How To Make Him Miss You (12 Of The Best Ways To Make Him Crazy About You)

Whether you’ve just started dating someone new, you’re in a long-distance relationship or you want your ex to realize what they lost, making a man miss you is essential.

We miss those that we think are amazing and those that make us feel happy when we’re with them, and when we’re apart from them, it hurts. Obviously, if you’re trying to attract someone or try and make them realize how wonderful you are, it goes without saying that making them miss you like crazy is vital.

The key to making somebody miss you is making them wish they were by your side, and you can do this both when you are with them and obviously also when you’re apart from them. 

If you’re not sure how to make him want you and miss you, don’t worry, this article has you covered. We’re going to take a look at 12 easy ways you can make him want you by his side.

How Can You Make A Guy Miss You

1. Make him feel happy when you are with him

make him feel happy when you are with him

Obviously, if you are going to try and make someone miss you, one of the most important things you need to do first is to make sure you have established a proper connection with them. Of course, if you are in the early stages of getting to know somebody, this connection might not be really strong, but there still has to be some kind of romantic connection between you so that further down the line there is a potential for a love connection. Check this guy’s body language, be sure there’s no one else he’s interested in and look out for flirting if you’re unsure.

You will obviously have to be able to feel initial sparks with someone first, but after you’re certain that you both show interest in each other, you need to be sure you make him happy when you’re with him. To make somebody miss you when you’re away, you first need to make sure they associate you with happiness and other positive emotions.

2. Do things for the first time together

When someone misses somebody, they will not only think about the person, but they think about all of the memories they share with that person. Therefore, it’s absolutely vital that if you’re trying to make a man miss you, you make memories with him. The simple fact is that if you don’t have any special memories with him, you probably won’t make a big enough impact on his mind for him to miss you.

One of the best and most impactful ways to make memories with somebody is by doing things together that neither of you has done before. What you do doesn’t have to be majorly interesting, but it just needs to be something that is both your first time doing it. For example, if you’ve both never gone ice skating, why not do that now? 

3. Don’t text him too often

When you are away from this guy, it’s really important that you don’t text him too often. If you overwhelm him with text messages, he’s going to feel like you’re just bombarding him with attention. Although you might think that this is going to attract a guy or show your attraction towards him, this is going to do the exact opposite. If you’re constantly blowing up his phone, he’s going to get turned off you. 

You need to show this guy that he’s not your number one priority (yet) and you have an exciting, full life that you lead. So, don’t text him too often, and don’t be the first to message all the time. Men like to feel like they’re pursuing a woman, so let him chase you. In addition, by not texting him all the time, he’ll miss talking to you and be more likely to message you or ask to meet up with you. 

4. Don’t be at his beck and call

If a guy knows that you will always make yourself available for him, he won’t put that much effort into you, because he knows you’re always an easy choice. You never want to come across as the type of woman that drops everything to be with somebody, and acting like this will definitely not make him miss you.

If you want a guy to miss you, you need to play a little hard to get. As mentioned above, men love to feel like they are chasing a woman and they love a challenge, so let this guy be intrigued by you. If you decline meeting up with him a few times because you’re busy with other things, he’ll miss spending time with you much more than he would miss you if you dropped everything to see him every time he asked. It also makes him realize that the time you do spend together is important.

5. Remind him of your time together

remind him of your time together

One great way to make a guy miss you is by reminding him of the times you have spent together. Obviously, you can only do this once you have actually spent a good amount of time together, but once you have created some pretty great memories, you can make him reminisce on those memories and miss you by sending him a message like, “I was just thinking about …”. 

It should be obvious, but just in case it’s not, you should only remind this guy of positive memories together because it reinforces that when he is with you, he is happy and experiences positive emotions. In addition, a way to get him hot under the collar and definitely missing you is by reminding him of being intimate together.

6. Send him a cheeky message

It’s no secret that most men love sex – they love to have sex, they love to talk about it, and they love to think about it. Although that’s a generalization of all men, if a guy is attracted to you, it’s most likely he has thought about having sex with you even if you haven’t had sex already. If you have had sex with this guy, then he will most likely think about your previous encounters a lot.

Therefore, one of the greatest ways to make a guy miss you and want you is by sending him a naughty message. Depending on how comfortable you are with this guy, you could send him a dirty text telling you what you want to do to him, or as mentioned above, simply remind him of the last time you got down and dirty with him. Sending a man this kind of message is guaranteed to make him miss you.

7. Send him a photo in a new outfit

Obviously one of the easiest ways to jump into someone’s head is by sending them a photo of yourself – they can’t avoid that. Depending on how comfortable you are and what the relationship is like between the two of you, you can send a photo of yourself in a new outfit or underwear if you want to make it sexier. 

The reason for suggesting a photo in a new outfit or set is because then you can ask his opinion and make it seem less of a seduction technique. For example, you can send a cute photo with a message like, “what do you think of my new dress?”. When he sees this photo and message, he won’t be able to stop thinking about you and will miss you uncontrollably. His mind will be stuck on the vision of you for a long time and he’ll want to see you in real life.

8. Be interested in what he’s doing

As much as you might want to remind him of how great you are, one of the ways you can get a guy to miss you is by actually taking an interest in what he’s doing. Let’s be honest, most people love to talk about themselves and share what they’re interested in with other people, so you can use this to your advantage. 

You should ask your guy what he’s up to, and when he responds, genuinely take an interest in whatever the thing is that he’s doing. If you take an interest in what he’s doing, you can open up the conversation more and he’ll really appreciate that you want to hear more about the thing he’s doing. He will miss you because he’ll want to be with you having this conversation, rather than just chatting over text. It’ll also make him feel more connected with you. 

9. Post photos of yourself having fun on social media

post photos of yourself having fun on social media

People are attracted to others that are happy because they radiate joy and positivity. Therefore, you’ll want to share photos on social media of you having fun, preferably with friends. When your man sees a photo of you enjoying yourself and having fun, he will not only be able to see that you are a happy person that doesn’t need him to have fun, but he’ll want to be there having fun with you.

This urge to be with you having fun will make this man miss you like crazy, and he’ll start reminiscing about all of the times the two of you had fun together. After you have posted a photo of yourself like this, you can expect this man to slide into your DMs.

10. Continue with your hobbies

Although this doesn’t sound like the best thing you can do to make a man miss you, surprisingly, it is. It’s really important that you continue taking part in your hobbies and doing the things you love. Firstly because if you are living a busy, jam-packed life, you are going to be less likely to come across as needy to this man, and secondly because it’ll make him attracted to you.

Having hobbies and doing things independently makes you more attractive to a potential partner because it shows that you live a life that already fulfills you. When a guy knows this, it makes him want you and miss you because he wants to be involved in your fulfilling life, making you even happier.

11. Leave something at his place to remind him of you

One of the simplest ways you can make a man miss you is by leaving one of your things at his house when you leave. Of course, don’t leave something that you will desperately need when you’re not there and don’t leave something at his house every time you see him, because this could be obvious.

However, you could leave something as simple as your hair bobble or a scarf at his house, and then when he looks at it, he’ll remember you and the memories of you taking off these items and what you did while you were there will come rushing back to him. He will miss you instantly.

12. Leave your perfume on his bedsheets

We all associate certain scents with specific people or specific memories, and when we smell a certain scent, it can take our minds back to reminiscing of this time. You can use this to your advantage to make a guy miss you. 

Firstly, you need to try and wear the same perfume or body spray every time you see this man. Then, once he has had enough time to associate this smell with you, you can maybe just spray a little on his bedsheets before you leave (secretly or discreetly of course) and once he gets into bed, he will be reminded of you and miss you being there with him.


How can I make him miss me badly?

You need to create memories with this person and be a person that they are happy around. Then, when you’re not with them, you need to give them space, continue obviously living a great, independent life, but also remind them of you by either reminiscing about the times you had together, by making them think of you in a sexual way or by leaving one thing of yours at their place.

How do I make him miss me psychology?

To make somebody miss you, you need to be certain that you are constantly the one on their mind. There is a multitude of ways to do this, and 12 of the ways are listed above in more detail. However, overall you need to just make sure you and the memories you have had together keep popping into his head. So, you might want to leave your scent around his house, text him about a memory the two of you shared, or simply post a selfie for him to see on social media.

How do you make a guy miss you and love you more?

All of the 12 ways listed in this article above will help to make sure that a guy misses you, so you might want to take a look at one or two of those in closer detail. If you are wanting somebody to love you more, you need to be sure that you appeal to them, and a good way to do this is to let them chase you. Men love to pursue women, and therefore you might want to always remain a bit of a mystery to him whilst still being present in his life.

Does silence make him miss you?

This depends on how long you stay silent for, and if he’s replying as fast as you are. It also depends on the level of the relationship you’re in. If you ignore a guy for a few hours or maybe even a day, it could make him miss you and want to chase you. However, typically if you go absolutely silent and don’t respond to him for days, this will most likely not make him miss you, but it’ll probably lead to him thinking you are rude.

How do I stay on his mind?

When you are with this guy, you’re going to want to make sure you make him happy and create memories with him that he can reminisce about when you’re not together. You need to make sure that when he thinks about you, he associates you with happiness and positive emotions. Then, when you’re not with him, remind him of how he feels when he is with you, and he’ll most likely not be able to get you out of his mind.


After reading this article, you are all clued up and know how to make him miss you and ready to put some of the knowledge you have learned into action. Your man will miss you in no time if you follow this advice, but just remember to always be yourself and let your beauty and uniqueness shine through. Although these ways work and are extremely useful, you don’t want to have to try too hard to have the right man miss you.

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