How To Express Your Feelings To Him Through Text (11 Beautiful Ways To Tell Him)

Do you have to write flowery poems to express your feelings to the man you love? Certainly not! If you can whip up romantic text messages that will reveal just how much love resides in your heart for your partner, why not? If you can’t go the dramatic way to express your feelings of love for your guy, it’s okay to use the words that come easily to you.

What will be unacceptable is to not express your feelings or open your heart to your partner. Even if you are not yet at the stage of exchanging love words or saying the magical three words ‘I love you’, there are other words you can use to express your feelings to him. 

If your relationship is still young and you haven’t said the love words that will validate the depth of your care for each other, try to express your feelings via text messages. Expressing your feelings over the phone through texts will help you to spill your heart through words and, you won’t have to waste too much time trying to build your courage to say how you feel. 

Still not sure about what words to say to him through text messages? Read on to get 11 beautiful ways to express your feelings to him via texts. 

11 Beautiful Ways To Express Your Feelings

1. Use words that express what you wish to be doing with him

If you have been wondering ‘how to express my feelings to him through text’, you may want to consider texting him words that show longing and your desire to be with him at that moment. What are the favorite things you both love doing together? 

Is it sharing a cup of ice cream, cuddling, making out, or simply taking a walk together? Whatever stands for your favorite time together, highlight your desire to be doing that thing with him through text messages. 

In your text messages, use words like; ‘I wish we were…’, ‘I want to be doing…’, ‘When can we do this again?’ and so on. Do this to let him know he is the only person you want to spend quality time with.

2. Let him know he is always on your mind

let him know he is always on your mind

As part of letting him know you are feeling a lot of things for him, send him text messages that show that you miss him every second of the day. If you love him, this notion won’t be an exaggeration, especially if the love feeling is still very new.

Surprise him with text messages that say how much you cherish him in the middle of a workday. Even if he had been having a bad day before, your text messages will lift his spirit and help him continue his day in a lighter mood. This gesture will not only make him happy but also improve your relationship.

3. Tell him how he makes you feel

It is one thing to say how much you love someone; it is another thing to project in words how the other person’s love towards you makes you feel. Saying I love you might sometimes appear one-sided, especially if your partner is not free by using the same love words.

When you shed light on how your boyfriend makes you feel, even through text messages, he doesn’t see your feelings as a product of how you feel alone but as a result of his actions towards you. Nothing boosts a man’s confidence than the fact that he is responsible for making his woman happy in love.

4. Go a bit spiritual on him

Spirituality means different things to different people. But a common definition most people agree with is that spirituality refers to an awareness of yourself more deeply. If your man is a believer of the concept of ‘bigger than life purpose’, zodiac signs, or Greek mythologies, express your feelings to him from any of the spiritual angles he subscribes to.

For example, if he loves Greek mythology, read up on his favorite characters and send him text messages comparing the way he expresses his love to you to the way a mythological myth god showed love to his mythical goddess. He will love it and respond with text messages agreeing with you.

5. Go mushy on him sometimes

As a woman in love, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to send mushy and cheesy text messages to your man. If he has been vocal and expressive about his love for you, you should return the favor by going cheesy on him through text messages.

Some people might say that being too mushy and open might lead to someone taking advantage of you but, you won’t know how they will act if you don’t make yourself vulnerable. So, why not be as open as possible? If he reciprocates your love, amazing, if he doesn’t, that’s his loss.

6. Weave him a love story about both of you

weave him a love story about both of you

Every love story is unique in its way, even if it happened in a cliché manner. What makes your love story special? Was it the location, the outfit either of you wore, the first impression your boyfriend gave when he first opened his mouth, or the way the first encounter ended?

Regardless of what your relationship has been like so far, there is something that you will say to him that will remind him of the good thing going well for both of you. Take a cue from Taylor Swift and write poems or sing songs telling your version of ‘The Story of Us’ via text messages.

7. Send the link to a playlist both of you love

Music is life and just about every couple has a song or playlist of songs that spark different memories for them. You and your man would have one too. Send him a link to the playlists you both love and see how much he appreciates your thoughtfulness. 

Create a playlist of love songs that gets both of you in the right love mood and send them to him through text messaging and he’ll probably run home to sing them with you. 

8. Let your adjectives flow in a stream of love words

Adjectives are powerful and able to help you express your feelings even if you lack poetic words to use. Adjectives, adverbs, and superlatives might seem like exaggerations sometimes but they can be the only options for you to show the magnitude of feelings.

Therefore, don’t hold back on using words such as, ‘too much, so much, happy, most handsome, nicest, most loving, kindest, most thoughtful’ and so on, to express how highly you think of him. If he has been all these things and more to you, he will know you mean the words and you aren’t just flattering him.

9. Express your feelings of appreciation towards him

Gratitude is a love tool most people don’t use often because they take what they have for granted. As such, they lose a relationship they could have saved by simply showing their better half constant appreciation.

By expressing your feelings of gratitude to him through texts, it means you love him for who he is regardless of the location; whether you are communicating in person or over the phone. This constant reminder of your love for him will keep him in check whenever he is tempted to misbehave. 

10. Show how delighted you are about the prospect of seeing him soon

show how delighted you are about the prospect of seeing him soon

Distance away from someone you love is torture and being unable to hear his voice whenever you wish is another thing that can make it seem like time is crawling. However, you can speed up the time and increase the feeling of love by keeping up with the man you love through text messages.

In your text exchange, you can come up with date ideas that will make seeing each other fun and memorable, especially if either or both of you are very busy people. These date ideas will create feelings of anticipation and delight in both of you and make the distance between you shrink.

11. Simply say I love you to him via text messaging

Saying I love you after every text message is also one of the ways to express your feelings to your man. Although most might not get paranoid when you don’t say I love you after a call or a text, it is still a good idea to include those magic words at the end of each conversation. 

No matter how macho they appear, men are like babies who want to be cuddled and they want you to whisper sweet nothings in their ears and so, when you constantly tell him you love him, he finds it easy to open his heart and feelings to you too. As such, use those magic words, they work wonders! 


How do I express my feelings to my crush over text?

You can express your feelings to your crush over text messages by sending appropriate love emojis and words that are unique to the way you love each other. 

How do I get him to catch feelings over text?

You can intensify his feelings for you by creating open communication with him without appearing too available. Make sure you respond to his messages some minutes after he sends them but don’t keep him waiting for too long. 

How do you say I love you in a cute way of texting?

Use love synonyms without saying the words I love you directly. For example, you can say, “I get butterflies just at the thought of you”.

Should you confess feelings over text?

If you are feeling shy or unsure about how to express your feelings in person, it is okay to confess the way you feel over text.

How do you melt a man's heart?

Firstly, know the things you do or say that make him weak for you, then recreate such scenarios in different creative ways. For example, if loves candlelit dinners, create different avenues to recreate such memories for him.

To Sum Up 

While some people will say that expressing your feelings via texts is not the best way of expressing love to your boyfriend, it is also one of the most reasonable and constant methods to keep the love fire burning in your union. In a digital age where people chat more than they talk in person, learning how to be expressive through text messages and emojis is now a big deal.

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