How to Respond to Pickup Lines (107 Genius Ways To Deal With It)

If you’re wondering how to respond to pick up lines, you aren’t alone. Many women want to know what to say when guys come up with those cheesy pick up lines, which make them want to barf. 

Hopefully, this article will help you know what to say when you hear a horrible pick up line that you just can’t shake. In many situations, you don’t have to say a word.

According to one study reported by Psychology Today, it was found that most women don’t care what the guy says in the pick up line, especially if a woman is just looking for a fling. Instead, women care more about what the guy looks like. 

Is he attractive to her? That’s what matters, not the caliber of the pick up line. So, if you are a guy looking to impress a girl, look your best!

So, it doesn’t really matter that much what you say; it’s more about whether or not she is attracted to you. If you want to win a girl over, work on your appearance by beefing up at the gym, and dressing for success. So, strut your stuff, and you’ll be a heartbreaker before you know it.

What Is A Pick Up Line?

what is a pick up line

According to wikiHow, pick up lines are just those silly one-liners that guys use to break the ice with strangers. They can often be unwanted and quite irritating, especially if you have heard the same one over and over again. I mean, if the guy can’t even come up with something original, how hard is he trying to win you over? Sometimes, it’s best to just ignore the guy or say no. 

We’ve all heard the classic lines, like, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” If a guy comes at you with something similar to that, the best comeback may be to ignore him, especially if you aren’t attracted to him. 

There’s no point in leading him on if you aren’t even a little bit interested. You may find the best way to give him a comeback is to simply walk away from him. 

While some guys won’t get the hint, even if you ignore them, others will know that their place is not to continue bugging you with stupid pick up lines. Alternatively, if a guy says, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” you could always say, “Did it hurt when you fell flat on your face with this lame pick up line?” or “Did it hurt when you fell off the ugly tree?” He should get it.

How To Respond To Pick up Lines from Men

If you don’t want to say a word…

Did you know that some pick up lines don’t even require you to do much? With some lines, you can just indicate your interest or lack of interest by your body language. Men think that pick up lines work every time, but they don’t. A girl is often turned off by pick up lines that make her feel like a piece of meat. You can simply roll your eyes or walk away if you feel like this. 

Pick up lines are made to make a girl think the guy is clever and wants to be with him, but not every pick up line works like that. If a guy feeds you a pick up line, you have heard a million times before, just show him some closed body language. You can do this by folding your arms together or even slapping him lightly on the cheek (You don’t want to get in trouble!).

  1. Laugh a little bit.
  2. Roll your eyes.
  3. Smile.
  4. Slap his cheek softly.
  5. Just give him your number.
  6. Look confused.
  7. Raise your eyebrows.
  8. Smirk.
  9. Check him out from head to toe.
  10. Look amused.
  11. Walk away.
  12. Cross your arms.
  13. Give him a little kiss.
  14. Hold his hand.
  15. Sigh.
  16. Make eye contact.
  17. Tussle his hair.
  18. Give him half a smile.
  19. Act distracted.
  20. Ignore him, and get on your phone.
  21. Purse your lips.
  22. Give him a peck on the cheek.
  23. Give him the wrong phone number.
  24. Give him a quick hug.
  25. Slap him on the arm.

If you want him to be serious…

if you want him to be serious

There are plenty of times when a girl just wants a guy to shut up after hearing a pick up line that is really a turn-off. Well, maybe the girl doesn’t need him to shut up altogether, but she at least wants to quit hearing pick up lines. She’d rather him be serious and talk about normal stuff, stuff that matters in life – like where you work, what you do for fun, and stuff like that.

I think it’s perfectly fine to let a guy know that his pick up line was not well received, and you’d rather hear about what he does for a living than to hear more cheesy pick up lines. Just tell him you want to hear about him – what his favorite foods are, what he enjoys doing when he’s not working, and where he’d love to travel someday if he had the chance.

Asking a guy to get real is absolutely okay, and if he is truly interested in you, he’ll ditch the pick up lines and jump aboard this opportunity you are giving him. Just give him a nudge in the right direction to see what he thinks and if he can get past pick up lines for a minute and get serious! Go ahead and tell him you would be interested in talking about real stuff to see what he thinks.

  1. Do you mean that pick up line?
  2. That’s not a very original pick up line. Try again.
  3. Can you please talk to me like a normal person?
  4. Keep talking, but not about your pick up line.
  5. Can you try that again but say something real this time?
  6. I might be interested if you try again without the pick up line.
  7. Can you please spare me the cheesy pick up line?
  8. What do you mean by that silly little pick up line?
  9. Say that again. (Say something to make him repeat what he said).
  10. Try again, and maybe I’ll give you my phone number.
  11. I think you need to rephrase that pick up line and try again.
  12. Are you trying to get my phone number for real?
  13. That pick up line is never going to work on me. Say something real.
  14. I’d like to hear what you really think of me.
  15. Stop that, and be honest with me.
  16. Are you looking to hook up? Is that your intention with this pick up line?

If you want to ask him a question…

Sometimes, you have to give a guy a hard time when he gives you a lame pick up line. This means responding in some manner to what he’s said and then asking a question to get him to say something else. If you are a girl who is not impressed by a pick up line, you may want to tell him that. It’s perfectly fine, to be honest with him to let him know that you don’t like it.

How else will he know the pick up line didn’t work on you? Just show him you are a girl who can give him a comeback in response to a pick up line. All you have to do is ask him something in the form of a question. This puts the ball back in his court and makes him respond to what you’ve said in response to the pick up line. What would you like him to say next?

Lead him in that direction by what you say in response to his pick up line. You just may want to be a little smart and witty in your response, but whatever you say, make certain you ask it in question form so that he has to say something else back to you. Maybe this time it won’t be a clever pick up line, and he’ll be serious with you. Hopefully, he’ll try to get to know you!

  1. Really? That’s the best you’ve got?
  2. Does that really work on girls?
  3. Do you think I’m just a piece of meat?
  4. What’s your sign?
  5. Did you really think I’d fall for that?
  6. So, what’s your name, Romeo?
  7. Do you think you are some kind of smooth operator?
  8. What’s your number, and maybe I’ll text you?
  9. Did you come up with that all by yourself?
  10. Are you interested in learning more about me?
  11. Or else what happens?
  12. Why should I be interested in you?
  13. Are you crazy?
  14. How many girls have fallen for that pick up line?
  15. What makes you think I’d go for something like that?

If you want to accept him for his pick up line…

if you want to accept him for his pick up line

Sometimes, the pick up line works! He hopes what he said will win the heart of the girl he is chasing, and it did! How you respond to the pick up line depends on you and what you want to do next. If you are interested in going back to his place, just let him know that. If you want to get to know him better, ask him some personal questions to see what he’s all about.

You may just want to compliment him for coming up with a clever pick up line that actually got your attention. That’s okay, too! What you say is entirely up to you! Go with what your heart leads you to say, and you’ll be just fine, girl!

  1. Let’s get out of here.
  2. I was hoping you’d say something like that.
  3. That’s very original. You are clever, baby.
  4. Well, well, well…
  5. That’s very cute.
  6. I’ve never heard anything like that.
  7. You are very funny!
  8. I like that.
  9. I’m laughing on the inside.
  10. Aw!
  11. How romantic!
  12. You are actually kind of cute, baby.
  13. I think I might like you. 
  14. I like the way you smile.
  15. I think you could be my next boyfriend.
  16. I’m very flattered. Thank you.
  17. That is so sweet of you. 
  18. Okay. That was actually good.
  19. A+ job!
  20. I love that!
  21. Let me give you my digits so that we can talk more!

If you are not amused and want to reject him…

I would say for most girls, pick up lines just are not well-received. You think, “What is this guy thinking, saying something such as that to me?!?” If you find the pick up line to be distasteful, go ahead and let him have it! It’s fine to say that you are offended or whatever by what he’s said. Sometimes, the pick up line just doesn’t do the trick on the girl, and she goes screaming!

  1. I wouldn’t fall for that if you were Brad Pitt.
  2. I need even more social distance from you now.
  3. Oh, please!
  4. It’s no wonder you are single with a pick up line like that.
  5. I wouldn’t get near you with a 10-foot pole.
  6. This is giving me a headache.
  7. Give me a break! Is this really how you talk to strangers?
  8. Why don’t you go suck on a lemon?
  9. My laundry is more interesting than you.
  10. You are a train wreck. 
  11. Seek help!
  12. I just threw up in my mouth.
  13. No way, dude.
  14. Nothing would make me fall for that.
  15. I just died a little inside.

If you want to let him down gently…

It’s true that most pick up lines are lame and not well-rehearsed, but you have to give it to the guy for trying, right? I mean, at least he got up the courage to say something to a girl when I’m sure his nerves were telling him to run in the opposite direction. Men risk rejection when they approach women, so you have to give them some credit for at least trying

Maybe you are a sweetheart who just can’t stand to be rude to a guy even if he did approach you with a lame pick up line. If so, these responses will work great for you. You can let the man know that he gave it a shot, but it just isn’t going to happen for whatever reason. Maybe you aren’t attracted to him or already have a boyfriend. 

Whatever the reason, go ahead and let him down gently. Tell him that you are flattered, but it just isn’t going to go in the direction he had hoped because you are not interested. You may have to be firm when you let him know it won’t be happening. Some men are dense and don’t get the hint that you are just absolutely not interested in any manner.

  1. Sorry, but I’m not looking right now.
  2. No, I’m not the girl for you.
  3. I don’t do cheesy pick up lines.
  4. As kind as that is, I’m really not interested.
  5. You are not what I’m looking for, man.
  6. I am married.
  7. I have a fun partner already.
  8. You are not boyfriend material to me.
  9. I know you think that’s funny, but I don’t.
  10. Maybe we could try just being friends?
  11. This isn’t the time or place for pick up lines like that.
  12. Get the hint, and please give me a bit more space.
  13. I’m not looking for love.
  14. As much fun as that sounds, I am not interested.
  15. I didn’t come here to hear cheesy pick up lines like that.

How to Respond to the Classic Pickup Lines that Men Use

how to respond to the classic pickup lines that men use

Some guys don’t know that their pick up lines just don’t work on girls and continue to use them in situations where it’s not even appropriate. At times like this, you may need some witty comebacks to tell them, “No,” in a way that they will understand and leave you alone. We’ve gone over the “fell from heaven” line. Let’s look at a couple more. 

If a guy asks you for your number and you want to give him a witty comeback, say something like, “Don’t you already have a phone number?” Also, if a guy says a pick up line like, “Can I be your next boyfriend?” explain that he isn’t even boyfriend material, so, “No!” Sometimes, your comebacks don’t have to be witty or clever, especially if you aren’t interested in him.

Some guys try to get the attention of girls by giving them pick up lines that say one thing but mean something else. For example, a guy who says that you’d look great going back to his place, really wants to have sex with you. You can always just say that you wouldn’t be caught dead going back to his place as a way of saying absolutely no way!

What to Do If You Really Like the Guy

Have you made a connection with a guy? Do you feel like his pick up line worked on you? Sometimes, we do find that spark after hearing a silly pick up line. We didn't realize it, but the line actually did work on us. Do you feel like you are a girl who likes pick up lines? How much do you really like this guy? Did his pick up line indicate he has the hots for you?

If you think that you both want the same thing, you don’t have to have a witty comeback or say much of anything, really. Just let him have your number, and he’ll know you are interested in possibly being his next girlfriend. If you are the one approaching a guy, ask him if he has a girlfriend so that you don’t get faced with an angry girl throwing a drink in your face. 

If he’s available and you’re looking for a fling, ask him back to your place or go to his. Just make sure you practice safe sex and let someone know where you are going since he is a stranger and all. Let a friend know where you’ll be and why, and she’ll totally have your back. Always put safety first when it comes to sex with a stranger. 

How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Today, with social media being as popular as it is, it’s hard not to get away from giving out your personal information, but this doesn’t mean you have to. Just think about the creeps that might stalk a girl’s Facebook page and all of her pictures posted. You really don’t want to give out your social media information much unless you both are interested in each other. 

Many men today have changed their pick up lines to include requests for social media information. If you are both interested in one another, it’s okay to give responses that include your social media contact information, but if you want to say no to their requests, go ahead and say no! No one is stopping you! You don’t have to feel like you must give men much. 

Some men are content with just getting responses to their pick up lines; some do want your social media info, but you don’t have to give it out. Just give them some line about how you are never on social media. As much as I’m sure you want to be polite, you don’t need to give responses with your actual contact information if you aren’t comfortable doing so. 

What to Do If You Are Sick of Pickup Lines

If you are tired of men feeding you pick up lines, you may want to look at alternative ways to meet men. If you are out in public, you are more likely to hear lame pick up lines (like at a bar or club) than if you are doing online dating or something like that. You may just be a girl who attracts those men who only know how to give lame pick up lines to girls. 

If staying at home isn’t an option, you may want to try one of the responses from this article. Let men know that pick up lines don’t work on you, and you actually find pick up lines to be annoying and a complete turn-off. Some men can’t help but give you a line when they see you because they think that their line is more original than the ones you’ve heard before. 

You might just stop a guy mid-pick up line if you know he’s about to feed you some line and let him know lines don’t work on you. Tell them to save their breath and try their line on another girl. Alternatively, you can feed them a clever comeback like some of the ones listed in this article. 

What to Do If You Feel Unsafe Around Someone

The best thing to do if you think a guy is taking advantage of you or if you feel unsafe at all is to walk away and ignore him. If he follows you, tell him to stay away; explain you are not interested and want him to leave you alone. Some guys will be very understanding about this and will not bother you anymore. If you think he’s a danger to you, talk to the bouncer or bartender. 

It may be a good idea to get the police on the line if you think he’s dangerous. You don’t want anything to happen that is against your will. Talk to a girlfriend if you are with someone else, and let her know that you have a creep who won’t leave you alone. She may be more successful at saying no to him than you were. 

Sometimes, if more than one girl is saying no, it gets the guy to back off. Make sure you both are protected, though. Have the police on the line and let them know what’s going on. Some guys will back off if you tell them you have the cops on the line and will call if they do not leave you alone. You should never feel unsafe, much less scared of being around someone.

What to Do If a Guy Asks for Your Name and Number

what to do if a guy asks for your name and number

Don’t ever feel pressured to give a guy your name or number if you do not want to. If you are worried about what he will do with your personal information but feel the need to respond, give the guy a fake name and number. You could even give him the number to the local police department and say it’s yours. There is no reason you have to give out your information!

Alternatively, you could ask a guy for his personal information and say that you will contact him later if you decide you are interested in him. If a guy gives you a line about giving him your name and number, say, “I don’t even have mine memorized; sorry.” “Mine is unlisted for a reason.” “I don’t give mine out to strangers.” “I will give you mine if you give me yours first.”

I have often given men my cell number with one number missing. “Here’s mine, but you have to guess the last digit.” Tell him you haven’t paid your cell bill, so your number isn’t working right now. “I’d give you mine, but it’s disconnected; I’m getting a new one soon. Why don’t you give me yours, and I’ll hit you up when I get my situation straightened out.” 

To Sum Things Up

How do you deal with stupid pick up lines? Which pick up line did you hear that was the most original one? If you hear a pick up line and aren’t amused, try one of the comebacks listed in this article, and he’ll get the hint that his line didn’t work.

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