How To Get Ready For A Date (21 Ways)

So you have both been texting for a while. In fact, all your friends know that once you are smiling at your phone, you are talking to Mr ‘You know who”. He makes you smile, he says the right things, and you stay by your phone in anticipation of a message from him. Your body tingles when he calls your name over the phone.

It is obvious you are both into each other and that is why you have both agreed to go on a date. We all know dating is a different ball game from what the media has portrayed it to be. The media has conveniently omitted the nerves dates come with because it doesn’t fit into the perfect fairytale.

So if you want everything about your first date or date number ten to go perfectly, then keep reading this article as I take you through 21 ways to get ready for a date.

21 Ways A Woman Prepare For A Date

1. Be Sure

Before you agree to go on a date with a man (especially if it is the first date), be sure that you don’t have any plans at the agreed date or time. It would not be nice if you canceled your date simply because you did not run through your schedule or confirm that you are free at the appointed time.

So, when you are about to set a date or time, ensure that you have no other engagements. It is not rude to say “I will get back to you as I want to confirm my availability” No you are not being proud, it portrays you as a composed person and that is definitely a win for you.

2. Ask questions

Now that you have gone through your schedule, and you have found out you are free, you even checked the weather and it looks perfect. The next thing to do is to ask questions. You might be a little bit confused but I assure you that this is the most important part.

You need to make inquiries about your date. Ask about the location, because what if the date is on a rooftop and you are acrophobic? Also, ask about the type of restaurant to know what to wear and what they serve there. Just have enough information about the date.

3. Pick an outfit

You already know the details of the date, so pick an outfit that compliments your body type; one you are comfortable in, and most importantly, the one that compliments your personality.

Leaving it until the last minute (or depending on just your vibes for that day) will leave you rushing at the last minute—late for the date, and very tense. So, to have a smooth time, know what to wear before time. To get ready for a date, put aside everything you are wearing including lingerie.

4. Try out the outfit

Sometimes, I think of a bomb way to style my clothes, only to wear them and look like a sack of potatoes. In getting ready for a date, it is not enough that you just think of a look, you have to try out the look you are going for ahead of time. So, pick them out and then try them on.

If you leave it until the last minute, there might not be enough time for an outfit change or to rectify a wardrobe malfunction. So, walk in front of the mirror with your full outfit. See how you look in the mirror sitting and standing. Also, remember that we are in the middle of a pandemic. So, no outfit is complete without a face mask.

5. Match it, girl!

Wearing matching lingerie moves my self-esteem from zero to a hundred real quick. I feel more confident and sexy. Strangely enough, it makes me feel like I am a grown woman and I have my life together. That is weird right? I know.

So, wear matching lingerie and watch it boost your confidence level. It just gives you this new level of sexiness like a Victoria’s Secret model. On days when I wear matching lingerie to work, I have the most productive days. So try my tip; match your lingerie and watch you transform from basic to burgee.

6. Shoes are important

shoes are important

Good shoes, they say, take you to good places. A dress is not complete without the right part of shoes. They are probably the first thing your date will look at, so make it worth his while. Compliment your beautiful dress )or any choice of clothing) with amazing shoes.

Clothes are nice but a woman can make a good long-lasting impression with her choice of shoes and I have solid proof to back me up. If you don’t believe me, ask Cinderella. So, match the perfect heels with your beautiful dinner gown

7. Make your hair

Life is not perfect, but your hair can be. Put in the effort into making your hair look nice so that you can properly complement your clothes and shoes. If possible, get a hairstylist to help put your hair in good condition. Break out from your normal hair routine.

Do something that will make his eyes set on you from the moment you walk through the door until the end of the date. Show him that you put in a lot of effort

8. Charge your phone

This next tip is the list of how to get ready for a date because let’s face it, you need your phone for everything. A woman should not be using her phone during a date and neither should men.

It is the number one dating etiquette. Charge your phone because you might need to make important phone calls during or after the date. What’s more, you might need to navigate your way back home after the date. It is just the responsible thing to do.

9. Check-in with your date

It is no news that men talk or text a lot with no visible form of action to back up their words. So just be sure that he was not just trying to impress you. Double-check with him before leaving. It will cost you nothing. Call him to ask about the plans and if it still holds at the agreed-upon time.

A phone call is usually reasonable as it would give you an idea of the level of anticipation of your date. So a call saying “Hi, how is your day going? I just wanted to be sure we are still meeting this evening” l won't make you look desperate. It just means you are thorough with your plans.

10. Listen to music

I know you were not expecting this. I mean, it is almost time, what do you need good music for. Well, this is why you need to listen to music. Sitting around and just looking will increase anxiety. And if you overthink things, be sure of a panic attack on the horizon. You might even call him to cancel.

Certainly, listening to music helps. A few hours before the date, take a shower and play a nice tune. When washing your body, a song like Beyoncé's ‘Flawless’ will make you feel like the lyrics of the song. It puts you in a better mood. Remember, you are a better company when you are in a good mood. So try this!

11. Brush your teeth

I once went on one of the most perfect dates. He was a nice man, he did not sit until I did. What’s more, he had the whole chivalry thing on lockdown. He was really funny, but every time I moved close to him his mouth smelled funny, smelled like fish.

So, if you don’t want to be someone else's fish story, kindly brush your teeth before the date. It does not matter if you brushed it in the morning, brush it again. Nobody's teeth ever fell off from brushing more than once. So brush your mouth and go with mint sweet for after your food.

12. Please, take a shower

please take a shower

Men are not the cleanest group of people as we all know. However, this still doesn’t justify you not taking a shower and brushing your teeth. You are too much of a babe to be the girl that smelled funny on the first date. It does not even take time to wash your skin.

Even if you just sat in the office all day, staring at the laptop screen, still wash the day off. Asides from the fact that it makes you clean, it also makes you feel fresh and comes with a certain sense of readiness. It won’t hurt to just take a shower before the date.

13. We don’t want him choking

The purpose of this date is to finally meet the guy behind all the calls, video calls, and text messages. It’s not to have him choke on the thousand and one fragrances you want to try on—just to show off your terrific perfume collection.

So, keep the perfume minimal to a maximum of two different fragrances. You don’t want him coughing and choking immediately you sit in a close radius to him. So less is more.

14. Tell your friends

For your safety, let your friends know where you are going for the evening. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying something bad will happen. It is just wiser that you let someone know where you are going.

It is the first day and you do not know him so well. You just have the idea of him you painted from all the calls and texts. So, it won't hurt to do the responsible and adult thing by letting your friends know where and who you are spending time with.

15. Share your location

It is not enough that you tell them your location only, you also have to share it with them. Social media has made that so easy and possible. What if you decide to go for more activities that night? Your friends will think you are still at the restaurant, meanwhile, you are at a different location.

Just be safe and share your location with trusted friends in case they need to send you a cab or a change of outfit. Or they might even need to pick you and your date up because you both got drunk. Anything can happen. So always let someone in your circle know exactly where you are.

16. Vex money

“Vex money” is a Caribbean term coined for women about to go on a date. In the Caribbean, so many women have been left stranded because they had a fallout with their date and they had no extra cash or emergency fund in their wallets. They had to do all sorts like wash plates at the restaurants to get money to pay for their food and car back home.

Learn from these women and just carry a particular sum of money with you. It must be just enough to pay for your meal and transport back home, just in case anything happens. We already know men can be unpredictable at times. So be a sharp babe and go on the date with extra cash.

17. Be makeup-ready

This next tip is not a necessity. If you feel up to it, you can add makeup to your face and neck. But this means you have to start hours before the date. So you have enough time to apply it properly with no rush. And when you apply makeup hastily there is a very high tendency to sweat, so start early.

Stick with makeup products that blend with your skin tone and the routine you are used to. Hours before the date is not the best moment to try out a new routine you saw on YouTube. Do what you are already comfortable with. If you would like to try something new, practice days before the date.

18. Touch-ups

touch ups

If you have chosen to go with a face beat, then don’t forget to go with materials for a touch-up. If your date is in a restaurant, this means foods and drinks will be involved. Hot and spicy foods will make you sweat a little, while drinks will smear your lipstick.

So go with a purse that can fit in your powder, powder brush, lipstick, and face wipes. Just the essentials necessary for a touch-up, so that you look like you just stepped out of a magazine cover all through the date. Go with floss to get the remnant of the dinner out of your teeth.

19. Keep an open mind

Men are different from women, and we have different thought processes. What might be nice to men might just be basic or substandard to women. So before the date, try not to have any expectations for the date. Just keep an open mind.

If you have certain expectations on how the event should go or if you have painted numerous scenarios in your head, you might be disappointed, if it does not go exactly as you expected. So keep an open mind to reduce disappointments and to experience other people's ideas of what fun is.

20. Relax, you’ve got this

Dating is nerve-racking. So take deep breaths before stepping into the venue. Breathing exercises help with the nerves. What’s more, don’t act like it is an interview, because it is not. Pretend like you are going to have drinks with a friend you have not seen in a while.

Most times, our anxieties are in our heads and we worry about things we have no business worrying about. If anyone should be anxious, it should be your date. He likely suggested the date and requested your time. So, he should be the person thinking of ways to make it worth your while.

21. You are the catch

You are a catch, he knows this, you know this as well, or do you? If there was nothing special about you, he would not have asked to meet up. He understands and recognizes your queenliness and has requested you bless him with your presence.

Remember this as you prepare and step into the date venue. Repeat it multiple times so that you can believe in yourself. You are the catch, a great catch. Anyone should count themselves lucky to have you sitting in front of them.


What should I do to prepare for a date?

To prepare for a date or get ready for a date, the first line of action is to confirm with your date if the date is holding. Men most times say words with no actions to back them up. To confirm that it is holding before you start out with your plans.

How should a woman prepare for a date?

A woman should prepare for a date based on the inquiries she makes from her date. These inquiries will determine her level of preparedness. The hair to make, the choice of clothes to wear. Dating is not easy, but asking will simplify a lot of things.

Is it OK to kiss on the first date?

I am no kiss police, but I don’t think kissing on the first date is a crime. While some people think it might come off as being easy or cheap, I say if you want to do it and if you feel like he has been a good man, then you can go ahead. Because men don’t think nothing is beyond their reach, he might try but do it for you.

How do you flirt on a first date?

The eyes are the windows to the soul. So, make eye contact a lot. Ensure to look straight into his eyes at all times, don’t break contact. Also, touch him as you talk, you can brush over his forearm as you laugh at something he is saying or when you are trying to prove a point. 

How long should a date last?

A date should last for as long as you feel comfortable in it. You don’t have to remain in it once you start feeling uncomfortable or tired. If you think it is a waste of your time, you are entitled to tell your date you would like to retire for the night or whatever time of the day it is.

The Bottom-line

I hope you enjoyed reading every part of this article as much as I enjoyed writing it and it helps you get ready for a date. Getting ready for a date should not be a stressful thing. If it is stressing you or your mental health, then excuse yourself from it, dating is not compulsory and there will be others.

Although, it comes with a whirl of emotions like anxiety, fear, excitement, anticipation for the worst, sticking to the 21 ways aforementioned will keep these emotions to a minimum. I will like to know what your thoughts are in the comment section. Don’t forget to share with your loved ones.

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