How To Make Your Relationship Strong (103 Ways To Have A Solid Bond)

Being in a relationship is quite exciting yet requires a lot of effort to make things flow smoothly. Relationships are bittersweet, which means it includes many ups and downs, and every couple faces them.

At the beginning of every relationship, love may be the foundation of a union, but it is not enough to keep your relationship healthy. Of course, having feelings for each other may be part of the necessities depending on the individuals involved. 

Couples experience high and low times when they’re together, especially when they’re in it for the long term. What matters is how well they can keep things healthy to work for each of them.

A healthy relationship requires a lot more than can be imagined to make it work. It takes continuous effort, acceptance, numerous sacrifices, the ability to change, and ways to stay committed, and how willing you are to remain with each other. You may have experienced a lot of many failed relationships in the past. 

But, whether you’re at the beginning phase or you’ve been together for a long time, you could start with the simplest things to make your relationship strong. Read 103 ways to understand how you can survive with your spouse in any kind of relationship.


103 Ways To Make Your relationship Strong

1. Be there for him

Couples that are there for each other make the best romantic relationship. To keep your relationship strong, be there for your partner. Give him attention and try to be available. It may not be so easy but make an effort to be there for him.

2. Laugh together

laugh together

Humour opens the heart and makes things more relaxed. So, share past funny events, silly childhood memories, a joke from family and friends, or laugh about the funny things in your immediate environment. Laughter goes a long way to make your relationship strong.

3. Always compliment your partner

Compliments gladden the heart. Tell your partner how good he looks in an outfit, with his new briefcase, a new haircut, or how classy his new wristwatch looks. Complimenting him would make him feel more special and could even make the rest of his day happy.

4. Discuss the details of your day

Letting your partner in on your day’s details and listening to him helps create a strong relationship. It doesn’t matter if you both had a good or bad day; sharing it will help relieve some stress and make a connection whether you meet physically or not.

5. Eat together

When couples eat together, they create a bond. Try to eat together as often as you can, no matter how busy your schedule could be. If it’s marriage, you get to know your partner’s food preference more, making it easier to build a healthy relationship.

6. Cook for him

One way you can show so much love and care to your partner is by cooking for him. It takes love, time, and patience to do this for anyone. So it will make him know how much you care about him, hence, make your relationship work even more.

7. Tell him the things you love about him

Men love it when you continuously tell them how much you love them. So tell your partner you love him. Say the magic words I love youto him. Some people feel it’s misused, but it’s good to express how you feel about him as often as possible.

8. Try silly things together

Doing crazy things together as a couple spices things up more than you can imagine. Depending on your personality, you could choose something silly to do, like dancing together in public to a song you both know, or cross-dressing and taking photos for memories.

9. Keep each other’s secrets

Learn to keep anything that happens between both of you private. If your partner confides in you, you should learn how to keep your discussions a secret. Except he permits you to share with other people, or needs help, and wants other people to be involved in it.

10. Keep your relationship off social media

The more private your relationship is, the better for you. Remember, your relationship is a personal thing, and nobody needs to know about it. You only need to tell your partner how you feel about him and not the whole world.

11. Build a healthy connection with his loved ones

When it comes to relationships, especially marriage, the focus is not only on your partner; it’s on his family members, other relatives, and friends, or any loved one he respects. You need to build a loving relationship with them, too, to keep your relationship on the right track.

12. Love yourself

To have a healthy relationship, you have to be okay with yourself before giving love to another person. You must learn how to take care of yourself, focus on the things you love, and reflect on the bad habits you need to correct to build a strong relationship.

13. Create boundaries

Everybody has the right to his/ her privacy in any relationship. You have the right to set boundaries or keep a part of your life you don’t want your partner to know about private. It will help him to be less paranoid or insecure about certain things. 

14. Concentrate on his strengths

Happy relationships are those with couples that focus on each other’s strengths. Emphasize the sweet things he does and how lucky you are to have him as your partner. It shows you pay attention to the things he does, and you appreciate his effort.

15. Have a ‘me’ time

Sometimes you need your personal space away from your partner. It helps both of you to reflect on your life as individuals and discover how to make things work better. ‘Me’ time also lets you focus on yourself, miss, and appreciate the moments you spend with your partner.

16. Travel together

travel together

Traveling together is fantastic. You get to try out new things together, take photos, laugh, reminisce, meet new people, and experience different cultures. It doesn’t have to be all the time; you could have vacations once in a while to create a stronger connection between you two.

17. Be intimate with each other

Intimacy is another thing that makes relationships grow. How often do you touch? You should put that into consideration. Getting intimate doesn’t only mean sex; there are other ways you could try, or you could even create a few that both you and your partner are comfortable doing. 

18. Give each other a massage

Massage is another form of physical touch that helps bring a couple closer. A good massage for your partner after a long day helps to create a stronger bond. Sometimes, massages naturally lead to more intimacy, including sex between couples; hence, a stronger relationship.

19. Cook together

Cooking at home is another fun activity that creates a connection between couples. It gives partners time to learn together, laugh about each other’s skills, and talk about little relaxing events. It doesn’t have to be all the time; it could be once in a while when you’re both free. Cooking time is bonding time.

20. Select each other’s outfits

Being as close to each other as selecting outfits is one of the tricks to make your relationship strong. So you could decide to choose what your partner wears for work the next day. It makes your connection with each other stronger.

21. Cuddle

A cuddle is a physical touch that lets you have a stronger connection with your spouse. It is relaxing, intimate, and requires minimal effort. Cuddling with your partner gives you some private time together, and it is one tip you need to keep your relationship strong. 

22. Advise each other

Listen to each other, focus and suggest positive ideas, and advise one another on what to do. Of course, your partner has the free will to make his own decisions, but sometimes, he may need some form of assurance from you. So, advise him and listen to his advice too.

23. See a movie together

It’s good to go out and have fun as a couple once in a while. Take some time out to go to the cinema and see a movie you both love together. Talk about it, reflect, or you could even play-act your favorite scenes of the film when you get home.

24. Don’t be too jealous

A little bit of jealousy in a marriage is not bad. But when it gets too much, it becomes unhealthy for both you and your partner. Focus on the positives and talk to your partner when you feel uncomfortable about something. It will make your relationship strong.

25. Be his best friend

It’s great to know you have a partner that has you back whenever you need them. You should be that partner. Don’t keep certain secrets from him and listen whenever he wants to talk. Let him know you’ll always be there for him. Play, make plans and fulfill them together.

26. Don’t forget your kisses

Every partner has a favorite kind of kiss he loves. Some may love forehead kisses, pecks on the cheeks, lips, while others would prefer lip kisses. Find your partner’s favorites and practice them on him. Couples that do this build tend to have a strong relationship.

27. Remain faithful and loyal

Nobody likes their partner to cheat on them when it comes to relationships. So try as much as possible to remain faithful and loyal to your partner no matter how tough your relationship issue may be. It helps to keep relationships strong in the long term.

28. Apologize when you’re wrong

Not everyone likes to take responsibility for the wrong things they do. But being apologetic helps couples to solve issues quickly. Apologize to your partner when you know you are wrong. It shows you care about his feelings and your relationship with him.

29. Be honest with each other

Be open to your partner about both big and little things. Always tell him the truth about something, no matter how bad it may be—being honest with each other means being yourself, exhibiting all your habits, and how you feel.

30. Compromise for him

You get the best out of your partner; you need to make little compromises to make things work between you and him. Sometimes, you need to give up on some things and meet in the middle with your partner because you won’t always have the same opinion.

31. Listen to one another

listen to one another

Listen to your partner talk, whether it’s positive or negative. It shows you care and respect his feelings. Whenever he talks, keep your needs aside, focus, and give him undivided attention. Talking uninterrupted is therapeutic and could help relieve some burdens. 

32. Communicate your feelings

Always let your spouse know how you feel instead of bottling your emotions up. Tell him how uncomfortable or unhappy you are about a situation. It will help him understand how to manage his habits, actions, or attitude when relating with you.

33. Be independent

Sometimes you don’t need to share everything with your partner. It’s natural to have the urge to, especially at the beginning of relationships. But it’s better to keep some things to yourself. To be independent means making some individual decisions alone without bothering your partner.

34. Always appreciate each other

Appreciating your partner would make him feel good about the things he does. It polishes his pride in the right way and makes him want to do more willingly. If you appreciate your partner, it will make him happy; hence, keep your relationship strong.

35. Drop short and sweet notes

Little short and sweet notes help to make people smile. You could drop it anywhere visible enough for him to find it; his pocket, lunch box, briefcase, or diary. It could be short; you could write how much you’ll miss him for that day.

36. Don’t let issues pend

Whenever you both have a challenge, talk about it immediately as a couple because issues left unresolved for days tend to cause a disconnection between couples. So try your best to resolve a problem with your partner as soon as they happen.

37. Tease each other

Teasing builds an attraction between couples; it rekindles the spark that helps to keep couples going. If it’s marriage and your partner takes it as a positive thing, you have a healthy relationship, but you may need to work more on your relationship if he doesn’t.

38. Support one another’s dreams and aspirations

If you would like your relationship to last in the long term or end in marriage, you need to start believing and supporting your partner’s dreams and aspirations. It will boost and make him stronger every day. In addition to that, it helps keep relationships healthy. 

39. Fulfill your promises

When couples are in the honeymoon phase of their relationships, they tend to make many promises every day to each other. Some remember to fulfill them, while others don’t. If you can remember to keep your promises, it will help keep your marriage healthy.

40. Empathize with each other

Put yourselves in each other’s shoes, listen to how you both feel, and see how you can offer help. Take action and work towards helping each other overcome the problem. Empathizing with him means you understand his emotions, and you can feel what he feels.

41. Cheer each other

A great relationship is one where both partners cheer each other up to succeed. It’s another way to support him to achieve his dreams. It’s as simple as ‘I know you can do it. Keep going.’ That’s enough motivation to keep him going.

42. Be proud of him

Whether your partner succeeds or fails in something, you should let him know you’re proud of his success or you're pleased that he attempted to try. It will encourage him to keep going. It’s one of the tips to strengthen him; hence, keep your marriage healthy.

43. Open up to others about your relationship

Don’t be afraid to tell people about your relationship when you feel like it. Tell them about the positive aspects and confide in them if you need a solution to a problem you can’t solve independently. Sometimes, talking to other people gives you a clue on how to keep your relationship healthy.

44. Hold hands in public

hold hands in public

Holding hands in public is a physical touch that makes your partner feel wanted. It sends a positive message to you, your partner, and other people. It means you both have each other’s back and full attention to keep things going. So try holding hands whenever you’re together to keep the fire burning. 

45. Be patient with each other

Couples that are patient with each other value their relationships. It means they see beyond each other’s flaws, bad habits, and attitudes and a ready to love under any circumstance. Patience means you appreciate each other, and you’re prepared to take it to the marriage stage.

46. Tolerate your flaws

There’s nobody perfect; you and your partner inclusive. Tolerating him doesn’t mean living with flaws you can’t deal with; it means recognizing his weaknesses, telling him about them, and calmly dealing with them. Tolerance is one of the tips that would help keep your relationship strong.

47. Trust one another

Trusting each other in a relationship means you’re comfortable sharing a secret and relaxed, knowing that you would both respect each other’s boundaries in any situation. It means you can count on each other’s judgment almost every day of your relationship without panicking.

48. Have dinner dates

Date nights play a significant role when it comes to healthy relationships. It’s a time to dress up, pick a lovely restaurant, and watch each other eat. Or, stay at home, light candles, and enjoy the serenity of your home together, just the two of you.

49. Go for parties together

Going to parties as a couple is a fun activity that should happen in every relationship. It makes you both do crazy things; play games as a team, drink, scream, dance, and laugh together. You get to do exciting things with each other and other people.

50. Have a games night

Games nights help to keep relationships healthy. You could try random games, including; video games, computer games, board games, or couples games. Or, you could try sexy bedroom games that could help improve your communication and sex life.

51. Text each other often

Texting helps to create another form of emotional attachment in relationships. So when you can’t see your partner physically, every day, it’s fun to send text messages or chat on any social media platform to keep your relationship alive.

52. Don’t be violent

Like men, women get violent too with their men. To keep your relationship strong, try to handle every problem you have with your partner amicably to avoid making him afraid of you. Being peaceful about an issue builds more trust and allows him to be vulnerable around you.

53. Celebrate each other’s successes together

A little thing as acknowledging and celebrating each other's successes could build a happy relationship. It helps to reduce competition and probably envy if there's any between both partners. Celebrating your accomplishments could strengthen your marriage and make you each other's best friend in the long term. 

54. Don’t use abusive words

Abusive words could do a lot of terrible things to a relationship. They could cause emotional damage to your partner or a break in trust, which could take time to be sorted or never sorted out at all. 

55. Call to check up on your partner

call to check up on your partner

Not every partner loves to receive calls. Some people prefer to reply to texts because they could have a busy schedule. If your partner is okay with it, you could briefly call him a few times a day to check up and hear how he's doing.

56. Surprise him with gifts

A little surprise for your partner would help spice things up in your relationship. It doesn't have to be a big event or a special occasion; you could randomly surprise him with gifts. Thoughtful acts like this make people smile and strengthen a relationship.

57. Believe in yourself as a person

Avoid letting your insecurities control you. Believe in your abilities as an independent individual, and approach life from that perspective. You have to be healthy emotionally and otherwise to be a good partner and maintain an excellent relationship.

58. Don’t be manipulative

It’s natural to have the urge to control things or make them go your way. But try not to manipulate your partner to do certain things because it may make him feel controlled and tired to ask your opinion when making individual decisions.

59. Try a new sport together

You don’t have to be a fan or lover of sports. Learning a new one with your partner makes it exciting and worth trying. The good thing is you get to have fun because you're learning it with your partner. It's a way to build a fantastic relationship.

60. Learn and love each other’s hobbies

Knowing each other’s hobbies will help you to understand your love language more. Couples in a marriage that take part in each other’s hobbies have a healthy relationship because they have many exciting things to partake in. It’s one of the tips you need for a healthy relationship.

61. Explore new intimate things

A discovery of intimate things could help a couple renew their connection. You could both find new foreplay, sex techniques, or different alternatives to sex. Couples who do this always renew their bond. This is one of the tips to make a relationship strong.

62. Set and achieve goals together

This is one of the tips that help build a healthy relationship. Couples who set and achieve goals together are most likely to last in the long term. Some may decide not to end in marriage, but they will last for a long time.

63. Observe the little things

Take note of the little things he does. Tease or appreciate him about them, depending on what he would prefer you to do. It will make him smile or laugh about them, show you’re observant, and help keep your relationship strong.

64. Don’t fight over the same thing too many times

Try not to let old problems pose as new ones. Instead, find a creative way to get rid of it and avoid it from recurring. You can talk to your partner about it or warn him when you see the signs of it happening again.

65. Make eye contact

make eye contact

Making eye contact is one of the tips you need to establish a healthy relationship. Eye contacts improve intimacy and build trust. It may not be easy to establish it, so you can do it step by step until you get used to looking at your partner freely.

66. Accept your imperfections

Learn to accept your flaws too. Don't try to correct them to fit into any space. Because if you can accept yourself as an individual, then you can accept your partner's imperfections too. People will only appreciate you as a person when they see you doing it. 

67. Write poems for each other

Writing poems is another way for you and your partner to keep things going well in your relationship. It doesn't matter if you're a good writer or not. It's thoughtful and shows you both can go the extra mile to care for each other. You could do it once in a while.

68. Don’t be afraid of disagreements

You shouldn't be afraid of disagreements. Don't tolerate things you're uncomfortable with because you don't want to disagree with your partner. Tell him your mind. Address every issue and make sure you put everything in place.

69. Hang out separately

It's good to take some time off from your partner and hang out with your friends while he hangs out with his friends too. It gives you both something different to talk about and makes you miss each other for a bit.

70. Read your partner’s body language

Reading your partner's body language helps to build a strong relationship. Some partners lack words to express themselves at certain times. If your partner is one of them, and you understand his body language, it will help maintain your relationship and keep it healthy.

71. Recommend each other for business deals

This is another way to assist each other to grow. When there's a business deal, and it has to do with your partner's expertise, he should be the first person to come to your mind. Recommend him and market his skills to people.

72. Take your time to make decisions

Don't be hasty to make any decision in your marriage, especially when it's about something that has to do with you and your partner. Take your time to think about it, so you don't sound indecisive or confused. 

73. Travel alone

It's always exciting to travel with your partner, but you could try going on your own for a little change. Go on trips and vacations alone once in a while without your partner and experience things from your perspective. 

74. Sing to each other

Whether you're good singers or not, it's funny to listen to each other sing your favorite songs. It would make you smile, make the moment memorable, and make your relationship healthy. Music brings love and excitement to couples.

75. Set boundaries

It's advisable to open up to your partner but not on everything. Set boundaries as an individual to establish respect between both of you. It doesn't mean you're blocking out your partner. It means you're creating a personal space for your sanity.

76. Have double dates

have double dates

Having double dates with another couple contributes to the strength of many relationships. Both couples could pick a fun activity that they're okay with to try out together, or as two teams whenever they're free to hang out.

77. Be firm about your decisions

You have to be firm about the decisions you make. Learn to say ‘no’ when you're not okay with something and ‘yes’ when you feel it's right and would be suitable for you and your partner or any other person involved.

78. Go for a couples therapy

Couple therapies go a long way to keep relationships strong. Sometimes, you could go for therapy together, not because you have a problem you need to deal with, but because you may need to discover certain things you don't know about each other. Couples' therapies help to build a healthy relationship.

79. Confide in him before others

In a marriage, you should confide in your husband first before any other person. Except you feel it's a situation, he can't contribute so much to. It would help if you still kept him in the loop, so it doesn't come as a surprise to him.

80. Ask for his opinion about your personal goals

Being independent is a good thing for a lady, but in a marriage, you should be flexible enough to ask for your partner's opinion about your goals and try as much as you can to apply them when need be. It shows your respect and appreciation for his input.

81. Pray together

Praying with your partner doesn't mean you have to kneel together at an altar and pray. You could cross fingers, pray, and hope that certain plans succeed for your two to grow. Praying together shows you both have a direction you want things to go.

82. Remember, you’re a team of two

Remember that you and your partner are a team of two against the rest of the world. Don't oppose him openly or try to make him look stupid for someone else to feel better. Instead, support him as your partner and see how you can put things right. This is one of the things that make a great romantic relationship.

83. Give your partner his ‘me’ time

Like you love to have your ‘me’  time, your husband also deserves to have his space. So give him some time alone to reflect on himself, his decisions, and his relationship with you. Giving your partner his personal space would provide you with time to focus on your needs too.

84. Focus on the positives and forgive the negatives

This may sound a bit hard, but it's doable. Focusing on your relationship's positives would build more love, growth, care, and appreciation of your partner. And forgiving the negatives helps to improve your level of patience and tolerance. So focus on the positives.

85. Be vulnerable

be vulnerable

Let your partner see the vulnerable part of you. Allow him to be there whenever you need him, and he can be there for you. Sometimes you need love and care from the right person, so open up and let your vulnerability show.

86. Show your partner your best version

Your partner and the whole world deserve the best version of you. Of course, you’re imperfect, but it doesn’t mean you should use that as an excuse to be a bad partner to your husband. In a marriage, as much as you’re trying to embrace your flaws, you should be nice too. 

87. Accept his goodwill

As much as you’re trying to be independent in your marriage, you should learn how to accept your partner’s goodwill. It’s not about you; it’s about making him feel good for being able to help you when you need him. Whether it’s in cash or kind, accept it wholeheartedly.

88. Respect his emotions

Not everybody can express their emotions. So try to acknowledge and respect your partner if he says them. Pay attention to him and focus on making him feel better about himself. It will make him more vulnerable around you.

89. Don’t quarrel over finances

As your loved one, you shouldn't quarrel with your partner over finances. If you need money for a specific thing, you could tell him why you need it, and how important it is to you. Your composure when it comes to requesting money would go a long way to groom your relationship and make it healthy.

90. Smile at each other

Don't forget your partner is a special loved one and you should treat him as such. Smiling at him or your partner smiling at you is a good way to maintain the bond you both have in your relationship. When you both smile, you send a message of love to each other.

91. Share your thoughts as often as you can

Sharing your thoughts can go a long way to building a great relationship. It keeps you both in each other's loop and makes you know how forward in your relationship and how to help each other. When you share your thoughts with your partner, it will help him have a greater understanding of who you are.

92. Don’t judge him

Your spouse is your loved one and needs the most understanding from you as his partner. Instead of judging him, learn to observe and correct him in the sweetest way possible to make things work. Couples who don't judge each other create a stronger connection and have a healthy romantic relationship.

93. Go for a walk together

Long walks help couples to renew their connection, communication, and attention for one another. Try going for a long walk together. Talk about different things while you exercise your muscles. You could also play during your walk to help lighten things and renew your bond as a couple.

94. Don’t compare him to others

Comparison reduces trust and interest in relationships. Please don't compare your partner to other people; instead, increase your appreciation for him and find a way to encourage him to do better without rubbing his weaknesses in their faces. This will help build a strong relationship. 

95. Learn to overcome certain fears

Some people have fears when it comes to relationships. It could be fear of heartbreak, cheating, or losing their partner to someone else. Try to overcome these fears, trust your partner, and enjoy your time together as a couple. It would help build a happy relationship.

96. Learn to value your friends and work colleagues

You need to have the right attitude when dealing with other people to have a strong relationship. If you're in a marriage, you should create a connection with your friends and work colleagues and value their love and respect for you.

97. Volunteer together

You could both take some time out to volunteer at a charity home for a day or two. Or, you could do community service together. This helps you both learn how to help others voluntarily as a couple and for a good cause and keep your relationship strong.

98. Don’t argue in public

It’s very embarrassing to see couples in a relationship argue with each other in public. It shows a lack of tolerance and inability to meet in the middle as partners. So try to avoid arguing in public to keep things going smooth in your relationship.

99. Don’t raise your voice

don't raise your voice

You don’t need to raise your voice to get attention from your partner. Raising your voice is not a suitable means of communication too. It shows a sign of disrespect and reduces your partner’s confidence in you. Avoid doing this to improve your relationship.

100. Give him time to correct a mistake

It would help if you trusted him to work on corrections you’ve made on his mistakes. Give him time to digest them and gradually practice new ways to live without making the same mistakes. It helps to create a healthy relationship.

101. Don’t be pressured

Relationships involve ups and downs, trust, and commitment, but don't forget there's no specific rule on how to run yours. Those ups and downs are there to teach you lessons, so don't be pressured about doing things right. Be as natural as possible with your partner and let things flow as they should.

102. Talk about the future

If you're in a relationship for the long term, which will eventually lead to marriage, you should talk about your future together, often. The uncertainty of how things would go between you would make things more exciting and easy to look forward to. This is another way to make your relationship strong.

103. Stay open-minded

One of the ways you can maintain a happy and strong relationship is to stay open-minded. You could make plans together, but leave room for changes. Enjoy the moment and expect the best for the future but be ready to withstand any change.


How can I make my relationship stronger?

Spend quality time together as a couple, compromise when need be, express how you feel in a relatable and amicable way, and always try to listen to your partner talk. You should understand your partner’s love language too, so you know how to approach and handle certain situations easily.

What are 5 important things in a relationship?

There are many things that every relationship should have. A few of these include love, communication, understanding, and patience. These are the few important ones every couple should possess to keep a relationship strong. Relationships always have ups and downs and require these five important things to survive and enjoy them. 

How do you build and maintain strong relationships?

You can decide yours depending on your spouse and his personality—constant open and honest communication and understanding help to build a healthy relationship. You need to connect emotionally to your partner. Spend more time with him, and don’t be afraid to disagree with him when necessary. Respect is a necessity, too, to build and maintain a healthy relationship. 

What are good ground rules for a relationship?

Avoid using abusive words with each other; it causes disrespect. Try not to bring up past partners, don’t use your weaknesses against each other, and don’t keep track of bad behaviors; instead, try to discuss them and see how you can manage them as a couple. Finally, talk to your partner about any pending issue, and don’t go to bed without resolving any problem.

When should you give up on a relationship?

If you feel your spouse does not meet your needs, your partner does not reciprocate your love, or you feel scared communicating your feelings with him, then you should give up on your relationship. Other things could be a lack of support from your loved ones, emotional disconnection, or violence, as some cases may be.

In Conclusion

Relationships don't work independently; you have to build yours and make it as healthy as you want it. If you're having a hard time maintaining your relationship, you could use any of the 103 tips I've mentioned. I hope you liked this article; if yes, please feel free to drop a comment and share it with others.

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