How To Ride A Guy (17 Sexy Ways)

You don't need me to tell you how crazy guys are about sex. Trust me the better you are, the more your man will connect with you, and the better you'll satisfy his desires and fantasies. That said, the type of sexual position you engage in also matters. 

Guys love to explore in the bedroom. From the back-entry to the usual missionary style that gives them all the control, men enjoy sex more when you are open to engaging in different sexual positions with them. 

If you are new to the game and looking to learn a few tricks or perhaps trying to infuse a new spark into your boring sexual life, you might want to know that men are crazy about the woman on top style, otherwise known as a cowgirl. 

They fantasize about this great sex position, they desire it. Yes, guys want you to ride them silly. Apart from the fact that this position makes them do less work, it also allows them to use their hands to explore their partner's body more. 

Believe me, it's a win-win situation as being in control as you ride your man makes you dictate the pace and how deep inside you want him. If you are game, this article contains a few tricks on how to ride a man like a pro. In the end, these tips will undoubtedly help breathe fresh fire into your bedroom.

17 Sexy Ways To Ride A Guy

1. Don't skip foreplay

Also referred to as outercourse, foreplay is all the sexually-related activity that happens before the main thing. Think of it as a necessary warm-up or starting point before getting into the main event. It involves kissing, talking dirty, caressing, and so on. 

Many couples skip this part of sex, especially when they are heading for a quickie, and many don't spend enough time in the foreplay bubble at all. 

The reason you need adequate foreplay here is that the riding your man requires that he's rock solid. Trust me, you'll struggle with sitting properly on that shaft if it's not very hard. It's not missionary style, so for you and him to get the best out of this great position, it has to be 100% rock-solid. 

In case you didn't know, research shows that foreplay activity like kissing helps release hormones like dopamine and serotonin. 

Both are feel-good hormones that release stress and get you into the mood. You know stress is a libido killer, so foreplay can help you get it out of the way. So, once you can get him hard enough with foreplay you're halfway through riding your man like a queen.

2. You don’t have to be fully naked

Understand that men love this sex position for many reasons. One of them is that they get to see you in your full glory while the sex is going on, i.e., your face, your breasts, and so on. A great way to get him more excited is to wear a sexy bra that pushes your cleavage to its peak. 

You also want to make sure it's a see-through material that'll let him have a peek at your nipples. Well, we are not all flat at the tummy section, so if you are conscious about how your midsection looks, it's okay if you want to wear a sexy corset.

3. Let your eyes do some talking

One of the advantages of this position is being able to see each other's eyes and facial expressions, so don't be afraid of making eye contact. When you do, make sure it's a sexy look filled with desire. 

It's incredibly hot when you use your eyes to communicate as you explore each other's bodies. It doesn't matter whether it's a one-night stand or you are with someone you are genuinely in love with. The sexual act is an intimate one and the eyes are one of the ways to express deep desire.

4. Make sure you are comfortable

I cannot overemphasize this point because getting into a comfortable position isn't just about maximally enjoying the on-top position. You also need to properly sit on his shaft for his good. One wrong move, like throwing all your body weight on him, and you could end up straining the muscles of his already rock-hard penis. 

Perhaps, you've seen a couple of pornographic scenes where the actresses hurriedly get on the penis like they are sex-starved. Make no mistake a lot of editing goes into what you do in those videos. Therefore, make sure you position your legs well as you attempt to sit on his penis so that you don’t experience blood flow impairment.

It’s not rocket science, so just take a position that works well for you. If you find out you are uncomfortable in the middle of the up/down trust, you can always subtly adjust your legs, hips, etc., without any awkwardness.

5. Guide it in yourself

After all the foreplay and the seductive eye contact, it's time to let it in. Remember you are in charge, so let it slide in gently so you can enjoy the “cap” brushing the entrance of your vagina. It's one of my favorite moments, so I don't want you to miss it.

As you slide it in, look into his eyes again before you start riding. Make sure it's a passion-filled look that'll let him know his penis feels good in you.

6. Don’t rush it

dont rush it

I understand how sensational it feels when you start feeling the length of his rod in you but don’t get carried away by racing quickly to orgasm. It’s a two-man show, so have it at the back of your mind that you both deserve to have a great time. 

That said, go slow initially. One thing about men is that if you let all that overwhelming feeling come on him at once by riding him non-stop, he’ll “burst” it all before you know it. You don’t need me to tell you that’s not going to get you anywhere orgasm unless you improvise.

7. Don’t swallow him all at once

Taking things slow also means you don't want your vagina to swallow the entire length of his penis all at once. For starters, if your man has a very long package down there, this tip will help you gradually enjoy the ride without poking too deep. Also, this will help keep him in the game long enough without ejaculating too quickly. 

To let your vagina swallow only a part of his penis, don't sit on the erect penis while it's perpendicular. Instead, let the rod tilt at an angle pointing in his direction. This way your movement is now more of a back and forth since you'll be riding his penis at a natural angle.

8. Let your hands be part of the action

If you are very new to the woman in the top position, multitasking may be a bit challenging. However, if you want to ride a man in a way that'll make him want more, bring your hands into the action as you slide up and down. You have a broad chest right in front of you, so let your hands work some magic on them. 

Let him know how much you love his looks by running your hands through his hair, around his face and lips. If you truly want to get things steamy, lean back a little so that you can reach and caress his balls. Girl, if you'll have him begging for more.

9. Don’t let your hair get in the way

I earlier mentioned that eye contact is key in getting him more excited. Also letting him see your breasts bounce as you ride him is another game-changer. However, your hair can cause some obstruction if you allow it to get in the way. Not only can it block his view, but it may also distract you now and then if you have to throw it back or adjust it when it gets in the way. 

If you have significantly long hair, it might be best to tie it up if you want to pull off this sex style without any hindrance. Still, some men don't mind as they love to pull their partner's hair she's riding. It's okay, let him do that.

10. Let your breast bounce

Whether you are in your bra or not, you don't want to deny your guy, especially when he's a boob-lover. Men that love the woman on top position always fantasize about bouncing boobs while their partner rides them. So, go ahead and let them giggle a bit. Trust me, the sight of those bouncing ‘twins” will undoubtedly send him to the next cloud.

11. It's okay to increase the pace

You are in control. Sometimes fast is good, so you can also increase the riding speed if you feel the need to achieve deeper penetration.

12. Don’t be monotonous, be exciting

dont be monotonous be exciting

The reason why there are different sex styles is to eliminate monotony and create more excitement. Similarly, if all you are doing is sliding up and down his penis, it can get monotonous or boring all too quickly. You can bring in dirty talks as you ride him. E.g., tell him he's the best, and that this is the best sex you've ever had.

I’ll let you in on another secret, men derive pleasure both from the physical contact with a woman and the positive response (moan) they hear during sex. Therefore, don’t make an effort in concealing your moaning, let him hear how his penis is making you feel.

13. Bring some rotation movement into the game

At this point, if sliding up and down his shaft is all you are doing, then you are doing great. That works fine for just about any guy. Still, if you want to eliminate monotony, you can rotate your waist and hips. Think of this move as feeling his penis in every corner of your vagina. You can rotate slowly and you can turn up the tempo if you want him to climax quickly.

14. Reverse cowgirl

If your man is more of an ass-guy, then the reverse cowgirl is just what you need. From the name, the sex position simply means sitting on his shaft in the reverse position. This means, you are now facing his legs and he can only see your back and ass. 

One of the advantages of reverse cowgirl is that you have easy access to his balls. To enjoy reverse cowgirl, you can either lean forward or back with one leg on each side while you ride him to the sexual peak.

15. You are in charge but not alone

Yes, you may be in charge of the pace and other moves while you ride a man, still, you don't want him to just lie down there doing nothing. You'll enjoy it more if he gets into the game with you too. If you get tired he can thrust you from below while you are still on top of him.

16. You can rest a little, men do it too

If you get tired or want to control all that overwhelming ecstatic pleasure, take a break and resume with something less demanding like a kiss. You can also play with his earlobes, and use your tongue on his chest and other parts of his body. When you catch your breath, you can get back in the game.

17. Don't overthink it

If it's your first time riding a man, try not to overthink it. If you do, you'll be too self-conscious, which can make you nervous throughout. You may also infect him with the same awkwardness and kill the whole mood. So, just be free, feel comfortable, and have fun. 


What questions do guys like to be asked?

In the dating world, men want to be asked about their fantasies, and favorite positions, because they want a woman who can freely explore with them.

What are 10 questions to ask a guy?

1. Personal goals.
2. His favorite sex positions.
3. His wildest fantasies.
4. His insecurities.
5. His strengths.
6. Expectations from relationships.
7. does he want children?
8. What turns him on?
9. What turns him off?
10. Expectations from his partner?

How do you flirt with a guy?

The first flirt move is to initiate prolonged sexy eye contact. Seductively looking at him and letting him know it's a deliberate move will undoubtedly send him some green light. 

If you are on talking terms, you can also touch him casually and ask for his help even when there are other available options. What's more, laugh at his jokes even though they are not funny and invite him to hang out.

What are juicy questions to ask a guy?

1. His favorite sex positions.
2. His wildest fantasies.
3. What turns him on?
4. What turns him off?
5. How long does he last in bed?

How do you flirt with a guy over text?

It’s easier to express a thought or feeling remotely than in person, so if you like a guy, talking about sexually related topics is one of the ways to flirt over texts. You can ask him questions like, does he love to cuddle after sex?. You can also ask him for his favorite sex position and introduce dirty words.

To Conclude

Most men love the “woman on top” sex position. Therefore, if you know how to ride like a champ, it'll undoubtedly add more pleasure/spice to your sex life. I hope you enjoyed the article. Please add a comment and share it with your friends.

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