How To Stop Thinking About Someone (17 Things To Do Instead)

Are you having trouble getting someone off your mind? Do you have thoughts that you cannot seem to control? What can you do when you can’t seem to stop thinking about someone? Well, if you are wondering how to stop thinking about someone, you’ve come to the right place because that is the topic we will be covering today!

I know how hard it is to get someone out of your mind when your thoughts are ruminating in your head! Many people go through phases like this where they can’t stop thinking about someone. With today’s tips, I know you can overcome this! Just start by adopting a couple of these tips; then, move on to some of the more advanced tips, and you’ll succeed!

How To Stop Thinking About Someone (17 Ways)

1. Distract yourself with a good story

Purchase yourself a really exciting fiction book that has a story in it that will take your attention away from the person you are thinking too much about. Check out what’s popular on Kindle, or hit a local bookstore; you could even go to your local library and get access to tons of free books!

Another suggestion is to start spending time watching movies you have never seen before. When you find yourself engrossed in the storyline from books and movies, you will have a tendency to daydream about those stories rather than the thoughts of someone else. Your mind will drift into a storybook fantasy land instead of reality!

This can help you stop thinking about the person of your obsession, so use this distraction to get your mind to start thinking about the fairy tales that can only be found in books and movies (or television shows, of course)! See what’s on Netflix or Hulu, and you’ll be binge-watching something before you know it!

2. Remove this person from your life

The best tips I have ever received when I’ve had obsessive thoughts are the ones that made me delete this person from my life. Remove all of his belongings from your eyesight if this applies to you. Give him back his stuff or put it all in a room or closet you don’t visit often. Delete all of his contact information from your phone and computer!

If you need to, block him completely on social media and your phone. You don’t want to stumble across his contact information when you are looking for another person because your thoughts will just drift back to him. Instead, pretend like he never existed. The phrase, “Out of sight, out of mind,” really applies here and works like a charm!

Doing these things is the best way to get over your ex if that is what applies to your situation. You want this person to be out of your life, right? Make sure you do what you have to in order to find closure from the end of your relationship. This will make things much easier for you. Just remember that you aren’t alone; we all go through this!

3. Adopt a rescue animal

adopt a rescue animal

There’s nothing more special than having a new furry friend in your life. You can build a relationship with a pet that can seem to last a lifetime! A bond like that can be a great distraction! You will find yourself involved in new activities, like going to the dog park, and you never know – you might meet a new person this way!

4. Take a trip!

What a great way to focus your attention elsewhere! Visit some places that you have always wanted to go to, and see things you never thought existed! You may find yourself with a new hobby – traveling! All of the packing, planning, and sightseeing will make you pay attention to fascinating things that will make you stop thinking about this person!

5. Exercise

Join a sports team, or hit your local gym. When your body is preoccupied, it makes your mind focus on what you are doing rather than on the person you are obsessed with. 

Think of how healthy you will be with this new hobby, too! Your mind will feel better, and your body will thank you as you pay attention to a whole new world of adventure!

6. Take on a new hobby

You can really learn how to stop thinking about someone by taking on a new hobby that distracts both your mind and body. For example, crafts like sewing, knitting, cross-stitch, or crocheting will make you think about what you are doing with your hands. These are great ways to stop thinking about your obsession and move on to a cool, useful hobby!

Until you become advanced at hobbies like this, you will have to think about your hands and what they are doing. This will be especially true when you are first learning how to do these things. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on these things, either. If you live near a thrift shop, you could pick up some knitting needles and yarn pretty cheap.

You can also learn how to knit by watching YouTube videos. Check out a resource like Ravelry to find thousands of free knitting or crocheting patterns for beginners. You can even meet new people this way! Many other ladies (and gentlemen) are part of Ravelry's community and are anxious to help newbies learn the ropes!

8. Spend time with your support system

spend time with your support system

Your friends and family members are there to help you when you have problems like thinking too much about someone. They can help you come up with ideas of ways to stop this obsessive thinking. You can also strengthen your relationships with these people by spending more time with them. 

Listen to their stories and experiences to learn how they were able to overcome problems like this. If you were in a relationship with someone who is occupying your thoughts, they might have met him or her and have the perfect advice to give you about what your relationship was really like and why it’s good you aren’t in that relationship!

You don’t have to take their advice if you think it is wrong, but it’s always good to hear the opinions of others. You never know what wisdom will help you stop thinking about someone. Plus, you’ll learn to be a better listener and may find yourself completely distracted by what they have to say. Ask about their lives, too! Don’t just rant!

9. Block the thought of this person from your head

I once heard this called “stop blocking” from a therapist. It basically means that when you start thinking about someone obsessively, you should immediately tell your brain that you want to STOP thinking those thoughts and think about anything else! You might want to have a list of topics to distract your mind when this happens!

10. Join a support group

There are many support groups out there for just about anything under the sun. You can find some that help people who are depressed, anxious, codependent, have addictions, and many more issues. Check out Celebrate Recovery for a Christ-centered option. They have all sorts of groups available for you to join. Find one near you!

Check out what meetings are near your location to learn more about where you could go for help. The best thing about these groups is that they are free! Plus, think about all the new friends you will make and the great stories you will hear about the struggles other people have gone through. You will stop thinking about someone very easily this way!

11. Watch or listen to self-help videos or podcasts

Did you know there are hundreds, if not thousands, of videos and podcasts out there? Think about your situation and why you can’t stop thinking about someone you want out of your mind. What has made you have thoughts that are now uncontrollable? What problem do you think you need to address to stop thinking about someone?

Find a podcast or video that speaks directly about what you are going through; there are just so many out there!

12. Practice yoga or meditation

practice yoga or meditation

When you focus both your mind and body on anything other than the person you are trying to forget, you will find things to be much easier! If you are distracted by what you’re doing physically, you’ll stop thinking about someone quickly and easily! If you don’t know where to start, hit YouTube, and search for beginning yoga. 

Even a 5-minute stretching yoga video will help you physically and mentally. Plus, the emotional benefits of doing this are endless! This video happens to be my favorite, as I’m still a beginner!

13. Take on a new challenge

Check out the directory at a local college near you, and consider taking a night class. You could learn a new skill, which may benefit your career, or take on a new hobby that will preoccupy you. For example, many community colleges have basic woodworking classes or beginner knitting classes. Look into it, and enroll today for next semester.

Most colleges even offer online or correspondence courses. I once took a college course entirely via postal mail! Another option is the millions of courses offered online, many of which are free. You don’t have to go into debt going to college, either; many schools have scholarships or other financial assistance for those who can’t afford it otherwise.

Figure out what you will be motivated to do! You want to enroll in a course that you will actually attend and do the homework. It won’t do you any good to pay for a class and then never attend it. Branch out and learn a new subject, and you’ll broaden your horizons in ways that you would never have believed were possible.

14. Start a side hustle

A side hustle is another word for a side job. You probably have a full-time career or are enrolled in school full-time. Take on something new that you can do on the side. For example, start a blog. The time you spend planning, writing, marketing, editing, publishing, and learning all the other aspects of having a blog will keep you busy!

Write about what you are passionate about. What (other than your special someone) occupies your mind the most? What do you dream about? What topic can you talk about for hours without losing focus? What would another person say your passion in life was? Focus on that thing. If you are obsessed with boys, write about love!

15. Date someone new

It won’t hurt you to go out with someone new, provided you are emotionally healthy enough right now to do so. You could always go out with someone just as friends. Get to know them and what makes them tick. As you date someone new, you will find it easy to forget about the old person! Your mind will be filled with thoughts of someone else!

16. Give it time

Forgetting an ex or another person isn’t easy, and it just takes some time for the memories to fade. While it’s not easy, being patient can serve you well. Just try to realize that many people go through things like this and have to deal with them. You aren’t alone! Reach out to the people who care about you to find comfort during this time.

17. Find a new passion!

find a new passion

Passions can be the greatest distractions in the world. Find out why Marie Kondo is so popular; embrace the challenge of cleaning and organizing your home. Another option is to create goals or even New Year’s resolutions! Make them challenging and focus on them as you try to forget the person that’s occupying your mind.

Make your goals SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound). That way, you can track your progress to see how well you are doing. Consider starting a goal planner, like Goal Crazy or the Phoenix Journal. There are hundreds out there that you can explore. 

Most take hours to set up, which will definitely keep you busy. Don’t overwhelm yourself, though. If it’s easier, just grab a notebook and start writing down the goals you want to achieve this year. Just make sure they are realistic but challenging enough that you will stay occupied trying to achieve them in record time! Enjoy this challenge!

Meet new people.

Hit some social events or get more active on social media to find new friends or family members you don’t know very well. You can connect with people in all sorts of ways. If you get out more or get online with your friends and family, you will make new friends and meet new people who can help you think about other things. 

This serves as a great distraction, too. As you ask questions and get to know others, you will hear new stories or tales about their lives. Let these things flood your mind, and you’ll stop thinking about the person that you want to forget before you know it. Check out Linked-In for business connections, Pinterest for visual distractions, or Facebook.


What does it mean when you can't stop thinking about someone?

If you can’t stop thinking about someone, it means they have had a deep impact on your life. Your obsessive thoughts probably aren’t making it easy for you to forget this person. It may be a good idea to start thinking about someone else, or find something new to do!

How do I stop myself from thinking about him?

Distract yourself; participate in new activities. For example, you could start jogging every day, meet new people, read a good book, or learn a new skill. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are occupying both your mind and body – you want the obsessive thoughts to go away!

Why can't you get someone off your mind?

Some people just impact our lives in ways that we could have never thought. If you have the feeling that you will not get over your obsession with your ex, for example, you may want to talk to a trained therapist, someone who can give you solid tips and suggestions.

How do you know if a guy is thinking about you?

Usually, when a guy is in love, he won’t be able to keep himself from calling or asking you out; he’ll want to be spending time with the one he is in love with. One sign a guy can’t stop thinking about you is when he asks you many questions.

How do I stop fantasizing about him?

You can practice stopping your thoughts when they occur! When you have thought about this person you are in love with, for example, you can get rid of that feeling by making yourself think about something else – anything else! Just purge those thoughts, and you’ll be fine!

In Conclusion

How do you stop thinking about someone? What tips and thoughts get you through obsessive thoughts like this? If you want to get a person out of your mind and feel good, you should find distractions! Please leave a comment, and share this post with another person who could benefit!

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