How To Make A Man Sexually Addicted To You (32 Easy Ways)

Are you wondering how to make a man sexually addicted to you?

Do you want him to keep coming back for more?

Do you want to be his SEX GODDESS?

This guide will tell you how to do it. In fact, it has a total of 32 ideas to help you.

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So, read on for my list of ways to do that!

How To Make A Man Addicted To You Sexually

1. Tease him.

Tease him

This is likely the most obvious way to make him addicted to you, keep him interested in you and keep him wanting more. Men don’t like things that come to them to easily, he will enjoy you teasing him.

You could do this by making him wait before you sleep with him. You should ensure to keep it playful and tease him. Try some oral sex techniques and sex tricks as ways to tease him. You could also send him cute photos of you so that you make sure that he is thinking about you. He will enjoy the chase and this will make this man addicted to you.

Be playful with him and tease him by tickling him before you have sex etc., don’t give him everything all at once. This is one way to make sure he is sexually addicted to you. Make sure that he is always wanted more from you and he will be continually obsessed with the thought of you.

Tease him when you are not together too, send him cheeky text messages or tell him about your plans for the evening. If you send him these sorts of messages when you are not together, he will be left thinking about you all day and will be itching to see you. This is a sure way to make him addicted to you.

2. Flirt with him.

Flirt with him

Another way to attract a man and make him addicted to you is to flirt with him. Even if you have been seeing him for a while, don’t stop flirting with each other. This is one way to make him addicted to you. You need to keep flirting with him to keep the excitement alive.

You need to make it obvious to him that you are interested in him. Maybe if you are on a dinner date together, you could whisper something in his ear, or touch his leg under the table. This will help to make him addicted to you.

Keep your body language flirt with him. Put your face close to his so that your lips are almost touching. Even if you have been together for a while don’t stop flirting with each other. Keep it exciting by being flirty and playful with each other constantly. This is one way to make him sexually addicted to you.

3. Do what you enjoy.

Even if you have just met a guy and fallen completely in love with him, don’t forget about your passions and interests. Make sure to continue to do what you enjoy and don’t give up your passions for a guy. If he sees that you are interesting and unique he will be even more obsessed with you for it.

If you show him what you love and what you are good at he will see you as special and will love you even more for it. If you are good at singing, painting or sport to ensure you continue to do these things even if you have just started seeing a new guy. Show him your passions, talents, and interests.

He will be sexually addicted to your uniqueness and will hold onto you because he has never met anyone just like you.

4. Don’t overdo it.

If you are trying to make your man sexually addicted to you, it is important to remember to not obsess over it too much. He will notice that you are trying too hard to make him obsessed with you and this will likely cause the opposite. Don’t send him countless messages and calls. Compliment him and adore him but don’t overdo it and put him off.

If you are trying to get him to obsess over you, show him what is unique about you. Don’t try and force him to love you and be addicted to you because this likely won’t work in your favor. If you overdo it he is more likely to get tired of you.

Don’t overdo it and he will be sure to be sexually addicted to you, don’t always give him exactly what he wants straight away.

5. Don’t always be available.

Don’t always be available

Just because you are now in a relationship with this guy, it doesn’t mean that you have to drop everything for him and spend all of your time with him. Make sure you still focus on your friends, your work, your hobbies, and your other responsibilities. He probably doesn’t want to be smothered anyway.

If you are trying to make him obsess over you, don’t always be available and play a little hard to get sometimes. This is a sure way to get him to be sexually addicted to you. It’s not a bad thing to be unavailable to him sometimes. You don’t have to drop everything and cancel an evening with your friends just to see him. Make him wait sometimes.

Show him that you are interesting and busy and he will be even more sexually addicted to you.

6. Talk to him regularly.

If you like this man it is important to keep texting him regularly. Be careful not to overload him with messages, as this may put pressure on him and scare him away. Especially if he doesn’t seem to text you that often.

You need to make sure it still feels fun and your messages aren’t overly forced. You need to send him messages to make him sexually addicted to you and to make sure he keeps thinking about him throughout his day.

Send him naughty texts and let him know that you can’t stop thinking about him. This will make him sexually addicted to you and will make him think about you. You may also want to send him texts such as compliments or messages saying something nice about him.

7. Send him pictures.

You could also keep him sexually addicted to you by reminding him of you and having sex with you. You could send him a lot of photos of you to tease him. Perhaps you could send him some photos of new underwear.

8. Don’t do anything that you are not comfortable with.

No matter how much you want this man to be sexually addicted to you, it is important to make sure that you are comfortable with sending these types of messages and photos. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t force yourself to do it. If you are feeling hesitant about it, don’t force yourself to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

9. Find out what he likes.

Find out what he likes

In order to make a man sexually addicted to you and your sex life together, it is important to find out what he enjoys. This depends on each man, as every man is different. Each man may enjoy different thinks. You need to figure out what he really likes. You can do this easily by having a simple conversation with him about what he does and doesn’t like.

It is important to be open to a guy. You should be able to talk about these sorts of things with the man that you are seeing. These conversations will help to build a strong bond between the two of you.

10. Make sure that he knows that other men think you are attractive.

If you know that this man is sexually addicted to you and he finds you attractive, don’t be afraid to flaunt this.

11. Surprise him.

Be sure to ensure that things never get boring if you are trying to make this man sexually addicted to you. You need to keep surprising him if you want to ensure that this man stays interested. There are many ways to keep a relationship exciting.

12. Be Confident.

Be Confident

Most men love to see confidence in a woman. This man will love it if you are confident with him. You can show him you are confident in many ways. He will be sexually attracted to your confidence. You will be even more beautiful in his eyes if you are confident in yourself.

Try not to be shy around him and show him the things that you are good at. It may not be that simple if you are naturally introverted but just try and be yourself as much as possible, and he will appreciate you for that.

If this guy knows that you are comfortable around him, he will be more sexually obsessed with you.

13. Have fun.

The most important thing to keep a relationship exciting is to ensure that it stays fun. This is one way to ensure that he stays interested in you. Figure out what he loves most and have fun doing these things with him, whether it is playing sport or video games or going on adventures in nature. Have fun with him and he will find you fun and interesting.

14. Keep healthy.

If you are healthy and feel confident in yourself then this will shine through. If you are confident in your own body, this guy will be even more obsessed with you.

15. Try new things.

Try new things

If you want to make him addicted to you, experiment with new things.

16. Don’t stress.

It is important not to put too much pressure on your relationship and whether this man is addicted to you or not. If you stress too much about it, it will stop being fun and he will likely be turned off. He’ll appreciate you a lot more if you are chilled.

17. Don’t smother him.

If this guy asks for some alone time, give it to him. Even if he is completely in love with you, he probably still needs space and time to be with himself, do his own thing and spend it with his friends. This is especially true if you have just moved in with this man.

This may not be secret but one way to keep him addicted to you is to keep your distance. Men like to know that you are independent. Men can find this very attractive. Don’t constantly ring him and send him messages, keep him waiting and this will ensure that he is thinking on you. You don’t need to be talking all of the time.

Having breaks and time apart from each other is very important and helps to keep it exciting. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little time apart no and again. It is not necessary for him to be involved in every part of your life. Ensure that you keep your own hobbies and travel alone sometimes.

Remember the phrase: “absence makes the heart go stronger!”

You don’t need to be together every minute of every single day. You don’t need to be constantly attached to each other and do absolutely everything together. He will be even more addicted to you if you have your own passions and interests that you can tell him about.

18. Have regular dates.

Have regular dates

Date nights on a regular basis ensure it stays exciting. Plan date nights and invest effort into your relationship. Ensure that it stays fun and romantic. Don’t let your other priorities get in the way of your relationship.

Don’t forget to plan dates with your guy. Men can be a bit more relaxed about planning dates, so it is important that you ensure that you always have a date planned with him.

19. Be spontaneous.

Be spontaneous

This is one way to keep him addicted to you. Plan things to do with him– stay in a hotel for a night can be an exciting thing to do together. Ensure that it never gets boring and you are always going on adventures and trying new things together.

Men like a challenge and may get bored if things get mundane. He will be even more into you if he gets to see your spontaneous, adventurous side. He will definitely be telling his friends about you if you act like this around him.

It is healthy to get a change in scenery every once in a while, so a weekend away in the countryside may be the perfect thing to do together. Plan a romantic weekend with him to keep things exciting.

It is important to always stay adventurous and always try new things together. Everything you do together will make your relationship stronger. Keep making memories with him that you can talk about in the future and tell your friends and family.

20. Find out what he likes on you.

This is another way to ensure that he stays addicted to you. Find out which is his favorite perfume that you wear, and only put it on for special occasions. If you wear it every single day, he might not notice it anymore. He will be so much more attracted if you keep it only for special occasions.

21. Dress up for no reason.

Dress up for no reason

Plan a romantic dinner date at home and dress up for it. Do your hair and makeup and put on a nice dress. You could even have a romantic, candlelit bath together after dinner. Ensure that you do things often so that you don’t get bored together.

22. Buy yourself nice underwear.

Buy yourself nice underwear

This is another way to keep him interested in you. Walk around the house in your new underwear. Stay spontaneous and he will always be drawn and addicted to you. He will appreciate it if you are confident with yourself.

23. Challenge him.

This is another way to keep him interested. Ensure to always keep him challenged. This will also benefit you.

24. Cook for him.

Another way to keep him addicted to you is to cook for him. By cooking him a romantic, amazing meal as a surprise will make him love you even more. Cook him his favorite meal and he will adore you.

25. Laugh with him.

Laugh with him

Ensure you always have fun and laugh a lot around him. He will love to hear you laughing. He will look forward to the times you spend together when you just roll around on your bed teasing each other and laughing. Be yourself and have fun around him.

26. Maintain a balance in your relationship.

It is important to always maintain balance in your relationship. It is not necessary that you spend all of your time together. You both need time for yourselves in order to be your best selves when you are together with each other. You may both need time alone to meditate and to think about how you are feeling.

Spending time apart is not a negative thing. He will love and obsess you more if your relationship is balanced and healthy. This will make him even more sexually addicted to you and will also strengthen your relationship with your man. 

27. Surprise him with gifts.

Another way to ensure he is addicted to you is to buy him special and random presents or take him on a trip away. Ensure that it is completely random so that he is surprised. Be spontaneous and he will appreciate it so much.

28. Take things slowly.

Don’t give him everything at once if you are trying to make him addicted to you. Ensure that he has to put effort into him and don’t make everything too easy for him. Play hard to get sometimes, be difficult, and make him work for things.

Give him a little bit to keep him interested but also make him work in your relationship. Keep him guessing. Give him a reason to be obsessed with and chase you. Don’t reveal everything about you at once.

Men love the excitement of a chase. You need to make him feel as if he is working for something. Don’t make it too easy for him as he may eventually get bored. Don’t be afraid of playing a little hard to get. You’re trying to make him addicted to you.

29. Be yourself.

Be yourself

Your guy will definitely be more obsessed with your real self rather than a personality you are trying to portray. If you are truly and completely yourself around this guy, he will be deeply addicted to you. If you are confident and completely accept yourself he will love you even more for that.

If you are pretending to be someone that you are not, he will know you are trying to hard to please him and this may turn him off. Everybody has flaws and there is no point in trying to hide them from him. He will be even more addicted to you if you show him your flaws and are completely yourself.

Don’t be afraid to be really yourself around him, and even show him your flaws. He will love you more if you are open and honest with him about who you really are. This is one of the ways to make a man addicted to you sexually.

30. Have standards.

If you always avoid arguments with your man in order to make him happy, you are not being fair to yourself or him. You don’t deserve to have to submit to this man. He will treat you as someone he respects if you don’t always let him have what he wants.

He will notice your constant fear. He will respect you and will be even more obsessed with you if you are firm and confident with him. Make a man know your standards and ensure he keeps to them. This is one of the ways to make a man addicted to you sexually. He will love you more for being affirmative with him.

For men, women having authority in a relationship can make him addicted to you even more. Don’t mistake this for being bossy or controlling but ensure that you are confident and keep to your own standards.

If he knows that you are able to take control then he will be even more obsessed with you. Show him this side of you if you are wondering how to make a man addicted to you sexually.

31. Be kind.

If you are unsure how to make a man addicted to you sexually, one way to do this is to be kind to him. This is one of the things that most men will look for in a woman, above the makeup you wear and the dress that you chose. Being kind is much more important to a man than your appearance.

When you are kind to men they will be even more obsessed with you in the bedroom.

32. Look after yourself.

Ensure that you are not always worrying about your man and you remember to look after yourself too. If you look after yourself properly and let him know your worth, then your man will treat you as you deserve.

Don’t ignore the things that you need and desire– take your shower every day, put on your skincare, makeup and workout. This is one way to make sure that he stays sexually addicted to you. If you treat yourself properly he will see this and treat you better too. 


If you want to make a guy addicted to you sexually, you need to play a little hard to get sometimes, surprise him and keep it exciting.

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