How To Find Out If Someone Has A Dating Profile (7 Sneaky Ways)

Spying on a partner isn’t unusual. In fact, research suggests that 37% of millennials spy on their partners. Be it for one reason or another, the process of building trust in a relationship is hard and does sometimes involve some investigative work. A piece of this work includes checking if your partner is currently using a dating website.

Yes, there are several ways you can find out if a person has a dating profile. However, you must be careful when intruding on the privacy of your partner. Boundaries must be respected in every relationship, and you must be comfortable in taking such just action.

Also, be aware that by spying on them you are also breaching their privacy, which might be a problem. Also, don't forget that whatever you decide to do can lead to a break-up, especially when your partner is innocent, and finds out you don't trust him/her. They might feel like you bridged their privacy. So, make sure you weigh the outcome and your chances. 

Nonetheless, I do understand how distressing it can be very stressful to think that someone you love is exploring other romantic options. It can be very exhausting when you suspect your partner isn't being completely honest with you.

On that note, I will be showing a few ways to find out if someone has a dating account that might even be linked to a social media platform. Here are 7 ways you can find out if your partner is on a dating site.

7 Ways You Can Find Out If Your Partner Has A Dating Profile

1. Open their internet browser history

A browser stores pieces of information on previous sites visited, so getting to know what someone has been up to may not be that difficult. To have a good look through your partner’s browser, try to get a hold of their phone, maybe when they’re away or sleeping. 

However, remember that many people (especially cheaters) have security locks on their phones, so it may be impossible for you to access the phone without permission. 

Once you get a hold of their phone, visit the internet browser history; it's a personal space, and most people don't clear the record. This can help you find out their search options and profiles (if they’re on a dating site). But don't forget that you might be crossing your boundaries—most especially if you both decided to respect each other's space.

2. Search through the history tab

When you go through the history tab, you can find the list of the dating sites he/she has visited recently, and in the last few months. If you have access to their social media accounts, even better.

So this way, you can know what they’ve been up to behind your back. You could check their most popular searches and look out for dating sites like Tinder, Bumble, Zooks, and a whole lot of others. If he/she visits this site often, it's obvious they have profiles on these dating sites.

Take your time and go through the history. You will definitely find all the pieces of information you need. 

3. Check the phone’s recycle bin

check the phones recycle bin

If you think your partner is on a dating site and you are suspicious, it means you don't really trust that person yet. 

That's why if you don't find anything at all on their browser history, it means everything has been deleted. This is a common act of cheaters that are trying to hide something. So move over to the recycle bin if the phone has one. This way, you can see the recently deleted history search there. 

Also, go through the applications on the phone. Maybe there is a dating app site that you don't know of, like Meet Bagel, OkCupid, and others starring you in the face. But be emotionally ready to take whatever the outcome is. And consider how your partner will feel when they find out you've been peeping. Also, consider the effect on the relationship.

4. Use various tools that can detect a dating profile

This is also a simple method of finding out dating profiles. If you cannot get direct access to your partner’s phone, you can try using a search tool. Tools like Spokeo, Profilesearcher, and others can help you find sites quickly. You can type in your partner’s email or name then you can spot if a dating profile has been created. 

If you know the number of email accounts your partner has, this will help you narrow your web search on their profile. You can also decide to do a social catfish by creating secret dating profiles and trying to search for your partner. 

While doing this, do not forget they might not be using their real information. So, the search results for their dating profiles could be futile—which is why using the email search tool option is essential first.

5. Ask him

Being direct and honest is not so hard. So, go ahead and ask your partner if he/she has secret dating profiles. Your partner might just come out prompt and plain and tell you the truth. 

Maybe they had a profile in the past but are no longer active on the site. You won't know this from just stalking around. Hence why communication in every relationship is essential.

The only barrier to this option is mistrust. You may not trust your partner enough to believe what they say. Your partner can lie about it if he/she is a dishonest person. The thing is, you will never know the truth; that's why trust is vital in a relationship. You need to learn to trust your partner to reduce heartache and worry, but you also need to know the thin line between trusting and being used.

Also, you should know by now the kind of person your partner is. If they’re always excessively defensive, too private, and hiding their belongings and information, move on to better things in life. Such a person is not trustworthy and is not worth the effort. What’s more, the only way you can get information from such a person is by invading their privacy.

6. Ask what his opinion is on joining a dating app

ask what his opinion is on joining a dating app

You can ask your boyfriend or girlfriend what he/she thinks about dating websites or dating profiles. From their answer, you can detect if they’re already on one. It is better to know what they think as this will save you from stressing yourself creating different profiles or going through the web search route. You might get all your answers directly from them.

A person that’s happy in a relationship will likely not support the idea of joining a dating site and exploring other options while in a relationship with a significant other. So listen to their opinion and trust me, you can draw out a reasonable conclusion from it. Your guts will send off sirens; don't ignore it. 

If your partner comes out and tells all, be honest with feelings and let them know you don't really support them being on dating sites while in a relationship with you. You are enough for him at the moment. Let him know how uncomfortable the situation is for you. 

If he/she loves you, they’ll close all their profiles because this will play a significant role in the success rate of your relationship.

7. Make healthy choices

Don't jeopardize your relationship on baseless accusations or trying to find out something that isn't existing. Check yourself first; maybe there is nothing to worry about. It could be your trust issues playing out. If you find it hard to trust someone, you have to drop your insecurities so your relationship blossoms.

Your relationship can never succeed if you find it hard to trust. And suppose there are obvious signs that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating or looking out for another person, in that case, you can investigate the issue, get your facts right at the expense of things you can handle, and be ready for the outcome of your action.

Don't forget whatever decision you choose to take in this situation would definitely have a repercussion.


How can you find out if someone has a tinder account?

All you need is to get a tinder account or use a friend's one, search for the person and monitor the account; one way you can know if the person is active is by checking the person's location constantly.

How can I find out if my partner is on a dating site? 

You could search for his profiles, by doing a dating profile search. Or, confront them if they are going to be sincere to you. Alternatively, I already offered seven tips to find out if your partner is always on a dating site.

Can you see who is on dating sites without signing up?

No, most dating sites require you to sign up with them and fill in your contact details before you can have access to use them.

Why do husbands look at dating sites? 

You need to know that online dating sites help you connect with both men and women. However, most times, they’re trying to flirt with another woman or looking for a new sex partner with whom they can explore their sexual fantasies.

Is being on a dating site cheating?

In most cases, when your partner is always on a dating site, they are probably cheating on you. Because they will always flirt with the opposite sex. There is no good reason why your partner should be on a dating site.


I hope you found this article helpful? You need to have some level of trust in your man. But if you find out that he is constantly on online dating sites, then this is a red flag. No doubt, you can just spy on their social media account handle, create a secret dating handle, and use an email search tool to find your partner. 

However, make sure your mental health doesn't get affected in the process.

You shouldn’t be with someone who doesn't see you as enough for them. Let me know what you think, and please don't forget to share this article with others.

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