How To Get Someone To Stop Texting You (9 Ways To Stop Someone From Sending Text Messages To Your Phone)

Excessive texting can be really frustrating, especially when it is from someone you don't want texting you. I mean just imagine giving your number to someone only for them to text you at odd hours or try to drag a conversation you're not interested in. Or a stranger getting your phone number from someone else, and the next thing you are dealing with a professional stalker. 

Yes, that’s mental torture. There are lots of ways to avoid and get rid of serial texters, and I will be listing a few of them in this article; some of which I have personally used and some from interesting stories I have heard.

9 Ways To Stop Someone From Sending Text Messages To Your Phone

1. Ghosting


Have you heard this expression before? It simply means totally ignoring people you don’t want to have conversations with. That would mean ignoring any notification that comes from this person’s phone number without any form of explanation. 

Many are familiar with this method but not everyone can pull it off, especially those who like to be ‘nice’. When serial texters don't get the responses they expect, most of them understand the message and stop texting or eventually become tired of texting without receiving a response. 

No one likes to be ignored, that’s why this is a sure way to get a serial texter to stop sending you messages.

2. Give Dead Replies (Bore Him)

This entails replying to messages with short answers (preferably one-word texts) tilting the balance of the conversation to the person's side. Replying with something like; “no”, “nothing”, “yes”, “okay” or even “lol” would suffice in this situation. You can also give close-ended sentences like “okay it's 9:30 pm I’m going to bed now.” 

Trust me, people dread boring chats, it's one of the most stressful things to uphold, so, chances are the person will leave you alone. If you take the exciting replies out, it's just a flat one-sided conversation, which is very tiring and boring in the long run. This method works over 90% of the time because the sender will run out of questions and eventually tire out and stop sending texts.

3. Block The Person

This tip is pretty straightforward. It's almost like ghosting but in this case, you are just preventing someone from interacting and viewing your profile on social media or texting you as a whole. The ‘block button’ is known to be a tiny button that carries so much power. 

I mean think about it; with the click of one button, this person loses access to your pictures, profile, and phone. 

But blocking can be tricky sometimes though, especially when the person figures out that they've been blocked. They could either recreate an account or change numbers to get to you. But don't worry, just keep blocking, eventually and hopefully they’ll get tired and leave you alone. 

4. Tell The Person Off

Serial texters are plain annoying, so don't feel like you are being rude by just telling them off. Sometimes, it could be as simple as that. In some cases a simple ‘please stop texting me’ could just do the magic. Some serial texters will probably keep texting because they don't know they’re actually bothering or irritating you rather than entertaining and engaging you. 

This method could come off as rude to the person but it is really necessary. The person has to know exactly how annoying their texts are. This method is for the brave heart, not everyone is this blunt or strong enough to pull this off. 

5. Give Excuses

give excuses

This should be one of the most stressful yet creative approaches because you have to keep coming up with different excuses at every given interval to fit your lifestyle. If you are someone that works a nine to five, it is probably easier. Replies like “oh I’m at work right now” or “I just came back from work, I’m really exhausted” might just do. 

But let's just say you are a student or worse unemployed, I can't begin to imagine how many excuses you have to come up with. Besides, the downside of excuses is that they are hard to keep up with. Eventually, it comes back to hit you in the face.

6. Fake A Relationship

A simple “I have a boyfriend” or “my boyfriend is sleeping stop texting me” is enough to make the person lose interest. Sometimes, the lack of respect for women's decisions could result in a woman using this excuse. That’s because the texter would most times be more scared of her partner than the person he is texting. 

This method would either tell the guy “you are not my type” or let him know you are not open to any further conversation; therefore killing the interest before it grows. But there is still no guarantee that he will leave you alone. He may feel like both of you could still keep texting without letting your boyfriend know. 

At this point, it’s important to stress how you’re not open to that kind of text conversation and threaten to block him if he keeps texting your phone. 

7. Public Embarrassment

Social media is a very powerful weapon which can be used to either defend yourself or attack others. With the way the social media world is right now, nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a roast. So people stay out of trouble and avoid embarrassment. Trending for the wrong reasons is something we all dread. 

Imagine screenshots of your texts posted on social media for everyone to see. I'm sure a lot of guys wouldn't want that even though they appear thirsty in the DMs. This is another option that is considered rude and the only time it should be put into play is when you have told him off several times. 

Another option is going through an anonymous page (that's if you don't want attention drawn to you). There are a lot of anonymous pages online who help post things others can't post themselves. This could be a useful tool.

8. Involve The Authorities

Some serial texters just don't know when to stop. I mean a case where the person is becoming a nuisance and isn't backing off, the authorities should be involved for proper investigation and possibly issuing a restraining order. 

Serial texters could sometimes turn into stalkers and could proceed to harm you for rejecting them. But these are rare cases and this method is only recommended for extreme cases. 

9. Change Numbers

change numbers

This should be the next step after reporting the person to the authorities. You’ll be advised to change all forms of contact. This may cost you a lot seeing that you could lose important information, but trust me, there's nothing like a fresh start with peace of mind. 

This method is probably the surest when it comes to security but it is only done in extreme cases. This is because nobody would just love to lose contacts that easily. Hopefully, it doesn't get to this.


How do you stop someone from texting you without blocking them?

One way is to bluntly tell them to stop texting you. It is one of the most straightforward ways of letting the person know how you feel about getting texts from them. Even though it might not work the first time, it is a first step to letting the person know you are not interested in such conversations.

How do you get someone to stop texting you so much?

Free-flowing conversations sometimes get out of hand. One minute you're talking about outfits, the next thing you find yourself comparing artists. Keep the conversation on a minimum-reply level. Don't let conversations grow into other conversations by taking charge of the conversation and only responding to important topics. This way, there's no room to digress to other topics.

How do you get someone to stop texting you without being rude?

It would be better to let the person know via text because the person will not be able to tell your tone. Also your words matter. It would help to tone it down a little so you don’t come off as rude or snobbish. But the thing is you cannot really tell how this person will receive your message, so, just do your best and leave the rest. 

How do you make someone miss you badly?

Putting up a façade has always been the go-to way of making someone miss you. Posting frequently on social media, uploading clips of you having fun, being chilled and relaxed, and more. Just looking happy while ignoring your target basically does the trick to an extent. Even if they message or call you, sound or act uninterested and you've got them hooked.

Is it better to block or ignore?

The less inhumane way is ignoring calls and messages, but it is the most difficult. This solely depends on you. If you feel you can ignore without guilt or remorse then fine, but if you value your peace of mind then just block and move on. Just know you don't owe anyone any explanation for yearning peace of mind.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed reading through this list on how to get someone to stop texting you.

Remember, do not hesitate to seek help if the situation escalates, and don't assume you can handle serial texters on your own. I’d love to hear your views on the topic, leave your

comments below and kindly share this article with someone else who needs it.

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