How To Make A Guy Hate You (15 Sneaky Ways)

People have different reasons why they want others to hate them. It could be because of a misunderstanding or their way of proving a point to that person. Sometimes, you may want to avoid someone you dislike, who loves you so much and wants to date you, without hurting them.

This is where the use of hatred comes into play. It's not a bad thing to make someone hate you, as long as you don't overdo it. You may use this method if you feel things would go bad if you're still close to them. This is after you may have tried other ways but to no avail. That could be annoying. 

You may also find out that without a particular guy’s hatred, your present or future relationship may not succeed due to their attachment. Or, things could become very awkward when you tell them to stay away. This is why it's good to do simple but straightforward things to make them hate you.

Guys have so much ego and one of the best ways to make them hate you is to do things that would mostly play with that ego. For starters, here are 15 good ways to make any guy you want to get rid of, hate you.

15 Ways To Make A Guy Hate You

1. Always be in a bad mood

Nobody loves being with an unhappy person. That's because it dulls the atmosphere and makes everything or every exciting action tiring. One of the things you can do to make a guy hate you is to always be in a bad mood whenever he's around, physically or on the phone.

Make it look like you're never in the mood to talk to him. Even when you're happy shortly before he comes around, gradually fake a bad mood, so it discourages him from spending time with you. You should make him feel like bad things usually happen in his presence. That way you can push him away slowly.

2. Be very clingy and needy

One way to kill any kind of relationship you have with a guy is to be clingy and needy. Not everyone is a fan of this, and even if they are, they get tired with time. If you want a guy to hate you, make him take all the responsibilities in your relationship.

Be clingy in a very annoying way. Make it even worse by complaining about the needs you know you should take care of. Be more interested in the aspects of his life that benefit you more and don't care about the parts he needs help in. Guys hate this. They love independent girls.

3. You should complain about things whenever they call

Guys don't like girls that nag. They're more interested in dating a girl who's sweet enough to ask about their welfare and how well their day is going. A guy wants to have a girl he can easily lean on, who would relieve his stress. 

Whenever your boyfriend calls, start talking to him about how bad your day went, the people that hurt your feelings, and how terrible you feel about their bad behavior towards you. Make him feel like the world, including him, is against you and blame him for not checking up on you even when you didn't call either.

4. Miss their calls and ignore his messages, intentionally

You should do this if you want anybody to hate you. Nobody likes to be ignored without a logical explanation. If you want to break your relationship, you could either ignore your boyfriend’s calls or leave his text messages open without a response.

Be sure to let him know you're not interested anymore in exhibiting this behavior. When you pick up his calls, talk less and act like he's wasting your time. No guy wants to feel this way, especially when he likes a girl and wants to be in a relationship with her.

5. Start unnecessary fights for no reason

Peace is something everyone craves in relationships. Nobody wants to have a girlfriend or boyfriend who fights them every day, with or without reason. Speak to your boyfriend like he's the worst person to exist and talk about already settled past events. 

Let him see reasons with you, admit you're right, and explain himself even when there's no necessity for that. The same thing applies if it's your ex who wants to come back. Act unconcerned and use hurtful words to talk to him, remind him of his dirty past, and don't give him any talking space. Fighting a guy is one of the ways to make him hate you.

6. Be unresponsive to his conversations

be unresponsive to his conversations

Many people love to live in the moment. They want to drop off their cell phones for a while and have fun with the person they're talking to, physically. If you want to break your relationship, one thing you should do is pretend your boyfriend’s conversations are boring.

So, whenever he starts talking, get busy with your phone. Go on social media and watch random videos. If you don't feel like using a phone, respond with light words, and don't make the entire conversation exciting. You could stop him halfway for no reason or to ask stupid random questions. It would make him lose interest and hate you.

7. You should sound illogical about your suggestions

Illogical suggestions are some of the things that break relationships. One way you can get on a man’s nerves is to make suggestions that go against his career, family, or normal life’s principles. Speak confidently and don't sound interested in any negative outcome.

No guy likes any girl with this kind of behavior. A guy wants a woman that would be understanding and supportive. He could endure for a while but would lose interest when you consistently act this way. This is one way to make your boyfriend hate you. It's been proven by many to break relationships.

8. Make sure you overreact to things

A bad sign you can give to a guy is to overreact to something. It doesn't matter how little or complicated the situation is, the aim is to do this continuously to make him hate you. You could do this to your boyfriend or any random guy you're not interested in relating with. 

Cry for a little hurt you feel about something. Scream or shout for hours about something you can handle amicably in a minute. Invite everyone you can into the situation and make your boyfriend feel at fault for the mishap. Guys dislike girls who overreact to everything they experience.

9. Have an excuse for everything

A good way to push people away is by making excuses for everything. It doesn't matter if your excuses are for fun activities or official matters, that act already shows you're not interested in anything the person has to offer.

The same thing applies if you want a guy to hate you. Agree on something, then disappoint him on the day with a flimsy excuse. Give him an excuse why you shouldn't hang out with him for a movie, go to a fancy restaurant with him, or spend time at home with him. Excuses discourage men from further relating with a woman.

10. Be loud

If you've never noticed, one turn-off for guys is a loud girl. What does it mean to be loud? Doing anything, especially talking in a loud and annoying way disrupts other people's silence. So, laugh, talk, and speak offensive words in a loud way.

If you can, do it when you're with him in public. If not, you could still do the trick in the comfort of his home. Preferably, you could do it when he's trying to concentrate very much on something important, or having a quiet time. Disturb and if possible, call his name multiple times to annoy him more.

11. Always talk about your exes to annoy him

This is not something you should try with a guy you want to date because it could make him tired of you. But, you could do it with someone you want to get rid of. Pick different days for each ex and make sure you integrate it into every conversation you both have.

Talk about the nice gifts they got you and how adorable they were when you were involved with them. Compare your exes to the current guy or boyfriend and make him look like the weak and bad one. If you wish, you could show him pictures of nice memories with your exes and tell him long stories about them.

12. Do the opposite of the things he likes

do the opposite of the things he likes

It could be very stressful to watch someone do the opposite of everything you like. That's the same stress a guy would go through if you do this to him. He would get tired and eventually hate you if you keep doing things the opposite way.

If he doesn't like noise when he's sleeping, do everything disturbing to wake him. If he loves his food a certain way, cook it the other way. Wear his clothes and leave them dirty. You could go as far as crossing many boundaries. This is a good way to make a guy dislike you.

13. Pretend you have a little knowledge of everything

Guys like it when girls can flow with every topic that pops up. They want you to talk about everything from sports, romance, family, career, education, etc. Even if you don't know about those things, they expect you to have a little knowledge to understand whatever they say.

The best thing you can do to push him away from you is to pretend you don't know any of those things. That way, you make him explain everything to you, which will be tiring for him. When you do this consistently, he'll lose interest in everything that concerns you.

14. Emphasize his weaknesses

One way to stamp on a man’s pride is to emphasize his weaknesses. Talk about his past and present mistakes and predict future ones. The only problem with this is that you won't only make him hate you, but get tired of associating with other women.

Name a weakness each day and make him feel bad about it. You could compare his weaknesses to other men’s strengths to completely cut him off from you. When you do this often without any remorse or care about his feelings, that's a sign you don't want him anymore, and he'll back off.

15. Misunderstand all his jokes

There's nothing that makes relationships successful as understanding your boyfriend’s jokes. It makes you both in sync with each other. If you want a guy to hate you, you should do the exact opposite of this. Always make him elaborate and make you understand his jokes. 

This could be so tiring for any guy in this situation. He'll be discouraged to say more, meaning less attention to you. Guys dislike girls who are slow to understand them and most importantly, their jokes. Do this whenever you spend time with him. He'll lose interest.


How do you make someone hate you?

Do everything against their principles and exaggerate anything you do. Criticize their ways and make it look like you're out of their league. Disagree with most things they say and only agree when they're going in your direction. These and many more are ways to make someone hate you.

How do you know if a boy hates you?

He would have little or no time for you. He would rarely care about your challenges or give you attention. He would ignore your calls and send one-word replies as responses to your messages. You would even notice from his body language how your presence would make him feel irritated

How do you know if you love someone?

When you love someone, you feel it in your guts. It’s simpler than learning nursery rhymes. You connect with them so much that you love being around them, talking to them, and listening to them talk. You would care about their feelings and what they think about your behavior and lifestyle.

What does hatred do to a person?

Apart from affecting healthy potential relationships, hatred affects the human body in so many ways, especially the endocrine, immune, and nervous system. Hatred stresses you, making you plan on how to live life in a good way to avoid the person you hate. Additionally, it brings friction to a relationship.

How do you get over a crush?

First of all, you should accept your feelings, knowing it's okay to have a crush on someone. Give yourself some time to grieve and accept the reality of things. Stay off anything that relates to them for a while, and redirect your feelings to something productive. If possible, you could stay off social media.

To Sum It All Up

Whether you want your boyfriend, ex, male friend, or a random guy to hate you, I'll advise you to use the 15 ways I've mentioned. You could add your knowledge of his personality, if you have any, to make things easier. If you liked this article, please share it with your loved ones and drop a comment.

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