How To Outsmart A Romance Scammer (Top 11 Things To Look Out For)

If you are dating on social media or online dating sites, it’s important that you know how to outsmart a romance scammer! The last thing you want is to get into online dating scams where you might lose money or your heart to a scammer. They often get online to pretend to start a relationship and build trust with that person when really all they are after is identity or money.

Have you been the victim of romance scammers in the past? Are you wondering if the person you are dating is really a scammer? In this blog post, we are going to aim to educate you on what to look for in a romance fraudster and each red flag you should be aware of. Are you ready to learn more about how to protect your love life from fraud? Let’s get started!

What Is A Romance Scammer?

In 2019, it was reported that people lost over $201 Million to romance scammers! This means this is a pretty important topic to understand; wouldn’t you agree? How can you avoid being the victim of a romance scam? Let’s first discuss what a romance scammer really is. 

Romance scammers meet their victims on dating sites or social media, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat. They get the victims to fall in love, and then they steal their identity, money, or some other intrinsic reward as part of the scams they are using. They get their victims to fall in love with them by acting like a love interest!

What Romance Scammers Say And Do To Trick You

1. They may say they are members of the military

A scammer may claim to be a part of the military to get his or her victim to send them money to help finance their admirable ambitions (so they claim). Be cautious when someone claims to be a part of the military to gain sympathy. We do have to feel for our military members, but we should not send them money if we do not know them.

2. They may claim to be a part of a health organization

Many scams involve the health industry; scammers claim to be doctors or nurses and ask for money to help them with their careers. If you are talking to someone on a dating site, be wary of scammers who claim to be doctors, nurses, or other health professions.

3. They ask for money to travel

they ask for money to travel

Often, a romance scammer will ask for money to finance his or her travel expenses. For example, a man may talk to a woman online for an extended period of time to build trust. Then, he will say that he’s in love and wants money to travel to visit her. Don’t send someone you don’t know money for travel expenses because it may be a scam.

4. They ask for help in paying off their gambling debt

With this scam, a person claims that they have extensive gambling debt that needs to be paid off before they get in trouble with loan sharks or ruin their credit. The scam shows you that you should not send financial support to someone who claims to have gambling debt!

5. They may try to get money for health reasons

My heart does go out to people who have health problems because I know they are suffering. This is part of the reason that these scammers are able to get money out of you; they know that you will send money to them to help with their health issues. Be very cautious of anyone asking for money online because he or she may be a scammer.

6. They claim to be members of a royal family

This scam is pretty old, but many people do still fall for it. Who wouldn’t love to fall in love with a member of the royal family and become a prince or princess one day? The victim, in this case, believes that his or her love interest is royalty and asks you to send your financial details so that they can wire money to you. Don’t give this out!

7. They may ask for gift cards to use for specific reasons

It is tempting to trust a scammer and send money to them via a gift card because it’s so convenient and easy to do! Most Americans have an Amazon account that they find to be very handy, so reloading a gift card for a love interest doesn’t seem like that big of a deal when really the scammer is after your money. Watch out for this one!

8. They may ask their victims to wire them money

they may ask their victims to wire them money

As mentioned, many scammers are able to convince their partners that they are in a dating relationship and need money for one reason or another. If you enjoy online dating, watch out for a romance scam where someone asks you to wire them money because they could be a fraud operating with a clever scam.

9. They may ask for money to help them support their children

There have been reports of people being on online dating sites who claim they are in love with the victim and need money for child support or other aspects involved in having a relationship with a person. Online dating scams are at an all-time high right now, so keep your guard up to make sure you don’t become a victim.

10. They might say they need money for moving expenses

Are you talking to someone with a romance scam who is asking for money to pay for moving expenses so that they can move to be closer to you? Be sure to meet someone before sending them money to come and live with or near you!

11. They claim to be in love with their victims

they claim to be in love with their victims

Most romance scams involve love – usually, the victim feels some kind of love for the scammer. Just remember that these people are pros and know how to prey on the weak. This is not to say you are stupid or weak in other areas of life; instead, you just have a big heart, and a romance scam is perfect for you. The fraud knows this!

How To Outsmart A Romance Scammer

Remember that romance scams involve clever scammers who know exactly what to say and do to win you over. Keep your dating profile private, so someone doesn’t scam you out of your financial or private information! Create a profile that shows who you are without the details. This way, you can keep your personal information private until you really trust the person.

If you have the picture of someone you believe to be running multiple online dating scams, be sure that you do a reverse search on their image to see if they are really in love with you or just have multiple profiles online. People who are scamming often talk to multiple people at the same time to get the most bang for their buck! Be careful with someone like that!

If you suspect you are talking to a romance scammer, make sure you quit talking to them and delete your contact information from any website you share with this individual. If your friends and family members think you are falling for a trap, listen to their advice. Their wisdom may just save you time and money – not to mention the heartache you feel after falling for a scam!

Report anyone you believe to be a part of romance scams, so they do not do the same thing to other individuals! You don’t want what happened to you to happen to someone else, right? Help protect them by reporting this person to the authorities! If you’ve given out your financial details, call your credit card companies or bank to close your accounts or get a new card right away.

You can also report this person to the Federal Trade Commission! You should protect others from this scammer by sending out reports of their fraudulent actions right away!


How can you tell a romance scammer?

Romance scams usually involve feelings of love and requests for financial support. If you suspect you are in an online romance with a scam artist, be sure to get the details from this person. Can you verify THEIR bank account details to see if they are legit?

Do romance scammers video call?

Many do not because they don’t want to show someone who they really are. They claim that they do not have the money for a web camera when really they have all of the technology they need to pull off the scam they are running.

How can you spot a scammer on a dating site?

Take a close look at their dating profile because scammers often put keywords in their dating profiles so that their potential partners will find them easily. Their profiles may be well-worded and almost phony so watch the language they use.

What can a scammer do with my phone number?

They can sell your phone number to soliciting companies and call you non-stop. You do not want this; most dating websites require you to enter your phone number as part of your dating profile but make sure this information stays private.

How do you know if your sugar daddy is scamming you?

He will ask for financial support; he may even request that you send him money to help him out with his everyday expenses. Romance scams involve all kinds of phony behavior, so look out when you get into an online romance.


What is your opinion of romance scams? What kind of romance scams have you fallen for? Do you believe that a person deserves to be scammed if they are not smart enough to recognize it? These people are clever, so don’t underestimate anyone!

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