How To Love Unconditional (33 Ways To Show True Love Without Getting Hurt)

Recently, relationships have turned out to be something measured by certain conditions, where one partner only loves when they see the other partner make an effort. Not every couple recognizes the concept of unconditional love, and even if they do, it takes time for one of the two partners to accept it fully. 

This means not every relationship happens without strings attached. Don’t get this wrong, love is about giving and receiving, but it doesn’t mean that should be your main focus when getting involved. Furthermore, unconditional love in a relationship could mean you should love unconditionally, but that doesn’t mean you should tolerate toxic actions or bad habits. 

Most people appreciate the concept of unconditional love but are not prepared to give or reciprocate when their partner does. It’s not easy to love unconditionally. It’s love that endures any circumstance. This is where people get confused about the next step to take. Some feel they should bear toxic relationships, while others read little misunderstandings as red flags.

Suppose you find yourself at a confused point, you’re struggling to maintain your relationship, or you have issues loving people without expecting them to reciprocate the same way you do, keep reading this article to learn 33 ways to love unconditionally.

33 Ways To Love Unconditional

1. Love yourself first

Before you can give unconditional love to anybody, you must first love yourself. Take care of your needs and pay attention to your body so you can be healthy enough to do the same to someone else. The same thing applies to your personal and everyday affairs. It's what is called self-love.

If you don't do this, you'll be unable to give unconditional love. Not everyone can benefit fully from you. You may make others happy, but you'll feel drained in the process, which will make you begin to weigh the things you do for others. When it gets to that, it's not unconditional anymore.

2. Avoid unnecessary anger

Anger never helps in any situation, no matter how minor it could be. As part of unconditional love, you should avoid the way you vent your anger, whether you're doing it to your partner, children, or friend. Try to communicate in a way you can control your emotions.

If you don't, you tend to hurt other people unconsciously. You may apologize for your deeds, but whatever you do with anger never turns out well. So take some time to breathe when you're pissed before uttering any word, sentence, or phrase. That's one of the numerous ways to give unconditional love.

3. Have each other’s back

Whether you're a man or woman, when you love someone unconditionally, you should try your best to have their back whenever you can. Observe your partner and know when and where they're hurt and need you. Notice every step they take, not in a stalking way, but in a caring one to know when to step in when they can't carry on.

Don't forget that nobody is a Superman or supergirl to have the strength or power to do it all by themselves. Even though you don't notice when they need you, do all you can to help when they request your assistance. That's one way to give unconditional love.

4. Understand each other

Understanding involves many things. It involves relating to your partner or children's needs that you can take care of. It's also listening and trying to empathize with your loved ones, whether they're going through pain or facing a challenging time. Do your best to help them salvage the situation.

If it's marriage, try to find out why your partner behaves the way they do at certain times. It would help if you also understood their actions and reactions to different situations. Ask logical questions whenever you feel you can't relate to any behavior you think is strange. That's one way to show unconditional love through communication in any relationship you find yourself in.

5. Don’t focus on their mistakes or weaknesses

Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, no matter how little they are. The truth is, nobody ever plans or sees themselves messing up in a particular thing. One way to give unconditional love to someone is to take your attention off their mistakes and weaknesses. 

Depending on how a couple manages their weaknesses, it's one thing that kills relationships if handled the wrong way. You could correct them subtly but don't emphasize it so much, so you don't lower their self-esteem. Focusing on one's mistakes could reduce trust, happiness, and communication. This means it's not advisable if you truly want to give unconditional love.

6. Reach out to your friend or partner

There's that urge to expect your friend or any other loved one to return a call or text message when you've been doing it continuously. That's not unconditional love. You should check up on your loved ones whenever you're comfortable doing so, but don't expect them to return the favor.

Do it with your whole heart. Strike a conversation and ask them how they're doing. Let them know you care. Ask them to call you whenever they need to talk to someone, laugh, or hang out. Reaching out to people doesn't only show how kind and thoughtful you are; it's one of the best ways to show unconditional love.

7. Don’t have reasons to love

It's for people to love others for specific reasons. It could be because of how pretty or handsome they are, their kind actions, smiles, or a good sense of humor. It's not a bad thing. But, imagine if all those things are taken away from the person, would you still love them?

If yes, then it's unconditional love, but if it's a no, it could be love with strings attached. Always try to love people without reason. Do it with an open heart. Of course, you may have grounds to love a person when you meet initially, but you should learn to be in their lives without a specific selfish reason with time. That's one way to love unconditionally.

8. Respect boundaries

Relationship experts emphasize the need to respect your partner's boundaries. You could have good communication, understanding, and relationship goals, but you may have issues if you don't respect your partner's boundaries. This means you should try as much as possible to stay off things that you're not permitted to touch if you genuinely love someone.

Ask your partner's permission before using or stepping into their personal space, no matter how small it could sound to you. If you borrow anything, try to return them without being asked. Boundaries in relationships involve a lot, and if you can respect them, that's one way to give unconditional love.

9. Do the things that bring happines

Everybody loves to be happy. That's one of the things people dream of having in their relationships. They want to be with a man or woman that can bring them joy on all levels. Try to learn your partner's likes, especially if it's marriage.

Never do the things you know would provoke their anger. Understand and respect their boundaries. If you can, learn their love language and do what you know that would make their hearts melt. If it's your children, play, study with them, and take them out to have fun. You may not know but this is one way to give unconditional love to people.

10. Tolerate your partner’s flaws

tolerate your partners flaws

One goal in giving unconditional love is managing your partner or other people's flaws. It's not a new thing that people have flaws. Some could seem unbearable at first, but it's only a matter of time for every flaw to be corrected or managed. Whether you're still dating or it's marriage, unconditional love requires tolerance.

Remember, you have bad habits and attitudes for them to deal with, too. They may not say it to you, but they're coping with some of your bad behaviors you may not know about. That's their way of saying they love you unconditionally and you should do it too.

11. Don’t be annoying

Sometimes, people mistake being playful or sarcastic with being annoying. Try not to fall into this category. You could say jokes, express sarcasm, or tease people, but don't cross boundaries, physically or otherwise. Don't forget that words can't be taken back when you say them, and bad actions can't be reversed.

It doesn't matter if you're doing it to children, your partner, or other people, don't do annoying things. Watch people's expressions when you're talking. Observe their reaction to your words and actions. If they look irritated or offended, change the topic or apologize for anything wrong you may have said. That's one of the ways to give unconditional love.

12. Let your partner know when you’re uncomfortable with something

The beauty of relationships is in the ability of both partners to have good communication, especially when they know they're in love. When your partner does anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, let them know. Tell them what you think about their behavior.

Do it amicably, just as you'd love to be told if you were in the same situation. Find the right time and place to say it. Try not to cause new issues with it. Don't let anger step in from any of you. If you truly love someone, you should show it by letting them know your heart.

13. Support each other’s goals

Every good relationship has two supportive partners, especially when true love is involved. When you love someone, you should have the urge to support their dreams, goals, and aspirations. This is one of the great ways to show unconditional love. 

Listen to them talk, give them your attention whenever they need it, and bring up suggestions to complement them when need be. If they don't appreciate your advice, don't let the anger come in; instead, support them only when they ask you. That's true love.

14. Appreciate people’s strengths

People love it when you appreciate their strengths. Tell them how composed they are when they're facing challenges. Let them know how confident they look and sound when relating to other people. Express how much you love their skills or expertise in something. That is love without conditions.

Take some time to appreciate your loved ones and repeat the positive things they do each day to survive. It's an act of love. Anything that comes from you to make people happy about their strengths, whether it's intentional or not, is a good way to show unconditional love. It would help if you tried this.

15. Find a reason to make people smile

Different things make people smile all the time. It could be your presence, sense of humor, funny gestures, or how you compliment their love and passion for something. It could be surprising that it's a beautiful act of love, no matter how little it may be.

You could show the road directions, advise them on making their careers successful, introduce them to good life hacks, or tease them in an inoffensive way. Another thing is telling them about your past funny experiences and your best love moments. That's one way to show unconditional love.

16. Not all relationships are the same

Comparison happens to be one of the enemies of a successful relationship. Unconditional love doesn't make you compare other relationships with yours. Remember, every relationship is unique, and so is yours. So, treat it that way. It can be as lovely as you want it.

Your partner is as lovely as every other partner; you just need to acknowledge and appreciate them. You're where you need to be; you need to cherish the moment and let things go the way they should. Relationships on social media shouldn't guide how you and your partner survive together. This is a great way to love unconditionally.

17. ’t do what you wouldn’t want your partner to do

The confusion in most relationships is that most partners believe they have the most right to misbehave than their partners. This is not true. A relationship should involve the effort of the two partners involved, not one partner suffering to make it work.

What does this mean? Don't cheat if you can tolerate a cheating partner. Avoid overstepping boundaries if you don't want to experience the same thing. Don't let your anger control you if you don't want your partner to overreact to a situation. This may sound too little, but it's one of the logical things you can do to show unconditional love.

18. Communicate your sadness

Whenever you feel sad, let people know whether they caused it or not. Like they say that when you share a problem, it is half solved. Furthermore, nobody would know how you feel if you don't express yourself.

If your partner, children, or any other loved one pisses you off, tell them. The goal is to be sure you don't ignore it, so you don't cause any more hurt. Tell them the part that made you feel bad. The same thing applies if it's an external situation, like a bad experience at work. That's one way to show unconditional love to people.

19. Do exciting activities

It's fun to do exciting things in your relationship. It shows how much you truly love your partner. Doing this will eliminate any form of sadness or anger and lighten the atmosphere in many beautiful ways. You may use this opportunity to get to know more about your partner.

So, try fun activities. Go out for movies, take a walk, sing together, and bring up various date ideas that will spark your relationship. Create a goal or two and try to achieve them with your partner in a specific period. Share your joys and ideas with them. This will increase love in ways you can't imagine.

20. Try your best to keep your relationship alive

try your best to keep your relationship alive

One of the best things that keep a relationship going is the ability of a couple to make an effort to make it work. That's unconditional love to the fullest. The truth is, when you genuinely love someone beyond boundaries and limitations, you would do anything to remain with that person in the long term.

So, bring up conversations that will make you laugh and enjoy your moments together. Reminisce about past good memories. Tease your partner, tell them how awesome they are and how happy they make you feel when you're with them. It's one of the best ways you can love unconditionally.

21. Respect everything about your marriage

When you're committed or married to someone you love, try to do everything you can to respect that union. Respect your partner, children, house, boundaries, rules and regulations, and personal decisions.

Love is not something you say, but acting and respecting your union is part of it. Take responsibility and do the right things at the right time. Be careful of unnecessary anger or using it against your partner. Talk things out where you both have issues. 

Work on goals together and try your best to make things go in the right direction. This is one of the numerous ways you can show unconditional love to someone, especially when you're married.

22. Have a listening ear

Having time for people is not just about giving them advice on the next step to take or telling them everything will be alright. It's having a listening ear to hear anything they have to say. That's unconditional love. They may not need to correct, contribute, or respond.

They could want you to nod, maintain frequent eye contact, and respond with concise and apt answers to show your listening. You show people you love them by being a shoulder for them to cry on. That lifts most of the burdens from them, which is one good and kind way to show unconditional love to someone.

23. Give your partner the necessary attention

Neglect is one thing that affects many relationships. It could lead to unnecessary emotions like sadness, depression, or constant crying. This is not what unconditional love is. Love is time for your partner to say anything they want or do anything to share the moment with you.

So, take out time on your busy schedule to spend with your partner. You could organize a vacation, a mini date, picnic, or drive around town together. You may not necessarily go out, but share the love in the confines of your home. This, and many others, is one way to show your partner, unconditional love.

24. Find a middle ground in challenging situations

In every form of relationship, whether it's romantic, Platonic, business, or otherwise, especially if there's some love involved, try to find a middle ground whenever you have issues. The same thing applies when you both have different decisions to make, whether it's your partner, family member, or any loved one.

To show how much you love the person, find a good midpoint to meet. You could agree to do it your way one time and use the other person's approach in the future, or vice versa. This shows you're kind, considerate, and caring. It's one way to show unconditional love to someone.

25. Compromise

Compromise helps to build every relationship. It's a way for two partners who genuinely love themselves to show how considerate they can both be depending on how much they love each other. Relationships always require compromises to succeed, especially if the partners are trying to build a stronger bond.

To show unconditional love to your partner, you need to compromise. Give up certain things or tweak some lifestyles to make them comfortable and happy to be with you in a relationship. Don't let any situation spur anger even when it feels like you're compromising too much to make them comfortable. Remember, you're trying to show unconditional, so make this possible.

26. Respect your partner’s opinion

If you truly love someone, you should learn to respect any personal decisions they make, even when you feel they're about to make a mistake. Sometimes, people need firsthand experiences to learn lessons. It's a different thing if they ask for your opinion.

This applies to your partner, too. If you love them, let them be. It's not advisable to interrupt or intrude when they take a stand in a situation. That's overstepping boundaries and could lead to something bad. So, let them say what they feel like eating, sleep if they want to, and laze around all day if they wish. Respecting their opinion is one way to show unconditional love.

27. Give personal space

Unconditional love requires that you give your loved one personal space. This means you can love them and still let them spend some private time alone to be happy. It could be you giving them space to hang out with friends.

Or, give them some time to listen to their favorite playlist. Giving your partner some personal space means giving them a bit of freedom to live life for a short period without you in it. Let them laugh uncontrollably at a funny situation, read a book you feel is terrible, or sing along to a song when you think they're making noise. That's another way to give love.

28. Learn to forgive the next person

Forgiveness is one of the selfless acts of love. If you truly love someone, you should learn to forgive them when they hurt you. This sounds easier said than done, but you can achieve it if you put your mind to it or try.

True love requires you to try to forgive people for their past mistakes. You could tell them how what they did makes you feel sad, embarrassed, angry, or frustrated. But, when you're done venting, whether they apologize or not, don't hold unto it. Let the thoughts go, so you live a happier life. Forgiving people is one nice way to give unconditional love.

29. Don’t make your relationship toxic from your bad attitude

Sometimes you could get love from someone else, but ruin it with your bad behavior. As strange as this may sound, doing a little thing as saying a word of appreciation when your partner helps you makes them feel good. But feeling entitled to their help without saying nice words is a big turn-off, and that is not unconditional love.

Say magic words like “thank you,” “I'm sorry,” “take care,” and “I love you.” These are the things you can do to give unconditional love and keep a happy relationship. When you display a bunch of bad attitudes, you make your relationship unbearable for your partner, and depending on how bad it is, you could push them away permanently.

30. Be patient with your partner

be patient with your partner

Not everybody listens to corrections without responding with anger. So if your partner listens to your corrections without getting pissed or thinking you're a nag, it means they love you. You should return that unconditional love to them, too. Depending on your partner's personality, find different strategies to do this.

When you correct them, give them some time to learn and practice those corrections. Guide them subtly and teach them how to go about handling certain mistakes they've already made. Unconditional love is being patient with your partner while trying to exhibit the best version of your attitude to them. Patience is one way to go about it.

31. Share your happiness with your partner

Relationships are not just about solving issues, talking about goals, or sorting each other's personal problems, it's also about sharing in each other's joys when you succeed or experience something that makes you happy, especially when there's so much love involved. Tell them how glad you are to get that promotion at work.

Express your joy on the project bidding you won. Let them know how much their suggestion helped you to make a decision and how effective it was. This may sound minor, but it's one way to show your partner how much you love them. When you do it, you also add to their happiness.

32. Surprise your partner with little gifts

Like Beauregard M. did that experiment to see what parts of the brain have to do with unconditional love, when you give little gifts, you tend to unconsciously unlock those parts of your partner's brain, hence, more love.

These gifts don't need to be expensive but thoughtful. It could be something little and beautiful you know they'll love and appreciate if you get them. You could cook them dinner, make desserts, or come home with a large pizza and fresh drink if they love those.

33. Volunteer to help with a few chores around

Whether you're male or female, make sure you find time to help with the chores around the house. It's something thoughtful and would make your partner happy to see that despite your busy schedule, you're still trying your best to help.

Do the dishes, take the trash, take the pet for a walk, get some groceries, dust simple surfaces, and arrange at least one space. Helping physically with house chores is one good way to love your partner unconditionally without complaint or feeling that you're doing so much compared to them.


How do you love an unconditional relationship?

Be patient and practice open communication with your loved ones. Remember, it's love with no strings attached, so don't be selfish when making decisions or requesting favors. Stay put, despite all challenges, and see how you can make things work. These are the few things you can do to achieve unconditional love.

How do I learn to love myself unconditionally?

Do everything positive you love that makes you happy. Get rid of toxic relationships in your life, whether it's friendship or a romantic ones. Follow your heart and instincts. Take some time to reflect on yourself and your achievements. Focus on your goals, forgive any mistakes you made in the past, and be kind to others. 

Can you really love someone unconditionally?

According to the experiment carried out by Beauregard M. and a few other scholars, unconditional love is related to some parts of the brain and not about feelings. This means it's possible to love anybody unconditionally, though it may be a little hard to try. All you need to do is maintain the same energy when their actions don't go your way.

What is an example of unconditional love?

An example of unconditional love is that which God gives to his creatures (if you believe in Him), parents give to kids, two friends who have been together through thick and thin, or that between two immediate family members. This means unconditional love withstands tough situations and manages all flaws.

Is unconditional love rare?

Yes, unconditional love is rare. That's because it is love without strings attached. Not everyone can love unconditionally because most individuals have a naturally selfish attitude and only do things that make them happy. They want to give love to someone because of, and not despite. So, unconditional love is rare, but it exists.

To Sum Up

If you are confused about what unconditional love is or how to show it. Please feel free to follow the 33 tips I've mentioned on expressing love with no strings attached to your loved ones and other people in general. I hope you liked this article. If you did, please drop a comment and share it with others.

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