How To Intrigue A Man With 17 Ways And Leave Him Obsessed

Are you a woman looking for someone to love you unconditionally? Do you secretly like someone and want to make him crazy for you? Do you want a husband who will never get bored of you? If yes, don't worry, there is nothing wrong with wanting all this and using a few tricks to intrigue a man.

Everybody wants a perfect relationship, where the partner will be smitten by you and continuously do things to make you feel special and loved. I was also once in your position and with certain tips, I managed to find the perfect husband who is crazy about me. Yes, I know, I am lucky.

In today’s article, I will share some tips with you, which will help you to intrigue any guy of your choice. We will also see how you can make this person fall in love with you and have a blissful married life.

Tricks To Intrigue A Man

1. Make eye contact

To get the attention of a man, make eye contact with him. Your eyes should show your confidence and a little bit of interest in him. Sometimes, guys are not sure if they should make the first move, in such a case, eye contact from your side will give the other party some confidence to approach you. 

Just make sure that you don't do it too much and creep out the poor guy!

2. Show a little interest in him

You need to first show a little interest in him. You need not play hard to get in the beginning, as then there are chances that he will not even make an effort for you. So, give him a smile, flirt a little, play with your eyes, and have a small conversation with him, to make the guy believe that there might be a chance with you.

3. Show him you are having fun

show him that you are having fun

To make sure that the guy in question is adequately intrigued, let him know that you are having fun. For this, you need to actually go out there and have fun, and not just pretend to be having fun when he is looking at you. When he will see you dancing and laughing with your friends, it will surely attract him and he would like to be with a happy person like you.

4. Listen

So the tricks worked and you both have started talking. Great! While having a conversation, try to be a good listener. You don't have to agree with whatever he says, nor do you need to be completely smitten by him when he talks. What is important is that you pay attention when he talks and doesn’t forget to show genuine interest. 

He will be impressed by the sharpness of your mind and your attentiveness when you will be able to remember the small details even after several months. 

5. Don't show too much emotion

It is true that many times our eyes and face give away what we are feeling from inside. But, you need to keep your emotions in check and don't be too open. Not giving up too much emotion will make you appear mysterious and a guy will keep on trying to figure you out. You surely should show some reaction while talking, but it is not wise to show too many emotions.

6. Don't show much excitement

Yay! The tips worked, and he asked you for a date! Do you want to let him know how much you like his sweet face? Stop! Hold your breath. No matter how happy you are from the inside that things are finally working out, it should not show on your face. Sure, you can say yes to going for the date, but don't look too excited and control your emotions.

He should think that he is the one who is interested in you, and you just want to give him a chance. This will make sure that he takes adequate efforts to impress you and get your attention.

7. Don't be always available

So now the dates have become frequent and the guy wants to meet regularly to know you more? Good for you! But, don't just run to meet him every time he calls. He should not think that you are idle and always available at his beck and call. 

So, next time he calls to meet, ask him to do it some other time as this time you have something else planned with your friends. There is no need to tell him about your other plans every time and just keep him guessing. Make him feel that you have a fun and busy person and you don't need him to make him happy. 

Do the same thing with the phone calls. You don't need to pick all his calls in just one ring and wait for a few seconds before you answer. This will let the guy know your importance and he will take more effort to be with you.

8. Look good

look good

Take proper care of your appearance. This way you will not only attract him but it will also help you increase your confidence. When you dress smartly while going out to meet him or others, it will show him that you love yourself and you invest time and energy in yourself. So pay attention not only to your looks but also to the way you are dressed and present yourself!

9. Don’t get impressed easily

If you will get impressed by every small thing that the guy does for you, he will stop taking the effort to do anything more for you. This does not mean that you need to be rude and disregard his efforts. But, you should admire him to a limit and let him think that you are used to men doing things to impress you and he needs to try much harder.

10. Keep your emotions in check

No matter how much you like this guy, never be the first to confess your feelings. If you are just talking and there is no commitment, don't let him think that he is the only person in your life trying to get your attention. Guys are suckers for competition, so don't let him think that he is the only one as it will make him think that he has got you and there is no need to chase you now!

11. Don't overshare

To intrigue the guy, it is important that you are not an open book in front of him. Instead of focusing too much on your personality, you should talk about general topics and avoid talking only about yourself. If he knows everything about you, the fun will be lost from your relationship as it will be replaced with predictability. Let him make efforts to find out things about you.

12. Be fun

Nobody likes a boring person. It is true that once a guy starts getting to know you, he will be impressed by your inner qualities and your behavior. But, initially, a guy will only notice your appearance and your personality. So be passionate, have hobbies, meet new people to make sure you have enough things to talk about with this man.

13. Be confident

Just like in other aspects of life being confident is also one of the ways to intrigue a man. If you believe that you are too good and a good catch, then automatically the guy will also believe it and do everything in his power to keep you interested in him. Even if on days you feel insecure, it is important that you don't let the guy know what you are feeling from the inside.

14. Be spontaneous

be spontaneous

Men like to be kept on their toes. At no stage, you should come across as predictable or boring. So show him your multiple personalities and keep him guessing about what you will do or so next. So, plan a spontaneous road trip, ask him for ice cream after dinner on a cold night, flirt after a serious conversation, etc. Life this way will never get monotonous. 

15. Leave him wanting more

One way to keep the interest of the person in you is to tease him a little. I am not talking about it in a sexual way, but more in an innocent way. So, after spending a good time together, you should leave the conversation thereafter letting him know that you will talk later. 

This will leave him wanting more of you when he knows that he wants to spend time with you, but will have to wait until you are free. He should not know that you are doing all this intentionally and he should be aware that he cannot contact you whenever he wants.

16. Let the chase keep going

Men like to chase women and they often lose interest if they feel that they have got into a relationship that is not exciting for them. So, in order to keep the guy interested keep him on his toes. He should know how lucky he is to have you with him. Compliment him, surprise him, but don't let him ever think that your happiness depends on him.

People in long-term happy relationships admit that one of the main reasons behind their successful relationship is that they always treat their relationship like it is new. Psychology Today agrees with me that playing hard to get is one of the oldest tricks in the book!

17. Don't forget your friends

Don't forget that you had a life before your boyfriend came into your life. Many times, after getting into a relationship, women forget their friends and spend all their free time with their men. As a result, they become too clingy, which is never a behavior that a guy will love. So, never leave your friends for the new boyfriend in your life.

How To Make A Man Fall In Love?

how to make a man fall in love

Making a man fall in love with you is no difficult task and just needs a little patience and the right tips. Start by a little flirting and eye contact, and once the guy gets your subtle hints, he will ask you out in no time. 

Here, you need to be careful and no matter what you are feeling from the inside, you should not get too excited and say ‘yes’ the very first time he asks. Be like a dream, have a mysterious charm so that he cannot stop thinking about you.

Remember, relationships are not easy and you need to keep the guy on his toes even after he becomes your husband.


How do you make a guy obsess over you?

To make a guy obsess over you, it is important that you don't make the first move and instead let the guy chase you. You surely should give some hints showing him that you are interested in him, but he should know that he has to make an effort to have you and he is not the only man after you.

What makes a woman intriguing to a man?

A woman becomes intriguing to a man when the man knows little about her. According to Psychology Today, a mysterious woman who gives very little about herself, is full of confidence, is not clingy, and has her own private life intrigues a man.

What does it mean when a man says you intrigue him?

This means the man is interested in you and likes you. He likes your mysterious ways and would love to know you better. You have captivated him by your fascinating charm and he might be interested in having a relationship with you.

What's a man's secret obsession?

A man's secret obsession is usually a girl who lets him chase her and keeps him on his toes. This girl is confident, spontaneous, passionate, and knows what she wants without being clingy. She should be busy and mysterious so that the guy can make efforts to get her.

Do guys like crazy girls?

Guys don't like crazy girls who are clingy and are too dependent. On the other hand, they like girls who are smart, confident, mysterious, and have a life of their own.

The Bottomline

Have these tips helped you? Do you have some special someone in your life who is obsessed with you? Do you want to share how you made that happen? We would love to hear how you have made someone obsess over you. Comment now!

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