How to Get a Guy to Notice You (35 Sneaky Ways)

Are you wondering how to get a guy to notice you without seeming desperate? Do you want him to be conscious of your presence without putting in too much effort? 

Understand that getting attention from the male gender can seem challenging, but you can steal a place in his mind with the right tips. There are several things you need to know about getting attention from a guy. These subjects will help you tickle his fancy and catch his interest in the shortest time possible. 

This article lists out everything you need to know to help you get a guy to notice you. If followed accordingly, you can score points with the man you desire.

35 Ways to Get a Guy to Notice You

1. Don't be an attention seeker

While trying to get a guy to notice you, you must refrain from having an attention seeker's mindset. Those who unhealthily crave people to see them end up being desperate, which alters their typical thinking-frame. They are willing to take any action to achieve their goal, and people would ultimately notice it. 

Understand that most men consider this behavior a turnoff, and having that mindset will limit your chances of having a profitable relationship with your crush. Therefore, before you learn some tips to get the guy of your dreams, it's crucial to retain your composure and allow everything to take a natural course. This act is something that will guarantee you good results in the end.

2. Love your appearance

love your appearance

If you're feeling insecure about the way you look, you won't be able to make a guy find interest in you. Understand that the first thing he's going to see is your appearance. If you're not confident enough about that aspect, it will affect every other part of your plan. Loving your appearance is the first key to get his attention as a girl. 

This process starts in the mind; you have to consciously believe that you look right before you can convince anyone you do. If you need to work on aspects, do so only after you've developed a mindset that your appearance is unique. Always bear in mind that your confidence is a way to get guys glued to you.

3. Radiate positivity

Your vibe is a crucial factor that determines whether any guy will be interested in you or not. If you always have a frown on your face, it will scare even the best suitors. On the contrary, radiating positivity with a smile on your face, and always uttering appealing words will attract him. 

A cheerful countenance is something everyone unconsciously wants to associate with. Tips like this will help you get your crush's attention and have his eye fixated on you. 

One thing about incorporating optimism into your daily lifestyle is that it'll affect your thought-process. Although you're trying to make your crush notice you, you'll still have a calm countenance and genuinely enjoy the process.

4. Love yourself

It's impossible to make a guy interested in you if, as a girl, you don't know what makes you attractive. In other words, you have to love yourself before you can make anyone love you. Any girl that wants attention must understand what makes her special. 

If she can stand out with her mindset about herself, she'll be able to gather everyone's curiosity. It's essential to love who you are so that your insecurities don't prevent you from scoring points with your crush. If you dislike anything about yourself, know that it's because you're finding it hard to love yourself appropriately.

5. Don't try to change who you are

While trying to impress someone and get noticed, it's essential to retain fragments of your originality. If you change who you are to suit your crush's interest, this action will initially make him feel great but will later force you to fake a lifestyle just to keep him interested. 

You would do things you're not comfortable with just to impress him and would ultimately have to pretend around the guy. If you don't want to live in constant fear that your crush will find out that you lied to him about several aspects of your life and personality, then it's crucial to stay the same while trying to catch his eyes.

6. Walk by him

Sometimes, a great way to speed up the process of getting someone's attention is to walk by them. One secret about men is that they can't resist the urge to stare at ladies when they pass by them. If you want to get the attention of your crush in a split second, then when you have your favorite dress on, walk past him in an obvious manner, so he has no choice but to stare at you. 

This process wouldn't make a guy instantly fall head over heels for you, but it guarantees that you'll steal a place in his mind for a few seconds, if not longer. When you walk past a guy, your attitude also plays an essential role, so smile and be happy.

7. First impressions matter

If you didn't already know this critical point, then you should know it now. Your first impression matters a lot, so you have to make it count. When a guy starts to observe you, it counts as a first impression, although they may already know you. If you're planning how to get a guy to notice you, then think about what you want him to think about you. 

Once you've got an answer, maintain that countenance for a period until you're done with your work. For example, staying positive, choosing to smile rather than frowning, and ensuring you feel confident throughout the day. If these are the traits you want a guy to remember you for, then you have to maintain it for the time being.

8. Find something in common

Trying to get someone to observe you without finding the things you have in common with them would be a challenging sport. The easiest way to get them interested in you is to look for hobbies or activities both of you like and engage in them. A guy would undoubtedly be interested in a girl that surprisingly likes something that he does. 

This step is a secret to get his attention. It doesn't have to be a significant activity like loving soccer or playing video-games. It could be anything as little as wearing the same colors of clothing or brand of sneakers as he does. The more insignificant it is, the less desperate you would seem to him.

9. Be an interesting person

be an interesting person

You can't expect to get a guy attracted to you if you're not necessarily enjoyable. If you really want to make an impression on him, make sure everything about you screams interest. Let your speech and even your countenance be amusing to everyone's eyes. You don't necessarily have to fake this aspect. 

You just have to channel the things that you love to the forefront. More so, you don't need to wait for a person to get to know you before they find out that you love a specific thing. Let that side of you effortlessly show, and you'll get the attention you're looking for. Even better, this step will create an avenue for others to desire talking to you, including your crush.

10. Make eye contact

Suppose you've desired to get the attention of your crush, but you haven't made eye contact with him yet, then you have to begin here. This process guarantees that you steal a place in his mind and is another way of connecting with his soul. You have to work towards making eye contact, even if it's spontaneously, to open up more avenues for him to notice you. 

When this process happens, make sure your confidence shows. Don't act shy or entranced that it makes your crush suspect you have feelings for him. Instead, look at him for a split second and confidently look away. This act will fix his mind on you.

11. Participate in a guy activity

Similar to finding something in common with the guy you hope to get his attention, participating in an action for men will tickle his fancy. This step is a great way to make him notice you because it's a seemingly attractive sight when a girl loves men's activities. 

Bear in mind that you don't need to go overboard if you're not a fan of some manly sports. Merely showing interest in these areas will make you a subject of interest by other guys. Remember not to be desperate for recognition, or others will quickly perceive this behavior. Being yourself throughout will help you get recognized faster than you can imagine.

12. Show how special you are

Everyone is unique in different ways, either through personality, talents or character. Understand that you have to put your peculiarity on display to get him to notice you. Guys are subconsciously attracted to special ladies. If everyone behaves in a specific manner, acting differently will stand out in his eyes. 

Don't conceal the thing that makes you different, but wear it on your sleeves every day. With time, guys wouldn't be able to resist your unique qualities. Remember to use a subtle approach with this step because showing how exceptional you are, pushes you to seek unhealthy recognition. However, making this a part of your lifestyle is a fairer option.

13. Be a kind person

Without a doubt, every kind person would have the attention of someone. People feel special when others do nice things for them. Therefore, if you can be kind to everyone, including your crush, you will surely get his eye on you. Surprisingly, guys love it when ladies do pleasant favors for them. 

Whether it's helping them with directions to places or lending out a pen when they need one, guys really want to be treated specially by a lady. You can steal a spot in his heart by making one nice gesture. Make sure you don't seclude your kindness to him and some of his friends, or it'll start to look suspicious.

14. Coincidentally show up where he is

If you're wondering how to get a guy to notice you, something as simple as showing up where he is is the best way to go. Don't incorporate this step too often, or it'll start to seem like stalking. Instead, let it occasionally happen so that it will look coincidental. It could be at his favorite restaurant or an event you know he'll be attending. 

You don't necessarily have to do anything else when you meet him there. The mere act of showing up will make him think about you. This step works wonders, especially when you've gotten him to recognize you in other subtle ways.

15. Use an excuse to start a conversation

At some point in time, you're going to need to create a conversation with a crush. This step is a direct method to get his attention. In some situations, subtle signs won't be enough to push him to act. Therefore, making the first move is a more straightforward method to guarantee your victory. 

Starting a conversation with a guy should be simple. Don't direct the question at him, but to an external factor. For example, asking what the time is, or when the class you're attending together will be over. This move calls his attention to you in an inconspicuous manner, rather than asking a personal question about his favorite sport.

16. Have a pleasant scent

have a pleasant scent

Numerous things can help you get the awareness of guys. Amazingly, one of them is your scent. This aspect also affects your confidence because when you smell good, you're bound to feel good too. Scientists have proven that scents can stimulate several senses in men. In particular, research has shown that floral aromas attract guys more than other incenses. 

You can leave a lasting impression on your crush merely by wearing suitable fragrances on your body. It will reveal your attractive qualities and surely catch his curiosity. Intuitively, it would also help to refrain from heavy odors because that can repel instead of attracting people.

17. Be sexy with your appearance

Being sexy doesn't imply revealing too much skin or wearing short clothes. The critical point here is to wear something that works for your body. It would help if you got to know what can make you look good without even switching up your style. There are numerous style tips for every body type to help you appear more attractive or appealing to your crush. 

Getting involved with fashion hacks will work, especially if you're trying to get a male's attention. Perhaps, the thing holding your heartthrob back from observing you is one little style hack that can bring out the beauty of your figure. Therefore, don't hesitate to try one out.

18. Highlight your best features

A nice trick to getting a guy to notice you is by making your best features more glaring. For example, if you have lovely eyes, don't shield them under your glasses when your crush is near you. 

Likewise, if your face tends to pop more when you wear your hair in a particular style, put it in that style when you know you'll meet your crush. This step is how to get a guy to notice you. He won't realize how amazing you are unless you show him that side of you. More so, he won't see your beauty, both inward and outward, if you continue concealing it. The bottom line is, you need to put yourself in the spotlight to attract a guy to you.

19. Don't be hard to get

Although it's crucial to give your crush space to notice you and make the first move, acting hard to get would be a turnoff. If he makes an effort to communicate with you or get your attention, don't put him down because he might be discouraged to try again. 

If you've tried your best to get him to notice you, a great way to get everything on board is to be friendly and open. Guys love it when they make an effort, and they receive a positive sign to go ahead. This step doesn't suggest that you should abide by all his advances. It just means that you shouldn't turn him down when you desperately want to say yes.

20. Let your body language be flirtatious

A girl can get a man to heed her wishes by making playful body movements. Merely teasing him can convince him to make a move on you. You don't necessarily need to be outright seductive to get his attention. Even without touching him, subtly flirting will communicate your interest in him in the most inconspicuous way. 

On the contrary, if you're too rigid and your body movements indicate a lack of interest, your crush will be discouraged. It will seem like you're hot and cold towards him, which will be confusing to understand. Therefore, please don't spend time gaining his awareness, then ruining it by being emotionless in his presence.

21. Outright flirt with him

Apart from body movements, your speech is something you should also put into consideration while trying to flirt with your crush. Your words shouldn't contradict what your body is saying, or your heartthrob would be unenthusiastic about making a move. Guys love it when ladies are light-heartened around them. It gives them the confidence to progress. 

Frowning and being dismissive are sure ways to demoralize men amid their advances. Make sure that you have a welcoming aura, especially if you want to go further with a guy. More so, while he's trying to get your attention, help him out by subtly being flirtatious, and everything will turn out fine.

22. Make him ask you out

make him ask you out

If you've been able to get your crush's attention, but the conversations have been casual, trying to get him to ask you out should be your next move. Sometimes, guys need an extra push before they realize what they're supposed to do. If you want to get him to ask you out, talk about what you have in common and bring up an event related to that topic. 

It could be a new restaurant serving your favorite dishes or a band playing over the weekend. Another approach would be to subtly mention how you need ideas for what to do over the weekend. If he has anything particular in mind, chances are, he'll ask you to join him.

23. Pay attention

Being attentive is the way to get a guy fixed on you after you get his attention. If you've gone through rigorous processes to make your crush notice you, you shouldn't lose him by the mere act of texting while he's talking. Getting close to him gives you the privilege of learning new things about him. 

What you know will be crucial in your journey to get him to fall for you. If you're not attentive, you might end up making the wrong moves that can jeopardize all the work you did. Therefore, if you want to get your crush to notice and stay interested in you, you have to observe even the little details.

24. Act preoccupied

As a girl trying to be recognized by someone, acting distracted is an excellent step to make it happen. Guys like to work for girls' attention; therefore, if you're always available, he might take you for granted. If you want to get your crush's attention and make it worthwhile, get busy with activities even when you know he's likely to talk to you. 

You will challenge him more to get you interested in what he has to say with this act. Remember that you don't have to be hard on him. If he makes a suggestion that you like, you can agree. The mere fact that he has to work for your time is enough to keep him fixed on you.

25. Step out of your comfort zone

Sometimes, getting out of your comfort zone is all it takes to get the attention of a man. If you've never gone to a soccer game before, you can try it when your crush is there. You can also wear brighter clothing or go to new places if it makes him recognize you. If you're trying to snatch a place in your crush's mind, then you should be willing to take comfortable risks. 

Be sure not to go overboard and do anything you'd regret the next day. Stick with tips you've always wanted to try but haven't gotten the opportunity to do so.

26. Let your guard down

Once in a while, being vulnerable is an easy way to get attention when you need it. You don't have to tell a sob story to make him feel sorry for you. Merely showing him hidden aspects of yourself will create an emotional connection with him.

You can get him to notice you by talking a little more about yourself when you get the chance. Don't keep all the focus on him because it will give off the impression that you have nothing to offer to the conversation. Talk about your goals and dreams, if you need to, and you'll ignite a sense of consciousness about your personality in him.

27. Don't go overboard with texting

Even though it's clear that you want attention from a guy, don't text him more than necessary, or it will be a turnoff. Men like their space, so if you overwhelm him with messages, he'll keep his distance. Give him time to text you first, and if he doesn't, you can start the conversation yourself. 

However, limit your messages to an appropriate amount. You don't want it to seem like you're desperate for his recognition. The way you text someone you hope to have something with also matters. Be casual and don't cross boundaries. Remember that your first impression matters.

28. Answer the questions in class

If you're in the same group or classroom with your crush, a fast way to get recognized by him is to answer questions or contribute to a task. Beware not to be overbearing or domineering in the group because guys consider this act as a turnoff. You can let someone else take the lead if they must, while you chip in your opinions. 

Understand that as long as you've got a little bit of attention, you've accomplished your goal. You've been able to make him think about you, which will go a long way. It would be best to think thoroughly before speaking rather than saying anything wrong.

29. Start a study group

If you're not in the same group or class with your crush, you can start a study group or any other gathering he'll be interested in joining. Let him know that he'll be a great addition to the group, and stay hopeful that he'll accept your request. Ensure that you start a group you have a tangible interest in, or it'll be hard to proceed if your crush declines your offer. 

If he accepts, you have an excellent opportunity to grab his attention. Be careful not to focus all your attention on your heartthrob, or your intentions would be too obvious.

30. Be a damsel in distress

Effective ways to make the first move and get a guy conscious of you are asking for favors. The feeling a man gets when he helps a girl is strong enough to build a lasting impression. You can ask him for help with things like lifting a heavy bag or fixing a broken item. 

Anything that can make him feel like a hero when he has finished accomplishing the task will instill a positive mindset in him about you. He will subconsciously desire to make you feel happy by helping you out the next time. Asking him for tips on a subject he's knowledgeable on is also another route to take.

31. Flip your hair

flip your hair

Although it seems needless, flipping your hair catches the attention of guys. It has a seductive approach and gathers the interest of everyone around. According to research, when a girl tosses her hair, it's a sign of attraction. More so, it subconsciously lures men and instills a consciousness of the woman's presence. 

Your confidence will also radiate in many ways when you toss your head in his company. Some of the work needed to be recognized will be cut short with this easy body movement. You can go ahead to throw him a look as well, and you'd instantly catch his interest.

32. Wear team apparel

If you know your crush's favorite music band or football team, you can wear something associated with these subjects to get him to notice you. The primary aim is to make him feel like he shares a special bond with you because of these common interests. If you want his eye to stay fixed on you, aim for something specific and unique to his taste. 

If you wear anything familiar, he might not be motivated enough to talk to you about it. Other alternatives include using a song from his favorite band as your ringtone. This action would spark his interest, especially if he hasn't told you about his favorite band.

33. Have fun

If you want to get your crush's attention and make him stay conscious of you, make sure you have fun at every point in time. Guys love it when ladies are happy rather than having a lady always lost in thoughts. If you're joyful throughout the process, you'll have a welcoming personality, and you'll be kind to everyone, which will naturally draw a man closer to you. 

I also advise enjoying every moment if you're not able to get your crush to take notice of you. At least, you would have enjoyed the process and learned several steps that can be beneficial in the long run.

34. Try not to reveal too much information

Although your primary aim is learning how to get a guy to notice you, being too vulnerable at the early stage can cause more harm than good. You want him to get to know you, and this process will require him to make an effort. If you reveal too many details, it makes the work easier for your crush. 

More so, if the information is too sensitive, it would scare him off before he gets an opportunity to know you well. You also shouldn't tell him about your plan to make him observe you, because he'll like to think he made actions of his own will.

35. Leave him wanting more

While you get a guy to notice you, it's crucial to leave a little to the unknown. You want to catch his interest until the next time even though he has developed a connection with you. It's vital to flirt and make your interests clear, but giving him everything as soon as possible would only hinder him from coming back the next time. 

If you desire to keep a man hooked on you, you have to place some boundaries, even to the barest minimum. Men like to work for what they want, so this move will keep his eye fixed on you.


How do you get a guy's attention without talking to him?

Some things to get a guy conscious of you without even talking to him includes smiling, dressing nicely, walking past him, and being approachable when you're sitting in the same room with him. Remember never to look desperate, or it'll be a turnoff for him. Also, don't try to change who you are, or you might have to fake that lifestyle for as long as you know him.

How do you get a guy to notice you without looking desperate?

Some tips to get a special guy aware of your presence without being desperate includes being yourself, being flirty but not provocative, keeping conversations casual, and being a pleasant person. If you come off too strong and text him more than you should, he will lose interest. Instead, give him space when required and don't be forceful with him.

What men look for in a woman physically?

According to research, up to forty-six percent of the male gender considers the face the most attractive feature on a woman's body. Her hips, legs, and even her hair follow after. Scientists have also concluded that men naturally look for a lady's physical qualities, which guarantees she can reproduce. Therefore, features like the hips draw males to females.

How can I get a guy's attention online?

If you want to make a guy observe you online, you have to be willing to show off. Accompany this step by making a clear interest in him. Tell him pleasant words and make him feel special. More so, let your guard down so he can get to know you more. If, after everything, he's still not interested, then understand that he has his reasons for saying that.

How can you make your crush fall for you?

If you want your crush to fall in love, you need to ask for help with certain activities. When your heartthrob accomplishes a task for you, the praise you'll give him will create a pleasant feeling of reassurance in his abilities, which will connect him to you. More so, being real and complimenting him will likely snatch you a spot in his heart.

To Conclude

Did you enjoy these tips on getting a guy to be aware of you? Remember to stay true to yourself throughout the process. If you change too much, you'll have difficulty keeping up with the impression you've created. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article and share it with others.

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