How To Put A Condom On Your Boyfriend: 29 Tips To Remember

Putting on a condom seems simple enough. You roll it down, pinch the tip and you’re done! However, there are quite a few other things you’ll need to keep in mind to make sure that you’re using this method of contraception correctly. 

Using A Condom Correctly

Although condoms are 98% effective, you need to keep in mind that this number only applies if they are used correctly. Some people believe that you should unroll the condom before putting it on, for example. Storage also plays a crucial role in whether or not the condom will break. 

It doesn’t matter whether you had abstinence-only sex ed or simply haven’t used one in a while, it’s important to get a refresher if you’re out of practice. Make sure that you consider these tips to help prevent both STIs and pregnancy as much as possible.

1. Check the expiration date

Condoms can and do expire. The longer it’s been sitting on your closet shelf, the less effective it will be. Condoms that are expired are more likely to break. Over time, they aren’t as lubricated as they once were, either. This can make sex less pleasurable for both of you. Pull out your condom stash and check it every couple of weeks to make sure that you don’t find out at the last minute. 

Most condoms have an expiration date printed on the package. If it’s not on the individual condom, the expiration date or manufacturing date should be on the box. 

Generally, condoms made from latex have a shelf life of five years. Condoms that have spermicide, including condoms made from latex, will last about three years. Lambskin condoms will also last about three years. 

Condoms start to slowly break down after their expiration date. This makes them less effective at preventing both STIs and pregnancy. They’re more likely to break while you’re in the middle of sex, too. Double-checking is always a great idea. 

Even if your condoms haven’t reached the expiration date, avoid using them if they feel dry or sticky. Sometimes, condoms go bad before they’ve expired.

2. Proper condom storage

If you’re wondering how to store a condom, you’re not alone. A closet or nightstand drawer is ideal. It keeps the condom away from heat, which can break down latex condoms over time. 

This is why long storage in a purse (where there can be friction from the condom rubbing against things) or a wallet (where there is more heat) is not ideal. Condoms can be stored in a purse or wallet for one night, but not long-term. 

Take a quick look at the other items you’re storing around your condoms too. You don’t want to accidentally puncture the condom because it’s in a drawer with a safety pin. This is especially important if you use condoms during sex to prevent pregnancy.

3. Always have a spare condom

You want to make sure that you always have more than one condom. For example, my daughter couldn’t find the one condom she had left. Now I have a grandson. This is also a great idea in case the condom breaks. You can easily reach into the drawer and grab a new condom. 

Nothing kills the mood quicker than having to run to the gas station to buy more condoms. After that, you might get the pleasure back or you might not feel like having sex. If you were feeling hot and bothered before, you’ll have to start all over.

4. Rip the package open carefully with your fingers

If you can’t open the condom with your fingers, don’t grab scissors. This isn’t the time to be sexy and rip it open with your teeth. You want to be careful to avoid ripping the condom. 

Instead, rip open the package across the top. If you simply cannot seem to get it open, grab a new condom. Don’t waste too much time fumbling with one condom. If you do, his penis can lose its erection. Instead, you want to keep him focused on sex while you put on a condom.

5. Make sure the condom isn’t inside out

Sometimes, companies mess things up. Other times, it’s simply the way that you’re holding the condoms. I have opened a condom before and realized that it was inside out. Don’t unroll it and try to re-roll it to use it. Instead, toss it and grab another condom out of the drawer. This is what a condom is supposed to look like when you take it out of the package.

6. Don’t do this with cold hands

There is nothing sexy about cold hands. In fact, they can kill the mood pretty quickly. Take a minute to warm your hands up first. Giving your partner a back rub is a sexy way to do this. 

Keep in mind that most guys lose their erection when they get a random blast of cold on their penis, quickly killing the pleasure for them. This also can kill their erection. You want his penis to be at the full mast or the condom won’t go on right.

7. Always pinch the tip

When using a condom on a penis, it’s important that you always lightly pinch the tip. There will be a little nub at the end of the condom. When you pinch the tip with your thumb and index finger, it creates a little pocket for the semen to go into. If you don’t, it can make it more likely that the condom will break. Things can also get a little messy. 

Some condoms come with a little reservoir that is already there. You still need to pinch the tip. It can also help eliminate trapped air, which can make the condom break.

8. Put the condom on the head of his penis first

put the condom on the head of his penis first

Don’t unroll condoms before putting them on. Instead, make sure that there is a little pocket for the semen. Then, place the ring of the condom on the head of the penis. You’ll want to hold the condom in place as you do the next step.

9. Unroll the condom

Then, slowly unroll the condom over the shaft of the penis. It should cover the penis fine. If the condom doesn’t unroll properly, check to see if it was inside out. 

As you unroll the condom, you still need to lightly pinch the tip of the condom. Make sure that you’re careful to only pinch the tip of the condom. You don’t want to accidentally pinch your partner. You need to simultaneously unroll the condom while holding on to the tip of the condom to make sure that you have that little reservoir for semen. 

If you don’t pinch the tip of the condom while unrolling, it can mean the condom is more likely to break. To unroll it, simply push the rolled-up part up the shaft of his penis.

10. Use proper lube

If your condom breaks, it can be because of the lube that you’re using. You want to make sure that you use a latex-friendly product if you’re using latex condoms. That means no oil-based products, such as baby oil. Petroleum jelly and Vaseline are also oil-based. These can cause tiny rips in the condom that let sperm get through without the condom breaking. 

If you’re having a hard time determining which lube to use, head to your local drugstore. In the section that has condoms, they should have lube. Most companies that make condoms, such as Trojan, also make lubricant products that will work well with their condoms. 

If you’re online shopping, simply look up water-based lube. You can safely use any water-based lube with latex condoms.

11. Use lube after you put on the condom

After you put on the condom, then you use lube. Don’t use lube before condoms. Instead, put a few drops of lube in your hand. Remember that a little bit goes a long way. Then, slowly start stroking his penis to make sure that it’s properly coated in lubricant. Not only will this give you plenty of lube, but it’s also unbelievably sexy

Some guys struggle with their penis staying erect while putting on condoms. It might start out fully erect, and then slowly start to get softer as you put the condom on. You can’t have sex like that, so you need to make sure that you immediately get him back in the mood so that you two can have sex. Stroking his penis is the perfect way to do that.

12. Hold the condom at the base when taking it off

If you’ve never taken a condom off after sex before, it’s important to know-how. You don’t roll the condom down the shaft the same way that you roll the condom up the shaft. Instead, you hold the condom at the base and then pull it off, closing the opening of the condom as you do so. Hold it tightly. This will prevent cum from spilling out. 

If you just so happen to be a guy reading this, consider practicing over the shower ledge. If anything spills out, you can simply rinse it down the drain. When you’re inexperienced, heading to the bathroom after sex can give you a little bit of privacy.

13. Consider pre-lubricated condoms

If you want to use a condom during sex without worrying about lube, consider picking up a condom that comes lubricated. Most major companies that produce condoms have several varieties available.

14. Always put on a condom before penetration

There is semen in pre cum. That means that even if your partner does not fully ejaculate, you can still get pregnant. Use a condom during any stage of sex to help prevent pregnancy and STIs. That means don’t let him slide his penis in for a few seconds before you use a condom.

15. Avoid baby oil massages as foreplay

Massages are a great way to keep things romantic in the bedroom. It’s always fun to add new things to your sex life. However, if you have oil on your hands and use a condom, the oil will then get on the condom. This can break down the latex, and make the condom break during sex.

16. Throw away used condoms in the trash

throw away used condoms in the trash

I used to flush them down the toilet when my kids were young. There was zero chance that my toddler was going to fish one out. No one asked questions about what it was. It seemed like a great way to keep the FWB that came over after their bedtime a secret. 

It was a great idea in the beginning. That is until it clogged the pipes. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you throw latex condoms away in the trash after sex. If you’re worried about a child finding it like I was, throw it away and then take out the trash. Or you can tie up the trash bag and throw it in the kitchen trash.

17. Don’t use condoms a second time

Once you have used a condom, you need to throw it away. This applies to both a female condom and a male condom. They should never be used more than once. Instead, use a new condom every time you have sex. This also applies if you have sex multiple times in one night.

18. Practice using a condom properly

Using a condom improperly can be similar to having unprotected sex. Take the time to practice. If you’re a female, pick up a banana or cucumber to practice on. You can also practice on sex toys to make sure that you’ve got it down before doing the real thing. Put a condom on a dildo for practice that is close to the real experience of putting on a condom before sex.

19. Make it a part of foreplay

Condoms aren’t sexy. It’s part of the reason that people choose other methods of birth control. However, you can make them sexy. There are several different ways that you can make putting on a condom as hot as sex itself. 

Talk dirty while you roll the condom along his shaft. After you roll out the condom, take things slow and gently stroke his entire genital area. Slide your middle finger in a line up the shaft of his penis and down his balls. Doing this slowly and sensually will drive him wild. As you unwrap the condom, talk dirty to him. Ask him what he wants to do to you.

20. Use your mouth to put it on

Going hands-free is always a huge turn-on for guys. Instead of putting it on the traditional way, make it sexy. To put on a condom hands-free, you’ll need to practice first. Before trying it on your man during sex, put on a condom with your mouth and use a piece of fruit. 

You want to hold the condom carefully in your mouth with your lips pursed. This is how you get it on the tip of his penis. If your lips are dry, consider putting a dab of lubricant on your lips first. Then, after the condom is on the tip, slowly open your mouth to unroll it with your teeth. 

Simply make sure that the rolled part is in front of your teeth. Then, the condom will slowly roll over his penis as you slide your mouth down the shaft. Be careful not to rip the condom when using your teeth. If you run into trouble with that as you roll the condom over his shaft, remember to stop and grab a new one if it rips.

21. Rub your lady parts as you watch him put it on

Sometimes, there is an awkward moment of silence in the bedroom when it’s time to roll on the condom. It creates tension. Masturbate while he’s putting on the condom. Tell him how sexy it looks. The more tension there is, the less he’s going to be in the mood for sex.

22. Putting on the condom together

You can turn this into a two-person job to make it part of foreplay. There is nothing sexier than visual things to a man. Watching your hand roll on the condom will drive him wild. He can pinch the tip while you unroll it. Then, use your one hand that isn’t helping to put on a condom to gently squeeze his balls. 

You can also use that one hand to stroke his penis as you unroll the condom. When you make safe sex a part of foreplay, it’s instantly more enjoyable for both of you.

23. Do it during a 69

During foreplay, tell him you want to do a 69. Make sure that you’re within easy reach of the condoms. Then, while performing oral sex on him, reach beside yourself to grab a condom and rip it open. Put it on, and take control by rolling him onto his back and getting on top. 

It’s going to be so sexy he won’t even care that he’s wearing a condom. Guys love it when you push them onto the bed.

24. Don’t slow down the tempo too much

dont slow down the tempo too much

Guys need constant stimulation to keep their erection. That is why it’s important for your sex life to put a condom on quickly and be sexy about it. One way or another, you need to keep the mood going. 

If he’s going to put a condom on, give him something sexy to look at. If you’re going to put a condom on him, keep it sexy. Use the tips in this article to make sure that he stays in the mood. Knowing your partner’s body is key to keeping the mood hot and heavy.

25. Kiss him at the same time

After you have a bit of experience under your belt, you won’t have to constantly watch yourself put the condom on him. Instead, lick and kiss across his neck or chest while you slowly unroll the condom. 

If you’re a bit uncomfortable doing this, you can lick and kiss a bit lower. For example, suck on his balls a little bit while you slowly put on the condom. You can kiss any of his pleasure zones to keep things hot while putting on a condom.

26. Try thinner condoms

Thicker latex condoms can reduce sensation a little bit. For some men, this means that it really doesn’t feel as well when they use a condom. It can lead to dissatisfying sex for him. 

Thin condoms are designed to give him maximum pleasure. When he gets the pleasure he needs, he won’t have a problem keeping you satisfied.

27. Don’t be shy about talking about condoms

When you first enter into a relationship you need to talk about sex. It’s important that both of you are sexually compatible. You’ll need to make sure that you both agree to safe sex too. 

It’s common for couples to talk about what birth control method to use, so this doesn’t have to be awkward. Bring up that you’re not prepared for pregnancy. Then, ask him what he would like to do to prevent pregnancy. 

This can open the door for a conversation about condoms. Most couples stop talking about condoms then, though. That’s a big mistake. Instead, you want to keep the conversation going. Don’t ask him to talk about things in the middle of the deed. 

Instead, follow up on new moves by asking him about them later or the next day. If you put a condom on with your mouth, ask him if he liked it. When your man complains about it killing the mood and you use your free hand to cup his balls, ask him if that helped. 

You need some feedback to put a condom on in the sexiest way possible for your boyfriend, and some men are shy about giving it without you asking first.

28. Unwrap the condom beforehand

If you’re eroticizing condom use as a birth control method, make sure that you’ve got it unwrapped and ready to go. Often, the break-in foreplay can make a man lose his erection. If you randomly pause it also gives him time to stress about pleasing you or for performance anxiety to creep into his mind. You don’t want to let that happen.

29. Consider using toys

Toys, like a vibrating penis ring, can keep the sensation going while you slide on the condom. If you do this, you need to make sure that toys are on the outside of the condom. Putting on the condom can take a bit more time, but it’s well worth it if it’s more pleasurable for your man. Keep in mind that this also depends on whether your partner is comfortable using toys. 

In Conclusion

There are quite a few things you need to remember about safe sex, and using condoms. What are some sexy ways that you incorporate condoms in the bedroom?

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