How To Tell He Loves You By His Kiss (35 Ways To Read His Moves)

Men can be so confusing when it comes to expressing their feelings. Knowing where you stand with them can be difficult between their code and aversion to words in this regard. Thankfully, there are some natural reactions they can't code their way through, one of them being kissing.

If you feel loved the most by your man when he kisses you, but that only confuses you the more, this article should help put things in perspective. The same goes for you if you have trouble understanding why some guys kiss the way they do. 

As we go on, you'll realize that when it comes to love, and emotions in general for guys, kisses speak louder than words, which is ironic since they both involve the lips.

From the different types of kisses to what he does during the act, the following are some ways to tell how he feels about you by his kiss.

35 Ways To Tell How He Feels By His Kiss

1. Kiss On The Cheek

kiss on the cheek

I wouldn't think too much of kisses on the cheek, especially if that's all he ever does with you. It's the kind people use to greet a friend, family member, or in semi-formal settings. If at all this implies that he loves you, it's probably the platonic kind. However, some couples also use this to say hello or goodbye, especially when in a hurry.

2. He Kisses You On The Lips With A Closed Mouth

This is another form of greeting and little more than a customary act of courtesy. A traditional guy with a gentleman mindset may kiss you like this when you part ways after a first date. This kiss means ‘take care’ or ‘nice to meet you’ for some people, so it may not be enough to show that a man loves you.

However, like a peck, this kind of kiss doesn't linger. If you've only known each other for a while, it may suggest something is budding.

3. Forehead Kiss

Forehead kisses imply chaste love. A guy who goes in for one is very likely starting to get hooked. Someone who kisses you this way cares about you. He may still want to get in your pants, but you at least know he's interested in something deeper too. A man who does this values emotional connection and wants you to feel secure with them.

4. Slow Kiss

If true love could be expressed with a singular action, it would be a slow kiss. The kind of kiss you dream of having with your celebrity crush. The ever-so-tender gesture that communicates he's in no hurry to let you go. 

This kind of kiss makes you feel whole when your lips touch. It's the type that randomly makes you smile at three in the morning when you remember the moment you kissed each other.

5. French Kiss

Arguably the most popular and passionate of them all, a man who French kisses you is certainly interested in you. Also called soul kiss, deep kiss, and tongue kiss, this kissing style is meant to get you hot and bothered. Any man who is into you will want this with you, but one who loves you won't always rush down to it.

6. French Roll Kiss

french roll kiss

The roll is a French kiss with a little spin. This kiss comes naturally in the heat of passion as you lean into the man. It means the same thing as the original French kiss in terms of feelings. The only difference is that you roll your tongue on cue with your partner's, as they touch.

7. The Porno Kiss

While we're on the lustful types of kisses, the porno kiss leaves little room for doubt as to how a man feels about you. He's ready for some real action, plain and simple. Regardless of how you two started, he would skip right over the tender part and get to shoving. This can be hot if you're into him, but don't play yourself into thinking he wants anything more than sex.

8. Eye Kiss

Men in love often tend to have individual parts of you that attract them the most. They never tire of complimenting that part, and sometimes they take it up a notch by planting a kiss on it. If it's your eyes for him, kissing you on or around them means he absolutely adores them, and you.

9. Kiss On The Nose

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter, and being kissed right on the nose suggests a guy is attracted to you and thinks you're cute. It's one of those non-sexual gestures they make when all they feel when they look at you are the butterflies fluttering their belly.

10. Eskimo Kiss

This is similar to being kissed on the nose, except for one little difference; instead of pecking you with a closed mouth, you go nose to nose. It's the type of thing you find corny when you see two lovebirds doing. But it can actually feel pretty intimate if done with someone you love.

11. Ear Lobe Kisses

The ears are one of our extragenital erogenous zones. If a guy kisses you there, chances are he's trying to turn you on, or at least tease you in a sexual way. You can't tell how he feels about you going by this alone, consider other signs if he doesn't say it. 

12. The “Shut Up And Kiss Me” Kiss

A smart man knows better than to tell his woman to shut up during an argument. Note the ‘his woman' part? That's because that's the only scenario where it's acceptable for a guy to shut a lady up with a kiss. 

He may do this to avoid long talk he isn't in the mood for because he's a hopeless romantic or a manipulative bastard. He’ll stir things up with a kiss just to end the conversation and start something he’s more interested in doing. 

13. Neck Kiss

neck kiss

Kissing you on the neck may not imply that he is head over heels in love with you, but at least it tells you he knows his way around a woman's body. Yes, anyone can take foreplay up a notch by targeting the nape of your neck and other sensitive spots around it. But then again, that suggests he has some type of love for you, no?

14. Clavicle Kiss

One of my favorite parts of a woman's body is the collarbone. It's just there, looking non-threatening and cute as hell, but even a slight breath over it from someone who loves you can be sexy. When a man kisses a woman over here, he's no different from a neck guy, except this one may actually be in love.

15. Shoulder Kiss

If he alternates between clavicle, neck, and shoulder when he kisses you, marry him. A man who kisses you like that isn't hungry to get laid. He does it because he intentionally wants you to know he worships your body. If he now shoots you a smoldering gaze when your eyes meet, know there's an emotional undertone to his desire.

16. Back Kisses

Being kissed on the back can convey so many unspoken promises. Like the shoulder kiss, you’ll know this man isn't in a hurry to hit a home run. And if it does get there, you can connect on a level that surpasses physical intimacy.

17. Boobs Kiss

boobs kiss

Yeah, um, he doesn't have to love you before he goes for your boobs, sorry. If he lingers during the slow kiss, let it build up into a French kiss, then ultimately comes down to your breasts, maybe. But if he just goes straight to sucking most of the time, he either doesn't know better or is only interested in smashing.

18. Tummy Kiss

I think a man who loves to kiss your belly wants you to feel comfortable with him. While being kissed on the tummy just cracks me up (because it tickles), the possible underlying message gives it a unique twist. 

Perhaps he sees himself putting a child in it someday? Or he's saying he loves all of you, including the part you may feel insecure about? Or maybe I'm reading into nothing.

19. The Marker Kiss

The wolves who can't do without leaving a mark, that is, leaving a hickey on you, express possession, not necessarily love. If a man does this with you all the time, especially one you're not officially seeing, it may be a subconscious territory-marking act.

20. Foot Kiss

Remember what I said about how guys like kissing the part of you they like the most? Yes, it applies to all of them. A man doesn't necessarily need to have a foot fetish to appreciate a beautiful pair. If he does it often, it's probably because he likes the reaction it elicits from you. 

21. Behind The Knee Kiss

However, if after rubbing and kissing your toes and feet, he traces his way up to your shin and lands at the back of your knee, that man is doing it on purpose. I would put him in the same group as shoulder, neck, back, and collarbone guy because yes, it must be love.

22. Kisses All Over Your Body

kisses all over your body

There's something more profound to this type of kiss, especially if he maintains eye contact with you throughout and goes slow. A man usually kisses every inch of your form when he sees it as a piece of fine art. And as the visual creature they are, falling in love with you isn't far off if he adores your body that much.

23. Spiderman Kiss

Also known as the upside-down kiss, this is another one of the intentional kissing styles that you can interpret as him being into you. In case you're not familiar with it, it's when one of you is lying down or leaning on a couch, and the other comes to sneak a quick one from an upturned position. If nothing else, it's a sweet way of expressing intimacy.

24. The ‘I'm New To This Kiss’

Also called the virgin kiss, although it doesn't necessarily mean the person hasn't kissed someone before, just that they do it like a newbie. If he loves you, you may feel him approach your lips like a delicate object in a bid to do it right. Things like this would make any woman shudder because she wants more.

25. The Vacuum Kiss

I don't see how sucking the air out of my mouth or me having to take his breath in like a vacuum can be romantic or anything close. But that's just me. If a guy comfortably does this with you and it doesn't weird you out, what you feel for each other can't be short of love.

26. Suction Kiss

A suction kiss is a variant of the vacuum that doesn't necessarily require you to suck in someone's breath, in that it can take place on any body part. Also known as the octopus kiss, this one is more of an erotic move than romantic and would likely leave you with a hickey.

27. Top Of The Head Kiss

This is a simple, tender move that conveys so much love. A guy who kisses you on top of your head wants you to see him as more than just a partner. He wants you to trust and feel safe with him. I dare say someone who does this with you is likely past the all-consuming in-love stage. What he feels is the lasting kind of love.

28. Single-Lip Kiss

As the name implies, this kissing style takes it one lip at a time as you alternate between each other's upper to lower lip and vice-versa. If it stops there, it may be a sign of chaste love. But since it usually precedes other kinds of kisses, it's hard to see it as more than a seductive tease.

29. Silly Kisses

silly kisses

Silly kisses are some of the cutest things you can do with a man as your relationship gets more grounded. It doesn’t always have to be a French kiss. Lighthearted moves like writing his name on his cheek with your lips or teasing his ticklish areas show you're already comfortable with one another.

30. Belly Button Kiss

In contrast to the erogenous zones, belly button kisses show no hidden sexual agenda, except you're among the few people who get turned on there. It's a good site if you're trying to get silly. You know what they say about couples who play together…

31. Full-Blown Make Out

We've all been a hormonal teenager once, so you probably know a man doesn't need to be in love before he can make out with you. While desire can stem from deep feelings too, making out in itself is primarily an erotic act.

32. He Closes His Eyes During The Kiss

The way he kisses is a huge tell when it comes to a man's emotions. If a guy kisses you with his eyes closed, he's probably trying to savor every second of that moment. That, or he's picturing some other woman. Lol. Seriously though, opening his eyes during kissing isn't exactly a sacrilege, but leaving them closed is a more common sign he's loved up.

33. He Stares Deeply Into Your Eyes Before Going In For The Kiss

Aside from the way he kisses and on what area, his body language is a goldmine of cues. And what better part to look out for than the window to the soul? If you want to gauge where his heart is, watch how he stares at you just before he leans in. Your female instinct can usually discern a loving look from a mere horny one. 

34. He Looks At You Lovingly After The Kiss

The end matters just as much as the beginning in this game of lips. Do you know that sated look guys get after a passionate round of lovemaking? You should see a somewhat similar expression if a man kisses you in love. This can come after any type of kiss as long as you feel loved afterward.

35. Hand Kiss

hand kiss

This is the actual gentleman's kiss. While some men adopt it as a romantic gesture these days, it was originally a polite way of greeting a woman. Being kissed on the hand by a traditional guy shows respect, and if there are some emotions there, the way he looks at you afterward will convey that. Fair warning: don't check the urban dictionary's meaning of this.


How do you know if he loves you when making love?

A man who loves you is more focused on your pleasure than his during sex. You will find him making eye contact with you regularly to see if you're truly enjoying it. He would kiss you like he means it, and the connection you feel with him would transcend the pleasure.

What does a passionate kiss mean?

A passionate kiss communicates how much you want the other person without either of you having to utter a word. It is a soulful exchange of desire that ignites a need for more. It makes you want to take things up a notch with them, right then and there.

What do guys like when you kiss them?

There's no single manual that speaks for what all guys like in any scenario. Usually, when a man kisses you, he lets his hands stray to parts of your body that turn you on, and that would, in turn, get him going. Some men want that reciprocated, while others just want you to be present in the moment. It's best to ask your partner what he prefers.

How do you know if a guy is turned on while kissing?

You can tell a man is turned on while kissing you if his breathing quickens, and he frequently moves to adjust his pants. That is if his boner isn't visible. His gaze will also darken, and the sexual tension in the air would be thicker than when you started.

How do you know if a man loves you?

A man who loves you respects you and makes you a priority. He may not say it directly yet (although that helps), but his actions would show that he cares. He shows you a tender part of himself and tries to involve you in the most important aspects of his life.

To Conclude

I hope you enjoyed reading this list on how to tell he loves you by his kiss. As usual, I tried to keep it light and entertaining because why not? If you liked the article, please share it with your friends and leave a comment before you go.

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