How To Make A Player Fall In Love With You (17 Sneaky Ways)

Players are generally bad news. In fact, the moment you realize that you're being chased by a player, you should try your best to lose him. However, sometimes life happens and the heart wants what it wants. Trust me you aren't the first woman to fall for a player and hoping they will be interested in you too isn't unimaginable. It's very risky but it's possible. 

Players usually have a personality disorder. Sometimes, they have commitment issues, and sometimes they're just afraid they'll never find true love. If your player crush is in one of these categories, then you may have a chance to win him over. If you show him that you're the right girl for him, those issues may be resolved with time. 

If you'd like to know what to do in order to make this player fall for you, then keep reading the useful tips below. 

17 Ways To Make A Player Fall In Love With You

1. Become his friend

Players enjoy the thrill of finding attractive women, starting a fake relationship with them, then moving on to their next quest as soon as they lose interest. Most times players don't connect with their victims on a mental level, their craft is mainly physical, making it easier to detach when the time is right. 

However, one way to make them develop strong feelings for you is to use a method they won't see coming. Build a mental connection with them- a friendship. Hold off on some of the more physical activities and find out about his hobbies, favorite sport, his love language, family, etc. 

If he has a soul or even an ounce of humanity in him, he will begin to enjoy your company. He’ll start inviting you over for more than just sex. 

2. Seduce him

seduce him

If your aim is to make a player fall in love with you then you need to stand out from the other girls he's been in a relationship with. Players are usually the ones doing the seducing, they often have to woo the women until they get what they want. If you want to be different from the ladies he usually goes after, you may need to turn the tables. Be the one to flirt with him instead. 

You don't have to stick to the usual seductive methods, try getting creative. Do something unique. In order to secure a special spot in his mind, make him obsessed with you. 

One of the best places to begin is social media. Take some premium videos and photos that show off your good looks and your productive social life. This will catch his attention and show him that you're not just a pretty face. It will also remind him that there are other men out there that could be desperate to be with you.

3. Guys are crazy about what they can't have

This is one of the oldest rules in the book; if you want to make this guy think of being in a relationship with only you, you’ve got to play hard to get. 

Even though times are changing and lots of men would prefer to be chased, a player usually likes a good chase. For him, most of the women he's been in a relationship with, fall for the most basic things he flaunts at them, but you've got to show him that you're different. Making yourself inaccessible to him would catch his attention and make him fixated on you. 

One way to do this is to show him that you aren't easy to get is to hold off on sex for a while. Do this until you know that you're more to him than just a conquest. Flirt with him in social situations but turn him down the first few times he asks you out on a date. This ought to pique his interest. 

4. Try not to be too available to him

Players are hardly ever caught wanting, most of them have a list of women that could keep them entertained every day of the week. Women who would be at his house without making excuses, just after one beckoning text message. You have to ensure that you're not on that list. You need to show this guy that he can’t play games with you, you’re not a booty call. 

Make sure he knows that you're self-sufficient when it comes to social situations; you aren’t dependent on other people to enjoy your time. You enjoy your own company and you love to do your own thing. So make sure that anytime this player calls for a hangout, you agree only on your own terms and on your own time. 

5. Let him know how confident you are

let him know how confident you are

Even if you aren’t so confident, you can fake it till you make it. Most people who seem confident fake it sometimes, as human beings we all have self-doubts. 

Players tend to prey on women who aren't sure of their worth, it makes it easier to deceive. However, showing him that you aren't just dependent on the value other people place on you, will make him respect you in a way that he doesn't respect other women. Players find it refreshing when they meet a confident woman, it's a very attractive trait to them. 

To show him how confident you are, you need to let him hear and see it in your speech, in the way you do things and the way you carry yourself. 

6. Don’t talk about commitment

When you're with a player, it's best to avoid the commitment talk. Most players have commitment issues and will take off at the slightest hint. The only way to communicate a commitment to a player is to show him how much he needs you in his life. Let him be the one to take the first step toward you.

When your player is finally interested in you and it starts to seem like you’re in a real relationship with him, just let things run their course, don't try to make him jump straight into a commitment on your own terms. Avoid talking about the number of kids you'd like to have when you're around him and how happily married you’d love to be. Also, avoid trying to get him to meet your family. 

If you're looking for a man who will commit to you immediately, then you probably shouldn't be with a player. 

7. Don't tell him how you really feel

In the same way, if you avoid discussions about commitment, you should avoid talking about your feelings. This doesn't just apply to players alone, most men run far away from an overbearing woman. Only express your true feelings for him when you're sure that he's on the same page as you. 

If you're a naturally honest and open person, this may prove to be a bit difficult. However, you need to keep reminding yourself of the end game. You can express your feelings in other ways like buying him thoughtful gifts on his birthday, ordering him his favorite take-out when on your way to see him, etc. Whatever you do, avoid becoming clingy. 

8. Let every moment with you be memorable for him

let every moment with you be memorable for him

Show this man that sex isn't the only way to have fun, try to make sure he's met with good energy whenever you spend time with him. This does not mean you should mask your feelings when you're sad, angry, or just feeling ‘meh', make sure he feels comfortable around you. 

Also try to make sure that when you're with him, it's in your free time. He’ll feel ignored or insulted if you keep answering work calls while he's there trying to spend quality time with you. Also, share his hobbies, and find something that interests you about the activities he loves. For example, if he loves to play video games, try that out with him. 

9. Always look your best

This is not only to impress your crush but also to boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. Dressing up is a way of showcasing your creativity to the world; they get to see your art. 

However, looking good doesn't only involve dressing up, it involves all-around care. Many women don't know that looking healthy is attractive. When you're healthy in and out, it shows. You'll have a healthy weight, glowing skin, and good hair. So eat right, go for your monthly health checks, and exercise. You can then add proper grooming and a good sense of style to the mix. 

10. Keep the mystery alive

Men love mystery, they love to have something to keep searching out. Try not to give everything out so easily, let him figure some things out himself. 

Don't answer all his questions right away. One of the best ways to keep him guessing is to let him wonder what you're thinking or feeling. If you're feeling down let him figure out how to cheer you up and let him sometimes guess what you'd like to eat for dinner. If you keep his mind working, you will always be on his mind. 

11. Show him that you're independent

show him that you're independent

Show this player that you only want him around but you don't need him. This is not just sexy, it will also do wonders for your self-esteem. When a man knows that you don't need him for emotional support, financial support, or any other kind of support he will place you in high regard. 

The only relationship a player will take seriously is a relationship where he has to put in the effort. If he knows that you're self-sufficient all-around when you do eventually ask for a favor he will be very eager to do it. If you ask for his time he will suspend every other thing to be at your beck and call. 

12. Control your emotions

This is another way to keep the mystery and remain unpredictable. Men often view women as overly emotional beings. They expect you to have mood swings, get upset or sad over the tiniest things, and be unable to control yourself in certain situations. Refuse to be placed in this category! surprise him and respond to things differently. 

If you catch him speaking to other women, don't act jealous even though you feel jealous. Be friendly to the girls around him and carry yourself with maturity and class. Also avoid being clingy even though you miss him, don't make it too obvious. You could invite him over for movie night but if he declines, don't sound hurt or disappointed. 

Give him a brief ‘okay’ then go have fun with your friends. Make sure to post on social media so he knows you aren't sitting around waiting for him. 

13. Get creative in bed when the time comes

It's wise to hold off on sex until you're sure he's interested in you. However, the deed will eventually be done. So if you're a bit rusty in that department, perhaps you'd have to do some research to find out what the kids are doing these days. 

When the opportunity does present itself, put that pent-up passion into action. Let the fireworks go off and wow him. Give him an experience he won't forget. Before then, you will definitely have an idea of what he's into, put that to good use too. If he likes lingerie, slip in some beforehand and make it worth his while. 

Don't overdo it though, not every guy is into freaky things, especially the first time. Since you like him, let your passion guide you and have fun while you’re at it. Don't try to impress him, you may end up messing things up. 

14. Let him have his space

let him have his space

Space and privacy are things you need to respect when you're with a player. Don't be the girl that won't let him breathe or have any alone time. Don't also be an overly suspicious person. Even though you know you can't necessarily trust him, act like you don't care. 

If he's quiet for a week and doesn't call or text, let him have his time alone. You can text him once or twice to make sure he's okay but don't pay him a surprise visit and don't keep hitting up his phone. In the early stages when you're still trying to reel him in, he may still be seeing one or two of his previous hookups. Don't let this bother you, stay calm and keep yourself occupied. 

Once he sees that you aren't going frantic about his absence or silence, he'll realize that you can do perfectly well without him and you may be the best thing that ever happened to him. 

15. Don't kiss up to him but you may need to fan his ego a bit

Every guy has an ego, in fact, the healthier his ego, the healthier he is as a person. The earlier you realize that the easier it would be to make him fall head over heels in love with you. Don't be afraid to pay him honest compliments, show appreciation when he does something nice for you and cheer him up if he needs some encouragement. 

All this should be done in moderation, resist the urge to kiss up to him, or overcompensate. Don't keep re-echoing how good he looks, you're going to make him become too proud and full of himself. Even though you think he looks good, you don't have to voice it out every single time. 

16. Get along with his friends

Try to be cool with his circle of friends. You don't necessarily have to become one of the guys, you just have to get along fine with them. Even if they aren't your kind of people, find at least one thing you could use to relate with them easily. Be yourself and let your personality speak for itself. 

Don't also try to please them or kiss up to them, let things flow naturally. Once his friends like and accept you, he will find it easier to give you a place in his life. Do all this with caution, don't overdo it. Don't bond with any of his friends one on one, you may end up passing on the wrong message. 

17. Be there when he needs you

be there when he needs you

Most players have the impression that women cannot love unconditionally. They feel like they will only be loved when they have something to offer, like money. You need to prove to him that you aren't just there for his money or anything else, show him that you truly care about him. 

Everyone has challenges, insecurities, and other problems. At least once in a while, they'll need a shoulder they can lean on or at least a listening ear. 

Be that person for him let him know he can depend on you. If he needs someone to vent to, just be quiet and listen to him. If he's upset about something, be there for him in any way you can, even if you aren't necessarily able to solve the problem. This way, he'll know he has a friend in you. 


Can a player actually fall in love?

Players can only fall in love under special circumstances. They like to play the dating game but don't like the idea of sticking to only one woman. Most of them have commitment issues or believe that they can't be loved unconditionally. All these issues make it hard for them to truly fall in love. However, falling in love isn't impossible for them.

How do you tell if a player is falling for you?

You can tell that a player is falling hard by the way he treats you. First of all, he won't only be with you because of a mere physical attraction, he will enjoy spending time with you too. He’ll also be willing to be in an actual relationship with you. Also, if he introduces you to his friends, that may be a good sign too.

How do you get a player to chase you?

To make a player chase you, you'd have to prove that you're different from every other girl he's with. Also, you'd need to respect his space and privacy, don't choke him. Also, keep him guessing, don't let yourself go and become predictable. Also remember to control your emotions, don't act like you're emotionally unstable.

How can you spot a player?

You'll know he's a player if he's too relentless. Players always come on a bit too strong, they will try their best to make you feel special just to get what they want. You can also tell if he starts to make sex jokes a bit too early, perhaps while you guys are still in the talking stage.

How do you hurt a player’s ego?

You would have to find out what his insecurities are and hit exactly where it hurts. For example, if you notice that he has body insecurities, throw a jab at that. Also, you could compare him to someone you know is way better than him. Someone like a movie star or athlete.

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article helpful. Remember, to get a player to fall for you, you've got to be different. So, throw out all those ‘basic bitch' attributes and shine girl. Please leave your comments in the section below and be sure to share this article on social media. 

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