How To Not Bother Your Boyfriend (13 Ways To Avoid Bothering Your Busy Boyfriend)

It’s heartbreaking to know that the things you do or say make your boyfriend irritated. No one wants to be in a relationship where they have to censor their words or not be themselves. However, you have to understand that when two people come together, there’s bound to be friction.

Being too caring or present can actually end up ruining your relationship. Especially if you don’t know how to balance everything to suit your partner’s lifestyle and schedule. That’s because if you’re all over the place and always in his face out of fear of losing him, it might tick him off. 

Your relationship requires a certain recipe to make it work. If you put too much sauce where it’s not needed, it may blow up in your face. Before you start to worry again, kindly take deep breaths at this point. The important thing is that you have realized that your actions are either irritating or bothering your busy boyfriend. 

I will give you some tips on how to take a step back, take control of the situation, and hopefully turn the tide in your relationship. So, if you want to avoid bothering your busy boyfriend and get back the love, respect, and affection you’re used to, keep reading this. 

13 Ways To Avoid Bothering Your Busy Boyfriend

1. Look inwards

Self-awareness is so important in any relationship, especially when you have a busy boyfriend. Just put yourself in his shoes, whatever you wouldn’t want him to do to you, don’t do that as well. However, we also have to remember that you and this guy are different. Your busy boyfriend may not be able to tolerate what you can. 

That’s where being self-aware comes in, what are the things you do that people complain about? Once you start taking responsibility for your actions, there’ll be fewer chances of ticking your boyfriend off. It could be anything from calling too much, being insensitive, checking up on him too much, or the likes.

2. Listen to him

As women, we always like to be on top of situations. We want to control conversations, take over their schedules, and dictate their actions. It may be time to step back and just listen to your busy boyfriend. If you’re always taking the reins, that won’t allow you to hear him out. When he’s talking about hanging out with the guys or getting more work done, don’t interrupt him. 

Let him finish his statements before you give your response. If you can get your communication right, the problem is half-solved.

3. Don’t nag

If there’s one thing your busy boyfriend may not like, it’s the nagging. This word may be offensive to many ladies because we want to believe that all our opinions are valid. However, you have to understand that your boyfriend does not process information as you do. 

If he has already told you he’ll be attending a late work meeting or even playing video games with the guys, accept that. Choose your battles so he doesn’t start avoiding having any conversation with you.

4. Give him space

Spending time with your busy boyfriend is essential, but so is his work. You have to consider your boyfriend's schedule when making plans. Don’t just think about yourself so you don’t come off as being selfish. Step back a little and give him space

Stop sending pictures or texts to him when he’s at work. Especially if he doesn’t respond positively or has already complained about that. It’s the little things you count as nothing that may be ticking him off the most.

5. Be objective

If you have a boyfriend that’s very busy, that already means both of you won’t spend as much time together. At this point, there’s no need to try and complicate the situation. Look at your relationship objectively, and figure out when it’s a bad time to do something. 

For example, avoid bothering him at work, or even when he decides to spend his free time with friends rather than you.

6. Don’t act superior or better than him

dont act superior or better than him

If there’s anything that annoys men, it’s the ladies in their lives constantly acting better than them. You may not know it, but always telling him what to do does not translate into confidence. So, avoid bothering him with speeches on how to do things better or how to be a better boyfriend. He needs a partner, not a teacher or a mother.

7. Ask him what annoys him most

It’s important to find out the things that set your boyfriend off the most. That’s because you can’t change everything about yourself all at once. Some of the things that tick him off are probably part of your personality. The truth is, your partner may be able to compromise on a few shortcomings, expecting you to change completely would be unrealistic. 

That’s why you should ask what ticks him off the most. Is it the incessant calls, your bossy behavior, you’re over-caring attitude, or even the way you show affection? That way, you’ll know what you’re doing wrong and the things you can change.

8. Apologize when necessary

When you have ticked off your busy boyfriend, it’s not time to stay on your high horse. A little apology could go a long way. Saying sorry when your partner points out something you did that displeased him is important. An empathetic talk and apology would cool his temper down and make him less offended by your actions.

9. Cut down your expectations

Don’t get annoyed when it seems that your busy boyfriend no longer has time to have fun. He may be at work wishing for a big break as well. At this point, he needs you to avoid bothering him. 

Just let him figure out how to balance work and this relationship objectively and fairly. Without your interference, your boyfriend may figure out how to spend time without compromising his work schedule.

10. Get rid of triggers

What are the things that make you frustrated the most? Is it when your busy boyfriend doesn’t answer your calls, or when he can’t spend time with you? 

Those are triggers that could make you act a bit off. Instead of getting mad about his ignoring you, calm down and take a break. Don’t leave any more calls or messages, that will just make you seem desperate. The more you call hoping to get a reply, the more frustrated you’ll become, and you’ll probably tick him off the more.

11. Distract yourself

When you have a busy boyfriend, you have to consider his schedule. He can’t always text, call or cater to you. So rather than spending the entire day trying to get his attention, distract yourself. There must be a ton of things you’d like to do, this is the time to learn to do them on your own. 

Take a walk, call up your friends and hang out, join an online class, anything that will refocus your attention. Plus, men love women who get more driven by the day, it’s a turn-on.

12. Think long before you react

think long before you react

Before you react to something your busy boyfriend says, doesn’t say, or doesn’t do, sit down and breathe. If you can, take a long walk and put things in perspective. While it’s important to spend time with your partner and bond, he may not always have the free time to talk or hang out. Think about things like that and give him the benefit of doubt. 

At this point, avoid bothering or badgering him instinctively and think before you talk. This way, you’ll avoid saying or doing things and regretting them later.

13. Try not to repeat your mistakes

No matter how many times you apologize to your busy boyfriend, if you keep doing the same things, it may just lead to a breakup. Take note of the things that rile him up and try to work on them.

If you can, get a close friend to monitor your progress. A friend or family member will be able to talk to you when you’re spiraling again. So, before you do any damage, there’s time to calm down, read over this list again, and avoid ticking your partner off. 


How do you stop being annoying in a relationship?

No one likes an annoying partner, but there are some things you can do to keep yourself in check. First off, always watch your tone when you talk to your boyfriend. If you see nothing wrong with the things you say, consult with trusted friends and family. 

Ask them to let you know whenever you go overboard, then apply that to your relationship as well. The next major thing to do is to stop and think and remember that not everything is about you. The moment you try to be objective about why the other partner is acting a certain way, your reaction won’t get them riled up as much. 

Is it normal to annoy your boyfriend?

It’s not abnormal for people to get riled up by their partner's actions in a relationship. Every now and then, you will do something that doesn’t quite sit well with your partner. He doesn’t have to be a toxic or unsympathetic person to feel annoyed. 

In other words, it’s not only toxic relationships that suffer annoyance. A perfectly healthy relationship can have one or even both parties crossing the set boundaries without meaning any harm. 

Why do I annoy my boyfriend so much?

Here’s the thing, human beings are prone to get irritated by each other. You could spend a minute to ten days with someone, and the differences in both of you cause tension. You and your boyfriend are different, so annoyance is bound to happen every now and then. Plus, if your partner is more sensitive than you are, a lot of the things you do will displease him. 

How do I not focus on my boyfriend?

The more you try not to think of a person, the more likely you are to think of them. So, stop trying to not think of him. Rather focus on activities that will naturally distract you. If you love cooking, hiking, solving puzzles, and the rest, spend your time doing more of that. 

Also, it's time to hang out with your friends more often. When you’re busy having fun, there’s less time to focus on your boyfriend. 

How do I make him realize my worth?

A man will not realize your worth if you keep being a pushover. That’s why it’s important to strike a balance whenever you compromise. You can’t accept everything he tells you, especially when they come with ultimatums. Stand your ground when necessary, he’ll respect your guts and confidence. 

Also, don’t spend too much time with him, go out with friends, colleagues, and family and get busy. That gives him the opportunity to miss, and therefore cherish you more. Finally, you have to realize your own self-worth. If you don’t love yourself, people around you can tell. So love and believe in yourself first, he’ll see that and love you more. 


I hope you enjoyed reading this article. I believe you have taken the most important step by realizing that there’s a problem in the first place. If you follow these tips, you’ll give your boyfriend the breather he needs to love and appreciate you the more. 

Remember, look inwards first, when you can change the way you see and love yourself, that will change the dynamics of your relationship as well. 

Have an opinion to chip in? Feel free to leave a comment in the section below and share this article with others. Cheers. 


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