How To Respond To A Flirty Compliment (105 Ways)

How you respond to a flirty compliment varies. It depends on how you feel about the compliment. Whether you want to flirt back with the person or show them that you aren’t interested can also determine how you respond. 


Top Tips On How To Respond To A Compliment

First, you want to make sure that you know how you want to respond. Showing disinterest is a great way to respond if you don’t want to pursue a relationship with the person. Flirting back should be used if you like them. Keep that in mind, and follow these tips.

1. Keep texts short

Even if the flirty compliment made your day, there’s no need to gush about it for paragraphs. Instead, keep your response short. It should be short enough to be a good text message, but long enough to get your point across. 

2. Be straightforward

You don’t want to leave the other person wondering what you mean. Instead, let them know whether you feel the same way or not. You can do this by watching how you respond to a compliment. Your words should carefully convey the message you want the other person to receive. 

3. Don’t downplay the compliment

Try not to downplay the compliment too much. Even if you don’t want to flirt back with the person, there is nothing wrong with accepting compliments. 

I used to have a hard time accepting compliments. Then, instead of downplaying them, I learned to accept compliments. A simple “thank you” is all you need to say. This can help you avoid making the situation uncomfortable. 

4. Use appropriate body language

use appropriate body language

Body language is important. It can help you make sure that you give the message that you want them to receive. Smiling can show kindness. Looking them in the eye lets them know that you are focused on what you’re saying. Leaning forward is a great way to display that you’re paying attention to the person sitting across from you. 

5. Keep the conversation going

If you like the guy, consider the compliment as a conversation starter. Most men don’t know what to say when they want to start speaking to a girl. A sincere compliment is a safe way to start a discussion with someone. 

Even if you don’t care for the guy as more than a friend, try not to be rude. The only time that being rude will work in your favor is if you do not want him to speak to you again. 

6. A hug

A great response to a compliment, especially one from your partner, is to give them a hug. This shows that you appreciate the compliment. It’s also a great response if you are just learning how to respond to a compliment. No words are required!

7. Avoid letting your nervousness take control

This is important regardless of the stance that you’re taking. If you don’t want the man to speak to you again, you want to be confident with your rude response. Likewise, if you do want to have a discussion with him, you want to appear calm and collected. 

8. Show confidence

Confidence is important. Sit up straight. Push your shoulders back. Speak clearly. When you tell a guy that he is offending you, your confidence will make sure that he gets the message. 

In the event that you like the guy, you want him to know that you’re confident. Confidence is sexy. 

9. Maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is critical for responding to a compliment. It shows that you mean what you say, no matter what you’re saying. Eye contact will show that you are serious when you respond to a compliment or say that something made you uncomfortable. It can let the person complimenting you know that you’re paying attention to them when you respond. 

10. Keep your cool if they don’t have good intentions

People tend to give backhanded compliments at times. For example, “I wish I had the confidence to just wear anything out of the house.” It sounds like a compliment, but they are saying you look like crap. It’s not nice. 

When someone gives you such a compliment, respond with a simple thank you and walk away. It’s best not to engage in further conversation. 

11. Send a GIF or meme

send a gif or a meme

Sometimes, you don’t know how to respond to a compliment. It might be that you don’t know how to respond to such a compliment because you’re not used to hearing it. Maybe you’re just not the best at responding to compliments. Either way, sending a cute meme in return is a great response. 

12. Use a positive response

A positive response is always the best response. The only time you should respond in a rude way to someone is if they don’t have good intentions. 

However, if you can’t help yourself because you’re offending, then you can’t help yourself. We all have those days. 

13. Avoid directly saying how much you dislike them

If you receive a flirty compliment from someone that you don’t like, try not to go into a deep discussion about how you don’t feel the same way. Instead, simply don’t respond in a flirty way. Using a serious tone will let them know that you don’t feel the same way. 

14. A simple thank you

Telling someone thanks is the easiest way to respond to a compliment. This works with backhanded compliments, if someone gives you a genuine compliment and when you simply don’t know what else to say. 

15. Use their name in conversation

When you use a person’s name during the conversation, it shows them that you are paying attention to them. It’s a great idea when you respond to a compliment. You want the other person to know that you’re focused on talking to them. 

16. Be sincere

When you respond to a compliment, try to be sincere. This applies whether you’re interested or not. Even if you do not like the other person as more than a friend, you still don’t want to hurt their feelings. 

17. Watch the tone of your voice

The tone of your voice is all you need to say what you want to. Use a friendly tone to let the other person know that you like them back. A serious or uninterested tone lets them know that you’re just that- uninterested. 

18. Accept the compliment

It can be hard to accept compliments. Whether or not you accept the compliment is up to you. Some people deflect compliments, which isn’t always a bad thing. You can do this if you’re in a complimenting mood. Simply enjoying and appreciating the compliment is how you accept a compliment. 

Examples Of How To Respond To A Compliment

1. Thank you so much!

thank you so much

The ideal response to any compliment. It works great for backhanded compliments because the “so much” can add a bit of sass. It’s a great way to respond to a compliment from anyone. 

2. This is actually the result of a mental breakdown. 

It’s funny and occasionally true. Say it in a confident manner for added sassiness. 

3. You don’t look so bad yourself!

For when you don’t know how to respond, but want to deflect the compliment. It’s a great way to let someone know that you like them back after they send you a compliment text. 

4. Thanks, my mom bought me this outfit for Christmas last year!

The perfect response after your outfit gets called cute! This response can open the door to a conversation about family or holidays. 

5. Much obliged

Most people don’t say this in real life, but you do hear it on occasion. It has the same effect as thank you but sounds classier. 

6. Send them a flirty meme

If sending a flirty text isn’t something that you’re good at, consider sending a flirty meme instead. It’s guaranteed to make them smile!

7. You just want to see my private parts

You already know that the other person just wants you for your body, so you might as well say it. End it with a laugh and walk away.

8. I like you too

When someone shoots you a really flirty text, let them know if you like them too. This is a great way to start a conversation with the other person. 

9. You know what? I like you. 

This has a flirty tone to it, which is a great way to tell someone you like them. The lighthearted tone behind this message will instantly make them grin. 

10. You always make me happy babe!

When your significant other gives you a few kind words, let them know that you always appreciate a good compliment. 

11. I love you too

When your partner uses words of affirmation as love language, you’re going to hear plenty of compliments. Make sure that you let your significant other know that you love them too. 

12. Well, that makes two of us!

well that makes the two of us

When someone gives you a compliment, and you agree with them, let them know that you’re confident. End this response with a laugh so that you don’t come off as arrogant. 

13. I have been told that

You’re simply stating that other people have told you the same thing. When you don’t want to respond graciously but don’t want to completely ignore the person, this is a matter-of-fact response. 

14. It’s tough looking this good, but someone has to do it

You’ve got a sexy figure and you know it! This is a good response when you want to be playful. Make sure that you also use a playful tone so you don’t make the other person feel uncomfortable. 

15. I know

This comes off as cocky. If you don’t want someone to compliment you, say it with a serious tone. When you want to start a conversation, make sure that you appear playful by closing with a laugh. 

16. I prefer to be complimented on how smart I am, but thanks

Compliments on your appearance can get old after a while. That’s especially true when that’s all you are. Try to discourage this by letting them know that you don’t prefer that type of compliment. Adding thanks at the end lets them know that you still appreciate the compliments. 

17. Flattery will not get you anywhere

Compliments are meant to flatter. However, you can always let a person know that they are not going to work. 

18. Just flash them a smile

Sometimes, you just don’t know what to say. Perhaps you have a hard time accepting compliments. On the other hand, maybe they said something pretty incredible and you don’t know what to say back. A grin is always a nice response. 

19. Oh, stop!

It’s both flirty and friendly. Sometimes, you don’t know how you want to come off, so you can use this response as a great fallback plan. 

20. I appreciate your honesty

We all appreciate honest people!

21. I could say the exact same about you

Returning compliments is always a great idea. This can be fun, flirtatious, or simply friendly. Another great way to return a compliment is to tell them to stop distracting you with their sweetness. 

22. You have an eye for high quality

 You can use this response for anything. It doesn’t matter whether compliments are for your looks or intellectual capacity, this response works. 

23. It’s all-natural (add a wink to the end)

it's all natural (add a wink to the end)

This is always a fun and flirty response!

24. Are you hitting on me?

Sometimes, you take comments at face value. Other times, you need a little more clarification. This response is great if you’re trying to be fun and flirty, too. 

25. Do you mind repeating that?

A cute way to get more compliments. (Of course, you heard what they said!)

26. I’m glad I made your day brighter

It’s cocky but cute. 

27. I’m a bit too hot to handle

For those compliments that are focused on your appearance. This can be used to tell him that you don’t want to talk to him anymore. It’s also a great way to spark some conversation. Make sure that you want to have a conversation with someone that is complimenting you only on your appearance, though. Sometimes, these people will only want to sleep with you. 

28. That means a lot coming from you

For those compliments that make you feel truly special. If you’re on the receiving end of a compliment that made you feel special, try this response. 

This is also a great way to tell someone that you think highly of them. You can let them know that you think they have done a great job, that they are beautiful or they have impressive accomplishments under their belt. 

29. You’re so sweet!

When you’re interested in someone else, you can compliment them while letting them know that you appreciate their compliments. 

30. Thank you, sweetheart!

This is a sweet response to any compliment. You can call guys sweetheart even though they aren’t your partner. Guys spend so much time trying to be tough, it’s nice when someone acknowledges their sweet side. 

31. I’m just blessed in that department

i'm just blessed in that department

It’s a witty response to any compliment!

32. No point in stating the obvious

It is a great comeback when someone compliments you on something you don’t want to talk about, such as weight loss. 

33. Makeup is miraculous

The ideal response is when you hear compliments about your appearance. It’s a bit off-putting, though, so you don’t want to use this response if you think the other person is amazing. 

34. How did you get to be so charming?

Perfect for flirting with them!

35. Thank you for the compliment, but I’m taken

An honest response to give someone if you know that they are interested in more than just a friendship. 

36. (Insert the name of your significant other) says that all the time!

A witty response that lets the other person know that you’re already taken. 

37. My boyfriend/girlfriend tells me the same thing!

When you want to make sure that they hear the message loud and clear. 

38. You’re too kind

You don’t want to find yourself flirting with them but want to let them know that you appreciate the compliments. 

39. Use an emoji

It’s a great response because you can’t stop thinking of what the perfect response is. It’s simple, effective, and can send the perfect message. 

40. I love the way you smile every time you compliment me

Respond to compliments with a compliment to keep the communication going. 

41. Should we head back to your place now?

This can be a fun way to keep talking to each other. It’s also a great way to flirt. Make sure that you laugh at the end so the other person doesn’t think that you’re serious. 

42. You’re so sweet you’re going to give me a toothache

This is a flirty way to respond to compliments with a compliment. 

43. Do you just want to take me to dinner?

There’s not always time for the flirting stage. Sometimes, you just want to know if they want to head out to dinner to take things to the next level. 

44. That’s about all I have going for me right now

It’s a funny way to respond to compliments. Say this in a serious tone to make sure that they do not want to talk to you again. Say it with a grin and a laugh to keep the discussion going. 

45. I can’t help but ooze this much sex appeal all over the place

i can't help but ooze this much sex appeal all over the place

It’s confident and funny. If you want to keep things going with the person behind the compliment, you want to appear confident. 

46. It’s hard being gorgeous and funny, but someone has to do it

This one is guaranteed to make them crack a grin. 

47. I did not see that one coming…

Every once in a while, someone is bound to give you a compliment that takes you by surprise. You won’t know what to say. This is the response for those moments. 

48. I’m not sure how to respond to that. 

You can also let them know that you simply don’t know how to respond. Make sure that you tell them that you mean it in the best way possible. 

49. With beauty comes great power, and great responsibility. 

It’s funny, so make sure that you say it with a short laugh!

50. My beauty is much more than skin deep

Let the person giving you compliments know that there is a lot more to you than your gorgeous looks.

51. I’m a bit of a sapiosexual myself

When you say this, you’re rejecting the compliment. You’re telling the other person that you’re more interested in intelligence than anything else. 

52. This doesn’t usually happen, but you gave me goosebumps

A great way, to be honest, is when someone says something that makes you feel special. 

53. Define “pretty” or whatever word they used to compliment you

You can dig deeper and either turn them off by being serious or turn them on by saying this with a flirtatious smile. 

54. You are adorable

you are adorable

Giving someone a compliment in return is a great way to keep talking to them. You can pursue the conversation further, or you can simply give them a few nice words and leave it at that. 

55. I do come with a unique handbook

It’s clever yet guaranteed to make them grin. 

56. I’ve never heard that one before

Sometimes, someone gives you an honest compliment, and it’s impossible to come up with a witty comeback. 

57. Do you always compliment girls or am I special?

When guys are known for being a player, it’s nice to know whether he’s making a move on multiple girls at once. 

58. Are you always this amazing?

A cute but great way to get him to talk to you beyond the compliment. 

59. What do you want?

A wonderful way to ask guys what their ulterior motive is when you know that they have one. 

60. Stop before you make me fall in love with you

For those compliments that make your heart skip a beat. They give you butterflies just being next to you. 

61. You’re too kind

It’s basic and doesn’t always encourage more interaction. However, you can say it with a beautiful smile to encourage a few more compliments. 

62. Do you think you can handle me?

When you’re interested in getting to know them a little better, let them know with a little flirting. 

63. I’ve been waiting on you to ask me out

You’ve had a crush on them forever. Letting them know that you’re interested has been your mission. Now, they’re finally paying attention to you!

64. I suppose all of that plastic surgery was worth it

It’s funny, and a little witty. You can also open the conversation about plastic surgery. If you’ve never had plastic surgery, it’s a good joke. 

65. I’m glad that I made your day so much brighter

The natural response to this is “you always do.” Then, you can keep things going or walk away. 

66. Definitely

This response is oozing confidence. 

67. I’m not a photographer, but I could picture us together

Cheesy pickup lines are always going to make someone laugh. They’ll also let the other person know that you’re interested. 

68. You obviously have very good taste

you obviously have very good taste

Another great way to show them that you have plenty of self-esteem. Remember, you want to be confident, especially if you like the other person. 

69. I would have to agree with you

There’s nothing wrong with saying that you also think you are pretty or handsome. 

70. Not today, Satan

You just want him to go away…

71. No thank you

The way to respond is if you want to be polite, yet you don’t want to pursue the conversation further.

72. It’s all about a great diet

A great answer to a compliment about your recent weight loss. 

73. You can thank my awesome skincare routine for that

A great way to respond when someone compliments your natural beauty or how young you look. 

74. I love how observant you are

Sometimes, a person gives you a compliment that isn’t cliche. For example, they have noticed that you have new shoes or are wearing a new eyeliner. Let them know that you especially appreciate their effort. 

75. Is that the only thing you love about me?

You can always accept a compliment and fish for more compliments at the same time. 

76. It always makes me smile when you compliment me. Keep them coming!

For those days when you need an extra ego boost!

77. Want to see something dirty? (Send him a picture of dirty dishes.)

Make him smile!

78. I’d love to tell you the backstory behind that

When you want to get a discussion going, open the door for more questions and discussion. 

79. People keep asking me why I’m smiling at my phone

You can’t help but smile when the other person keeps complimenting you! It’s bound to make other people wonder what’s going on. Make sure that you let the other person know how happy they make you!

80. You made me blush

you made me blush

They’ll instantly smile!

81. Today would be so much more fun if you were next to me

A great way to tell someone that you miss them! You can also use this as an opportunity to tell them what you like about them. 

82. Text him a picture

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. 

83. I look even better when I actually shower

Hopefully, this isn’t true when you say it. 

84. Wait until you see me when I put forth some effort

When a person compliments your appearance, you know that they are going to love it even more when you make an effort to look good. 

85. You make me smile so much you’re going to give me wrinkles

You have to smile a lot to get wrinkles.

86. I would rather get to know you better before we flirt like that

When he says something that takes things to a level that you’re not ready for yet, you should let him know. 

87. That made me uncomfortable. Can we talk about something else?

If someone gives you a compliment that makes you uncomfortable, you need to speak up. It’s important to set boundaries. However, there’s nothing wrong with keeping the flirting going either. 


How do you respond to a flattering compliment?

Use a serious tone to convey disinterest. If you are interested in talking further, respond with a friendly tone. Consider throwing in a smile or laugh. You can say thank you or give them a flattering compliment back. 

How do you gracefully respond to a compliment?

If you don’t want to shower them with compliments back, you should simply respond kindly. Tell them “thank you”, or let them know that you appreciate the compliment. Give them a slight smile to show that you are sincere, and then walk away from further interaction. 

How do I accept a compliment on my looks?

You can accept a compliment by saying thank you, which is very gracious. Returning with a compliment, such as telling them that they don’t look so bad themselves, is a great idea too. You can also respond with a funny comment, such as by saying it’s thanks to plastic surgery.

What do you reply when someone says yummy?

Ask them if they want to see something dirty. Then, send them a picture of mud or dirty dishes. Change the topic. Don’t say thank you if you don’t want to sleep with them. This compliment means that you look delicious, and that does not insinuate that he appreciates your intelligence.

How do you respond to a sweet text from a guy?

Tell him “thank you”, or that you love how nice he is. Let him know how it makes you feel, such as letting him know that you love how much he makes you smile. If you don’t want to be more than friends, let him know that his next girlfriend is going to love how nice he is.

To Conclude

When responding, it’s important to consider the message that you want to send. Make sure that your tone and body language coordinate perfectly with your response. What else should you keep in mind when responding to a flirty compliment?

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