23+ Tips On How To Meet A Successful Man (Your Step-By-Step Guide To Bagging Mr. Right)

I was having drinks with a good friend last week, and she said to me: 

“Sarah, why can’t I find a successful man? All the guys I date, want one thing, or they don’t have a job.” 

It got me thinking. 

My friend is an intelligent, super-sexy woman who runs her own business. She has a ton of good friends, both male, and female, and she maintains good relationships with her family. 

So why is she finding it so hard to meet someone successful? I asked her what kind of things she did to meet successful guys, and she said: 

“Oh the usual, I have a dating profile and I hang out in bars with my girlfriends.”

It occurred to me that my dearest friend wasn’t meeting a successful man because she wasn’t actively putting herself in a position to meet one. 

How Do You Meet A Successful Man? 

Let’s put it this way. Certain factors allow romance to flourish. These are called the Laws of Attraction.

1. Exposure and familiarity

Generally speaking, we become attracted to people that we are exposed to regularly. We become familiar with them. We have the chance to get to know them better. 

This is why a lot of relationships start at college or at work. It is the constant exposure that allows us insight into a person.

2. Physical Attraction

physical attraction

No matter what anyone says, physical attraction is significant. After all, you cannot fall in love with someone you find physically repulsive. 

The other important factor is that we tend to fall for those people within our ‘attractiveness levels’. So, on a scale of 1 – 10, if I am a 5, I’ll fall in love with another 5. 

3. Competence and warmth

Most people list ‘competence and warmth’ as the two personality traits they consider to be the most attractive. 

When I say competent, what I mean is socially skilled and intelligent. Warm people refer to kindness. 

4. Proximity 

Long-distance relationships are not only difficult to maintain but rarely work out in the long term. There are many advantages to falling in love with someone who lives close by. 

5. Similarity

We like people who are like us. We gravitate to those who share our views, whether these are religious, political, or personal. It validates who we are. We find it easier to communicate with someone who is like us. They understand us, they speak our language, and they get us. 

Now, can the laws of attraction give us tips on meeting a successful man?

These men are out there, the problem is, many are already snagged, and by women like you. But you can find Mr. Right if you look in the right places.

So let’s start with the obvious question that many women forget to ask about a successful man.  

What Does A Successful Man Want In A Woman?

If you don’t know what successful men are looking for, then how can you project yourself in the best possible light? Now, this isn’t about showcasing a false persona. Nor is it about radically changing your appearance or personality. 

This is about understanding the needs and wants of a successful man and capitalizing on that knowledge.

Think of yourself as a salesperson, but the thing you are selling is yourself. You need to present yourself in the best light. So knowing what the ‘customer’ is looking for puts you at an advantage

1. A successful man wants a successful woman

Successful men have achieved the best in life. They have worked hard to get the best house, car, career, and clothes. Do you think they are now going to settle for a second-rate girlfriend? 

Of course not. Successful men are surrounded by the trappings of success, which in turn, represent their character, their image, and their reputation. 

Men are competitive creatures who are programmed to win the best prize. You have to be that prize. 

A successful guy is therefore drawn to a woman who takes care of her appearance. She is an attractive woman with a good physique. But this is the 21-century. These days, successful guys are not just looking for pretty arm candy. 

In the past, it was common for men to earn more money and have a higher social standing than women. In cases where men earn more money, they would choose young, attractive women as their partners.  

Nowadays, the situation is different. Men and women are not only earning equal pay but sharing similar management roles in society. This means that men are looking for more than just looks in a woman. 

Research shows that when men and women share equal social standing, men find intellect, kindness, a sense of humor, and good manners attractive. Remember the laws of attraction? Competence and warmth are important to men. 

So don’t think that you have to get your boobs enlarged and your lips plumped so that you can start dating a successful man. It is more likely they will be put off by your generic Barbie Doll look and find someone they can have an actual conversation with. 

2. Don’t chase, put yourself there to be chased

don't chase, put yourself there to be chased

Men are hunters, not the hunted. Yes, I know we are not living in caves anymore, but if you think a guy finds being chased attractive, you are out of your mind. 

Remember that prize I was telling you about? Men find value in things they have to work hard for. The harder they have to work, the more they want the prize. 

But this is a conundrum, right? You want to meet a successful man but what I’m saying is that you can’t meet him? No, that’s not it. 

You make sure that you are presented in your best light, and then you strategically place yourself where a successful man has access to you. You let the guy come to you. He does all the work.

This is all about being the beautiful, attractive, intelligent, witty person I know you are, in the places where successful men hang out. All you have to do is be there and make sure you are being seen

One thing to remember while you are hanging out where the successful guys are; men can sense desperation. They will spot the signs of a gold-digger a mile off. 

Don’t do things like go into a bar with a large group of girls, get drunk and start fishing for men. Don’t wear revealing clothes or too much makeup. Don’t be too loud or make a scene. 

If you are going out, just take a couple of girlfriends and have fun. Get busy enjoying yourself with your friends. Don’t go looking for a husband.

3. Where does a successful man live?

So, where are the best places to meet all these men? How do you find them, and how do you meet them? 

4. Successful men by area

You want to go somewhere where you’ll become a familiar fixture to successful men. If you are willing to move, then you are in luck, because a research firm has already pinpointed the top places where successful men like to live. 

You should look out for coastal locations, big cities, and large metropolitan areas. 

5. Best places to meet a successful man

  • San Francisco Bay 
  • Florida
  • New York
  • Washington
  • Dallas
  • Anchorage
  • Boston
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Minneapolis

6. Industries where successful men work

When you look at the life story of successful men, they earn their fortunes in a variety of different ways, but, the same industries crop up again and again:

  • Tech companies
  • Oil
  • Wineries
  • Grocery stores
  • Candy stores
  • Banks
  • Investment firms
  • Chemical manufacturing

Now you know where successful guys live and where they work, my next tips are:

7. Infiltrate their domain

You have to place yourself close to your target and remain there so that you are seen on multiple occasions. This means getting access to all the places where successful men hang out. This is the exposure I was talking about earlier. You can do this in several ways.

8. Move to their neighborhood

It is unlikely you are going to be able to afford a mansion in an exclusive gated community. However, you can find a town somewhere near where successful men reside.

If you don’t mind living in a small space, then rent a studio flat as close as you can to the exclusive areas. Or, at least get within driving distance. 

Living near a successful man allows you to mingle in his life. You’ll now be shopping in the same grocery stores like them, going to the same coffee shops, walking your dog in the same park, jogging the same streets, etc. 

They will see your face all the time in the same place, you will be in their life and soon you can use this to strike up a conversation

Where To Find A Successful Man

1. Designer stores

There is no use moving to a different neighborhood if you are still insisting on shopping at Walmart. I’m not saying buy all your clothes from now on at designer stores such as Ralph Lauren or Armani, but there’s no stopping you from browsing in these places. 

2. Art galleries and museums

Spend the weekend indulging your passion for art, science, and culture. What passion did I hear you say? The new one you’ve just acquired. 

Successful men want partners who can join them in conversation. If your face looks blank when they bring up Caravaggio or the Higgs Boson particle experiment, they’ll move on.

3. At work

at work

When I talk about exposure and familiarity, you can’t get better exposure than at places of work. There are still many people that find their partners through employment. After all, we spend at least 8 hours a day working.

Successful men are the ones spending 60 – 80 hours at work. So you are ticking a lot of boxes if you work together. You share the same interests, you are in proximity with one another, and you have that exposure. 

I would, however, not recommend a job where you have to wear a uniform. It creates a psychological barrier that is hard to break. 

4. Upmarket bars and restaurants

If you want to meet someone then get off that dating app and find out where the upscale bars are in your area. Look for 5-star hotels or rooftop bars where the rich hang out. You’ll have more success if you go with a couple of girlfriends to these places. 

5. Charity events

Charity events are good places to show your warm and caring side and look for husband material. Many of these are big-ticket events, but you can get in by volunteering or working the bar. 

Another way to introduce yourself to a successful man is to organize a charity event yourself. If there is a charitable cause you are passionate about why not try and raise money for it? 

6. Sporting events

Successful men love sports. You’ll find guys that work hard want to play hard. I’m talking about elite sports such as golf, motor racing, skiing, sailing regattas, horse racing events, and tennis.

A good way to meet your future husband is to take golf or tennis lessons, so you are positioned around the clubs or shops when they are. Play on the courts or courses so that you get seen. You want more exposure and proximity remember? 

You’ll also be getting familiar with their world. You’re becoming more like them, and we like those who are similar to us. 

What To Wear To Attract A Successful Man

So you’ve found the hangouts of successful men, you’re in the right frame of mind, and you know what they want. Now you are ready to go out and meet them. But first, you have to look the part. 

It can be tempting to look overly sexy, but remember, you want to blend into his world, for that you’ll need to dress appropriately. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but you will need some quality clothes. 

Think classic, sophisticated, and sexy. Invest in a few high-end quality items that you can mix and match with your wardrobe. 

1. Tailoring

Smart, tailored trousers in quality material show off the curves of your butt without revealing any flesh. A tailored pencil skirt changes the way you walk into a sexy wiggle that men find irresistible. It also highlights your hips. 

You can team them with high heels for a super sexy look. 

2. Designer handbags

Find a second-hand designer handbag such as Hermes, Mulberry, Louis Vuitton, something that is instantly recognizable but not too ostentatious

3. Jewelry 

Buy a pair of diamante stud earrings or a simple Swarovski crystal bracelet 

but wear them all the time as if they are diamonds.

4. Anything red

anything red

Red is the color of passion and signifies you are ready for sex. A dash of red lipstick will instantly draw attention to you. A red dress will make you stand out from the crowd, in a good way. 

5. Professional blow-dry

Sugar baby and sugar daddy online dating site SeekingArrangement.com conducted a survey amongst its male members. It wanted to find out the five things a successful man finds attractive in women. 

Fifth on the list was hair. Men were put off by unkempt or untidy hair. Successful guys are also not fans of unnaturally colored hair. So save the pink or green for Halloween. 

6. Ditch the tanning booth

In the past, tanning was a sign of wealth, as only the rich could afford to visit expensive sunny resorts. Now it is associated with fake tan and Z-list reality celebrities. A little tan goes a long way. 

7. Natural makeup

Makeup should always be used to accentuate your features and disguise any negative ones. You shouldn’t know a person is wearing makeup. So a dab of mascara to open up the eyes, some nude lip-gloss to freshen and plump the lips and concealer to even out your complexion is enough. 

How To Conduct Yourself Around A Successful Man

1. Show good breeding

It’s not just about looking the part, it’s about acting the part. It’s no good looking like a sophisticated Sophia Loren and then cussing out the water for bringing you the wrong entrée. 

Good manners, being polite, saying please and thank you, learning the names of the doorman, the coat-check girl, all these things get noticed. And not just by a successful man. They create warmth around you. Remember the importance of warmth and kindness in the laws of attraction? 

2. Work on your posture

work on your posture

Be aware of your posture. Slumping over at the bar is not a sign of grace and elegance. The way you carry yourself says a lot about your confidence and self-esteem. It shows you have good manners and social etiquette. 

3. Brush up on current and cultural affairs

Back to that survey, the number one most important quality for a successful man was communication. Although men prefer verbal communication to text or email, spelling and grammar errors are absolute deal-breakers. 

And ditch text abbreviations. You are not a teenager. 

You should be able to hold a decent conversation regarding a wide range of topics. At the very least, be up to date on current affairs. 


What is the best way to meet a good man?

Best places to meet include fundraising events or your local charity. Paid online dating sites where guys sign up for a monthly subscription indicate serious intent to find romance. Or why not indulge your passions and you may find your soulmate along the way.  

How do you attract a busy man?

Make yourself more important and worthy of his time. Do this by looking stunning and gorgeous. Have fun and flirt with other guys, so he notices you. Become something that he wants so that he sets aside time for you.

Where do single guys hang out?

Single guys hang out everywhere, not just in bars! They walk their dogs, go running, read magazines at kiosks, go to museums and galleries.  They volunteer, they are at the laundromat, in the queue at the grocery store, browsing at the book/gaming shop, you name it, they are there.

How can you identify a good man?

Watch how he interacts with people. How does he treat his co-workers or employees? What is he like with family members and friends? Does he brush off commitments with them to spend time with you? Is he polite to servers? Is he a generous tipper? 

What happens if you never find love?

I prefer not to think this way. Listen, even death row prisoners get marriage proposals! I do know one thing, and that is you will never find love if you worry about it. My advice? Live and love your life and love will come along when you are least expecting. Why? Because we are drawn to happy people who are content with what they already have.  

In Conclusion

I hope you found my article useful. Remember, the laws of attraction matter here; exposure, attraction, warmth, proximity, and similarity. Now go find that successful man!

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