Tell him you like how his shirt fits him, and perhaps, also add that it makes him look sexy. He'll start to perceive your interest in subtle ways.

30. Ask about his dating life

ask about his dating life

The easiest way to break the ice about your attraction to a guy friend is to talk about his love life. Ask him if he's seeing anyone or hopes to in the nearest future. If you've never brought up this topic, it will make the guy you like curious about a possible attraction. 

You can also open up about your dating life to leave clues that you're interested in him. Talking about past experiences and expectations will create an avenue to expose your emotions.

31. Laugh at his jokes

You can reveal your fondness to your crush by merely laughing at his jokes, even if they're not funny. This act will spark interest in him about your warmth around him. It will also keep him interested in you because men undoubtedly like to stay wherever they feel welcome and appreciated. Approving his sense of humor brings you closer to expressing your feelings to him.

32. Talk to his friends

Talking to your crush's friends can be advantageous for many reasons. You'd have unique access to his life plus some insights that could be useful to winning him over. 

More so, if the male you like starts to notice your effort to get close to his friends, he'll perceive that you're interested in him. This move is an easy way to tell the man you like that you're attracted to him without even speaking.

33. Let friends reveal the secret

Another advantage of getting close to your crush's friends is the fact that they'd tell your crush about your feelings sooner or later. Guys have a tight-knit relationship with themselves, meaning that if they sense someone is attracted to their friend, they'll inevitably spill the beans. 

You don't necessarily need to tell them you're interested in their friend. Instead, show interest by asking questions about him.

34. Don't hide your jealousy

Jealousy undoubtedly hints at an attraction. If you can reveal your jealousy in subtle ways to the male you like, he'll perceive that you're interested in him. 

For example, say something like, “Who's she?” when you see your crush talking to a random girl. Don’t act like you don’t care, because he'll think that you don't. You can also decide to keep your distance if he's getting fond of someone else, and he'll interpret these signals as an attraction.

35. Show interest in his hobbies

show some interest in his hobbies

Showing interest in the things your crush likes will reveal your fondness for him. If you step out of your comfort zone to express your enthusiasm for your crush's hobbies, he'll know you like him. Therefore, capture his attention and have him thinking about your affection for him by being inquisitive

It's pertinent to draw the line between being interested and trying too hard to please your heartthrob because he'll spot the difference.

36. Buy him a drink

If you're seated at a bar where it's impossible even to make eye contact with your crush, you can buy him a drink to get his attention. This first move will undoubtedly inform him that you're interested in him. 

After that, you can apply some of the steps listed above to express your attraction towards him. Please don't be reluctant to flirt or even request his number to catch up some other time.

37. Text him to show interest

Show your heartthrob signs that you're interested in him both offline and online. You can occasionally text the person you like to have them thinking about you. This step is an easy way to tell a guy that you're attracted to him. 

Respond to his uploads on social media, leave comments under his photos, and text him when you know he'll be less busy. These signs will prove your affection for him.

38. Allow him to teach you something

Men secretly want affirmation from ladies. If they can help you achieve something, they'll automatically feel a zest of accomplishment. If you let your crush teach you something, you're creating a sense of closeness and providing an avenue to express your attraction in smaller proximity. 

Say something like, “I need your help with…” and input your request. You'll be shocked at his excitement to help.

39. Stay positive

If you stay fixed on whether your crush may like you back or not, you'll get discouraged along the way. The outcome of expressing your affection to a male individual will either be good or bad. However, staying pessimistic reduces your chances of having a positive result. 

You'll unknowingly become dismissive, will distance yourself, and might even act hostile towards your heartthrob, which will only send mixed signals to him. Therefore, it's essential to stay optimistic if you want to increase the chances of a happy ending.

40. Think about the likelihood of rejection

think about likelihood of rejection

While it's essential to stay positive, it's pertinent to think about rejection as well. Men are seemingly easy to woo, but sometimes, they may not be interested for some reason. This scenario doesn't suggest that you're not good enough or you lost out on something big.

 It only gives you a more significant opportunity to meet the person genuinely meant for you. Always perceive when it's time to move on, especially when someone has turned you down consecutively.

41. Outright tell him

Some men are slow to pick up on signals that women throw. Therefore, it's vital to express to a male individual outright how you feel when you've run out of options. Choose a simple way to express your emotions to avoid your crush from being caught off guard. 

Set the mood towards revealing the secret, and make sure you inform him that you don't expect his feedback immediately. Ensure you give him time and space to process the information, and then check up on him through text, or ask him on a coffee date to see his response.


How do I let a guy know I like him?

Men respond well to direct approaches from ladies. Therefore, if you want to express your affection for a male individual, you have to be deliberate with each move you make. Smile at him, flirt, and even subtly make body contact to give hints to your attraction. More so, show interest in his hobbies and regularly check up on him to reveal your fondness.

Is it a good idea to tell him I like him?

It's essential to evaluate your relationship with a male individual before confessing your affection for him. If both of you are strangers, it would be best to build a relationship first before opening up about your emotions. If both of you are tight-knit friends, it's crucial to gradually escape from the friend zone before making moves to reveal your attraction.

How do I tell a guy I like him over text?

You have to use a direct approach to tell a male individual you're attracted to him, especially over text. Give him compliments, flirt with him, and regularly check on him. These actions would build up the scene to finally reveal how you feel. You can also ask him out on a date and express your affection physically.

What are the signs when a man is interested in you?

When a male individual likes you, his body language will reveal it. He'll gaze at you for longer, smile when he's with you, and try to make subtle body contact with you. He'll also involve you in his life by introducing you to his friends and family and try to get to know you more by asking personal questions.

Do I tell him I miss him?

There are many factors to consider before telling a guy that you miss him. If he's not aware of your affection for him, it's prudent to give subtle signs before revealing how you genuinely feel. This step will provide him with room to process a possible attraction before you tell him you miss him. It will also reduce the chances of being rejected.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article on how to tell someone you like them? Remember not to feel too distraught if you get rejected. Bear in mind that you've already built your confidence and learned lessons you can apply next time. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article and share it with others.

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