How To Respect Your Husband (101 Ways)

“Love is not all you need, nor all your spouse needs; consider respect.” – Peter Gray Ph.D., Author of Free to Learn. 

Some women begin thinking about the man they’ll marry as little girls. While there is a lot they couldn’t possibly understand about marriage at such a tender age, they imagine their husband would be pretty special and deserving of their all. Or is it just me?

Many grow up to realize marriage isn’t all the magical stuff it’s cracked up to be, with some even losing interest in the institution altogether, while others hold on to their notion. As we get older and our childhood fantasies draw closer to becoming a reality, we realize there is a lot to learn to become that near-perfect wife our husband deserves.

Yes, you will love him with your whole heart, but as the quote above says, you need more than that; you need to respect your husband too. Like most things in a relationship, it needs to go both ways, but today, we’ll just focus on showing respect to your husband. 

Enjoy reading these 101 relationship-improving tips!


101 Ways To Show Your Husband Respect 

1. Respect yourself

It is difficult to accord respect to another person if you don’t even rate yourself, to begin with.

2. Understand he is his own person first

Know your partner is his own person first before he’s your husband and that he has a right to his feelings.

3. Be attentive to your spouse’s wants and needs

Be attentive to your spouse’s wants and needs

Listen closely to what your husband says and doesn’t say.

4. Put what you learn to use 

Let your interaction with him show you’ve been paying attention.

5. Don’t make him play second fiddle to your other interests

This includes your job and the kids if you have some. Make sure you let him know he’s your priority.

6. Avoid comparing him with other men except in a complimentary context

You may want to compliment or correct him at times. Even at that, steer clear of comparisons to your exes unless he asks.

7. Tell him about your day

Let him know how your day went when he comes home.

8. Ask about his day

Don’t assume you already know what his everyday schedule is,  ask him.

9. Be his backbone

Be morally-principled enough to give your partner stability of purpose while remaining flexible enough to respect his decisions.

10. Seek his opinion

Valuing his input, especially on important matters, is a classic way to show your husband respect.

11. Support him financially

Respect your husband by letting him provide as a man would want to, but don’t leave the whole work to him.

12. Support his dreams

See his hopes and dreams as your own and encourage him as he pursues them in any way you can.

13. Listen when he talks to you

Don’t act like you’re not interested in what he’s saying, pay attention and respond when necessary.

14. Make eye contact

Put your phone down and look at him when he’s talking to you.

15. Look in his eyes when you make love

Look in his eyes when you make love

Speaking of eye contact, more than just a way to show respect, it can help deepen your lovemaking experience.

16. Don’t flirt with other men in front of him

Unless that's what you’re both into, then you have his permission to do it.

17. Don’t flirt behind his back

It is still disrespectful to your marriage if you flirt behind your partner’s back, avoid it.

18. Refrain from belittling him in front of others

 Don’t give people a reason to disrespect your husband by doing so in front of them.

19. Avoid undermining him in front of the kids

Don’t undermine your husband’s authority by insulting or criticizing him in front of your children, no matter what.

20. Don’t disrespect him in private either

Hold your man in high regard always, even when no one else is watching.

21. Make him feel appreciated

The importance of appreciation in a marital relationship cannot be overemphasized. Acknowledge and be grateful for your partner’s efforts always.

22. Try not to get upset over every little thing

Respecting your partner is letting things that should have upset you go sometimes.

23. Love him unconditionally

Loving unconditionally means being willing to accord your partner respect and be affectionate towards him even when he’s a little undeserving.

24. Familiarize yourself with his primary love language

Learning to love your spouse the way he wants is one of the best ways to show you hold him in high esteem. 

25. Don’t stop making efforts to look good for him

Husbands love to feel like they’re worth the effort, so don’t stop going the extra mile to look beautiful.

26. Give him the benefit of the doubt

Show him you trust him even when some things don’t add up.

27. Give him space.

Everyone needs their space, don’t begrudge your partner when he needs some.

28. Accept his family

Accept his family

Your in-laws become your family once you get married, love and treat them like one.

29. Accept his friends

Trust that your husband has his reasons for hanging out with those people, even if you don’t know them well. 

30. Don’t insult his intelligence

It is disrespectful to treat anyone as though they’re stupid, much more your spouse.

31. Correct him with love

Your husband will be wrong sometimes. Set him right if you must, but do it respectfully.

32. Commend him in front of other people

Similar to PDA, if he’s into it, say good things about your husband when others are watching.

33. Compliment him in private as well

You don’t need an audience to make your man feel good about himself. Do it when no one is watching also.

34. Don’t flaunt your safety net

Some people advise having a safety net (ready funds) in marriage in case of divorce, while others believe in putting your all in it. If you belong to the former, respect him enough not to flaunt it in his face.

35. Avoid taking a snarky tone with him

In anger or frustration, watch the kind of tone you take with your man both in public and when alone.

36. Introduce him to your friends and coworkers

Let him know the people you spend your time with.

37. Keep confidential information between you

Don’t betray your husband’s confidence by making his secrets a discussion topic among your friends. That’s just rude.

38. Don’t make parenting decisions behind his back

Unless you and your spouse agree otherwise, always consult him before making decisions that affect your kids.

39. Don’t deny him sex as punishment

Your body is yours but denying your husband his conjugal rights to spite him is just unfair.

40. Commend him more than you criticize

Try to tip the scale towards his good traits rather than always focusing on what he’s doing wrong.

41. Make amends when he corrects you

You may not always like his advice, but think through it and make amends/efforts when necessary.

42. Don’t allow contempt in your marriage

Dont allow contempt in your marriage

They say familiarity breeds contempt. Make no room for it in your home by consciously watching how you relate with your spouse.

43. Affirm your partner always

Build your man up, don’t tear him down with your words and actions.

44. Encourage open communication

Let your partner feel safe enough to express his feelings and concerns without being judged, so there’s no cause to hold grudges.

45. Be patient with him

Avoid getting riled up and learn to exercise patience when things aren’t exactly going your way.

46. Laugh at his jokes

Don’t be so serious, laugh when your man says something funny.

47. Don’t make fun of him

Don’t make jokes you know your husband won’t like or appreciate.

48. Apologize when you’re in the wrong

Refusing to say sorry when you’re obviously at fault is not cute and can be seen by your husband as a lack of regard for him.

49. Accept his apology when he’s wrong

Even if you don’t forget immediately, forgive him when he asks for it.

50. Take an interest in his job

Having a fair understanding of what his work entails makes being able to relate to his daily life easier.

51. Make your home a peaceful abode

Your husband glows different when he comes home to a loving environment instead of more tension after a stressful day at work. 

52. Don’t see him as just the money-making machine

If you’re a full-time housewife, don’t relegate your man’s role in your home to finances alone. Allow him to contribute in other ways too.

53. Don’t lose sight of your shared values

Show your marriage respect by holding on to you and your partner’s core beliefs when there’s plenty and when the going gets tough.

54. Be his biggest fan

Stand with your man even if everyone else is against him.

55. Exercise self-control

Don’t abuse your position just because you know your husband is understanding. Learn to do everything in moderation.

56. Pray for him

One of the best expressions of love men who believe in God appreciates the most is a wife who prays for them.

57. Pray with him as well

You could both take out time to pray, study and meditate.

58. Invest in self-improvement

You make your husband look good when you win. Never stop investing in self-improvement endeavors.

59. Learn to do the things he likes

Whether it’s a particular style in bed or a delicacy he’s been craving, doing things your spouse loves is a sure-fire way to earn his approval.

60. Be vocal about your admiration for him

Be vocal about your admiration for him

Don’t assume he knows; let him know the exact things you admire about him.

61. Consider how your actions affect him before doing them

Doing this shows higher regard for him than seeking forgiveness after you’ve hurt him.

62. Speak highly of him to your children

Unless your husband is a danger to your kids, extol his good qualities in their presence rather than the less-than-pleasant ones.

63. Settle your issues in-house

Don’t bring outsiders into the affairs of your marriage unless it’s absolutely necessary.

64. Stimulate his brain

Keep him on his toes by engaging in intellectual conversations to stimulate his mind, but try not to be condescending while at it.

65. Stimulate his other brain regularly

Hopefully, this requires no explanation.

66. Tackle the problem, not the man

It should be you and your man against the issue during fights, and not you vs. him.

67. Stay calm when he’s mad

It won’t always be easy to do, but both of you flaring up in the heat of the moment helps no one. Let him cool down, then gently approach him.

68. Don’t try to force your ideas on him

Again, always remember he’s his own person first. Offer your two cents and leave the decision to him.

69. Get him thoughtful gifts

Let him know he means a lot to you by getting him gifts that resonate with his personality.

70. Make him feel wanted

Your man doesn’t have to be on the cover of a magazine for you to make him feel hot. Love his body and let him know you do.

71. Be an open book

Honesty is indeed the best policy. Don’t keep secrets from your husband unless it’s a surprise you’re planning for him.

72. Confide in him about your personal struggles

Making your husband that one person you can talk to about anything helps you connect deeper emotionally. 

73. Don’t leave issues unresolved

Hashing things out as soon as possible instead of letting them pile and burst out in an unhealthy manner is a form of respect.

74. Check in regularly

Make sure to always check in with your spouse to see if you’re still on the same page. A state of the union type of conversation, if you will.

75. Ask him what you can do better to make him even happier in your marriage

Always ask each other what you can do better to improve the relationship.

76. Communicate your concerns

Let him know where he can make improvements to satisfy you better, he won’t mind.

77. Respect his boundaries

Yes, healthy relationships also have boundaries. Do well to identify your partner’s boundaries and respect them.

78. Don’t do to him what you can’t take

Always ask yourself, ‘how would I feel if my partner did this?”

79. Don’t make negative remarks about his look

Even if you think he could do better, find a constructive way to present it.

80. Try to maintain a positive outlook always

When the going gets tough, and it weighs your man down, someone has to tell him everything will be okay, and it should be you.

81. Be willing to meet him in the middle

A respectful wife doesn’t insist on having her way all the time; you have to be willing to compromise.

82. Don’t watch him go astray

Lovingly nudge back on the right path when he strays, even if he doesn’t always listen.

83. Remind him you’re not going anywhere

He needs to hear that sometimes.

84. You’re one, act like it

Always portray a united front both to your children and outsiders.

85. Don’t be passive in bed

Even if you’re a submissive wife, don’t act like that during sex (except that’s what gets both of you on) always find ways to spice things up in the bedroom.

86. Initiate sex

Unless your arrangement says otherwise, feel free to be forward with your man, some men love that.

87. Accommodate your differences

You can’t be the same in every way. Instead of trying to change him, focus on exploring your differences.

88. Fight for your marriage

Don’t throw your hands up when the first obstacle comes along. If anything, remain more united with your man than ever and fight for what you have.

89. Don’t give up on your husband

Fighting to keep your marital relationship is fighting for your man, so refer back to #89 above.

90. Help out around the house

It’s fun, and it tells him you care.

91. Spend time together

Include spending quality time with him in your schedule; just the two of you

92. Let him lead if he’s into that kind of thing

Give him the chance to feel like the head of the family.

93. Don’t interrupt him when he’s talking

Let him finish, then say your own.

94. Keep him well fed

Unless, of course, he’s the cook of the house.

95. Outsource sometimes so he can rest

No need to let your husband cook or clean all the time just because he can, order in sometimes, or have someone else do it.

96. Drop by at his workplace occasionally

…to bring him ‘lunch.’

97. Don’t expect something in return for everything you do for your spouse

It’s marriage, not tit-for-tat.

98. Leave him random love notes

Write encouraging and loving notes to him.

99. Do not invade his privacy

That includes going through his phone or tracking his every move.

100. Take your share of responsibilities

It’s only right to help out whenever you can.

101. Avoid placing him on an unreasonable pedestal

Keep your expectations realistic, he is only human.


How do I stop being disrespectful to my husband?

Before you say or do something, stop to consider whether you’d find it disrespectful if the same is done to you. Focusing less on what your husband does wrong and developing a more appreciative attitude towards his good qualities can also help you respect him more.

What are signs of disrespect in a marriage?

Invading your spouse’s privacy, being inattentive to their needs and concerns, as well as acting like an unmarried person are all signs of disrespect in a marriage. Acting like you’re not married could mean anything from flirting with other people to being unfaithful to your partner. 

How a wife should treat her husband?

A wife should love and respect her husband as an equal. She should understand that her marriage will sometimes come before her needs and make her peace with it. A married woman should value her husband’s input and never look down on him no matter what. 

Why do husbands disrespect their wives?

Some men belittle their wives to make themselves feel big. Disrespecting your wife shows a lack of regard for your marriage, and in most cases, yourself. Many husbands who behave in this unhealthy manner do it to shield their insecurities and low self-esteem. It’s either that, or they’re cheating on their wives.

What is disrespect to a man?

Disrespect sets in when you don’t consider someone’s feelings and desires before doing something that affects them. This can mean different things to a man, from his partner repeating the same thing he has complained about to not acknowledging or appreciating his efforts

To Conclude.

You won’t be on your best behavior every day, but even when you fall short, you can still respect your husband by making amends right away. Caveat: not every single point on this list will work for everyone, but I’m pretty sure you can take one or two things away from it. As always, kindly leave a comment and share the article.

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