How To Make Your Boyfriend Cry In A Good Way (123 Ways)

Being in a relationship with the man you love brings a feeling that cannot be described with words. Even when you disagree, you miss him a lot and wish for things to be better in no time.

It's a known thing that men never really express their emotions, and when they do, it's once in a while. Even at this, they still love it when they get some form of affection from people they cherish, especially their partners. From breakfast in bed to writing little notes and taking him on vacations, you could put a smile on his face.

So once in a while, it's good to do sweet things to melt their hearts. They may not necessarily cry, but they'll show some emotions or form of appreciation and love. There are many sweet things to say to your boyfriend to make him cry in a good way or smile. You just need to know his personality and work on it.

Some things do not have to be vocal to make him cry. They could be little love gestures or thoughtful actions he never expected you to do. But how do you know the ones to try? See 123 different ways to make your boyfriend cry in a good way. 


123 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Cry

1. Send him ‘good morning’ messages

Guys love it when they wake up to romantic ‘good morning’ messages from their girlfriend. It could be something simple and straight to the point like “I can't stop thinking about you” can do the trick.

2. Treat his family right

One thing to do to get to a man’s heart and love is by treating his family right. Say good things about them to him and other people and let them come directly from your heart.

3. Offer to help with his project

Men love it when you volunteer to help them out with the greatest thing they love doing, like personal projects. It gives you both more time to bond and learn new things about each other too.

4. Say something nice when he least expects

This would take him by surprise and make him cry, especially if he's going through a tough time. There are many sweet things to say to make your boyfriend cry. Try one of them just for love.

5. Organize a vacation

It could even be a weekend getaway between the two of you, and you don't have to let him know about it. So you could make a surprise just to have a beautiful time together.

6. Buy him a beautiful gift

Get him a memorable gift, one he wouldn't easily discard or forget about even when you're not around. It will make him cry and fall in love with you more without so much effort from you.

7. Arrange his things when he's tired

Men love to be looked after. One way to make your man smile is to put his things in place when he's fatigued. You could arrange the simple ones like his clothes and leave his documents if he likes them untouched.

8. Write cute little notes for him

Love messages are the best. It doesn't matter whether they come by text messages or short love paragraphs; they could make your boyfriend cry. You could make him a few of them with lovely words sometimes.

9. Ask about his family

When you extend your love to his loved ones that are not you, you will make him feel special. It shows how much of a good lover you are and shows you're not selfish too.

10. Fight for him

fight for him

If you don't want him to spend a single day without you, you must learn how to stand up for him. It's an act of love and maybe at a restaurant where his order is mixed up or when someone says an abusive word.

11. Support him during fights

Don't let your man do this alone. When we talk about true love, you can be there to encourage your boyfriend and say words that will elevate him when he's misunderstood.

12. Pay him a surprise visit at work

Surprise visits at work are very warming to them. It will make him feel like he's received the greatest love because of the boost of confidence your visit will give him. So pick a day and surprise him.

13. Come back from a trip unannounced

This is one surprise that could make your boyfriend cry. You could try to come back maybe two days earlier from a trip unannounced just to surprise him. Seeing you appear at his place earlier than expected would make him cry.

14. Don’t miss his birthdays

Depending on your boyfriend's personality, you could either do a surprise party for him or a private dinner for the two of you. But, don't forget his birthday. It's a way to show him more love and make him feel special.

15. Put up a private show for him

You could act a little one-person drama written by you for him or mimic his favorite scenes from movies you've seen together. It would help him laugh and relax a bit, especially after a stressful day.

16. Buy tickets for his favorite sports

If your boyfriend loves sports, you could get tickets for both of you to attend a live one together. You could pick one of his favorites that falls when you both have time to hang out.

17. Sing for him

It doesn't matter if you have a pleasant voice or not; the aim is for the fun of it and to make him feel special in a different but positive way. Depending on the moment, he could either laugh or cry.

18. Write a poem for him

The poem could say things like “you make me smile and cherish every moment of my life,” “you are the love of my life, and I bless the day I met you, ” or, “I would love to spend the rest of my life with you.”

19. Readout his favorite poem for him

He may have read it a couple of times in his life, but it's different when it is coming from you. Feel free to be dramatic about it. That's what makes it adorable enough for him to cry for.

20. Give him a personalized gift

give him a personalized gift

Your man should be emotional to see “I love how you make me feel. I love you honey.” on his car key holder whenever he wants to drive around town or go to work.

21. Send him an email during work

It could be an attached handwritten letter or a direct email with the subject “a love letter to my boyfriend. This would make him blush, and it will make the rest of his day.

22. Remind him of how special he is

Men love to be reminded of how special they are. Sometimes just look at him and say something nice to make him feel special. It's another way to ignite his feelings and make him happy.

23. Remind him of his strengths

This would not just make him love you and boost his level of confidence to achieve more daily. Appreciating your boyfriend’s strengths is another way to get more love and melt his heart.

24. Encourage him to achieve his dreams

Achieving a dream for everyone is a big deal. It's even better when someone you love encourages you to achieve it. This is the same thing that applies to relationships. Encourage your boyfriend to accomplish a major dream.

25. Help him financially

It's not wrong to help your boyfriend financially, especially if he's got potential and he supports you too. You could just give him a reasonable amount from your heart to help with his basic life needs.

26. Create an album of good memories

Your boyfriend could cry from an album of photos with past good memories. It could be a soft copy or something you create with simple DIY materials. It's a way to make life fun for both of you.

27. Prepare his favorite food

There's a famous saying that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Since he doesn't get to eat his favorite food often, you could do that to prove how much you love him. And the excitement could make him cry.

28. Buy tickets for a romantic movie with him

Sometimes it's refreshing to see a romantic movie to know some of the sweet and adorable things that are done for love in other relationships. Buying tickets for the cinema after a long week can do the trick.

29. Dance with him

It doesn't matter if it's a slow, intimate dance or a fast goofy one. Dance is life and could make most people emotional enough to cry while strengthening the relationship's love.

30. Prepare a candlelit dinner

prepare a candlelit dinner

You don't have to use words all the time; you have the option of a candlelit dinner. It would naturally warm his heart to come back after a stressful day and see candles lit everywhere with a yummy meal.

31. Have a date with him where you first met

Memories make people cry, so it will make him cry if you take him to where you first met for a date. It may not be a restaurant, but it could be an open park.

32. Send him random messages to check up on him

Getting love messages from you could make your boyfriend’s heart skip. It would melt his heart and make him know how lucky he is. It could be, “I love you, honey, because you make me smile.”

33. Watch the sunset together while you say beautiful things to him

Telling him beautiful things while watching the sunset is a romantic thing that could make him cry. It would make him feel like the whole world is under his feet as your boyfriend.

34. Perform his favorite song differently

The first good thing is that it's his favorite song and the other nice one is that you're the one performing it. So you could wear his shirt and jump happily in front of him.

35. Give him a spa treatment

Spa treatments are proven to be unique when a lady gives them to her boyfriend. It not only renews the love but makes him want to spend the rest of his life with you.

36. Have a mini therapy session with him

Home therapy sessions between dating couples spur up bottled-up emotions from both partners. So you could try letting him express how he feels while listening and telling him comforting words. Letting go of those emotions could make him cry.

37. Dance with him in the rain

This is another romantic move you need to practice with your boyfriend. It could make one person have flu, but it'll make him emotional and create a memorable moment for both of you.

38. Play your childhood games

Bringing back childhood memories with your boyfriend could make him cry because of how loving and tender they are. They would also make him smile, knowing how much he has grown so far at that moment.

39. Fix his favorite possession or replace it

Guys have a favorite item or property they love, and when it goes bad, it takes an adverse turn on their emotions. Try fixing or replacing your boyfriend’s game console if you can. That would make him cry.

40. Make him a nice romantic breakfast in bed

prepare a candlelit dinner

It's beautiful to wake up to a surprise yummy meal in bed prepared by his girlfriend when he least expected. This could make him cry if you do it once in a while.

41. Try to invest in his new business idea

When your boyfriend comes up with a new business idea, and you decide to invest, it could make him feel motivated to do it. It's a great thing for his partner to want to be a part of his dream.

42. Drive him around town to visit his favorite spots

The fact that he doesn't have to drive is what makes it fun and special for him. You could take him to at least three places of his choice for him to feel happy or reminisce.

43. Have a couples’ journal and write in it separately at different times

Keeping a book where you both write love messages at random times could make him cry in a good way. The good thing is, you don't have to be around when he does so he can openly express his feelings.

44. Send him on a surprise guys’ night out

You can organize a surprise hangout for him with his friends discreetly without letting him know. It could be to have drinks, for bowling, carting, or playing random games without you being a part of them.

45. Pick a day and do what he wants to do with him

Another way to go about things is to take a day off and assist him with the things he has to achieve for the day. This is an act of love and could make him emotional enough to cry.

46. Suggest doing his hobby

Of course, your boyfriend will have many hobbies you love that you could choose from. Pick the most convenient one for you to do and suggest that you both do it together.

47. Make a playlist of his favorite songs

Make a cool playlist of his favorite love songs and play it when you're both having fun alone or driving around town. It will help elevate his mood and make him smile.

48. Cheer him up in public

Cheering him in public is another way to show that you're proud to have him as your boyfriend, and other people would know that true love exists. It would make him lucky to have the most supportive woman in the world.

49. Market his skills publicly

Telling other people about his skills is a thoughtful thing to do for your boyfriend. It's a selfless act, and it shows how much you love him without saying sweet words directly to him.

50. Be excited to see him

be excited to see him

Sometimes, your excitement to see your man could make him cry. It's the joy that would make him feel like he has the best woman in the world. You could jump on him or slightly pinch his cheeks.

51. Be warm to him

Be warm to your boyfriend in words and actions. Don't scold when it doesn't require you to do so. Take things easy on him and discuss with him amicably when there's an issue bothering you.

52. Greet him nicely when he's back from work

You're ‘welcome back’ to him should be full of love. It should make him happy to be back and feel at home knowing that you're there with him. So welcome him back home nicely.

53. Send him to work nicely

When your boyfriend leaves the house, say sweet things to him like, “I miss you so much whenever you leave the house.” Then kiss and wish him a lovely day ahead.

54. Slip a note into his briefcase

One of the things to say in letters to your boyfriend is, “You’re the love of my life, and I can't spend a single day without you.” Or it could be, “you’re the love of my life, and you make me feel like a queen.”

55. Tell him about your achievements

Share your achievements with your partner. Let him catch a glimpse of what you're up to and suggest what you can do to improve your life. It will make him happy to be involved in your life.

56. Thank him for his support in your life

Another way to make your partner smile is by being grateful for his support in your life. It would mean his efforts are appreciated and encourage him to be more supportive.

57. Give him a warm bath

There's nothing more soothing to a tired body than a warm bath. You could make a bubble bath for him or stay with him in the shower to assist in any way you can. Let him feel your love.

58. Give him a back rub

A little back rub for your partner will help relax his nerves whenever he's tensed or anxious about something and will inspire him to keep living his life to the fullest without so many worries.

59. Call him randomly

Random calls make men’s day, especially when he's going through a tough time with something or trying so hard to be happy even when he's sad. It will help lighten his mood and prove your love too.

60. Ask him to tell you about his day

ask him to tell you about his day

Your man talking about his day to you could make him either be emotional or happier, especially when he can let things out and have you listen to them. Listening is an act of love.

61. Make one of his fantasies come true

You could pick one of his fantasies and make it a dream come true for him. It could be kissing underwater or eating a different kind of food in an ethnic restaurant.

62. Send him a beautiful compliment through one of his loved ones

One of the compliments to say to your boyfriend is, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” and you can make it special by sending it to him through any of his loved ones.

63. Spend a day out of the house

Suggest to him that you both spend a day together out of the house. You could try out different activities or move from one romantic spot to another just for a little change.

64. Get him a new outfit

This is a fun one. You could get him a new outfit that he likes, the one you'll want to see him wear, or a nice piece for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other festive period. It shows how much you love him.

65. Read a romance book together

You may both cry when you read a romance novel at the same time because you get to analyze or argue about the story, characters and feel good or bad about it as a couple.

66. Cook with his mother

The fact is, some men have mothers that are dear to their hearts. This could be tough, but it's good to leave your comfort zone sometimes to bond with his mum to make a delicious meal for him.

67. Make friends with his close circle

To get a special place in a man’s life, you have to get to know the people in his close circle. This means that knowing would make you his ultimate true love and best friend.

68. Spend time with his family

If you're going to be the woman in his life in the long term, you have to get to know his family. Stop thinking about how awkward it will be, pick a convenient and do it.

69. Listen to him talk

There are many sweet things to say to your boyfriend to make him cry, but sometimes you need to listen to him talk, too. Listening to him uninterrupted could make him vulnerable enough to cry.

70. Take a day off to treat him right

take a day off to treat him right

Sometimes your man may want to spend the day, get good morning kisses, lay in your arms, or cuddle with you. You could take a day off, make him laugh, and watch a TV show with him.

71. Tell him how special he makes you feel

You could make short love paragraphs like “The best moment of my life was the day I met you. I don't want ever to lose you. It feels like perfect love, and I want you for the rest of my life.”

72. Buy him video/ computer games

“I got you the most recent video game” is one of the things to say to your boyfriend to make him cry. Men like video and computer games, and coming from their women, it deeply touches their hearts.

73. Get his favorite pet

As a minor, as it may sound, men love pets too. It could be a bunny, puppy, kitten, or any other pet. But it’s another thing to do to make him cry in a good way.

74. Sketch him

You don’t have to be a pro. Sketching your partner takes time and patience, and it shows how much you would love to remain in the person’s life. It’s something that could make him cry.

75. Take him out for a buffet meal

Is there anything more romantic than letting your boyfriend eat whatever he likes without control? Maybe, but eating a variety of food would make him so happy he may want to cry. Try it.

76. Wear his favorite perfume for you

It is commonly said that men don’t like the same perfumes as women. If you have a fragrance he loves, or he got you one that he prefers you use, you should use it often.

77. Play in the mud together

It may sound too ‘muddy’ to play in the mud together, but it’s fun, and it would allow him to open up and display his playful side with you without holding back.

78. Tuck him into bed

Usually, women are the ones being tucked into bed. But it’s also impressive when a woman tucks her man into bed, especially when there’s soft music to accompany it.

79. Go on a walk in his favorite spot

This is another sweet thing to do to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. You could take a walk with him during one of his times out to his favorite exercising spot.

80. Drop clues to a sweet writeup

drop clues to a sweet writeup

This act would touch your partner's heart in a million ways. You can make a write-up like “I love the way you make me feel. I want you to know how much I love you, honey,” which is one of the best things that could happen to him.

81. Give names to your future kids

Naming your future baby together is one of the cutest things to do together. It shows you’ve accepted him wholeheartedly and are willing to compromise your life a bit to be with him.

82. Buy him midnight snacks for work

If your partner is a workaholic and works into the night, you could surprise him with some midnight snacks and a drink to keep him awake. Get the ones that he wouldn’t mind eating all year round.

83. Travel to his favorite romance spot

Even if it means traveling to another city with him, you could plan to visit his favorite romance spot. “Bills on me” is one of the sweet things to say to your boyfriend to make him cry.

84. Tell him how special he makes you feel

You could write short love paragraphs or sentences like “I fall in love with you over again every day from the first time we met.” That is one of the sweet things you can say to your boyfriend.

85. Post him on your social media with a beautiful caption

You don’t have to do this often, but you can just post his photo or a cute video of him on your social media page with a sweet caption like “true love exists.”

86. Bake him a cookie with his favorite flavor

Homemade cookies go a long way to touch the heart. It would make him fall in love with you over again. You could make it with his favorite flavor to make it special.

87. Make him a smoothie

Sometimes it’s good to spice things up with a healthy smoothie. Men always love to have this. It’s another way to show your partner how much effort you can put into making him happy.

88. Let him laugh so hard at funny things

Bring up past funny memories, make fun of your surrounding environment or new events that crack him up, and let him laugh so hard at them. It will help lighten his mood.

89. Take him to the beach

Going to the beach excites people. You get to enjoy the cool breeze while you enjoy some good laughs with your partner. It’s a cute moment that strengthens your bond.

90. Cheer him up at his presentation

cheer him up at his presentation

You don’t have to say anything that would make you sound out of place, but your presence alone at his presentation could be a motivation to keep him going.

91. Remind him of the things he does to make you smile

“I love the way you make me feel and how you make me smile” are some of the sweet things to say to your boyfriend to make him cry. So remind him that as often as you can.

92. Look at old photo albums

It could be his old photo album or yours, but find one that speaks more about the other’s life and has the funniest memories for both of you to reminisce about.

93. Wear his favorite t-shirt for an event

Wearing his favorite t-shirt to attend an event, especially if it’s oversized, could make you look like the female version of him, and depending on your partner, it could be fun for you two.

94. Order a surprise meal pack to his office

Another love gesture to capture his heart is to order a surprise lunch pack to his office without giving him a heads up. Add a little note like “just to let you know how much I love you.”

95. Pick an outfit for him

This is a cute thing to do if you love him. It’s fun to select an outfit for your partner. It would show you love him and make him look different than his usual.

96. Use a gift he got you

Men give gifts to their partners from the heart. Try to use any gift he got you, especially if you love him and you both plan to have a life together.

97. Tell him he's the best person you've met

From the first time, you met until the moment you talk to him. Tell him from your heart how much you’d love to have a life with him and how much you’d love you both to have a baby.

98. Talk to him first about your success

Sharing your joy with him is one of the best things you can say to your boyfriend to make him smile. It shows how much you love him with your heart and accept him in your life.

99. Ask his suggestion for an outfit

Your partner selecting your outfit is one of the most romantic gestures in a relationship. It means you accept him in your life and heart to help you make decisions.

100. Buy him new gadgets

buy him new gadgets

It’s a bit pricey to buy your partner new gadgets which will make it a memorable life event if you achieve it and give it to him from your heart. It’s an act of love.

101. Clean his car

Cleaning his car is another act of love from the heart. So if you can pull this off, then you’ll probably be in his life for the long term without planning for it.

102. Offer to pay his hospital bills

This is another act of pure love from the heart that you can do for your boyfriend to make him cry. It means you want to be in his life for good.

103. Brush his hair

There’s greater love between you and your partner when you help each other do things to make you look good. So brush his hair, and it could be your good morning message to him.

104. Make him a customized phone pouch

You can make a customized phone pouch based on the theme he loves most. It could be any theme; comic, music, or anything he’s comfortable with or fond of in life.

105. Pick a day to appreciate everything he does

Appreciating your partner with words is one of the sweet things to say to your boyfriend to make him cry. Or, it could be a little love letter if you wouldn’t know it. It will bring more love to him.

106. Take him shopping

Men love shopping too. Take him out to pick some nice clothes or shoes for him. Like you love to change your wardrobe, he would be happy if he did so too. And it makes it more adorable when you pay for it.

107. Take him out on a picnic

Picnics in a natural environment are the best. You get to hang out with the love of your life, express more love, eat some snacks and spend quality time together.

108. Dine with him at his favorite restaurant

It doesn't matter if it's dinner or lunch, but it should be his favorite restaurant. Love comes in little ways, and your boyfriend would be glad to eat with you, his love, in a place he loves so much.

109. Compliment his hard work

Complimenting his hard work is another love language you should speak to your partner. It’s one of the things to say to your boyfriend to make him smile no matter how little the compliment is.

110. Pay him a surprise visit at home

pay him a surprise visit at home

You could do this when you know it's his lazy day at home. Surprise and show him some love by popping into his house with breakfast or a cup of coffee to start the day.

111. Kiss him when he least expects it

Kissing him unexpectedly is like saying, “I love you so much, and I want you for the rest of my life.” It’s a love language that speaks directly to the heart.

112. Tell him you miss him

Tell your boyfriend how much you miss him, how you don’t want ever to lose his love, and how it feels like whenever you’re with him. These are the sweet things to say to your boyfriend.

113. Let him surprise you with gifts too

You doing this is like telling him you love and accept him into your life with your heart. Let him surprise you, too, no matter how small the gift he gives is. It's baby steps to greater love.

114. Nurse him when he's sick

If your partner is sick, you should nurse him as much as possible. That’s an indirect way of showing love and accepting him in your heart in his bad times.

115. Share your thoughts with him

Share your silly thoughts with your boyfriend, including the ones that have an imaginary baby in them. Sharing ideas will strengthen your love and bond together.

116. Hug him from behind after a fight

Hugs are part of the most romantic things to show you love your partner with your heart. It makes love and life you both share easy to maintain. And it helps settle fights.

117. Drop your phone for a day and have fun with him

Not using your phone when you're with your partner is one of the cool things you can do to spend maximum time with him. You could take important calls or text messages but not fiddle with them.

118. Compliment his looks

When you compliment his looks often, you touch a soft place in your partner’s heart. This means you love him and make him feel good about himself and his life generally.

119. Allow him to appreciate you

Apart from writing a love letter, give him some time to appreciate you too. It would also make him happy to see you respond or see you love his words or actions of appreciation.

120. Let him put you to sleep

let him put you to sleep

Putting each other to sleep should be one of your daily life routines. While you do it for him, you should let him express his love for you in that manner, too. It should be from the heart.

121. Kiss him in public

Public kissing is like saying “a secret love letter to my boyfriend -I love you so much. Let’s have a baby,” without using words, but your heart to express it.

122. Buy him a new shaving kit

Men love new shaving kits. Seeing a shaving kit is something that could be a significant part of his life. Like writing a letter, shaving kits go a long way to express the love you have for your boyfriend.

123. Drive him to work

Love doesn't mean doing the same thing just to be part of someone else's life. Show him more love by offering to drop him off at work and possibly, pick him up.


What can I say to make my boyfriend cry?

You can use sweet words to express how you truly feel about him in your life. Tell him how proud you are of a good boyfriend like him. Let him know that he’s not just your boyfriend, but your best friend and true love. These are a few things you can say to make him cry.

What can I say to my boyfriend to make his heart melt?

There are many sweet things to say to make your boyfriend’s heart melt; “I love you so much,” “I don’t ever want to lose you,” “I miss you so much,” or, “you are the love of my life,” and many others. Depending on his love language, you could melt his heart with these sweet words.

What should you not tell your boyfriend?

Don’t compare him to your ex, say how handsome or hot his friend is, say bad things about his family, or tell him how dumb he is. These few and many more are not suitable for you to tell your boyfriend. Don’t use his weaknesses against him, too; it doesn't sit well with them.

How can I cheer my boyfriend up over text?

Tell him about a plan you organized for both of you to help relieve his stress. Remind him of a funny memory you both had. You could tell him a good thing that happened for the benefit of the two of you. It could even be as simple as sending him a random naughty photo of you.

What to say to your bf to make him love you more?

Let him know how special he makes you feel, how much you cherish, adore, and respect him, and how much your life has changed for the better because of him. These and more are what men love to hear. It makes them feel good with their effort and will love you more with their whole heart. 

In Conclusion

Making your boyfriend cry in a good way is almost the same as making him smile, and there are many ways to do it. You can use any of the 123 ways I've mentioned to see how things turn out. Did you love this article? If yes, please drop a comment and share it with others.

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