How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Better (89 Sweet Ways)

Many girls try their best to make their boyfriends happy, especially when they don't have many friends to talk to. Their boyfriend's mood could go as far as affecting them emotionally and otherwise. But, have you asked yourself what could make your boyfriend sad? If you know, good enough. 

If you don't, you need to be sure to know how to handle it. Your boyfriend could be feeling bad because of a failed goal or a quarrel you both have. He could also be feeling for doing something he did wrong to someone or your bad attitude. No matter how bad the situation may be, there's always a solution to sort things out.

Depending on your boyfriend’s personality, you may run out of things to do to make him feel good. Or, you may have just started your relationship and you're still trying to know his likes and dislikes. Whatever the case may be, keep reading to learn 89 ways to make your boyfriend feel better. 


89 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Better

1. Give him a big hug

Hugs are known to be therapeutic for most people. It has a way of calming the nerves and making you feel better about a situation. If your boyfriend is feeling bad about a mishap, give him a big tight hug. That warm and friendly gesture would go a long way to amend things.

2. Compliment his dressing

One good way to make a guy smile is to say nice things about his outfit. Tell him how he looks brilliant with the simplicity, color combination, or cool and mature appearance of the outfit. Talk about his footwear and general appearance. That would make him relax a bit from his sad mood.

3. Ask him out on an ice cream date

Ice cream contains sugar and it’s cold. Sugar is known to boost happiness levels. So, take him out for ice cream and buy as much as he wants. A combination of cold and sweet, especially during hot weather is the best feeling your boyfriend can use to feel better.

4. Kiss him

Kisses are romantic. Kissing your boyfriend indirectly tells him you want the best for him. It means you want him to leave his sad mood as soon as possible. It could be a quick peck on his lips, cheeks, or any part of his face he loves you kissing.

5. Compliment his haircut

Talking about your boyfriend’s haircut is like a guy noticing a girl’s lipstick color. It’s a rare thing, which makes them appreciate the compliment, especially when it’s from their girlfriends. So, take some time to appreciate the details of his nice haircut. That will lift his mood a bit.

6. Smile at him

A smile also relieves stress. Your boyfriend may not want to see you smile at first. But, if you do it continuously with a bunch of other things, you get to make him feel better. So, smile at your boyfriend, even when he does something at that time to piss you off. With time, it will work out.

7. Take him to his favorite restaurant

It doesn't matter if you're taking him to eat the food or munch on something, it will go a long way to cheer him up. Good food has this magic. Taking your boyfriend to his favorite restaurant is like giving a child their favorite candy.

8. Encourage him when he doesn't meet his goal

Your boyfriend could be feeling bad for not achieving or meeting his goal the way he planned it. In a situation like this, you have to encourage him in the best way you can. So, you could ask him to relax and try again or tell him he did his best.

9. Tell him funny stories

When you notice your boyfriend is feeling down, say some funny things to him. You don't even need to acknowledge his sadness. Pretend for a while, like you don't know what's happening. Make him laugh, until he's open enough to either say the problem or relax from it.

10. Write him a random love letter

write him a random love letter

One way to make your boyfriend feel better is to write him random love letters. Depending on how sweet you sound, he could smile at every line you write. Many people have proven this to work. It will also lighten his mood and make him feel appreciated.

11. Be happy when he succeeds

Your partner is someone you should be happy and sad with. When he succeeds, be happy with and for him. Jump as much as you would do if you succeeded in your personal goals. This will go a long way to not only make him feel good but strengthen your relationship.

12. Surprise him with lunch at work

Believe it or not, it could be the best part of the day for him if you pop into his office with a nice lunch pack. It would be nice if it's prepared by you. But, if you don't have the time to prepare it by yourself, you could buy it.

13. Take him on a long walk

Many guys love to go for walks, especially when it's with someone they love. You don’t have to go to a distant place to walk, it could be in your surroundings. You could also ask him to walk with you to a grocery shop or walk home after a date.

14. Make him breakfast in bed

This is something many guys love. It doesn't matter if your boyfriend sleeps in a bad mood, or it's a sad period for him, generally. Starting his day with a yummy meal from his beloved girlfriend would make him feel better than ever.

15. Buy him thoughtful gifts

Gifts touch people's hearts, especially thoughtful ones. It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Get something you know would make your boyfriend feel better. It could be a customized keyholder or anything uncommon and special. Little things like this would make him feel better.

16. Take him out to the cinema

Taking your partner out to the cinema is one of the things you should do to make him feel happy. Preferably, you could pick a comedy movie or any genre he appreciates most. You could grab some popcorn and drinks to spice things up.

17. Tell him about your goals

For a healthy relationship, you need to let your man into your plans. It doesn't matter if you're planning to achieve them sooner or later. That's you unconsciously telling him you trust and cherish him more than he knows, hence, a stronger relationship.

18. Organize a games night

Guys love games, whether it's live, video, board, or computer games. You could do this if your boyfriend is feeling sad. Come up with a good idea for game night. It could be a mixture of all. If possible, let him win most of it, so you can make him feel better about it.

19. Call as often as you can

Whenever your guy is going through a challenge, try your best to call him. Neither of you may be a lover of phone calls, but a few would help when he's feeling down. That's because talking to someone, especially your loved one when you're sad is therapeutic.

20. Take him out for a stage play

take him out for a stage play

Stage plays are refreshing. They're a great way to distract the mind. It's fun to watch someone acting in a drama or presenting a poem, live on stage. Some of them could be musical but be rest assured that a good stage play would do the trick.

21. Tease him

One way to get your boyfriend to smile is to tease him. Teasing him doesn't mean you should do it in an annoying way. That could make him feel worse. Say all the cute things to him. Mention his strengths and pinch or peck his cheeks softly.

22. Take him out shopping

Feel free to take your man out shopping. But, you don't have to overdo yourself. Keep a good budget and make him shop from where you can afford to pay. Even if you pay for two to three things, he'll appreciate it and feel better.

23. Treat his friends and family right

Guys connect with their friends and family on a different level than women. When they love, they do it selflessly. That also includes their friends and family. So, treat them right, whether he's present when you're doing it or not. Do it wholeheartedly, as you would want him to do with yours.

24. Arrange his space

It doesn't matter if he's a neat freak or not. Take a little time from your tight schedule to arrange a few things for him. It doesn't necessarily have to be his space, it could be putting his dirty clothes in the laundry basket, or cleaning his shoes.

25. Don't nag

People don't like to hear others nag. Everyone loves peace. Don't make your boyfriend feel worse about his challenge. It's not the best time to tell him how much you warned him about his mistakes before he made them. It's also not right to bring up past mistakes and challenges.

26. Respect his boundaries and maintain yours

The last thing you want to do is disrespect your boyfriend’s boundaries, especially when he's going through a tough time. If he's a calm man, he may not say it. But, he would feel bad about the behavior. So, respect his boundaries as much as possible and maintain yours.

27. Don't talk about his weaknesses

Talking about a guy’s weaknesses is more like you pushing him to his grave. You would hurt physically, emotionally, and otherwise. So, avoid talking about his bad behaviors, habits, flaws, and any negative thing when he's sad about something. That's one way to help him feel happy.

28. Try a little bit of PDA

Sweet affectionate moments displayed publicly, go a long way to revive a relationship. A little physical touch in public would do a great thing to make your partner feel better. It's a way to tell him you appreciate him no matter how bad a situation may be.

29. Make him one of your priorities

Like you would want to be treated right, treat your boyfriend the same way. Give him as much time as you would want from him. He should be one of your priorities consciously and otherwise. That's a way to make him feel happy when he's sad.

30. Don't keep unnecessary secrets from him

dont keep unnecessary secrets from him

It's okay to keep some secrets from your boyfriend, especially if they're related to your personal life. But, don't hesitate to tell him if it concerns him. You should also tell him if you know it would affect your relationship. For instance, he should know about your male friends.

31. Trust what he says or does

When you distrust your boyfriend, you begin to build doubts in your relationship. Even when he sounds I'm serious or sarcastic about something, trust him until he says otherwise. That's one way to make your man feel happy.

32. Let him know your friends and acquaintances

Tell your man about the people you have in your life. That's transparency and it's a good way to manage a relationship. When he sees how open you are, it would be a huge relief knowing you value him. No matter how casual you may be with them, your boyfriend should know.

33. Listen to him

Spend time with your guy and listen to everything he has to say. He may rant, vent, ask your suggestions, or ask rhetorical questions. Keep listening until he stops. You may not say anything to him, but your presence and listening ear would do it all.

34. Always remind him that you love him

You may feel your lover knows and understands you love him, but you need to remind him as often as you can. Tell him in words and show him in actions. Let your gestures and thoughts show that you truly love him. He would feel happy about it.

35. Cuddle him

Cuddling him doesn't mean you should lay under your blanket together in silence. It means you should do that while saying nice things to him. If you can, stroke his hair and let him know everything will be alright. Your boyfriend will feel better if you do this.

36. Dress and look beautiful for your boyfriend

It's a blessing for guys to see their girlfriends dress so beautifully. You can do this just to make him happy. If he compliments you, make it all about him. Tell him he inspired you to do it. Saying this to your man would strengthen him in ways you can't imagine.

37. Don't disrespect him in front of people

Disrespecting your partner, especially when you say hurtful words is called humiliation. It means you have no regard for him publicly and privately. So, try as much as possible to respect your boyfriend when other people are present in the environment. That's love on a different level.

38. Don't have prolonged quarrels

Many people feel it's better to prolong relationship issues. The truth is, that prolonged quarrels harm couples. It's unhealthy and would make any good boyfriend feel bad, knowing that he's not on good terms with his girlfriend. Avoid having conflicts or fights with your lover for a long period.

39. Be willing to explore new intimate things

Intimacy involves a lot. When your partner brings up suggestions for you two to try out before or after sex, you should be willing to. Don't give him excuses why his ideas won't work. Instead, agree to try and give him feedback. Guys like girls who love to be spontaneous and adventurous.

40. Take fun photos

take fun photos

When you take fun photos with your boyfriend while he's sad, it will lighten his mood. Posing for photos has a way of making people smile even without knowing. You could try this to see how it makes your boyfriend happy.

41. Write him a poem

Poems have a special way of getting through to people’s hearts. If you wish, you could read it aloud to him. Or, you could design it electronically, and send it to his email. Writing him a poem is thoughtful and would make him feel happy.

42. Say good things about his friends and family

It doesn't matter if you're discussing with him or a random person, always say positive things about your partner’s friends and family members. Whether he's on good terms with them or not, appreciates them for playing a good part in his life.

43. Buy tickets for a live games event

Get tickets for a live sports event. It would be best if you do it with one of his favorite games. Live games always have a cheering crowd. That means no matter how sad he is, he'll loosen up when he sees others happy and active in the game.

44. Sometimes, act like a man

You need to act tough. Of course, you're a woman, but that doesn't mean you should now for bad situations. When you feel you need to step up and wear the pants to defend your man, do it. It will make him feel good seeing his woman defend him.

45. Don't say mean things to him

No matter how bad a situation may be in your relationship, don't say mean things to your partner. It's inappropriate. You'll make him feel less of a person. And that could lead to depression if not managed well. If you're angry, take time to cool off, then talk about it, amicably.

46. Go on a vacation

Vacations are beautiful. You get to spend the best time with your boyfriend. The good thing is that you don't need to spend too much money to have fun together. You plan one on a nice and friendly budget just to spend time together.

47. Don't bring back past bad memories

Sad past events are a no-no. Don't do it, except there's something very important for you to talk about. That's because sad memories have a way of making people feel sad and insecure about themselves. So, to make your boyfriend happy, avoid doing this as much as you can.

48. Bring up exciting ideas to try out

There are numerous exciting things for couples to try out. It may not be games, movies, or drinks. You both could go out fishing. Let him feel that feminine touch from you. Be energetic and excited to suggest new things even though they sound boring.

49. Be spontaneous

Being predictable could be boring, sometimes. Try your best to do things to surprise your boyfriend once in a while. Drop him at work, buy him that expensive gadget, or give him a nice massage after a long tiring day. Most guys love spontaneity.

50. Sing him a song

sing him a song

Songs open people's hearts. If you have a lovely voice, fair enough. If not, sing it the way you can. Sing to your partner. He'll feel special. It doesn't have to be perfect, but make him smile and be happy to have you.

51. Ask for his advice or suggestions

Asking your boyfriend for advice and suggestions means you trust him enough to live by his words. It doesn't have to be for any specific thing. You could ask him the correct way to write a sentence, essay, choice of gift, or address a letter.

52. Sometimes, talk dirty

Guys indeed love responsible girls, but they prefer a girl with a mixture of all. You don't need to start talking dirty past randomly. You could just go with his flow whenever he's at it. You never know, it could go far in making him happier than you thought.

53. Video call him

If you're both not in the same environment, you could video call him. If you're in the same environment, but busy, you can video call him to see his face and cheer him up. Video calls bring couples closer, especially when it has to do with something urgent.

54. Dance for him

You don't necessarily have to be a great dancer. It makes it funnier and more exciting for him to see you display your amateur dance steps. If you want to make it more interesting, you could choose a song with funny lyrics, or his favorite song.

55. Encourage him to hang out with friends

Throw up a random idea about your partner hanging out with his friends to him. Encourage him to spend time with them. It could be for anything positive like games, drinks, snacks, or just to chill. At least, he'll be a bit relieved after that.

56. Don't be dependent on him

One thing that stresses guys is when their girlfriend is dependent on them. It's not as if some of them get tired of providing for their girlfriends. The problem comes when they're unable to keep it up. So, try to take care of most of your needs.

57. Plan a fantasy vacation with him

Fantasy vacations are quite exciting. It's like you taking a trip to your dream location without having to spend a dime. If you think it aloud, you could play with your boyfriend’s imagination a bit, taking his mind off the sad part.

58. Take him sightseeing

This is another way to take him out to breathe. You don't need snacks, drinks, or food for this. But, if he requests them, you could do it to make him feel better. The thoughts of sightseeing are enough to make him happy. Stepping out makes it more fun.

59. Organize a surprise birthday party for him

Surprise birthdays make the heartbeat. It doesn't matter if it's a private or social one. Seeing the people, food, and nicely decorated environment would make him happy. He'll also appreciate you for being thoughtful enough to make him happy. You could add a little gift to it.

60. Have a healthy sex life

have a healthy sex life

As minor as this may seem, an unhealthy sex life affects many relationships. Its true sex is not the foundation of a relationship, but you need to make it a strong complement. Communicate with your partner about this, because it could unconsciously affect you and your partner.

61. Spend some quiet time with him

Sometimes, your boyfriend may need you around him, but not for a conversation. That's a different level of bonding. It's both you spending time together, enjoying each other’s company, and feeling good about it. Funny, but men appreciate this a lot. You should try it.

62. Give him a lap dance

One way to make your partner feel happy is to go all sexy on him. Take your time, plan it, wear nice lingerie, and give your man a mind-blowing lap dance. It could be surprising to him at first, because it may be the last thing he expects.

63. Pick a day and fulfill his requests

Compromise in a relationship is a priority to make it successful. Sometimes, you need to compromise totally to make your partner happy. So, pick a day and do everything to help your partner achieve his goals. Make him nice meals and ask how he’s doing whenever you can.

64. Give him his personal space

Everyone loves to have a ‘me’ time. Your partner may drop a clue about this or may not say it at all, but he needs it. Well, it's easy to and the good thing is that it doesn't require effort to grant that request. When you notice a little change in attitude, give him some space.

65. Accept his goodwill to you

It's good to be independent as a woman. But, don't feel you need to let your partner do his bit in your life. When he's capable of helping, allow him to do so. As your man, he’ll love to see you happy. As minor as it may sound, your mood also affects your partner’s. So, let him love you.

66. Say only positive things to him

Every guy appreciates hearing nice things. He'll feel loved and appreciated. When you continuously say nice things, you’ll make your boyfriend feel better. Always be positive. Even when you see something negative, make it look and sound positive.

67. Handle quarrels amicably

If you're both having a misunderstanding or an issue. Don’t go screaming and making him feel bad about it. Cool off, then call him and talk to him. He’ll love your approach and listen. The good thing is, that communication becomes better when you’re both calm, and more issues are resolved.

68. Say nice things about him

Whenever you meet either your friends or his, say good things about your partner. Talk well about his career and how great he is. That’s because word of mouth travels faster, especially when it’s about your relationship.

69. Talk about your future together

If you're looking at a long-term relationship, you could have it as a topic about your life together as a couple. You could create fantasies and give your future kids imaginary names. You could also talk about long-term goals and strategies on how you can both achieve them.

70. Support his goals and help him achieve them

support his goals and help him achieve them

Supporting your partner's goals means you have to put in the effort to see and help him grow. Give him undivided attention as much as you can. This doesn't mean you should drop your needs and face your goals. Be a great support system for him.

71. Share your happiness and sad moments with him

One way to make your boyfriend feel better is to share your experiences with him. It doesn't matter if they're happy or sad ones. He'll feel involved in your life when you do. Unconsciously, you'll begin to build a strong bond together as a couple. That's a way to make your boyfriend feel better.

72. Don't repeat any joke he's not okay with

Remember, you should treat your boyfriend how you would like him to treat you. If you say any joke and he feels uneasy with it, let it go. It may not be about you. It could be bringing back a bad memory he's fighting. You'll see it in his expression.

73. Apologize when you do something wrong

Everyone makes mistakes. The problem comes when you're unable to accept your mistakes and apologize for them. When you hurt your partner, drop your ego, and apologize to him. No matter how bad the situation may be, deal with it. Apologies go a long way to mend broken relationships.

74. Avoid being passive-aggressive

Most people call this the silent treatment, where you stop talking to your partner because you're angry. It helps sometimes, but you should do it moderately. Many guys prefer vocal complaints so they can correct their mistakes. Communicate and let him know how you feel about something.

75. Correct his mistakes

It would be nice if you looked out for your boyfriend. He’s human and may not know the mistakes he's making. But, you could point them to him. First, appreciate his efforts, then advise him to try a better approach in the future. Don't forget to watch your tone while doing this.

76. Guide him when need be

Men need to be guided once in a while, no matter how tough they are. When you perceive this, try your best to help him. But, do it in a friendly way. You could also ask for his consent before concluding that he needs your help. That's one way to make your boyfriend feel better.

77. Don't let his secrets out

When a man lets you in to know his secrets, that's trust from his side. Don't go telling other people. Keep it confidential until he tells you to do otherwise. Telling his secret to someone else is betrayal and could shake your relationship.

78. Don't talk about your ex-boyfriends

Many guys have said they dislike it when girls talk about their exes. Try as much as possible to stay away from this topic. Even when it slips out of your mouth, find a way to manipulate your way out of it. That's one way to keep your man happy.

79. Don't try to control him

It's okay to correct your boyfriend’s mistakes or guide his steps, but don't force it on him. Do it and give him space to take each step at his pace. That's how to deal with his bad mood. Men don't like to be controlled, especially by the ones they love the most.

80. Normalize romantic gestures

normalize romantic gestures

It's lovely and adorable to be romantic with your partner but normalize it. It could be tiring to always see you at his workplace or meet with a lunch pack when he told you he doesn't need it.

81. Flaunt him a bit on social media

Sometimes, when you express how much you love your partner on a social media platform, they tend to feel special. It shows them that you appreciate them so much that you want the whole world to see and know. But, don't overdo it.

82. Organize a double date

Double dates have a way of cheering people up. If you both had a problem, it could open ways for solving it. That's because you both can communicate with the other couple and ask questions when you feel comfortable. They should be a couple he's free with.

83. Avoid comparing him to other men

No matter how many mistakes your partner has made, don't compare him to other men. You could share their examples to encourage him, but don't tell him how far behind he is, compared to his friends or other men.

84. Touch him as much as you can

Touching involves a lot. It could be hugging, a kiss, a quick peck, or holding hands. Whatever your choice may be, that physical bond would go a long way to make your partner feel better. That's one way to make him feel better.

85. Be full of life and energy

Remember, you don't want to be the boring girlfriend. You want to be the woman that makes him proud, publicly and privately. So, let your thoughts, words, and actions be exciting and full of life and energy. Make your relationship as fun as possible.

86. Learn to understand his sense of humor

One you can communicate best with your partner is to understand his sense of humor. Asking questions or looking confused when he tells a joke spoils the fun and could discourage him from telling more of his jokes. Take some time to understand him.

87. Tickle him

Not everyone likes to be tickled, but a little of it pushes things in the right direction. Tickling makes people lively. That's because they either laugh, try to run, or fight the people who are tickling them. Tickle him unexpectedly, that's a way to deal with his sadness.

88. Buy your boyfriend his favorite snacks

If your partner loves chewing snacks, you can get him some to lighten his mood. The good thing here is that snacks could serve as food, and a full tummy is never sad. This is something you should have in mind. It's a good memory for him to remember.

89. Remind him of his favorite scene in a movie

You could make your boyfriend laugh by reminding him of a funny scene in a movie. It could be his favorite movie or a random funny one. If you repeat the lines and act it well, you could get a big laugh or a smile from him. 


How do you cheer up your boyfriend?

There are numerous ways to do this. Depending on his mood at the moment, you could say encouraging words to him. Tease him with his strengths and playfully acknowledge his successes. Boost his pride and do things that would elevate his mood. These and more positive things are what you can do to cheer your boyfriend.

What do you do when your boyfriend is sad?

First of all, you should clarify the kind of person he is when he's sad. Does he like to be left alone or continuously pampered? However he is during that time, you could work with that. You could initiate games, say funny things, watch a funny film together, or reminisce about past good times.

How can I make my boyfriend feel better over text?

Texts may sound rude, depending on how you compose them. So, first of all, use the most friendly tone to write. Use cute emojis and use the words you know makes him happy to text. If any of these feel hard to achieve, you could send a voice note to him. 

How do I get a romantic mood for my boyfriend?

Apart from the normal physical acts you hear and see from other people, you could try other things. For instance, you could watch a couple of videos on how other women do it. Or, you could talk to your female and male friends about what they do and like. Get the information and add your creativity to spice things up.

What should I text my boyfriend when bored?

No matter how bored you are, don't let him know that you're bored in the first instance. Instead, tell him how much you miss him and ask him how he's doing at the moment. Starting a text conversation with light talks and questions would send positive vibes to your boyfriend

The Bottomline

With the 89 possible ways I've mentioned, you could use or tweak them according to your boyfriend’s mood and personality. But, don't forget there's always a way. I hope you found this article interesting. If you did, please take a little time to drop a comment and share it with your loved ones.

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