How To Get A Taurus Man Back (10 Foolproof Ways)

After that one amazing Taurus man, I did contemplate being with him again. I don’t want to go into the details of the breakup, but it wound up that we simply weren’t meant to be together.

However, during the internal debate about whether to get back together with him or not, I did delve deep into the research in a mild obsession (that I am not proud of) about how to get back with a Taurus man. 

Among the articles, I found quite a few tips that I think would prove rather useful. My guy was a typical Taurus in and out, so if you’re in that same situation these tips will help you get back with a Taurus or make him come back to you. 

How To Attract A Taurus Man

If you want to get a Taurus man back, you need to remember what it was that made your Taurus swoon in the beginning. Taurus men love women that are put together.

They appreciate beauty and the finer things in life, which includes their partner. Taurus guys are also known for loving physical affection, being able to get their way, and for having a certain level of depth. They enjoy deep conversations more than anything. 

1. Appeal to him

Remember all the things that he loved when he first met you? Like how pretty you are? Or that one particular perfume? Taurus men love beauty and relish in things that stimulate their senses.

This is because their emotions play a larger role in their decisions than they care to admit to women, and those things give them little feelings of happiness. Use those same tricks to keep his attention so that you can move from his ex back to girlfriend status. 

2. Look amazing

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Don’t just get up in the morning and run a brush through your hair. If you want your man back, you need to look the part like you did in the beginning of the relationship.

If he has a love for a certain color, wear it. Make sure that your makeup is flawless and your hair smells like a shampoo that you know he will love. Those little details will impress him and help him fall in love with you all over again. It will remind him of the beginning of the relationship. 

3. Smell enticing

You want to stimulate all his senses so that you aren’t his ex anymore, including his sense of smell. Make sure that you’re wearing his favorite perfume or body spray during your mission to get him back. He’s guaranteed to both notice and love it, even if he doesn’t comment on it. 

4. Avoid criticism

Avoid pointing the finger, even if things were clearly his fault. It takes two people to make a relationship work, and two people to break one up as well. It was both of your faults, even if we don’t like to admit it. 

Another reason to avoid criticism is that Taurus guys hate being criticized with a passion. It will make his back bristle and lead to more arguments. Instead, use proper communication skills to address key points that you would like to work through. For example, learn how to use I statements. 

5. Have patience

A Taurus man will want to be careful about getting back with an ex, regardless of how long they were together or what the reason was. This zodiac sign is known for being cautious above anything else, and they are even more cautious with their feelings. Expect for them to take time to analyze the situation, and then carefully decide what they would like to do. 

A Taurus man will not only want to make sure that being with his ex is in his best interest overall, he will want to make sure that he can trust you with his feelings again. He did that and now he is hurt. Expect that it will take him significantly longer to make this decision than other zodiac signs. If you end this mission and you’re no longer his ex, though, it’s well worth the wait. 

6. Recognize the importance of trust

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Before the two of you consider when you will get back together, it’s important to remember that trust is essential in any relationship. If the reason that you are an ex is something that resulted in a lack of trust, such as cheating, that needs to be worked out first. A Taurus man will not be in a relationship with a woman that he cannot trust. 

Because Taurus men are introverted, don’t expect him to speak up and say that he does not trust you. If he has yet to mention it, bring up the subject yourself. Admit to anything that you did wrong, and ask him if he still trusts you. If you’re emotional, try to have this conversation over a phone call so you don’t make him uncomfortable. 

If he informs you that he does not trust you or tells you that is what led to the breakup, try to come up with ideas to build trust again. Keep in mind that this might take some time, but it’s essential if you want to get together. 

7. Accept him for who he is

Before you consider that you want to get a Taurus back, remember that he is the bull of the zodiac and rightfully stubborn. Taurus men do not like to change, and they will not be fond of you making a list of demands or ultimatums for when you come back. 

Instead of expecting him to change, accept him for who he is. Try to work around things that were difficult in the relationship or compromise so that the relationship will be pleasant for both. For example, if you are more extroverted it might have clashed with having an introverted partner.

This is a common problem with partners. You can compromise, though. Maybe go to a place with each other, and then he can do his own thing while you go hang out with friends. It is possible to compromise on almost everything. It simply takes having a heart to heart with the other person. 

8. Honesty

Being honest is one of the most important things a girl can do when she doesn’t want to stay an ex. Not only will your future boyfriend appreciate it, it will help win him back over.

This zodiac sign views being manipulative and lying as a lack of respect and a waste of time. Instead, have a conversation with him that is based on honesty. Address any fighting, apologize if you feel sorry and discuss what led to the breakup. An honest approach will make him want a relationship with you more than anything else you can do. 

9. Compliment him

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It doesn’t matter if it’s obvious that you’re complimenting him because you want your relationship back, he’ll still love it. This sign always loves a compliment, especially if it’s genuine. After dinner to talk things over, shoot him a text message saying that he looked amazing. 

If you feel weird complimenting him, send him a message as though you are talking to one of your friends. Say that he looks great or that he has an amazing personality still and no one compares to him, and then tell him that you meant to send it to someone else. Make sure that you know who “someone else” is in case he asks. 

10. Try no contact

If nothing else seems to be working, try the no contact rule. You will have to be patient for this one. It means no calling, no checking to see if he’s on a dating site. You can’t use his email address to contact him either. Instead, you simply don’t reach out. 

This can work out well for anyone dealing with this astrology sign because they always need their space, and after relationships, they need even more space to process their thoughts. Give them all the time that they need to get their thoughts together.

While they are doing this, they might remember the good times and decide to give you another chance. This will also give them a chance to let go of anger, and talk about things with family or a close friend. If his family and friends loved you, it’s in your favor that he is reaching out to them for an answer. When you give him the time that he desperately needs, you also give him time to reach out to you. When he chooses to contact you, you know that he misses you. 

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How do you get a Taurus man to fall back in love with you?

If you want to go from being his ex to being his girlfriend again, simply remember what he loved in the first place. These men appreciate honesty, loyalty and they always enjoy a beautiful woman. Be open, be honest, and make sure that you look amazing.

Do Taurus go back to their exes?

Yes, these guys will go back to their ex. It might take a significant amount of patience, the ex might have to rebuild trust, and the couple may need to work out some things. However, it is more than possible to win one of these guys back. 

How do Taurus break up?

These men are the gentlemen of the zodiac, both while they are with you and occasionally when you are about to be the ex. They will maintain this when they tell you that they no longer want to be with you as well. Expect a sit down dinner or something equally civil.

How do you convince a Taurus man?

These guys are known for being extremely stubborn, so it can take some skill and tact to convince them of anything. Make sure that you do not tell them that they are wrong, and use reasoning with facts to reach their intellectual side. 

On That Note…

When he falls in love with you, you can expect him to give you gifts, open up and get jealous and protective. These are the three main things that this sign is known for. You can also read other blogs to find an elaborate list of signs that he is falling for you or to help you determine if he likes you. 

Being in a relationship with one of these men can be one of the most wonderful experiences, making it that much more devastating when you become the ex. Have you ever been in this situation and managed to get your Taurus back? What did you do?

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