How To Fall In Love Again (15 Easy Ways)

If you have ever fallen in love before, you would agree with me that there is no more incredible feeling than being in love with your partner. When you are in love, your entire being continually longs for your significant other. 

But then again, what makes people fall out of love in romantic relationships? Several factors can result in such a situation, but most times, life happens, and the passion fades away and disappears.

Women who have been through a couple of failed relationships find it difficult to try again. Additionally, the painful experience of losing a spouse or partner can make the prospect all the more difficult. 

Contrary to popular opinion, falling in love again is not an impossible and unrealistic task to achieve. Thankfully, we’ve provided some useful tips on how to fall in love again.

15 Easy Ways to Fall In Love Again

1. Conquer your fear

Overcoming your fears is the first step to falling in love again. The thought alone sends chills down the spine of women who have had it rough in the past. The fear of being hurt again is enough to make you avoid the subject altogether. To overcome your fears, start by identifying and understanding them.

Think about why you are scared of becoming vulnerable to someone again. Try to pinpoint what your primary concern is and what brought about it in the first place. Among the usual fears are the fear of commitment, fear of getting hurt, and fear of hurting someone else.

2. Give it time

give it time

Ladies who have been hurt by their partners in the past find it difficult to fall back in love. They try not to be vulnerable to someone else for fear of getting hurt and going through those painful emotions again. You can’t blame them, can you? It’s almost impossible to go through emotional pain without having an emotional scar. 

Time allows you to heal and move past your fears. You should trust the process and let it take its natural course. While doing so, avoid any form of pressure to start something new, particularly a long-term relationship. You can start casual dating for the time being pending when you have fully recovered.

3. Reflect on your past relationships

One of the ways of recovering faster after a breakup is by going over the events that led to it in the first place. Consider the issues that arose and your role either as a wife or girlfriend that contributed to those issues.

Taking a sober reflection would help you discover any unhealthy behaviors that happened in your last relationship. Furthermore, it will prompt you to take some necessary action to change yourself to prevent it from coming back to haunt your new relationship. 

You can reflect on your past relationships with a trusted friend, relative, or therapist. Reflection is one of the ways to find love again.

4. Set realistic expectations

It’s not out of place to come up with a list of “must-haves” before venturing into a relationship. Take some time to figure out your essential needs and how your ideal partner or spouse could meet those. Try as much as possible to keep your expectations realistic to avoid unnecessary disappointments in the long term. 

Relationships are designed to provide intimacy, support, and companionship. However, couples must have some shared values and expectations for any relationship to thrive. With that in mind, you may likely need to compromise on some items on your list of “must-haves” as emotional needs and priorities vary between people.

5. Establish a good rapport with your partner

If you are looking to fall back in love with an estranged spouse or partner, having healthy and meaningful communication is essential. Establishing a good rapport with someone who caused you emotional distress in the past may not feel comfortable, but it is something you have to do.

The idea is to rekindle the feelings between the two of you through meaningful and worthwhile communication. Open up to your significant other about your goals, interests, and feelings. Both of you should spend some time together sharing what’s most important to you, including your shared values. Chances are, you would remember why you fell in love with him in the first place. 

6. Spend time away from your partner

At the onset of every relationship, couples always can’t seem to get enough of each other. Somewhere along the line, the relationship could get stale. The feelings don’t last forever, but you can always find ways of rekindling them.

Spending time away from your partner at this point may likely be your safest bet at salvaging what’s left of the relationship. Taking brief periods of solitude to reminisce on why you fell in love with your partner can rekindle the affections you have for him. Your relationship will be better and stronger for it in the long run. 

7. Keep your friends and family close

keep your friends and family close

Don’t cut off those closest to you because you are going through a breakup or painful period in your love life. Conversely, this is when you need to be around those who love you the most. These friends and relatives are there to offer you moral and emotional support to move on and find love again.

If you are looking to let your guard down again, consider doing so for someone in your close circle. For you to be friends with someone, it means your personality matches theirs to an extent. These mutual traits can set the groundwork for a fulfilling romantic relationship.

8. Practice self-love

There’s no gainsaying that nobody is perfect; we all have our flaws and imperfections. Accepting yourself for who you make it easier to have affections for a romantic partner. That said, practicing self-love helps you see and know your value as a person.

Remember, there is always room for improvement, so try to work on yourself. Work on your eating habit and exercise regularly to stay healthy. Self-love opens your eyes to your beautiful qualities. Be a good sport and lower your defenses so that someone somewhere can have the privilege of loving you. 

9. Put away negative thoughts

Deep down, everyone wants to love and be loved by someone. Many people find it difficult to love because they believe that they are not worthy of someone else’s affection. This unhealthy belief usually stems from adverse childhood experiences and past rejections. 

You are worthy of being loved by someone; don’t allow anybody or circumstance to tell you otherwise. Stop thinking and harboring negative thoughts about yourself in your mind. Always address and reframe these thoughts whenever they come up. Doing so also helps in changing your mindset and building healthier self-esteem

10. Put yourself out there

put yourself out there

You can’t be talking about falling in love again when you have decided not to put yourself out there. It would help if you were willing to bear the risk and uncertainty of exposing yourself emotionally. Putting yourself out there requires you to open yourself to being vulnerable to someone else. 

You need to lower those defenses and be ready for whatever comes. Go on date nights, take vacations, hang out with friends and colleagues – all with the aim of meeting people. Chances are, you will find that special someone that will sweep you off your feet.

11. Stop playing hard-to-get

Most women, if not all, like to play hard-to-get just for the pleasure of doing so. What’s more, they withhold their feelings and try not to let out any emotions. It’s okay not to let your feelings show on the first date but making it a habit might discourage the man.

Don’t register the feeling that you don’t care in your mind because it could prevent you from developing feelings for a great guy. You can’t have feelings for someone by playing games with that person.

12. Don’t be scared of rejection

The fear of rejection is the only thing that stands in the way of happiness for some women. Having affections for someone who doesn’t share it hurts but shouldn’t stop you from shooting your shot. 

If you are always too careful and conscious of the risk, you may miss out on someone great in the long term. Getting turned down is not the end of the world nor a testament that something is wrong with you.

13. Find ways of dealing with conflicts

How you handle conflicts and disagreements plays a crucial role in staying in love. Many relationships suffer as a result of poor management of conflict. You and your significant other need to find calm and constructive ways of dealing with these issues when they arise.

Avoid holding grudges against your partner or reference the past as it would only worsen the situation. Handling conflicts efficiently in marriage or any romantic relationship will help revive the affections you have for your partner.

14. Spend more time with your significant other

It’s normal for couples to feel disconnected from each other. They get too comfortable with each other that they are stuck in a rut. Life can get at you so hard that you will forget the basic things about maintaining a relationship. 

If you’re looking to rekindle the passion in your relationship, make a habit of doing things together as a couple. Try new things, foods, and visit new places together. You could also take trips together, go hunting or hiking, or take up a new challenge. These experiences will help create long memories, rekindle intimacy, and strengthen the bond between the two of you.

15. Talk to a therapist

talk to a therapist

Sometimes, love-related issues are so severe that they require a professional to address them. If you are still unable to get your groove back after all is said and done, consider booking an appointment with a therapist. You probably need counseling to address some of your problems.

Things can only get better when you deal with them decisively. A therapist can help you work out your problems and find lasting solutions to heal deal with them. They can also offer useful advice to help you fall back in love with an estranged partner. As a matter of urgency, ask around and get in touch with a seasoned therapist before it becomes too late.


Will I be able to fall in love again?

Even if your love life has been tumultuous in the past, you can still share an emotional connection with someone else. Remember, the process of healing takes time, but that doesn’t reduce your chance of finding love again in life. However, when you do, the feeling and experience may probably be different than the last time you fell in love.

How do you fall in love with someone new?

Firstly, you need to let your guard down to become more vulnerable. Don’t let your fear of heartbreak stop you from opening up to someone new. If you’re not dating anyone at the moment, have an open mind when meeting new people. When you meet someone, let the connection and bond develop naturally.

Can you fall in love with someone twice?

Life has a way of making you fall back in love with someone you have loved in the past. Something can always spark and rekindle the feeling between you two at any time. We’ve seen couples on the verge of divorce or separation change their minds due to the reawakened passion and intimacy between them.

What does true love feel like?

There’s a distinct line between lust, infatuation, and true love. The latter feels like safety and stability. You will feel safe and secure emotionally, mentally, and physically in the confines of a truly loving relationship. It also connotes acceptance, trust, and respect.

Can you love someone with a broken heart?

It’s possible to have affections for someone with a broken heart. Most times, you may not know because not many people like to share their relationship history with someone new for fear of rejection. By saying yes to a dating or marriage proposal, you have agreed to help your significant other deal with his past.


If you’ve had your heartbroken in the past, try to let go of the experience and focus on finding love again. Interestingly, our foolproof tips will help you do just that so ensure you apply them. Do you have some thoughts regarding this subject? Kindly share them with us in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, share it across your social networks.

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